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Lee Kuan Yew to Singaporeans: Do you want to be replaced by migrants?

Posted by temasektimes on August 12, 2012

Singapore’s Supreme Leader Lee Kuan Yew has issued a stern warning to his misbehaving subjects who are refusing to bear more children to increase the country’s total fertility rate.

With Singaporeans delaying marriage and having fewer children, the total fertility rate of Singapore has dropped to below the replacement rate of 2.1 with ethnic Chinese the lowest at only 1.08.

A visibly peeved Lee reminded his subjects during a speech made at a National Day dinner held at Tanjong Pagar last night of the importance of replacing themselves in the next generation:

“Our educated men and women must decide whether to replace themselves in the next generation. At the moment, 31 per cent of women and 44 per cent of men are opting out. Not leaving a next generation,” he thundered.

Lee expressed his disappointment that despite all the efforts made by the government, Singaporeans still do not understand the importance of getting married and having children.

He then issued a veiled threat to his docile subjects:

“Do we want to replace ourselves or do we want to shrink and get older and be replaced by migrants and work permit holders? That’s the simple question.”

At 89 years of age this year, Lee is the world’s oldest living Member of Parliament and is still actively ‘serving’ Singaporeans who have long idolized him as the founding father of Singapore just like how the North Koreans still bow to the portrait of their long deceased Great Leader Kim Il-Sung every morning to this very day.


83 Responses to “Lee Kuan Yew to Singaporeans: Do you want to be replaced by migrants?”

  1. Ken Lee said

    our answer ” can you stop sucking our blood??”

    • Ken Lee said

      50 cent can buy a bowl of xo prawn mee or a plate of xo chay kway toew?

    • Ken Lee said

      o and almost all our job has being or already being replace by your FT leow! still here tcss and shedding of crocodile tears! crocodile don’t have tears!

    • Derrick Boh said

      The 31% woman and 41% men are smart and make the right decision not to have next generation Singaporean, reason 1) The flood gate will surely not closing for more FT to come in ; 2) chances are will lose their job to cheap FT once they hit above 40, regardless of the qualification 3) slave to pay off the housing loan; 4) Policy change again in 5 to 10 years time.
      With all the known facts, than why bring the next generation Singaporean into this world, who will suffer more than this? it will be a great sin to do so.

    • True BLUE Sinkie said

      Its amazing that the Straits Times devoted the front page for that old fart’s National Day Speech asking Singaporeans to replace themselves. Frankly, that old fart needs to be replaced one and for all. We don’t need this old pair of shoes to tell us what to do with our lives nor how to replace ourselves. This old fart is still sleeping. We have already been replaced. My next door neighbours are all FTs. We have already been replaced. Idiotic old fart……

  2. Stupid old fool, we ARE already replaced in case you don’t know.

  3. Fed Up! said

    we have already been replaced. what is he talking about.

    • True BLUE Sinkie said

      He was the one who started the one child policy, then two is enough, then two or more if you can afford. what the fuck that old fart talking about? We have already been replaced by the foreigners. He and his son’s goddamn polcies

    • mel said

      Oh no, he’s bringing more in to replace us!!

  4. GT said

    Take heart Singaporeans, the day will soon come when we hear no more of this shit!

  5. Gardener said

    Well said LKY.
    Lets see how many Singaporeans will fear your warning now that we are already living in Chinapore.

  6. Weiling said

    Well said Mr Lee.

  7. Cher said

    Do we have a choice? You bring in huge numbers of foreigners to replace us. SLA sells land to HDB at obscene prices. Cost of decent living goes beyond the average Singaporean’s purchasing ability. What choice do we have? Ask yourself, ask your ministers?

    • ddd said

      ask yourself, why will there even be FT in the 1st place, if singaporeans are willing to take up odd jobs, construction jobs den singapore nv needed FT.

      • IronMan said

        Why dun u take one of the jobs mentioned? Paying less than $1k/mth.
        1) Construction – heavy workload, under hot sun, high risk, daily rated pay for manual labour. No mc, leave, AWS, not much compensation.
        Developer profit more = labour paid less
        So take in bangala.
        2) Cleaners – SG work 44hr/wk (labour law) $800/mth,
        Sabah / Sarawak / China men work 12hr/day, 6days/wk. $600/mth inclusive OT, no cpf contribution.
        So company exploit foreigners.

        So the real question is SG unwilling to take up the jobs OR companies unwilling to take SG for the jobs?

      • Foxy said

        Cos the bosses under pay us Singaporean!

