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DPM Tharman asks Singaporeans not to rely on government programmes and subsidies.

Posted by temasektimes on August 13, 2012

Singaporeans should take the lead to build a ‘strong and inclusive’ society rather than to depend solely on government programmes and subsidies, declared Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam.

Speaking at a National Day dinner in Jurong on Saturday, DPM Tharman said:

“Already, we have quite an active community life compared to many other countries but there are a lot more we can do to take the initiative on the ground.”

Government leaders have been exhorting Singaporeans to contribute views and do more for society in their National Day messages with DPM Tharman being the latest after Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong.

“(We can) give Singaporeans responsibility individually and in our groups – the responsibility to make this a better society, wherever we live,” he added.


29 Responses to “DPM Tharman asks Singaporeans not to rely on government programmes and subsidies.”

  1. Singaporean2 said

    if any country govt ask her citizens not to rely on govt programmes and subsidies…do you know what will happen next??? btw…WHO tell us not to compared to many other countries???

    • Ah Leng said

      What happens next?

      Well, don’t ask us to stand up and fight for this country………..oops, I mean company.

      • ken said

        why fight…have war we take rifles and kill the useless hypocrites first and den negotiate with enemy.

  2. na said

    we dun rely on govt programmes and subsidies… in exchange they give back their million dollar salaries?

  3. i say what i think only... said

    why we need u there then? pay u millions to reply ask us not to expect anything from u?

    i am not pro european style handouts that breed lots of lazy people but i expect assistance to the needy (sufficient type, not the token sum type) especially when the government can well-afford it. it is good to be prudent, but excessive saving and disregard for citizens welfare is not acceptable.

  4. Cher said

    Another load of crap from an overpaid minister, who depend on taxpayers money for his comfortable life that is comparable to the best in the world. Yet we are reminded not to depend on the government for anything, yet count ourselves lucky. Talk is cheap, another parrot.

    • bongkinchen said

      Correction. More than best in the world by at least how many more percentage ????? And we are only a little red dot of responsiblity for you to govern !!!!!

  5. speechless said

    not to rely on govt programmes and subsidies? then govt come up with all these programmes and subsidies for wat??? remove all la.

  6. Botek neh, can you not rely on importing foreign trash to boost GDP which in turn boost your already obscene salaries ?

  7. ken said

    Singaporeans urged ministers not to rely on high should serve with a heart else fark off.

  8. shove it where the sun doesn't shine. said

    Remind me again how much was spent on scholarships for foreign student recruits?

  9. Snoopy Says said

    What is there to rely on in the first place???

  10. fairplay said

    This minister ask the people not to rely on the government for programmes and subsidies, then can we, the people ask the PAP govt not to rely on us for taxes!!!

  11. Nihon said

    WE are relying on that.. we are relying on your ability , do you have?

    Subsidies are given is that the GOVT felt guilty..

  12. mahbok tan said

    “Singapore goverment should take the lead to build a ‘strong and inclusive’ society rather than to depend solely on its citizen money ( CPF ) and and make BIG MONEY, declared Mr Mahbok Tan – internet user.”

    This is what we should read. Aiyoh yoh …why are our mini-skirter arh make millions but do not know how to make SGporean happy….!!!!

  13. junnie said

    Government should not rely on tax for their salary then

  14. Daft Peasant said

    another ” you died your problem, don disturb me ” bullshit?!!

    Oei…..Neh, diam diam lah….. you don talk nobody will say you ‘ eh-gao ‘


    This botak is talking nonsense again. The so-called “$1000 is enough to purchase a HDB flat.” really makes me wonder what is the level of his I.Q ?

  16. phoenix said

    Then ask him not to rely on the government’s salaries also. He benefited from the government’s ministers’ pay program and being a hypocrite here.

  17. speechless said

    erm.. can i ask DPM Tharman not to rely us on VOTES in 2016??

  18. aloysius12 said

    The big QUESTION: Will you LISTEN???
    It took the loss of one GRC before you half-opened you one ear.
    What are they saying about low birth rate, are you listening?
    Employers are “screaming” about granting 6 months leave; how do you intend to address this “screaming”.
    These employers “never had it goo good” YOU allowing them to employ migrant workers paying low salaries and extended work schedules, while not only our PEMT have to drives taxis but those of child bearing age are force to abandon having children(you go on leave – your desk is moved next to the washroom).
    Thus listening intently and YOU should take the lead; we have no confidence in “taking the lead”. WHAT DO YOU THINK.

  19. The Gardener said

    After the government open the flood gates, you expect us to clean up your mess.
    Nabeh. KNN. You can die for all I care. You still dont know that we bo chup already.
    Si Botak. Tan Si liao bi.

  20. K said

    DPM Tharman asks Singaporeans not to rely on government programmes and subsidies. Could Singaporeans ask DPM not to rely on us for their million dollar pay?

  21. bb said

    They think hougang ppl rely on Pap for porridge

    • Derrick Boh said

      This entry records the cumulative total of all government borrowings less repayments that are denominated in a country’s home currency. Public debt should not be confused with external debt, which reflects the foreign currency liabilities of both the private and public sector and must be financed out of foreign exchange earnings.


      1 Zimbabwe
      230.80 2011 est.

      2 Japan
      208.20 2011 est.

      3 Saint Kitts and Nevis
      200.00 2011 est.

      4 Greece
      165.40 2011 est.

      5 Lebanon
      137.10 2011 est.

      6 Iceland
      130.10 2011 est.

      7 Jamaica
      126.50 2011 est.

      8 Italy
      120.10 2011 est.

      9 Singapore
      118.20 2011 est.

      10 Ireland
      107.00 2011 est.

      11 Barbados
      103.90 2011 est.

      12 Portugal
      103.30 2011 est.

      With so many FT and FW help to push up our GDP but yet Government’s public debts continues to increase?

      Just base on 1 million FT, FW and PR remit average of SGD 800 per month back to their home country, annual cost is? do you know the figures?

      Information from below website:

  22. ken said

    we need a revolution!!! remove PAP off , once and for all!!!

  23. jdimu said

    of course we must not rely on the govenment ppl………cos all the ministries are busy squandering our money through purchases where benefits their pockets.

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