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Public apology by Justin Wee

Posted by temasektimes on August 13, 2012

I am deeply apologetic and regretful for my behaviour in this incident. To better let you understand and have a grasp of the whole situation, here was what happened. Through an audition, I managed to get into the NUS RAG dance performance team. We practised for 8 weeks or so and last Friday was the day of our performance. So after the performance, there was a RAG party that was organised in the hall and I drank alcohol that night.

I definitely had too much to drink that night and started spouting profanities and racist jokes as shown in the video. Then, my friend from NUS starting filming me. When I was done with all my nonsensical ranting, my friend stopped filming me and I was carried by a few friends into one of the rooms to rest.

When I woke up on Saturday, my friend had already posted that video of me on Facebook and tagged me along with my friends. I was devastated. I had to told him to privatise that video but he did not heed my advice and I was a fool to not insist on it. So apparently, someone ripped the video off Facebook and posted it on YouTube. The whole matter escalated from there. Forums started discussing about that video and negative comments started coming in. And it has turned to this today.

Once again, I am sincerely sorry and regretful for my behaviour. I wish to clarify that I did not mean any of the profanities and racist jokes I had said in the video for I was drunk and did not have a clue about what I was doing or what was going on around me.

I sincerely apologise to all the Malay and Indian communities who are offended by the racist jokes that I had made. And, I sincerely apologise to everyone who are offended by the profanities that I had said. I know that getting intoxicated is not a good enough reason and I should be responsible for myself and my own actions. I am sincerely sorry for tarnishing the name of SIM because of my incident and simply regretful to cause so much trouble for the school.

Yours Sincerely,

Justin Wee

*The above letter was emailed to The Temasek Times today by the author.


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105 Responses to “Public apology by Justin Wee”

  1. jacque lee said

    OK young man you are forgiven. Just be more careful next time. We all made mistakes when young. I hope all the pther participants at this website not blown this out of proportion. It can happen to any of your children.

  2. Babuseng said

    It is unacceptable to Justin to be making those comments, but everyone deserves a second chance. Now that the young man has realized his mistake and apologized, let’s forgive and move on.

  3. Richard said

    Dear Justine,

    learn one lesson in life. Never let your guard down, never trust your friend fully to expose your weakness.

    You and the female law student fall into the same mistake of being too trusting.

  4. Milli Vanili said

    Yes whenever you all Chinese people crack jokes your common target would be Malay and Indian … so you Chinese people think so highly of yourself? What is wrong with you all?

    • Marian said

      let’s not generalise any races here.. the poor boy has already apologised.. he deserves a second chance

    • Cozy said

      A rather pointless statement. When my malay friend crack jokes it would either be involving malay/indian/chinese since they form the main races in Singapore what. Nothing to do with Chinese superiority complex.

    • Jerry said

      Don’t start it again.

    • Steven said

      So tell me Milli Vanili, what other races can a Chinese crack a joke about, when obviously the 3 main races that make up Singapore are the Chinese, Malay and the Indians?

      Please enlighten me. How does making jokes equate to ‘thinking highly of yourself’?

      The point is he apologized and let us just move on. Your comment would only attract unnecessary attention to yourself.

    • Xuan said

      Because we live together, right here in Singapore. Indians and Malays make jokes about Chinese all the time, and it is precisely because all of us have grown up together. Just like how you can make fun of your best friends without fear of them being offended, this is Singaporean and we should be proud of this harmony.

      Think of it this way, there is no way we can make a unique racist swipe at a PRC knowing that he/she will not be offended and that we meant no offence. More often than not, if such a comment was made on any of the numerous foreign nationalities we have here now, they meant every word.

      So feel the love Milli, we are Singaporeans.
      And no amount of foreign migrants can take that away, let alone INTEGRATE into this.

    • Mr are you trying to stir up the hornets’ nest? I am sure the Chinese are also the butt of Indians and Malay jokes, come on grow up!

    • divideandconquer said

      Dude, you know, when you say something like that, it is also considered racist? Racist as in “Chinese People” being unfairly racist against only 2 other races? I’ll have you know the Chinese are fair, even in bigotry. BTW I am racist, but I believe everyone is.

    • creader said

      Please go back and rot in India. You guys in India has shit racism, extra-judicial killings against minority, using slurs like “Chinky” against yellow people. And mind you few days back, 6 Sikh got gun down in USA. The Singaporean Chinese being the most tolerant people is now under siege.

