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SIM student hurled profanities and cracked racist jokes on school campus

Posted by temasektimes on August 12, 2012

A NUS Law student Justin Wee who appeared to be intoxicated was recorded hurling profanities and cracking racist jokes openly on school campus.

Instead of stopping him, his friends, some from Law, Science and other faculties joined in the fun and laugh together with him instead.


If you have any information on the identities of the students seen in the video such as their names and faculties, please email us at Thank you.


133 Responses to “SIM student hurled profanities and cracked racist jokes on school campus”

  1. Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

    Is this young man intoxicated with alcohol or is he high on some illegal substance? Did I read correctly, NUS student? Is this the true state of our ‘best university’ in Singapore today? I am sure SMU and SIM are doing a better job when it comes to the core of the matter, “discipline”. Instead of getting him to shut the hell up, his so called “friends” are laughing and enjoying along with him? This makes everyone in the clip equally quilty. Justin Wee might as well give up his place in NUS for any other young Singaporean who is more deserving of a place in this respectable campus.. If you NUS administrators can’t take the appropriate action on this individual, it is strongly recommended that you step down with immediate effect yourselves. Racial discrimination in sensitive Singapore iis a very serious matter and to be caught doing it on camera means you have just dug your own grave. So get into it now, young man. You have truly dug up a deep one here to rest in peace!

  2. Ren said

    Hes on drugs!!!

    • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

      Certainly appears so,

    • Webster said

      I think he obviously drank a little too much.

      Can’t help but notice that there is a strong drinking culture among students in the law faculty.

      This is probably not the first time that a drunken law undergraduate from NUS has maide a nuisance of himself and it probably won’t be the last.

      Why are NUS law undergraduates so prone to getting drunk and making a fool of themselves?

      Is it because the vast majority of them are scions of our elite social class?

      • Anon said

        I think its because they’re under too much pressure.

      • Dr Prof Sir Saint Ken NABUKHANI said

        “Why are NUS law undergraduates so prone to getting drunk and making a fool of themselves?”

        They need a strong drink to get the taste of Tey Tsun Hang’s cum out of their mouths.

  3. Singaporean said

    This is real fact of all 3 Universities of Singapore…..As long as you have all A+ or all Distinction in your A Level, who care if your attitudes and characters is E or F?

  4. Steven said

    Give it a break people. Stop being so serious. These are students, who are around 20 to 25 years of age and it is completely normal for any one to get rowdy and loud when they are intoxicated.

    This behavior in no way reflects the kind of attitude or feelings that the person may have for other races.

    I will admit that it is stupid to post such videos up on the net but, this kind of incident should not be blown up at all.

    There is NOTHING wrong with a couple of racist jokes. They are out there. We all say it from time to time, we all have a good laugh at it. But does this truly mean that we despise and hate the other races? No.

    So I strongly feel that there is no need for temasek times to even post such things up.

    P.S I am in no way related to any of the people in the video. I am not and was never a student from the NUS. This video in NO WAY show how good the NUS law students are. This is not how we should judge anyone.

    • purplecream said

      Nothing wrong with racist joke? Do you realise that u are cautious when u crack such jokes here. Why?

      • Raji said

        There is nothing wrong in cracking jokes, or being intoxicated. But the issue is where and who? He is making fun of the Indians and Malays! Why there are no racist jokes about Chinese issit? This is not because he is intoxicated and he doesn’t know what he is talking about. He is repeatly saying those vugular words and his frenz are supporting it very much. These students need to be penalized. A real disgrace for a high ranking faculty to have just a low graded students.

      • Dr Prof Sir Saint Ken NABUKHANI said

        Racist jokes are fine as long as it’s not about your race.

      • Steven said

        Nothing wrong meaning, most people tend to crack it for a friendly laugh. I am not talking about the specific jokes/remarks that the person has made.

        @ Raji, there are racist jokes about Chinese, in fact, it has a lot more variety than Malays, and Indians combined together. ( On an international level of course )

    • Han said

      Sure you can be rowdy, get intoxicated and have a laugh. I’ve been there – I’ve said my fair share of racist jokes and been embarrassingly drunk. However, I’ve always made sure photo or video evidence do not exist! It’s this guys fault for having friends who stupidly uploaded it for the world to see and judge. There is a certain image to uphold and these sort of things are what gets you in trouble. He deserves to face the music.

    • Vin said

      I agree totally with Steven. Everyone does this stuff, this students were just unlucky to get caught.

    • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

      Steve, true, these students are 20 to 25 years of age as you say. Problem is, if such sensitive racial stuff is not nipped at the bud now, these 20 to 25 year olds will feel it the right thing to do even in their professional lives and eventually impart to their kids in turn. Sorry buddy, I disagree with you completely.

    • Noorman Mubarak said

      Steven, He said the Malays are made of shit and diarrhea. This is not the “usual” racist jokes. This has gone beyond even the widest barrier. For a Law a student and an Officer of the SAF, even when drunk or intoxicated, is unbecoming.

    • A depressed Singaporean said

      Steven: Alcohol does not make you a racist. It may loosen your inhibitions. This guy is a clearly a racist and alcohol simply brought forward his true feelings about the other races. Do you see him making fun of his own race? Do you see him teasing members of the opposite gender? No to both questions. Sadly, his racism is a clear reflection of the Chinese racism that permeates every strata of our society. Our society has definitely regressed. It is rather sad but unsurprising that we have these Justin Wees in our midst. I feel really terrible for the lone Malay student in the video. Like every other minority in Singapore, he has learnt to suck it in and look the other way. As a Chinese, Steven’s point is to minimize it by telling us not to take it seriously. Steven fails to realize that words hurt and it can be debilitating. As a final note, please don’t take my expressed views as resentment against Chinese Singaporeans. These are my honest observations from living in Singapore for 4 odd decades.

    • Steven, when should a person learn to be sensible with their words? 30 years old? 40 years old?

      • Steven said

        I am only stating that such things are a norm, when a bunch of young adolescents get drunk. Rowdiness is accentuated by intoxication.

      • Benjamin Button said

        I never knew that a 20 – 25 years old is still an adolescent?? I thought all law students should know that 18 is the age of maturity – and yes that is why you are then allowed to buy alcohol because you are deemed mature enough to do so!

    • yess said

      haha obviously u are not related to them. you sound even more dumb than them. they probably would spit on your face if they saw you.

    • Francis said

      FINALLY an intelligent comment! Singapore really needs to lighten up about racial jokes, and please, the shit about a couple of student acting up (or simply having fun) – doesn’t ruin the reputation of an ENTIRE school or organization.

    • SueM said

      @ Steven, this is not about an incident that happened in the private corner of their home. It took place in an academic public institution, thus making it a serious offense. It wasn’t just a one-liner racist statement either, the tirade went on and on. Its hardcore racism, not your oops i accidentally said something racist by mistake sort of thing. Punish the bugger and all those around him who encouraged the behaviour! Most chinese are not like this and its shameful to condone or excuse such acts.

      • Steven said

        I agree with you. Actions need to be taken. But I am only stating that such incidents need not be made viral over the net. It really badly affects a lot of people. First the victim ( yes you can say that he deserves it for his insensitive words but hey, everyone deserves a chance to make it right), secondly, the other students involved may be asked for questioning, extra stress. Thirdly, the video uploader ( in my opinion, the most ignorant for posting up such a video ), and then NUS and other relevant authorities may be involved.

        So in conclusion, I am not saying that this incident is not wrong, but I am saying that this incident do not need to be seen as a very vital issue.

  5. purplecream said

    As a member of the minority race, I am not that upset with his ramblings as it clearly shows how intoxicated he was. However, at the beginning of the video, his friend was the one who encouraged him to share the racist joke while another one willingly filmed the whole act despite knowing e fact that Justin was unaware of his surrounding.

    This is jusy not another video. This video highlights how our education system only looks good on e surface

    • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

      To have access to alcohol on campus grounds (irrespective of whatever university in Singapore) is the most disgusting thing. I wonder why alcohol is even allowed so freely on campus. Granted, these students are between 20 and 25 years of age, (above the legal age) but are they not “students?” Should the authorities not be asking the same question now or should we wait for these 20 something’s to start a racial riot under the influence of alcohol before the authorities step in to ban alcohol sales and consumption on campus grounds.?

      • haha said

        Just because you don’t want the right to do so, doesn’t mean you should deprive the rights of others to purchasing alcohol. The legal age for drinking in singapore is 18, just leave it at that and let people choose for themselves.

      • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

        I don’t want the right to drink alcohol? What’s wrong with u punk? I have alcohol everyday and do not behave like u and your SIM buddy who you do keenly seem to be supporting!

  6. Mik said

    Justin Wee isn’t from NUS.

  7. Kor said

    Love the quality of ‘news’ that TR puts out. Keep it up.

  8. Bao Ching Tian said

    Send the video to NUS.

