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National dialogue is going to be another empty exercise

Posted by temasektimes on August 13, 2012

I am very disappointed with Lee Kuan Yew about what he said with regards to falling birth rate yesterday.

He mentions lifestyle and people wanting to have more leisure time as the reasons behind low Total Fertility Rate but he does not want to admit policy failures of past and high cost of living as the main important factors for people not having children.

Re: new committee of young & inexperienced ministers – basically confirms that Lee Hsien Loong has no clue as to what is needed despite being in politics for almost 30 years.

He named three things in particular during his national day speech: the country must offer hope for the future, it must have an inclusive society and it must be a home that everyone loves.

Ironically – Singapore had all three (hope for future, inclusive society and home that people love) before Goh Chok Tong took over. GCT started the slide and LHL has accelerated the slide down the slope.

It is for good reasons that in private sector when the company needs change of direction and overhaul, they change CEO first.

It is difficult to change with same people – too much vested interests in current system, too much baggage of the past and in Singapore too much face culture too.

I have a feeling that this whole national dialogue is going to be an empty exercise. Enough people have said enough time what is ailing this country but they just don’t want to listen.


*The above was first posted as a comment on Facebook.


13 Responses to “National dialogue is going to be another empty exercise”

  1. ChuiGongLumParSong said

    They have the say, YOU LISTEN! That’s PAP! That’s Singapore! Got it?

  2. spotlessleopard said

    The problem of falling birth rates was caused by the Eugenics Policy of LKY …where He by his so called “persuasive” methods of “Family” Planning effectively put paid to Lower Income Lower educated citizens being “convinced” into having ONE child or maximum TWO children. If such “citizens” were not convinced they were “punished” with financial disincentives…..loss of priority for school places of schools of their choice…etc.

    It was a “God” like polcy mandated by LKY and his friends who believed in Eugenics……and now He is in total denial of the LEAD role He played in the evil failed policy….

    Any couple who were not “Graduates” and had a second child …the “Fam,ily Planning” Birth Control Unit will station their “Van: infront of your house or your Block” to announce that you are being persuaded to stop producing babies…

    Poor families were aggressively “encouraged” to “LIGATE” ofd ten with a sum of CASH BONUS so that no more “accidental” babies will be produced by the so called lower quality citizens.

    The programme was so successful that by teh 1980s….almost all childbeariang women were on some sort of Birth Control Programme…

    Now WHO is to blame for Singapore’s negative growth in population?

    • Ashok said

      A leopard cannot change its spots.

    • Naivety said

      Well said…Spotlessleopard

      And do not forget the graduate mother priority registration scheme for their children implemented by those rubbish MIWs…WTF kind of discrimination scheme is this (non graduate mother not supposed to have children)???!!!

      • p leo said

        The old fart’s mother was not a graduate, and so was his dad.
        I am pretty certain it is the same for old guards like GohKS, Rajaratnam, EW Barker, TohCC, etc…….they turned out to be brilliant people with good EQ

  3. Govt Out of touch said

    No Action, Talk Only – sounds familiar?

  4. aloysius12 said

    Recollect this famous prose:
    Grant us the sereinty to accept the things we cannot change(reverse the “stop at two” done one families in the past) but the courage to change the things we can and the wisdom to know the difference.
    So GTC and LKY fell from grace and we need further change.

  5. mmmBOP said

    Haiyah, I guess no harm lah just wait and see what they do with this committee.

    I mean, there’s still a few problems in Singapore. Like want to buy car but cannot afford because of COE, want to take trains also don’t know whether can reach office on time. But I guess the gahmen is now trying, heard that they’ll be making it harder to get employment passes.

    I think since at least the gahmen is trying, we should try also? Since they’re setting this committee up now, we might as well give them all our problems and some suggestions as well. See what they do with them. If they act on them, then good for everyone in Singapore. If they don’t, also nothing to lose for us. So I guess no harm trying?

  6. cc chia said

    Yes, agreed. All politicians are the same, and they are no better than used car salesmen.

    It is just up to us to vote wisely at the next GE in 2016, in the hope that we start getting more of those politicians that will serve our mandate, rather than the other way around.

    • Naivety said

      Agreed fully & there is not 2nd thoughts & 2 ways about it, just vote the farking MIWs & Papaya Party Out come GE 2016!!!

      Hope the massively imported FTs that the Pro-Alien Party had brought it so far will backfire on them & will instead vote against them as well in GE 2016!!!

      It is high time that they should be taught a lesson as it was already long overdue as they have been “toying” & farking with our native Singaporean lives all these while, got it???

  7. Pai Sei said

    Talk is always ealier than done lor….Everyone oso know how to say. LKY cld affort to have more kids…why only 3…n a unmarried dotter.

    • bway pai sei said

      Actually hor, the daughter was married or close to being married. This have to check with the oldman himself, whether he gave his blessings.
      The ex hubby or potential hubby either regrets not being part of the famiLee fortune or grateful he was spared from endless nightmares. What do you think?

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