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Where are all the native Singaporeans?

Posted by temasektimes on August 12, 2012

A man from China arrives in Singapore as a new immigrant. He stops the first person he sees walking down the street and says, “Thank you Mr. Singaporean for letting me into this country, giving me housing, medical care, and a scholarship and a promise of a job upon completion of my studies!”

The passerby says, “You are mistaken, I am an Indian from India.”

The man goes on and encounters another passerby. “Thank you for having such a beautiful country here in Singapore.”

The person says, “I not Singaporean, I Vietnamese.”

The new arrival walks farther, and the next person he sees he stops, shakes his hand, and says, “Thank you for wonderful Singapore !

That person puts up his hand and says, “I am from Philippines . I am not Singaporean.”

He finally sees a nice lady and asks, “Are you a Singaporean?”

She says, “No, I am from Malaysia.”

Puzzled, he asks her, “Where are all the Singaporeans?”

The Malaysian lady checks her watch and says, “Probably all hv been REPLACED liao”


*The above was first posted as a comment on The Temasek Times.


37 Responses to “Where are all the native Singaporeans?”

  1. babuseng said

    Lame joke. Was expecting a punch line but it was really weak.


    Mod’s note:

    How to replace when the largest non-PAP party is in cahoots with it?

    ‘If the PAP fails to win a majority in the next GE, the Workers Party will form a coalition govt with it to keep it in power.’

    – WP MP Pritam Singh, May 2011

    • U_SEE_ME_NO_UP_AH? said

      Mod, here u go again! U keep saying WP=PAP. At this present time, either there’s no one credible and strong opposition party competent enough to outmatch the PAP or else there are just too many opposition parties with each and everyone wanting to be the “Indian Chief” with different agendas. I’m sure by now most of your readers can easily guess which opp. party you are in cahoots with? Don’t you think it’s better to be direct and spell out clearly which opp party you are actually supporting rather than using subtle methods to get your message across?

      • Mod DOG said

        He is a knee down shoe licking DOG why bother about his replies.

      • wayang said

        Ya, agree with u that Mod is always using the same stale line hoping to ingrain and remind us of the true identity of WP, not realizing that he is also revealing whose side he is clearly with. Quite unprofessional in journalism.

      • Naivety said

        He is hoping that CSJ will unite all opposition parties in Sinkapore & becomes the overall Supreme Leader of all opposition parties lah!!!

      • Playfair said

        The PAP is only afraid of the Workers Party.
        They have taken a GRC and a Single Ward.
        Last election they were close in taking more.
        If the Prime Minister did not say Sorry and Lim Swee Say did not cry, the Workers Party would have won more.
        Sorry Mod you can carry on running down the WP, where do you think the other opposition parties can progress.

        Mod’s note:

        Why should the PAP be afraid of its own ‘B’ team? It should be more afraid of its own vocal backbenchers and NMPs. The ‘Wayang Party’ has offered no substantial opposition or alternative to speak of since 2011 except dragging the entire nation through its sordid sex scandals. LOL...

    • Govt To Replace All The Ingrats With Grateful Newcomers said

      @Beer Challjas
      The joke is on you. Come 2016 it is not the pap government who would be replaced as you have thought. Instead, it will be the ingrat citizens who would all be replaced by the newcomers.

      • Naivety said

        Yeap, hopefully the Pro-Alien Party’s policy of massive import tons of FTs to vote for them will back-fire on them back!!!

        And I won’t surprised that the newly converted FT Citizens instead of showing their gratitude to PAP will vote against them…haha!!!

    • Paul said

      Let us know what is YOUR expectation of true oppostion since you keep harping that WP is not true oppostion but PAP team B. NAme 1 oppostion that meet YOUR standard

      It is well know that no other Parties will be able to stop any changes in policy, law or whatever simply PAP has over 2/3 majority. Even the upgrading in houngang need the approval of PAP’s candidate. WTF. Should WP refuse to work with the Desmond so that the resident can be further deny of any forms of upgrading? Would that be good to the residents? Oppostion = everything also defies PAP?

      While PAP is appearing to be more open (i know, only in very little ways), what should the tiny oppostion do (6 MP is tiny number compared to 81 but it’s the highest number ever since PAP’s rule). Do what JBJ, CSJ do? (if they are what the mod consider as true oppostion)?