      • Dr.Arsch said

        @Milli – lol drop it la. Malays and Indians make fun of Chinese on numerous occasions too. Malays and Indians have plenty of jokes about each other too. And all three of us have jokes about the PRCs, angmohs etc. I’ve seen Indians and Chinese ganging up and making jokes about Sikh people, M & I ganging up and joking about C, C & I ganging up joking about other Chinese. Chill, don’t blame just one group for doing it. It’s just more obvious when the Chinese do it but that’s cos there’s alot more of them. Trust me, the other two races do the same.

        @Creader – What does that video, racism in India and Sikh killings in the USA have anything to do with Singaporean Indians dumbass? You got lost on your way back home to Beijing and ended up here or something? I’d help u take the next flight back to Commie-land if u need.

      • creader said

        You arse. Go figure out the correlation yourselves. And go read more on blogs, forums such as topix of those western countries. Indian now is increasing being hated by their host countries. They are still not aware of that.

        I have no problems with Singaporean Indians, as they are mostly from the lower caste stock. We have also assimilated them. The recent influx from India are all the dangerous type. Its the higher caste FT Indians that generally are acrimonious in their writings full of lies. The caste system is in fact racism in disguise, confirmed by anthropologist.

        Commie land in Beijing, Moscow or Pyonggyong is more wonderful than any Hinduland, At least you don get to see people shit and drink on the same water.

      • Dr.Arsch said

        Then be clear dumbass. Your comment seems to be directed against all Indians, be it Singaporean or Indian alien. If you have no problems with Singaporean Indians and your issues are just with the invading Indian aliens, then both you and I are on the same page. Just be clear about the group u are targeting and don’t lump up Singaporean Indians with India. Yeah our ancestors came from there (not that I give a shit), but this is our home and country for generations. I personally find it offensive being lumped up together with India in the same sentence.

        And now that you have made it clear who your target group is, yeah, I agree with you on one thing. Indian aliens are disliked and resented everywhere. Don’t get the wrong idea Singaporean Indians like them either, we can’t stand those fellers and their bullshit. And yeah, you are right about the caste bit, those invading aliens look down on all of us, be it Singaporean Chinese, Malay or Indian.

      • creader said

        Before you Indian accuse kind Singaporean Chinese anything racist, go back and look at your countries. You can easily cite an example out of countless horrible racism in Indian. The Kashmiri hated India like mad. The Hindus and Sikhs mercenaries conducted killings and violate every human rights. And India occupied Kashmir illegally.

        For your info, talking anything about Kashmir to Indians will straight away raise their suspicions. Immediately, they will be hostile and then, they will distance themselves from you. High caste Indian take faux pride on their own lies of a great Indian nation, a civilized people. They knew all these nonsense cannot deceive people who really understand issues of Kashmir, Assam, Arunchal, Naxalite….etc.

        I urge my people to study more on Indian history. You will really learn a great deal.

      • rEtro said

        Creader, Stop barking and eating Dogs boy. Down boy Down Boy..

      • rEtro said

        Creader Seems to forget his own history and Culture, He also seems to be ignorant about Tibet and the many atrocities happening in many parts of China where Minorities(Non-Han) resides in or the treatment on inviduals who are deemed as Peasants and has he forgotten how a person from Shanghai treats a person from etc. Fujian(There’s your other version of caste for you), Has he also forgotten “Cultural Revo” and the destruction of Culture in China? He also seems to have forgotten China’s human right’s record and its claims to many parts of S.E.A.

        Don’t trash others, When in-fact your country China is getting thrashed and hated on by Many.
        Your ignorance might be due to the fact that Internet is heavily controlled by your government.

      • creader said

        Yes, say whatever you want to say about PRC. That got nothing to do with me.

      • David_M said

        @ Creader

        There is no cultural connection to a Singapore Indian and a Indian Indian, except being Indian. Your ignorance precedes you. The first documented form of basic Human Rights for example was written under King Ashoka’s rule for example. So you concept of a country being racist all the time and violent is not completely true. Fact is the country itself has never been homogeneous and has many languages as well. The fact the country still works being democratic is in itself a surprise.

        Saying an entire country is one way is silly at best. A lot of people from this very country have inspired peace among most leaders from the past and present. From Akbar to the recent Gandhi who inspired Mandela no less. Your anger and hate clouds you.

      • creader said

        Singaporeans Indians has been assimilated. I have no problem with them.

        You mentioned about Ashoka. Do you know Buddhist Ashoka spent his whole life neutering the Hinduism? God has given Indian lots of chance. The first one is Zarathustra, from Hindu Kush/ East Iran (nobody really knew). The Indo-Iranian people ruled then from Persia to Ganges plains.

        Then, Iranian people listened and repented, doing away with their caste system until today. They produce the Greatest rule Cyrus the Great. Today, I have no problem with Iranian and even respect them very much despite USA and Israeli’s denigration. Iranian is the same genetically as high caste Indian.