  8. 龍的传人 said


  9. wat_a_life_as_local said

    haiyo..wat generation he talk about..nw life very eyes start to work and close eyes think bout work then think bout daily expenses..low income earn 1,300 married with two kids..end of the mth pay pub(now up and up again)hdb(installment)town council(fail to pay go sit changi prison no use to explain)kids daily pocket money,transport for whole family nid to top up ez link card..nid to think makan wat and hw much money if next time no generation who to blame? we citizen or the gov bring up cost that make some of us no time to make working flexibility,no come to work then the boss terminate us and employ more foreigner..then gov blame us..then we blame who??our time now for low income like me mayb no nid to feel cpf..all cpf money used up for hdb.then wat i earn when wont change for better..its getting worse yet worsen the citizen low income earner..think la $1.3k after minus all this how to save..ask for financial assistance then the staff say will review in the end give me a piece of classfied job paper ask me go interview(i got job wat)when go ther,lastly the HR ask mandarin speaking? as it irritating me i say i born muslim never auto talk mandarin..they say will call back if selected(shipping industry) it compulsory to get a job and speak mandarin..i wonder how come those pinoy and myanmar that dunt totally understand mandarin can work in that company as i try a bit of mandarin which i know to them but they themself dunno and ask me talk english,,so u expect me to go back like a beggar for assistance?..after this i expect something else cost will go up again and again then when i work part time my body cant take it then how..tat y life is short…who to blame..

  10. NaBey said

    No sir, I don’t want to be replaced by immigrant. That is why I keep a copy of the video capturing my boss fooling with his secretary so that he can’t replace me!

  11. A Singaporean Abroad said

    Who is the smart arse that made the fatal mistake of implementing the “2 is enough” family planning policy back in the 70s when the women were more willing to reproduce? The older generation may succumb to certain threats but the educated people of the present generation is not naive or stupid to listen to the preaching of someone who does not understand the difficulties and struggles that the ordinary people face on a daily basis. If the cost of living goes up further, no one is able to survive on his/her own let alone try to raise a family with hungry mouths to feed. The rise in the cost of living stems from irresponsible immigration policies that are implemented by certain people who are dismally lacking in foresight. Sadly, the lack of foresight seems to run in that particular family.

    • aloysius12 said

      Yes, I am in total agreement with that statement.
      Now, it seems, the ball is in our Court.
      It very timely, this LKY, sees the “godly dogma” unfolding before him and his side-kick GTC.
      Stop at two – opened the flood-gate to address population short-fall; and now with “tears” pleading notwithstanding high cost of living, expensive housing etc and the realization that when you go on leave you return to “no desk”.
      You address these concerns first!!

  12. What Do You Think? said

    These MIWs were the ones who created the trouble for us. We cannot have children because of many of us are losing jobs to cheaper foreign labour. If we do not even have job security, how can they expect us to procreate? Plus inflation is all-time high with skyrocketing COE prices and housing prices. Now these same MIWs are telling us we should wake up and work harder??!
    That’s what happened when a once first world nation is being run by a bunch of good-for-nothing muggers led by an incompetent crown prince who was simply being anointed by his father to be the ruler.

  13. What Do You Think? said

    This morning I was at Cold Storage at Harbour Front at about 10am. Guess what? I got a shock when I listened to Philippino music being played in the background. The cashier was also a Pinay!
    Shame on you Cold Storage!

    • A G Young said

      Not only at Harbour Front, practically at most of the 7-11 outlets which is also part of Cold Storage.
      from A G Young

  14. kaypoh said

    OK lor, if you can guarantee that all my descendants will have top positions in govt like PM & Head of Temasek, I will try every night to make more babies for you lor….


    See. If he is kept in the room, he will be obedient but if he is kept outside, he will mumble nonsenses that really pissed the people.

  16. Wong said

    Please note that this message is only for those who are ” EDUCATED “

  17. Singaporean said

    History will tell PAP were the ones that is responsible for this due to their incapabilities and money sucking policies.

  18. Stress man said

    When people are under stress, they will have less sex. Everything so expensive, How to give birth like this???

  19. vincentyeo said

    Mr LKY, your stop at 2 policy started this decline in birth rate in Singapore. With everything sky rocketing, how do you expect ordinary Singaporeans to have more children. Nowadays they are struggling just to keep a roof over their head let alone having more children. Furthermore they also have to look after their age parents. Unless the government comes up with more pro family policies to help the younger generation, the situation will be very very bleak. If Singaporeans are replaced by migrants, the blame should be on the government on not on the citizens.