      Before PAP can be brought down, some people are very eager to bring the downfall of WP so that PAP could remain comfortable in their seats next election. Are you one of them?

      Mod’s note:

      For the real opposition to emerge to challenge the PAP, the fake opposition party must be removed first. There is no difference between PAP and WP other than the color of their shirts.

      • Paul said

        What is YOUR expecection of a real opposition? Can it be that your REAL opposition only exist in you imagination and never exis in the world. WHO is the type of opposition that qualify as REAL in your opinion?
        What kind of “Challenge the PAP”, as in just talking in Hong Lim Park or just blogging? do you really think that Mrbrown is the real check like a certain MP say?
        Like everyone know, no one else can vote against new policy, policy changes, etc, what kind of challenges you expect a REAL oppositions to do? Are you expecting the oppostion to be some sort of superhero and crush your beloved PAP and bring changes to SIngapore?

      • Naivety said

        Moderator is advocating & promoting CSJ to be the overall Supreme Leader of the Unified Opposition Party movement but too bad CSJ being a bankrupt is not even qualified & eligible to stand for election in GE 2016 in accordance with Singapore Laws!

    • Paul said

      by the way Pritam Singh was brought in via the GRC system which are create by MOD’s beloved PAP. You want to blame, blame the govt. Also, did Pritam Singh,use the word “will form”? or is it only you help to change some of the words he say

  3. Poly Student serving the nation said

    Noo.. even in SAF camps there are non-true-born-singaporeans -_-“

  4. ngpy said

    If you want to know during the stop at 2 laws, there were zero population growth. that was almost 40 years ago, so now, after the all the years many natives have already passed, leaving these 30 over years plus and for those produces its the same as one or two children, where many are not prepare to produce DUE TO THE GOVERNMENT STUPID POLICIES.

    • seluj said

      Policy has changed. Much less can be said about Singaporeans who hide behind history to stake claim to their selfish ego centric lifestyles. No point blaming PAP, our any policy for the matter. Look in the mirror and move on.

  5. Saran said

    He should probably leave the airport before doing that…

  6. Hang Tuah said

    Singaporean are special and rare breeds. We nowaday seldom go out on the street knowingly there are so many ‘aliens’ out there. Singaporean still keep Singapore at heart. Not like these ‘aliens’ who came to Singapore from their countries of origin that are far worst than hell. They abandoned their ‘slumpdogs’ and came here to reap Singaporeans hard earned, well managed, well maintained country. Singaporean knows who they are compared to those ‘aliens’. They should be ashamed of themselves, for leaving their corrupt infested third world countries. Singaporean proudly can put our chin up and sing our national anterm ‘Majulah Singapura’ whereas these ‘aliens’ struggling even with simple English. Which part of these ‘aliens’ are superior than Singaporean? If they are superior they stays in their own countries and develop into better place to live in, as what Singaporean has done to Singapore. These ‘aliens’ can come in droves, stay in our flats, eat our food, play at our playground and hold our Singapore Dollars BUT they know that Singapore is not theirs. And they knows that they are selfish by abandoning their own countries, that they themselves not comfortable to live in and flooding Singapore with their presence just to taste a good life that their countries failed to provide them. Shame on these ‘aliens’! They should look at themselves in full length mirror, for who they are and what they are here in Singaporean’s Singapore.

  7. They are being sent to National Iron and Steel Mills to be turned into scrap. COE expired.

  8. Govt to replace all the ingrats with grateful newcomers said

    NO, NO, this is not a lame joke. It is a grand social engineering plan to replace all the ingrat locally-bred Singaporeans with new citizens.

    In the face of the declining political support from the existing Singaporeans, PAP’s scheme is to get rid of these ingrats and replace all of them with new grateful citizens. Conditions and cost of living will be made totally unbearable for the old citizens that willy-nilly they would have to migrate out of the country (good riddance regardless of where they go), while the newcomers will be given all kinds of incentives from scholarships to jobs to public housing to start a new life in Singapore.

    With this clever social engineering scheme PAP will be assured of staying in power for another fifty years.
    The only old Singaporeans who be left behind will be those who have no where else to go and who would then become maids and servants and drivers to the rich and powerful newcomers.