  9. Yaziddy said

    I have a joke for this fella … ” How many malays need to shut this fella up ? ” ^^ Then he will find this no joke anymore.

    • mahbok tan said

      Best we can do is to report to the police for further action and also to bring it up to your MP and let see what he can do about it.
      If not just post this few students personal info and let the people do the talking with them….!!!

      • Hadi Wahab said

        It takes all MALAYS to shut his f***king mouth.. Maybe he should be thrown out of Singapore..!! We simply do not need these B**t*** here in our 4 decades of peace society…!!!!

  10. Nus student said

    TEMASEK TIMES, GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT. he is neither from nus nor is he from law.

    Mod’s reply:

    Then where are the students from?

  11. Rajan said

    This guy who is supposed to uphold the dignity of the courts in the future, has not only cheapened himself by his uncouth behaviour.but has also demonstrated his racist tendencies. Clearly, he is unsuitable to be a member of a noble profession. NUS should expel him immediately and save State funds.

    • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

      Yes Rajan. The more I look at the video clip, the more I get infuriated. His obscene vulgar language, his crude wide open leg posture, cynical smile and anti racial remarks should follow up with a permanent expulsion from any university on this planet. Not necessarily only NUS.

  12. Wicked Brain said

    My goodness…
    Better wake up – Singaporean kids, we don’t need another reason for more FTs.

  13. Jamo said

    wow nice. TT immediately points the finger at NUS without evidence?

    there are many singaporeans here who would blindly believe what you’d say and it isn’t very nice of you to mislead these bunch of unaware people.

    i salute you TT, for you have just proven yourself to be void of journalistic ethics.

    • Kamo said

      Jamo: Isn’t the video a piece of evidence? The video was posted on Youtube. The poster is the one that made the claim that the video involved NUS students. In my view, TT did not make any of this stuff. So what journalistic integrity are you talking about? Should TT behave like Straits Times and wait for its approval from its governmental overlords or simply ignore the video. Please state your journalistic ethical standards? TT is a free service. Their reporting may not complete in its details but their reporting is not dishonest.

      • ANON said

        Even though temasek times did not produce / upload the video, the writer should still attempt to ensure accuracy in its titles and writeup considering its wide reach and popularity. If the author has not confirmed such details, at least ensure that the title of the post reflects that: tertiary singaporean student cracks racist joke. Despite other commentors mentioning it, the writer has yet to amend his title to reflect such changes, which is really disappointing and misleading and clearly an attempt to over-sensationalise the video using ‘NUS Law’ in its name. Basic integrity of any news-reporting site flouted.

    • SueM said

      I don’t understand people who claim they have no faith in TT’s journalism and still follow the news here. Anyone who knows how to read will understand that TT posts according to what their sources claim. They don’t make the stories up, they simply put the stories according to what their sources state, and often readers follow up with asking the authorities to investigate or making complains etc….and we all arrive at the final truth together. Its what you called “a collective spirit” where the media and people act together investigating something that has happened in society.

  14. Anon said

    Honestly let this go. Im sure many people had cracked racist jokes in their lifetime. Yes he might have gone overboard in his ramblings but please take into account that he is drunk and his idiotic friends are’nt helping either. He was just unlucky to be filmed and the video posted online. If every person who made racist jokes or hurled vulgarities should be judged, then many of us would be equally guilty. He is young and has a future, so just drop the matter.

    • purplecream said

      Honestly, u have never heard of the Sedition Act and honestly, u never read abt how this act has led to the arrest of two young bloggers before. And here u are thinking how the situation will just get solved on its own.

      • sg malay said

        this boy needs a tight slap to realise..maybe his parents from china////(never mix other races.). this boy must learn to be discipline.. nowadays young chinese are bad not like during kampong times where all races mix together happily..

  15. terry said

    guys, why so uptight? Go to any comedy night in Singapore, worse things have been said.

    • Yusz said

      True, those comedians might make “worse” racist jokes, but you failed to mention that these stand up comedians like Kumar, Russell Peters make jokes about their own race as well. So it’s like a “hey, let’s make fun of everybody including our own people” and not exclusive towards a minority.


      • Yusz said

        And to add on, calling people “shit”, how is that okay? As harsh or biting the jokes are at comedy night, I’m pretty sure they won’t call Malay people shit

  16. Merlion said

    This group of young people are definitely need to be punish. I am a Chinese but I would not tolerate their racist remark on Malay and Indian. I have Malay and Indian friends and I have respect for each and everyone of them.

    • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

      Dear Merlion,
      Thanks for your vote of confidence for the minority Malay/Indian fellow Singapore Citizens. Bottom line is, weather Chinses, Malay, Eurasian or Indian, we are unified as one with the term “Singaporean”. And you Merlion are a great Singaporean. I salute you. Have a great day ahead.

  17. mcmbabi said

    this student must serve in changi prison so that he knoes wat racists mean..i would like to put his face in toilet bowl include those girl huh..

  18. “Dear all, this video and the behaviour of the students involved have just been brought to our attention. NUS does not condone such offensive comments or behaviour.

    We are looking into this matter with priority. All members of the NUS community are expected to be respectful of the country’s ethnic diversity. – NUS Office of Student Affairs.”

  19. Chan JY said

    This country is getting dangerously unforgiving. Well, who knows when the righteous ones will one day need a bit of forgiveness themselves.

  20. Apple said


  21. NO wonder PAP is always in power la. These are the kind of nerds they like to have around come 2016 – nothing in their brain to oppose the garment with except their ability to hurl vulgarities, profanities, obscenities, demeaning racial & flammatory religious rhetorics at people.

  22. joker said

    real or not? put down their names

  23. rilojacob said

    wow! who hasnt told or laughed at a racist joke before during their army days? it’s so easy to point fingers. but laughing off a joke and moving on from there surely is the more mature way to go.

  24. iai said

    punish the worse offenders – the PRCs and Pinoys who made more damaging derogatory remarks about our local brethens. As they say, go for the ringleaders not the small fries. Whip them as a lesson for all. Only then, justice is seen to be done.

  25. D said

    you lot of commentators are rather naive. just because something is titled the way it is on the internet does not mean that it actually is the truth. first day out in the interwebs?

    also, racism is everywhere. for every self-righteous person out there who professes that they either have not, or to a significantly lesser extent, cracked a racist joke – you are either a hypocrite or simply someone who does not know how personal standards work. the world is never in agreement about anything; even religion is fractured into different factions who practice it in different ways.

    yes, the youth of today may seem like a foul mouthed bunch; but there is no one generation of saints. we all make our mistakes and live with it in different ways. the current state of the internet brings about not only an increased state of public awareness on the ongoings of people’s personal lives, it also brings with it a substantially different state of moral views.

    so rather than post such clips from youtube and the like and exposing the dismal state of affairs, why not do something positive about it? naming and shaming is no different from single-minded revenge; this kind of tunnel vision is the reason why as much as a large part of the Singapore society dislikes the PAP’s rule, the opposition only managed to take some ground of late. be not sheep, focus not on merely complaining about the problems. if there’s a problem, solve it – with both a short term and long term view. criticising these kids do not make you the better person – what are any of you doing to help the situation?

    just pathetic…a nation of whiners and moaners. shit happens, deal with it.

    • justice bao said

      //just pathetic…a nation of whiners and moaners. shit happens, deal with it.//

      Deal with it?….you mean if the racially oppressed decides to deal with it violently than the matter is closed ?Sheesh.

      The question is how does the victimized decides to deal with it matters.What if it turns out to be not a oking matter any more?

      Isn’t that not a law and order situation?Should not our law students know that as the very basic foundation for the very existence of a law abiding society and it’s citizens?Don’t their professors depart such fundamental truth?That a lawful society is beyond mob justice and therefore prevention is the best form of cure.

      The gist is to nip it in the bud and not let it grow beyond control.That’s what Temasek Times had indeed done.Alerting us about an incident that needs to be dealt with.Perhaps,by kicking the offender out off law faculty.So that a precedent may be set.Comprendo?

      • D said

        No, dear sir. You lack an immense amount of context. “Deal with it” means there are an estimated 7.032 billion people in the world, if a mere 1% behaves like the boy above, there would be 70 million of such people around.

        True, we may need to educate our youth better; but if you make such comments online, what good are you doing? being an online moralist does not make the world better, neither does making threats or passing extreme comments.

        the law is but a set of rules, it does not give fairness but perhaps equality upon the given circumstances. more importantly, the key words are “student” and “know”: a student means this person is still undertaking education and is not reflective of his understanding or comprehension levels; what he knows, on the other hand, he might not necessarily choose to apply. people can be law students and yet still break the laws. they are after all, only human.

        just to educate you on language as well, professors do not “depart” any fundamental “truths” – they usually impart knowledge. if they departed from fundamental “truths” they would be teaching lies; and anyone who has experience with the law, there is no truths in law, its all subjective – even when it is supposed to be objective.