  20. sure or not! said

    so he is threatening us again?

  21. Singapore Cock said

    Wat do U think!

  22. mahbok tan said

    Is LKY KING and we the COS his subject….FUCK YOU ….KNNBCCB…..!!! Wad you tink SGpore is a monarch country or some Dynasty from China ????

    You create the 2 child policy now u want to ask people to make more baby and when that does not work u threaten the COS…who are you…….GOD ???? KNNBCCB….ask your 2 sons how many baby he makes and how many are productive….????

    I just hope and able to see how are you going to wake up from your condo No 6 ( Graveyard ). Talk cock old man…!!!

    • A leader with ZERO foresight said

      I wouldnt agree with the vulgarities – BUT I FULLY AGREE with the lack of foresight.

      As a “great” leader how can he not see that a 2-child family will result in this problem today?

      Singaporeans, dont forget the penalties that was put in place to severely punish those who had > 2 children.

      So much for being a father of singapore with great leadership qualities- Yak Pui!!!

  23. “31 per cent of women and 44 per cent of men are opting out”
    Why is there a 13% difference?

  24. Angrrrrrry citizen said

    This dictator who single-handedly and erroneously led this country down in her the population decline through the 60’s 70’s and 80’s now tries to bully us again into doing the impossible – made impossible by the massive immigration that ironically would drive our TFR even lower. However, this is no mistake and no coincidence as far as pap is concerned – this is a deliberate attempt to dilute the unpopular votes against pap that has grown enormously through the years, by phasing out the native citizens and replacing us with immigrants who would continue to support the pap political hegemony down the road. The number one priority of the pap is unabated political hegemony by whatever means and measures!

  25. Snoopy Says said

    It’s like when you are slaughtering a pig while asking, “Do you want to die???” =\

  26. Nice Person said

    Hello Mr Lee, one hour ago, I and my husband still having headache how to pay our monthly necessary expenses this month. Recently, my husband previous job has been replaced by cheaper PRC. After 2 months, he manage to find a job but salary now is less than previous job by half. We have one child now. When we just got married, we plan to have 3 children but even both of us are working, we faced difficulty paying daily expenses. How to have more children?? Now I know why more people prefer to be single, less quarrel and headache.

  27. hope2016 said

    We want to replace you, PAP, with the oppositions.

    Mod’s note:

    You mean replacing PAP with its ‘B’ team – the ‘Wayang Party’? ‘If the PAP fails to win a majority in the next GE, the Workers Party will form a coalition govt with it to keep it in power.’ – WP MP Pritam Singh, May 2011

  28. True BLUE Sinkie said


  29. Quitus.Singus.Emeritus said

    The educated men and women of chinkapore would do well to demand the return of their right to get rid of lee and his cronies in fair and democratic elections.

  30. Petrus said

    The truth hurts! No point for Singaporeans to KPKB and yet, cannot replaced the population themselves.

  31. Ps ong said

    Grandpa Lee,
    Sometimes it is not because the younger gen reject being a parents, with the stress of work, increase in education standard and length,it have delay the younger gen to get their love ones , in the end reduce their fertility chances. I saw lots of my friends wanted children but they just get disappointed month by month, others managed to get preg but unfortunately they suffer another heart pain when their baby is lost. Other single man and woman just cannot get their Mr Right, because of higher education they are more choosy , they only scrutinise others and not themselves . I guess this is part and parcel of being a develop country. I would think most develop country faces the same issue .

    • DIY said

      I would like to quote Ps Ong last sentence “I would think most develop country faces the same issue.” Not true for some countries with the welfare system.

      In the Scandinavian countries, every summer 2 busloads of unmarried ladies would tour England. They go partying and have fun with the Englishmen. When the women returned home; for those who are pregnant they can claim subsidies for bringing up the child.

      Singapore is not a welfare state but practice a pragmatic system of government. That is the difference.