  9. flying in your face said

    Likely reality. Happening in the States and in London.

  10. Lim said

    I m true blood sporean but I m prepared to let our generation to go extinct. Why benefits others new citizen when All the good things n priorities r not given to our future kids.

    Why stay at spore n pay the taxes which in turn use to pay FT winning medals prizes.

    If every single 30s person in this generation can migrate or work overseas we will do so now n with no regrets

  11. E said

    Darwin’s law of natural selection am afraid. Singaporeans are too weak and docile to stand up and demand a government that confers basic rights upon them. Leadership acts largely in their own best interests which are at odds with the best interests of the vast majority of the working Singaporean population. Singapore is nothing more than a great big hotel resort – “management” & “shareholders” running the resort, the population at large work to service “guests” driving shareholder return. The money is driven to private banks and management is largely unaccountable for it’s own decisions protected by laws that prohibit criticism – which the population accepts. Am afraid, no matter how “first world” Singapore thinks it is, without true democratic universal rights – and a population that has the balls to stand up for itself – it remains just another family run third world Asian banana republic. Harsh, I know….but if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck….it’s a duck.

    • kaypoh said

      Well said!

      • E said

        It is the responsibility of THIS generation of ALL Singaporeans to stand up for themselves – but they won’t….it’s classic right “third generation” – The first generation in a family makes money (goes from rags to riches); the second generation holds or keeps the money; and the third generation squanders or loses the money. It disgusts me that the wider population (through selfishness and apathy) permits its older generation to have to work in MacDonalds or at Changi Airport, go without unlimited healthcare and support, permits it’s government to refuse a maid a day off each week, etc etc etc

    • Naivety said

      Great & excellent analogy…you’ve hit the nail on its head

  12. NaBey said

    I think he go wrong place. Is it geylang lot 12 that he walked along the street? Trying to find a sporean chick?

  13. jaded said

    went to heartland mall, saw 2 pinoys and 1 PRC cashiers.

    went to market beside heartland mall, had frog porridge at a stall run by PRC.

    went to coffeeshop at toa payoh lorong 8, saw 2 pinoys clearing plates and 1 pinoy cashier.

    if the pappies are really reducing the number of foreigners here, why are they taking over the heartlands?

  14. P Koh said

    What do you expect when Singaporeans find it too costly to reproduce babies. They either migrate or stay at home and MYOB as everyone they meet seems to be a “new intake” and even hawkers stalls are owned or manned by these new citizens. Surely we are fast losing our Singaporean identity with the aging population and it would be a really sad day when Singlish becomes Chininglish.

  15. hachoo said

    The moment they killed Singlish in pursuit of a better language, they have already killed one of SIngapore most profound identity & spirit.

    For those who travel widely, you can tell a Singaporean by the accent and lingo from miles away. And in return, you offer to speak the same and immediately both parties got connected culturally and emotionally….a good feeling in a faraway country from home. For the man, the NS days connects you more because deep inside, we shared the same brotherhood.

    Today, even in our own country, its difficult to hear Singlish anymore. All you hear on buses and MRT are foreign accents PRC lingo, Pinoys lingo, India slangs, Ang Moh slangs, Burmese lingo and Vietnamese lingo.
    Even the usual norm, Malaysian & Thais are no longer often seen or heard in SIngapore nowadays as they have stayed away from this crowded island.

    Dont be cowed by the multiple nationalities trampling at our doorsteps. I encourage all local SIngaporeans not to retreat into their enclave but instead go out there to be seen, heard and to be counted. Do it often enough, you will began to realize that the taken ground can be recovered overtime.

    Like the Thais and Hongkongers, when their community and space is deemed violated, they often go out there to show their united front.

  16. Ken Lee said

    sorry this joke no written by me, found somewhere in facebook. and it’s going to happen one day, if PAP still continue what they think is right…

  17. K said

    The only native sinkies left r the papies! Hahahaha!

  18. Nice Person said

    Wow!!! What a for see future joke. I need to share it with all the Singaporean I know!!!!!

  19. Desiree said

    What a lame joke. No punch line, nothing just some kind of long whining. Try again.

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