        racial tension has always been in singapore, it’s just not openly observed. just because something is broadcasted does not make it one of a kind. what Temasek Times often does is pick a problem, often out of context, and publicise it; this is evident from this statement above “If you have any information on the identities of the students seen in the video such as their names and faculties, please email us at”

        while that one-liner may serve as a disclaimer of sorts, commentators have proven to be rather blind and just leap to assumptions and make flaming posts, as you have done below. i have come across a wide range of people living all across the country who have extreme notions when it comes to criticising the other races – these are often generalisations and stem from personal experiences with one member of the particular racial community.

        finally, do not “comprendo” me when your comprehension of matter and society is stuck at such a shallow self-righteous position. pass lesser comments, observe more before letting your comments lead to more anger and unhappiness. As jeojeo probably intended, this is one matter that’s blown out of proportion because of the lack of social media understanding in singapore.

        and just to reply Bojengo, shit has happened to me so many times. if i had just sat behind a keyboard and whined about it online anonymously, it does not change the fact that shit HAS happened.

    • JeoJeo said

      yes. deal with the issues.
      1) expel these students from the school / University
      2) boycott TT or TR, let it RIP

    • Bojengo said

      wait till shit happens to you man… 🙂

    • Hadi Wahab said

      U are surely a more minority than Malay/Indian…. Fool… This jokes will start a racial riot man….!!!

  26. Joni said

    I as a Chinese simply cannot tolerate this sort of behaviour from this guy (NUS?). Whoever know and confirm he is comes from NUS Law Faculty, pls send the video to the Dean! He should be exposed and punished! Make him apologise to our Malay community. He is a real shame!!!.

  27. justice bao said

    Racist JOKE?

    Where is the joke about calling Malays shit ?

    I am appaled.At the mere suggestion that such are jokes.

    Jokes are meant to poke fun at something;…racial or otherwise.

    Where is the fun aspect of calling an entire race shit and etc.?

    Why not replace the words Malays with say Chinese,and see if there is anything remotely joking about calling an entire race as shit?

    Please ,for heaven sake–know a racist when you see one.Do not obfuscate with sugar coatings.

  28. kumantong said

    confirm drugs la… Narcotics, bring him for urine test….

  29. divideandconquer said

    Doesn’t look like alcohol intoxication. Usually for an asian would be accompanied by flushed face, and slightly red sleepy eyes.

  30. OSA Communications said

    Update from NUS

    NUS is looking into this video as a matter of priority. The university does not condone such offensive comments or behavior. While the person speaking in the video is not an NUS student, we fully expect all members of the NUS community and activities on campus to be respectful of our country’s ethnic diversity, cultures and traditions.

    NUS Office of Student Affairs

  31. Peace Soul said

    There are always some rotten eggs in every community. Majority of the Chinese are sensible and knows how to treat their fellow Singapore Malay & Indian brothers. I am an Indian and i had only Chinese friends during my childhood and these guys really took care of me even though i was the odd one with always being thoughtful and considerate towards me.
    But this clip is really too much. Just because we Indians are dark, it was so rude to label us as “barcode”. Being yellow or white, doesn’t make anyone a superior. Please judge a person on who he is and what he does for the community and not by his colour. I pity those Malays who are always being looked down. Nobody deserve these kind of labelling.

  32. KP said

    Intoxicated in school premises. This is serious! Pardon his racist remarks, he made a fool of himself. This is serious offence!! Drinking in school? Maybe drugs abuse? What the next video? Him having sex in school? Action must be taken swiftly and punishment meted ASAP. No excuses.

  33. KP said

    The one whom took the video and uploaded it should get the sack as well. Trying too hard to get notice. He will have all fe limelight on him once he is take to task. Brought shame to the school.

  34. Nice Person said

    The way he behave and talk look more like this video was taken in a prison rather than in NUS!!!!!!

  35. Sam said

    Having a go at Indians and Malays is actually the norm in Singapore. It either done in front of you with the excuse that its just a joke or its done behind you to reinstate stereotypes.

    There will those from the majority race that will jump up and proclaim innocence and that they are not like that. But these are ‘enablers’, the majority who have predefined feelings about indians and Malays but are carful not to expose themselves.

    This kid might get a slap on the wrist for the things he has said about Malays because the government actually fears Malays. As for the Indians….you can forget about any action being taken on their behalf.

    “regardless of race, language or religion….”