  32. Singapuraboi said

    Why is it that our govt likes to blame its citizens for everything. Our govt is really belligerent. U have to really study the prob. Do enforce many of the policies? Ur people work like there is no tomorrow cos 1) our bosses expect us to 2) our livelihood is threatened by the FTs u allow in so easily 3) Bills r climbing 4) education cost for children rising 5) housing is expensive. There is too much stress for people to produce. The conditions to procreate is not conducive. U come up with stupid lifestyle concepts like after work workouts etc.. We can’t even leave early. Ur MOM will have to look at the abuse by employers. How come we are paid for 44 hours a weak and end up working way past that everyday? We have helped our company and economy save so much cost so that urs and our bosses pockets are fat and full. But do we get any gratitude for that? NO, instead we get replaced by FTs who r cheaper. I have stopped celebrating National Day not becos I don’t feel Singaporean but am disappointed that no other Singaporeans understand why it is to be one. No one stands up fOr their own people. HR directors and bosses r Singaporeans but they don’t even hire Singaporeans. I am so ashamed of my countrymen except for the few who dare to voice their unhappiness here and continue to do so in the hope for a better tomorrow. I have given up on the majority of Singaporeans. I have refused to watch national day parade or watch the National Day speech. Now I am thinking of making enough money to migrate overseas, settle down and have foreign babies. It is good for my kids. Is they always come to singapore and be an FT and be treated even better.

  33. Sad Sad said

    Singaporean and Singaporean get Married = $100k Off HDB and priority
    Singaporean Guys served NS Single get to buy BTO
    Singaporean and Singaporean children get if Singaporean and Foreigner partner (half the amount)
    2nd Child = $50k Free.(Amount given to children expense)
    3rd Child and Following each $75k Free.(Amount given to children expense)
    This will make singaporean guys and girls think about getting married. this will make single guys has a flat which make them more attractive for girls to marry them.Singapore is a very realistic place. giving $$ to each children will allow 1 parent to stay at home and take care of children.

  34. Dee Parker said

    Dear Grandpa Lee,

    Sad to say, the educated singaporean are against your good idea. Maybe you can sell to the less educated, which I understand you will not prefer their offspring. This is a sad fact and we witnessed what you said before.

  35. No more blood to be sucked said

    Conservancy charges went up , utilities went up , transport fares went up , hdb prices went up ,medical fee went up , school and tuition fees went up , childcare fees went up
    Dating and recreational fees went up

    Jobs not certain , salary stagnant for years ,

    I think this is perfect time to get married and have lots and lots of babies 🙂

  36. Alvin said

    You want us to engage you with solutions. Bring back Family Planning and sit down .. realistically and develop an actual doable – fair family plan for real Singaporean families. A plan that would allow us to have and bring up children all the way – Let’s just say to 18 years old – that’s an international standard. I never understood how you can say we don’t have enough children when every year there is never enough space in Primary School. I don’t know how you can say we can start a family when HDB flats get more and more expensive and the units get smaller and smaller. I don’t know how you can say get a job when over 40% of the work in Singapore belong to foreigners. When you come to a realization that because of how unrealistic life has become in Singapore, maybe you would stop all your silly demands and develop actual policies that would benefit Singapore and Singaporean. These are not easy to develop and I agree but if this is the best type of policies our country can develop… I would suggest you really look at the calibre of minsters we really have. Maybe when you have government department stop propagating contradictory national policies and regulation and bring back the nation building spirit you had when you first started out, we could sit down and start a proper dialogue about having families.

    I may not be a scholar of any kind nor am I the son of a affluent family but my forefathers built a nation and I have enough sense to know when demanding more kids in a Country where I feel like a 2nd class Citizen trying to sustain myself with a 3rd World Salary speaks volumes about our 1st Class government.

  37. Steve said


    Can anyone here list down, what the government had done as effort to help Singaporean to had more baby? I would like to comment here, before Singaporean being replaced by immigrant, let us unite and replace the government first, at least we lock the gate for the next decade and decide who replacing who in this Small Country.

    With due respect, you are still the hero for Singapore, but Mr Lee, Sir, the time had change and Singaporean are now more educated and had independence though, we are no longer the straigh follower of the government harch policy anymore, we will complaint and protest on those unflavourable policy to Singaporean.

  38. Simple! Make it cheap (therefore less stressful) to live in Singapore. If I see an electric fan that says “Made in Singapore” today, why not? Why day in day out high tech high returns high productivity? In the 60s were there ERPs, COEs, COVs?? I just cannot understand what these elites are thinking!!! Just make it SIMPLE and CHEAP!!!

  39. GaanMaro said

    I think the coming of foreigners could be tolerated by Singaporeans to a certain extent if only young professionals with children are allowed in. But instead we see these PRCs and Indians coming with their old parents. We are already having problems coping with an aging population here in Singapore and the Immigration authorities are allowing these old foggies in. How on earth can we cope in the future with more groups of oldies? Not only are the younger Singaporeans being replaced, even elderly Singaporeans are being replaced. What is LKY talking about??