        Indian remain shit racist and stick to their caste shit. They never repent. Next came Buddhism where Ashoka’s Mauryan Empire was the trying hard to destroy Hinduism and caste system. Yet he failed. The Indian caste-ist are too wicked. India continue to sink like a slumpdog until Islam came.

        Next came the Islam. Islamic conquest entails rape, plunder and murder and the net effect this– those states that suffered most under Islamic mobster is the most advance today in India. Look at Punjab. The relatively unmolested state is a cesspool, like Bihar. Indian never repent. The response of Indian against Islam, Sikhism today is riddled with caste system. They are a shame to Guru Nanak.

        Today, even Islam, Christianity in India have caste. All these nonsense are in the sick mind of India, and uniquely India.

      • creader said

        One thing piss me off big time is the dishonesty of high caste FT Indian in accusing Singaporeans racist. You can almost identified these scumbag easily because they use classicist English or rather write in a insinuated and acrimonious way in attacking Singaporeans.

        When I see such English, I assume they are from India, and sorry if I get it wrong.

        These are shit mind, intoxicated since childhood. These people run their country into dirt, come here to get a living, and yet there are so ungrateful. Go Citibank @ CBP in the morning you will know caste-ism and racism is already rampant in SG, the FT Indians are Brahmins and Singaporeans are Dalits. The FT Indian now treat Singaporeans as Dalits. I can do nothing about that. But if they tried to feign victim and accuse Singaporeans, I will defend my people on internet.

      • Frank Keiv said

        @Creader – mate your a typical singaporean, can only defend and showcase their might in the internet but no ba**s to speak up in the open. If your so fed up with FT’s then why don’t you organise a protest or demonstration against your garments policy, am sure you cant do that becoz you guys just dont have the ba**s in you. You guys are the most “TERRIFIED” buncha guys on this planet. Thats the bottomline, so live with that and stop ranting on the internet.

    • PEACE! said

      Hey not all Chinese are like that ok?! I’ve came across Indians who are racist too you know? Don’t try to stir up negative emotions ok! Back off!

    • Canon said

      Usually one ethnic race would crack jokes at other ethnic races, haven’t you seen Black films poking fun at Whites before? It’s not abt whether we’re Chinese or White or other skin colours, it just stems from lack of cultural understanding of each other

    • Canon said

      And if u wanna see real unfairness to an ethnic race, check out Malaysian’s ‘Ketuanan Melayu’ policy which gives special rights to the Malay ethnic race only, see how that policy has been overly abused, now that is politically outright racism which does affect the lives of others, cracking of jokes is a small issue, not to mention that it was done in private and not public

    • mahbok tan said

      To err is human and to forgive is devine

      To me , since he already apologies . I will accept it but NO REPEAT of his foolishness ever again. Period.

    • K said

      Actually Chinese make a lot of jokes abt themselves too. However, wat Justin did isnt a joke. I was brought up in sg thinking our then 4 races made us really special mainly becos we r not defined by our race but by our ability to live as one. Maybe tats what made me a sinkie. My best friends were Malay & Indians back then. Apparently, such mixed interactions has diminished over the yrs, thus creating tis new bunch of sinkies with such mentality. Yes, I blamed meritocracy, I blamed the thunder. I do wish tat Justin understand the true meaning of living in a multi-racial society. If his mindset doesn’t change, he is better off living in China. I, too, am sorry for wat Justin hav done. If it makes my fellow malay and indian sinkies feel any better, I, too, felt angered by wat Justin said. I am sorry.

      • incognito said

        Wow, i am truly touched by what u say K.. I am a minority and do not feel any resentment towards other local races. We are after all born and bred singaporeans. Why must we grow up to despise other people who do us no harm? Why can’t there be peace and love instead of hatred and war… why…………..

      • Twushdnr23 said

        Come on guys. Ok i know its definitely inappropriate to be making fun of any race. But the key differentiating point here is intent.

        I am from a minority here. And i thought some of the jokes regarding my own community, albeit maybe inappropriate to some, were okay. I can even laugh at them.

        Admit it. Who among us have not indulged or even heard of these jokes before? But it has no direct meaning of persecution or vilification. We are not so strung up that we cant laugh at ourselves no? Besides this do not tarnish any sense of camarederie or bond with our multi racial friends. We will still hang out and eat and drink and in emergencies, fight and sweat and bleed together.

        It is a whole different case if those jokes are said and meant to persecute and discriminate with hatred and intent.

        Its a good apology, kudos, i am sure it takes a lot of courage to do it; and that is one of the learning points and he would have learnt it well.