  36. Lam said

    The gal looks good….hahaha

  37. Goh said

    Doubt he is that drunk…cos he is pretty aware of what was going on and also his mind is sober enough to come out with those “jokes” that his friends found funny. Be it racist or not, such behaviour should not be permissible in campus and those involved should be sent to do community work, e.g helping out in old forks home, cleaning toilets, etc…then maybe they can learn what humanity is. The intoxicated chap needs to face disciplinary actions, but i do think those around him are more guilty than him cos all of them are in clear minds and they should help him to stop the nonsense.

  38. ivanyeow said

    Do we really need to start another digital witchhunt that might cost the student his place in Uni to uphold the hypocritical ideals of what society tries to display? He’s just drunk. Give him a break.

    Temasek times needs to go for a class on journalist ethics and stop over sensationalizing their ‘news’ which is trash to begin with and doesn’t do any good on society.

    • Steven said

      I agree with you completely. I feel that although these kind of news are ‘juicy’, they really don’t benefit our society in any way. I thought temasek times was to do with more politics. I guess I was wrong.

    • Jack sparrow said

      Hi Ivan, I sure would like to see what you will do if some drunkard hurls profanities at you and says racist remarks about your race in your face. I won’t be surprised if you decide NOT to give him a ‘break’. Haha 🙂

      • D said

        jack sparrow: if you react to a drunken fool when you are sober,then you are the fool. i’ve heard indians making worse jokes about their own race. yes, these kids need to be disciplined,but how are you achieving that by commenting here?

      • ivanyeow said

        Hi jack. Having studied in australia. I’ve gotten far worse than the jesting that this drunk fella is shouting.

        And you’ve completely missed my point. All I’m saying is that the witchhunt and sensationalisation of this un-newsworthy piece of ‘news’ and not to mention, unnecessary. How many of our own citizen does temasek times plan to prosecute before it’s happy? Is that journalism that helps our society progress? Let me put the question back to you. What if your son/brother/friend was the one being hunted here? Will be the one to say ‘yes there’s no excuse. Let’s dig out everything we know about him?’

        Look at the bottom, apologise on Facebook. FOR WHAT?!

  39. Jack sparrow said

    It is sad to know that some people here are defending his actions on the basis that he is ‘young’, ‘drunk’ and so on. We live in a multi racial country, it is only right for us to respect every race, not to label indians as barcodes or labelling malays as diarrhoea. This guy and his friends must be severely disciplined.

  40. […] Law student hurled profanities and cracked racist jokes on school campus – Temasek Times […]

  41. Yayrhah said

    they should have known better that taking ecstasy drug is illegal
    what a shame.


    I don’t think this is such a big issue.

    Every one cracks a stupid joke without thinking once in a while. Insulting people and other groups is perfectly normal. It happens every where, look at euro soccer, they end up in fights and arguments way more than Singaporeans fighting over their silly comments.

    There’s no wrong disliking another race either, many Singaporeans have hurled profanities at foreign workers, they don’t get sued and jailed for that right?

    So, get over it, it’s insulting yes, but if you know you’re not like that, why bother?

  43. jiahui said

    I would like to apologize sincerely for posting and filming the whole incident. I was disrespectful and insensitive. I am deeply ashamed of my own conduct and embarrassed about not having stopped Justin. I have learnt a valuable lesson and will make sure that I am always respectful and sensitive to others in our multi-racial society.

    Jia Hui

    Mod’s reply:

    Are you from NUS Science? Please post the apology on your Facebook.

    • Conan said

      PLS Apologies thru the media , coz the whole of singapore and malaysia have seen this ……you guys are in BIG shit !!!

  44. Sheares Hall said

    Joint Statement from NUS Sheares and Kent Ridge Halls


    We, as Masters of Sheares Hall and Kent Ridge Hall, jointly reiterate that we do not condone the behaviour of the students involved in the video. We have met with the residents who were with the non-NUS student Justin Wee and counseled them.

    Our students deeply regret not having stopped Justin Wee and the video-shooting, and have expressed their full remorse over the incident. They have also expressed their apologies to the community.

    As Masters, we will endeavour to take all necessary steps to ensure as best as we can that such incidents do not happen again.

    Mod’s reply:

    Please post this on your Facebook and sign off with the names of all the students shown in the clip or we will expose them one by one.

    • mahbok tan said

      Just report to POLICE and inform the Minister of Home affairs.

      See whether they care to take action or just talk nonsense again….!!!

      If their identity were to be revealed it will make the joke funnier….!!!

