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DPM Teo encourages Singaporeans to ‘share’ their views with the government

Posted by temasektimes on August 13, 2012

Singaporeans are encouraged to share their views frankly and openly with the PAP government which will be actively ‘engaging’ them in the following months, declares Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean.

Speaking on the sidelines of a community event last night, DPM Teo said he ‘encourages’ Singaporeans to share their views so that the government can build a future together with them.

“What kind of Singapore do we want? What hopes you have for yourself and your children? I believe with such a conversation, we can build a closer society, focus our energies and achieve this vision which will give a better life for all of us.”

He added that Singapore will become a divided country if Singaporeans do not work hand in hand:

“The alternative is we are a divided country, we spend all our time being envious of each other, we are unable to put our energies together, we become a divided society.”

A Junior College student Reuben Wang shared his views on DPM Teo’s performance at the pre-university seminar on his blog lately after which he was publicly shamed by the state media and his parents ‘invited’ for a ‘tea session’ with the minister.


35 Responses to “DPM Teo encourages Singaporeans to ‘share’ their views with the government”

  1. sillyguy said

    So What do You think we should do? Another wayang?

  2. Law said

    it is alr divided….
    it is so obvious by looking at the resentment through the net…

  3. Nico said

    What do you think?

  4. kaypoh said

    After Reuben Wang who dares to share with you? We are not envious of each other, just you overpaid pigs!

  5. Singaporean said

    So what if we share our views? Will you listen or take any action?!

  6. SkinFT said

    take action by throwing you into jail. 😀

  7. Victor said

    If the government need to engage Singaporeans now, it just goes to show a few things:-

    What had they been doing over the past few years? Snug up in their ivory tower counting the millions paid to them?

    Why are they so disconnected from the people or the ground? Or they pretend to be ignorant? And why the need for this wayang ? To waste some time? Or hope to build on the ideas contributed because you guys are totally lost?

    These should have started long ago before our infrastructure cant cope. Isnt it a little too late and too little?

    Bottom line is, either you reverse the situation or you ger replaced in 2016, maybe by the FTs. They are cheaper anyway.

  8. you kidding me said

    What a joke from a joker

  9. Realist said

    Basically, this is just a waste of time.

  10. I shared mine in his FB but postins were deleted. Share my LJ.

  11. I suggest all views to be paid millions and shares among the people who contributed their views and do a good one and for all ,what do you think ? Mr Teo this shows that some old Minister doing nothing good for the latest gen or you need no ask for views ,now i giving mine view to you , poor vision from past and weak production of talent in YPAP. you have my view now ,how ?what do you think ?or will you think again ?or you not buying it?

  12. Kimosabe said

    You ask us to share views. GCT also ask same thing. So what’s happening? We don’t need to share our views just read the daily resentment by your citizens you will know as if you care period.

  13. Crap... said

    All they need to do is to open their eyes.. Is that too much to do TCH??

    • ghost of rajaratnam said

      Good point ! Open eyes first, then open their minds next…But don’t open mouths !
      Nevertheless, me thinks the PAP buggers have shit in their brains. So like that, how ?

  14. ken said

    we need a revolution to remove them..over paid pigs

  15. Big AL said

    Citizens: We are not happy with the immigration policy, cost of public housing, inflation, too high ministerial salaries, etc, etc, etc.
    Minister: Then you must let us know…share your views with us.
    Citizens: We just did.
    Minister: Please, we must all come together to exchange views.
    Citizens: Hello! We just did.
    Minister: Citizens should give feedback so the govt can understand better….blah…
    Citizens: Walau! Thats what we’ve doing for many years.
    Minister: We want to be more responsive to needs of citizens blah blah
    Citizens: Wa Piang Oi! We have been shouting and screaming online for belly long liao!
    Minister: We need to build a dialog….blah blah blah..
    Citizens: Ok. How do you intend to do that?
    Minister: What do you think?
    Citizens: Walauuuuuuuuuuuuuuu oiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeee! Kill me please!

  16. Sin, dark and gloomy said

    Are they listening?

    What do You think?

  17. Sinkaporean said

    Sorry. But is this a joke?

  18. Another round of hearing without listening.

    • P Koh said

      More than that – it is also looking without seeing and moving without doing. I just pray that there is not just thunder when the lightning strikes.

  19. Virgorian said

    Today I share my view, tml I get lock up!

  20. Public Eyes said

    The most basic thing that the PAP needs to preserve is meritocracy. Why even have the notion that the people who criticize or are indignant, is because they are envious. Dear Sir, it is NOT envy. PAP has to validate that the person they make minister, is worthy of the role. The MPs that they select are also truly worthy of working for the citizens of Singapore. Any candidate must not be in a certain privileged position because he or she is riding on the coat-tails of someone more senior, or because they belong to a clique. The public is entitled to its opinions, regardless of whether it is true or not. Don’t think people are grousing because of envy.

  21. +60 said

    You have destroy our future, now you are going to destroy our children future.
    Unless you kick the farking FT out or you will be out in 2016.
    See your face want to vomit, so how?

  22. ahboy said

    sure not? share liao, will PAP do or listen meh?
    talk too much later that KY throw u into section 55..
    guan zhi liang ge kou, everything they all say..

  23. A G Young said

    Yes! Singapore Society is divided, REAL DIVIDED! Why??? The FTs are the ones that divided us!

  24. Seb said

    TCH, we are in this situation because of the policies of the PAP! Let me highlight some:
    i. Stop at 2
    ii. Focus on materialism
    iii. Divide and rule through the GRC system
    iv. Creation of an elitist society based on Scholars and plebians

    If you find that people are kiasu and self centred well our social structures and reward systems are placed to build exactly that. So is PAP willing to dismantle those structures, including meritocracy in its current form?

    I don’t think so.

  25. Cher said

    You can fool some of the people some time. But the whole government machinery is fooling all the people most of the time. Be it $8.00 heart bypass, brompton bikes, $1000.00 salary can purchase HDB flat, integration of foreigners, making babies, minister’s salary does not commensurate with their work, riding on MRT trains once a lifetime doesn’t mean you understand the problems, …………….,another worthless exercise. You want input? Just go to online discussion sites.

  26. ngpy said

    Of course we welcome DMP Teo’s statement but hope that this does not backfire with the honest suggestions by public but to be intimidated by them. How is the PUBLIC TO BE ASSURED of intimidation by the Authorities if honest suggestions from them.

  27. kenneth low said

    what we want? we want to stop those china immgrants, lower ERP , lower COE, improve the mrt

  28. P Koh said

    Ministers have been fed by grassroot leaders with opinions for many years already and I think it is high time for them to do some thinking of solutions themselves to resolve the many mistakes that have been made in recent months. Are they supposed to be paid highly to do high level thinking and not ask “What do you think?”

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