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One NSF commits suicide while another reported missing in Brunei

Posted by temasektimes on August 12, 2012

It’s a sad day for Singapore as one 20 year old full-time National Serviceman committed suicide by jumping off his flat in Woodlands while another was reported missing in Brunei.

According to the Chinese tabloids, the NSF was supposed to celebrate his 21st birthday tomorrow, but was bullied by a group of friends when celebrating his birthday with them.

It is not known what happened exactly. The deceased was a 20-year-old Luo Chenxiong who lives in Blk 892B, Woodlands Street 50 with his family.

In a separate incident, 20 year old Lance-Corporal (LCP) Muhammad Fahrurrazi Salim was reported missing in a training area in Brunei at the Temburong training area.


LCP Fahrurrazi was the coxswain in a convoy of four boats used to support the water crossing segment of the jungle training exercise at Sungei Batu Apoi, Temburong.

All SAF training in Temburong training area has been suspended for the time being, said a media statement released by MINDEF.


13 Responses to “One NSF commits suicide while another reported missing in Brunei”

  1. kk said

    Lets never forget the sacrifice our boys has given to the nation.

  2. FTs PRs don’t face this problem. Good life for them.

  3. P Koh said

    Strong in body from training in NS but unfortnately weak in mind and have to take the easy way out. Very sad to end one’s life this way. God be with him.

  4. desmond said

    A birthday bash turned bad?

  5. WPsucksblood said

    Weak soldier die blame PAP. Careless soldier die blame PAP. Can’t find jobs blame PAP. Can’t pass motion blame PAP. Everything blame PAP. Nincompoops.

  6. PatrickReddevil said

    It’s unfortunate what happened to these 2 boys. The boy who is still missing, Defense Ministry should ensure that safety is enforced at the highest levels. There is absolutely no excuse.

    For the boy who committed suicide; truely unfortunate, he should have confided in someone. And not end this life.

    NS is relevant, the moment our very first batch of NS men took to arms, it is where foundations are bulit. It gives one ownership. Turn boys into men, racial integration.

    • yang_man said

      Yes, NS is relevant. Otherwise our kids will expect their maids to carry their bags when they start working too..

      I am speaking from experience that NS is the best thing that happened to my son, became more responsible and mature. Proud to be a dad of a NS man.

      • idoncare said

        if only ur son went missing , do u feel proud?

      • Rafiah Omar said

        When things go well with your son, you said the best thing that happen to him in NS….what if you are NOW the parent of the missing NSF????

      • mel said

        Just unfortunate, there were suicides too when i was serving my NS 26 years ago but for most of us, we just had to do it and took it like a man.

        NS is still relevant and those who think NS is not relevant now should just go back to wherever they came from.

  7. ibnt ali ahmad said

    saddening. so sad for late Mr Luo ChenXiong n missing Mr Muhammad FahrurRazi Salim. especially their parents n siblings if any.

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