      If no action meaning , the government just wayang here and there when it comes to the minorities but when it involves the FT’s and the rich elites …we can see all the apache , the red rhino and the F-16 will be circling our 3 room HDB flat…..KNNBCCB….!!!

    • ys said

      Please stop this! Why do u need to expose them one by one? What do you gain from seeing people getting shamed and bashed? They have since apologised so let’s be gracious and move on! They are just a bunch of kids. (abit stupid) I know.

      BTW I am in no way affiliated to anyone in the video. Just 看不過去 with this kind of behaviour.

    • A said

      Mod, that’s so petty of you.

  45. NUS Office of Student Affairs said

    NUS is looking into the video as a matter of priority. The University does not condone such offensive comments or behaviour. While the person speaking in the video is not an NUS student, we fully expect all members of the NUS community and activities on campus to be respectful of our country’s ethnic diversity, cultures and traditions.

    The students involved in the video have been counselled for their disrespectful and offensive behaviour. They have since apologised. The Masters of Kent Ridge Hall and Sheares Hall, as well as the student who had posted the video have also posted their apologies online on 13 August 2012 .

    The University takes a serious view of any breach in its regulations. A Board of Discipline will be convened to look into the matter and appropriate disciplinary actions will be taken.

    NUS Office of Student Affairs

  46. yourguess said

  47. George said

    have you guys not crack racist joke before? have you guys not gotten drunk before? i noticed that he did apologize to his malay friend right after the cracked the joke, stating clearly that is was just for fun and no harm meant. people do get drunk easily nowadays and slightly lose control over their behaviors. why such big woohaa? why is there a need to post on youtube?

    I am defending him because i am still a student as well. studying is stressful, we like to drink to destress. as long as everyone enjoyed the process, nth’s wrong.

    I am very sure all of them knew whats right and wrong, when and when not to crack racist joke. and i dare to say that ALLL schools have students like that, even if oxford or whatever.

    So stop acting all high and mighty, self righteous and just blaming him for his action. this is bullshit

    i believe that it is the one who posted the video trying to stir all these shit. if the title of video was named “justin shitting nonsense while drunk”, nothing would have happened.

  48. Solmann88 said

    I couldn’t understand a word him and his mates were saying! Was that supposed to be in English, and they’re supposed to be in what faculty? I think the Law faculty of the NUS should make English a compulsory unit for their undergraduates, and a course on responsible drinking as well.

  49. Aresha G.K said

    One of the hundreds of typical ‘Singapore racist person’ content brought to light social media. I wonder how many of these it will take before we accept the fact that we have some serious underlying social issues in Singapore. Closet racism being one of them.

    We’re all EQUALLY Singaporean. Not ‘CHINESE’ ‘MALAY’ and ‘INDIANS’.

    We’ve not yet truly taught ourselves to be ONE.

    These constant barriers of race enforced by concepts like ‘double barrelled race’ and ‘second language of mother tongue’ enforces segregation to what might just be a modern day representation of clan-ish mentality.

    I lose count at the amount of times a hawkers have said to their stall assistants to bring the food to the table with the ‘hei ren’ or the amount of times that i’ve witnessed well-to-do people have such narrow, derogatory views of working class muslim community.

    But suddenly the sentiment changes when they know that you’re an indian or a malay that lives in a 5 storey bungalow in Bukit Timah.

    There is a very disappointing judgemental side to many Singaporeans.

    And we’re facing worsened segregation with a 37% foreign population which will lead to even more instances of ‘accidental’ racism. Newflash that calling someone a PRC ah-tiong is also racism.

    Lets take a step back and think about this rather than look to point the finger of blame.

    1) How can we improve situations and cope with facilitating the integration of different cultures?
    2) How can we teach ourselves to be a multicultural nation with social graces to know that it is WRONG to behave like what has just happened in the video?
    3) How can we educate our neighbours to respect one another despite the differences?

    Censorship is not the answer as much as the CCTV led you to believe. We won’t evolve as people if we don’t start thinking this way. And no amount of elections and voting for opposition parties will change mindsets.

    We need to broaden our horizons a little.

  50. Dude said

    You’re fucked in the brain. Drank alcohol and spewed lewd remarks on other races. Boy, when I was your age and got drunk, we didn’t have any thoughts on saying any racists remarks. All my multi-racial friends drink to enjoy.

    Shame on you.

  51. pi said

    chinese proverb : the things said by a drunk person is from his heart

    enuff said

  52. Conan said

    I WILL BREAK HIS FACE INTO 3 peices !! damned asshole ! bloody racist faggot !