  40. IronMan said

    Dear Mr LKY, do realise severely that your Era has passed, your world will soon pass too. Do stop talking to the living as if they are dead. Cos we dun understand u!
    When the survival rate here is low, why should anyone breed here?

  41. Wildplanets said

    The harsh reality is, the ship has sailed long ago.. so to speak. Singapore definitely will be bringing more FTs and despite the coming 2016 election which seem almost eons away not much will change. Controlling the FT traffic has already caused repercussions like shortage of employment for the service sector, construction sectors etc. On the other hand more and more FTs are being imported for jobs like Creative, Sales, etc related jobs which a Singaporean needs to be in. The gravity of the situation is Singaporean cannot called this place home anymore given the policies in place, which unfortunately will not get better…

    I know it sounds grim and defeatist in nature but that is the reality we are facing. Singaporeans cannot afford to get hitched and have kids without worrying about providing the best for his/her child…

  42. Lee Son said

    sex please, we are Singaporeans!!!

  43. Stress-out said

    It’s not that we do not want to reproduce. But with the ever soaring inflation, expensive BTOs, HDBs, ever raising COEs, and already-crump-to-the-Max MRTs, how could we reproduce if we don’t even have enough salary to survive & plus to feed our aging and retired parents??? 

  44. 2disappointed said

    Dear sir, i think you should be replace together with your party concern..maybe Singaporean will start doing what’s right 4 themselves…no offences taken because we’ve enough of your policies…

  45. My way said

    We are already being displaced by them because of your stupid “wildly worldly widely or” policy.

  46. If you decide everything based on fear, you will not go anywhere. Live in hope. Children are the important link for a family. If you\’re investing your money, don\’t you think that is an expense against your ROI? You hope that it will turn out OK in the end. Right? Why not think having 3 babies as an investment? Educate them, teach them good morals, etc… The fruits will be unbearable elation. Use actual and potential to drive your life to success. Know your actual(what you\’re doing right now) but build up your potential(what you can do).

    I saw LKY being carried by few Indians when he visited cheng chiok street at tanjong pagar during the 1970s. I was born in cheng chiok street. I did not understand what the Indians were doing to him then. Now, i have a deep sense of reverence for him as a leader. I truly hope the younger generation heed his foresight.

    I wish him well.

  47. Tan Yan Ren said

    Dear Lee Kuan Yew SIR,
    Respectfully , may i say that the damage or the problem of population not replacing itself is actually done with the policy of “STOP at 2” and graduate Mother’s flawed policy that was implemented.However we corrected that BUT we did not improve that…NONE think deeply about the CORRECTIVE measures to reverse that declining birthrate…at least even if they did , NOT GOOD ENOUGH….we did not pay millions to these people to come up with ….policies…IF ONLY these ministers pay attention and researched , i am sure they can find answers…i am sure they knew the problem but did not BOTHERED to prioritise the urgency for SINGAPOREAN pro BIRTH RATE INCREASE but instead the “””QUICK FIX” of “”IMPORTING”…of course for a dual edged sword reasons i can think of…WE’RE NOT STUPID,SIR.
    REASON number 1:NO need to mother them to adulthood, just maKE USE OF THEM immediately
    reason NUMBER 2:fast trACK INCREASE IN THE number OF loyalty votes for the party WHO GAVE THE cITIZENSHIP…YOU KNOW WHO.
    reason NUmber 4;TO DROWN the CRIES!!!!!!!!!!CRIES!!!!!!CRIES!!!!of ___BORN and BRED_____ Singaporeans by increasing so many IMPORTED Singaporeans, the IMPORTS will increase the votes to way above 60%….without BORN and BRED singaporeans knowing it .These “ACTS” were and still IS assisted by the papers….Hell to themm!!!
    SIR, pLEASE STOP this .I WAS born here and so did my children AND MANY SINGAPOREANS…BORN HERE…..i am not splitting hairs but what is happening to uS will eventually happen to these IMPORTS and their children..OF COURSE!!!!
    I have no way of expressing my thoughts and feeling EXCEPT through channels like this…I tried others but FAILED.. Majulah Singapura!!!!!

  48. kanasai said

    if sg got war,pls dun activate us reservist bcos we are so busy to find money..if go war we die then no more generation liaw…so pls activacte ur FT and new citizen bcos they are ur gundu tat loyal to u

  49. Lawrence said

    It’s just an excuse, in 2014 – 2016 before the next GE, they will allow all applicants of citizenship to go through, and they will just say, IT’S YOUR OWN FAULT SINGAPOREANS, Tell you to have babies you refused, YOU WILL REPENT!!!!!!

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