  53. apple said

    I think this racist thing is not only happing in singapore the states this is very aus too..when u study in aus they call us F** asians…or american call us chinese pigs?…so this happens to be a big hoo ha as now there is this thing call 3G/4G we video and upload and “hello you are on facebook then wow you are on youtube!!!!” “say hello to the WORLD” right? Ofcouse this kid here is really screw up into his head but i study local school when i am young..we make fun of each other race..dont we?but we are still friends and we still help each other when we are in all those people say that you gonna break this chinese man face or bash him up..ask yourself have you make fun of other race before?or have you have you say something funny but not caught on tapes before?think about it…

  54. Red&White said

    Kids – getting very drunk – making silly comments. Think most people have been there and done that. Unfortunately in today’s world of instant news (new media), things tend to get blown out of proportion. I do not agree with/condone racism and foul language mind you, but can we honestly say we have been blameless ourselves when intoxicated when young? What boggles my mind is that I do notice that some netizens who have a worse history of using abusive and/or racist language online are amongst those condemning the chap and/or the organisations above. Strange.

  55. coastal said

    start a poll, this fellow and his friends should go to jail, fined and expelled for what they had said and done. Serve as a reminder to all Singaporeans, respect all races and religious.

  56. Piscean King said

    So is he a SIM undergrad or a NUS undergrad? Why are people slamming NUS when he’s a SIM student?

  57. Piscean King said

    Blaming the alcohol is lame, and CANNOT be a mitigating factor for him to make those jokes. It’s so obvious he’s already a racist to begin with and is already prone to making such remarks and jokes. Only difference is that now, he is captured on video. Only his classmates and friends will really know how many other racist jokes and comments he made that are not recorded.

  58. Piscean King said

    Can someone report this to the police? Particularly if you are one of those affected by these remarks. I remember recently, there were two 17 year old boys sending racist smses to each other but one of them stupidly posted on the smses on FB. The matter was reported to the police and the 2 boys are taken in for questioning.

    If (pre-NS) 17-yr old boys can be taken to task, why not 22-25 yr old undergraduates? Esp. since he would have already served in the army with people of different races; sweating, bleeding and tearing alongside these people of other races! Until we see ourselves as Singaporeans first, and race 2nd, then can we truly be unified as 1 people, 1 nation, 1 Singapore.

    • Louisa said

      Isn’t this bit extreme? Taken taken to the police, for this? I am half Indian, half French, and while I do find racist jokes distasteful, I don’t think that people deserve to have legal action taken against them for saying something deemed offensive. He didn’t seem to be inciting violence. Most people have some racial prejudice and under the influence become uninhibited about voicing it. Censoring this kind of speech won’t address the root of thrproblem, because you can censor speech but not thought.

      Besides, he did not post the video. Someone else did. If in private we have to e worried about offending people, when can we be free to work through and explore our feelings or prejudices?

      To be honest, he wasn’t all that offensive to me. Immature, drunk and incoherent, yes, but also just struck me as a very ignorant person getting a cheap laugh. I’ve had my own ignorant moments and laughed at racist jokes. What can I say, we humans notice differences between ourselves and sometimes make a big deal out of them and handle them clumsily. I don’t think that should be a police matter.

      I think this should just be let go.

  59. RESPECT said

    Good luck to him. A day or week in Changi will do him go.

  60. Misha said

    I would say that this is purely an upbringing that makes this student pass such racist comments. This clearly shows that his student does not even know how to respect and know the values of his own religion cores, so other religion is just a joke for him. Instead of he taking up law and pursuing a degree, I believe he in the first place needs to know how to behave like a human being. Doesn’t mean he is intoxicated he does not know what he is talk? Can he undress himself and run nake in the road and say he is intoxicated? Very bad upbringing!!!! Blame it on his parents and grandparents.

  61. Misha said

    I would say that this is purely an upbringing that makes this student pass such racist comments. This clearly shows that this student does not even know how to respect and know the values of his own religion cores, so other religion is just a joke for him. Instead of he taking up law and pursuing a degree, I believe he in the first place needs to know how to behave like a human being. Doesn’t mean he is intoxicated he does not know what he talks? Can he undress himself and run nake in the road and say he is intoxicated? Very bad upbringing!!!! Blame it on his parents and grandparents.

  62. Misha said

    First and for most, it doesnt take long for a Hindu or a Muslim to throw the same comments on a Chinese. We believe our parents taught us more core values on not hurting other religion. Grow up and then go and take your LAW DEGREE!!!

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