        But us Singaporeans as a community between the 3 races, come on, lighten up, we know these are not such a big deal. We have a much more severe problem at hand concerning Nationalism.

    • Mich said

      Hi Milli,
      I represent the Chinese race & can reassure you that we are all equal . We are not racist towards any race , in fact we embrace other people’ culture & background. As a mother of a young child, I do my part to inculcate in my kid the respect for other races . My gal would address my neighbors as machik or kaka( Malay for aunties n sisters ) in fact , she particularly loves a sweet classmate of hers by the name of shivani.
      I hope this is a one off incident which will not affect the racial harmony which we have fostered & enjoyed . Racial disharmony will never be tolerated !
      Let’s give Justin Wee a chance as he seemed truly apologetic . To err is human & we are not perfect.

      Warmest Regards,

    • United said

      Dude, chillax.. It’s just one retard. And let’s not forget, it’s no longer about racial lines anymore. It’s now just us and THEM.

    • P Koh said

      Hi Vanili please stop generalising. All races crack jokes on each other and if taken in good spirit such matters will pass and we all just laugh it off. The point is to keep such jokes within circles of friends and be concious not to do so in front of those who may be sensitive so as not to create animosity. Now that Justin has sincerely apologzsed, this matter should be put to rest.

    • Ah Lek said

      People unfortunately in Spore are immature and selfish and dont have the substance to have a national conversation about racism.

    • gonggong said

      Racism boils out of misunderstanding, arrogance, and over-generalization. Something you are also on the verge of being guilty of.

    • Yeo said

      So are you saying that only chinese makes racist jokes? I bet there are non chinese making racist jokes as well, just that we aren’t aware of. So stop pushing all the blame to chinese lah.

    • God said

      So you think a chinese in singapore crack racist jokes, which race will he/she target ? Chinese ? Please, when malays and indians crack racist jokes who do you think they target ? Themselves ? Reacting to something that was deemed as JOKES, makes you look like a JOKE.

  5. KF said

    orh….SIM student….not NUS. no wonder lah….

    • hownow said

      Yeah, because the NUS student was the one to post the video online, gain attention to it, and inevitably spread the racism. No wonder lah.

  6. jngling said


  7. dun_be_rude twrds other race said

    Justin wee,today u seek apology frm malay and indian but once u drunk u start again then apology again and again seem that u are goddamn means that ur parent never educate u properly tat y u drink alcohol and yet create trouble urself of video been post here..mayb those bro inside changi can guide u to appreciate life..look at u only when u drunk u say those things without care pple feeling..and wat type of friends u have..they all laughing happily at U..u no shy is it to have these type of friends..u stil young go and learn wisely look ahead of u what happening in sg nw unless u are silver spoon feed then it ok.ur face can be easily remember u is small so hopefully learn this mistake and be a good son twrds ur family as u are their image in the family which u already like make many of us spit ur a good boy before u become boy boy/

  8. Ben said

    He knows he was wrong and has repented. We should move on too

  9. russell said

    would it made a difference to him if the video was ACTUALLY privatised and that only him and his friends are aware of its existance…..

    “I had to told him to privatise that video but he did not heed my advice and I was a fool to not insist on it. So apparently, someone ripped the video off Facebook and posted it on YouTube. The whole matter escalated from there. Forums started discussing about that video and negative comments started coming in. And it has turned to this today.”

    sometimes, we tend to TELL THE TRUTH when intoxicated…. i believe all have experienced drunken friends confessing to lots of thing…..

  10. Khidir said

    The jokes arent even funny. They are blatantly rude and extremely demeaning.

  11. Xiao said

    while you apologize and ensure similar incident will not happen again, I advice you to also stay away from that moronic low IQ stupid friend who posted the video in YouTube. he or she must have lots of shit in his/her brain!

  12. Gangnamstyle said

    I had this problem of friends posting some of my stuff online and getting into trouble. This guy didn’t mean what he said, he deserves a second chance…

  13. Monkeysee said

    Everyone’s a little bit racist.

  14. IronMan said

    I forgive u but not forget u. Do this stunt again, there are many of us eager to bring u down, Punk! Cannot self control, then dun drink!

  15. Jack said

    Justine, good that you realised what you had done was wrong.

    I make jokes about yourself and no one is hurt, jack

  16. Chinese said

    Milli vanili, as if you people dont crack jokes about chinese? Dont come and act holy, because of this justin you want to condemn all chinese? Who is the racist here?

  17. Ren said

    酒后吐真言…So what you said after drinking alcohol you really meant them. They are in your unconscious mind…

  18. Live and let said

    Oh Justin, I cried when I read your apology. You are forgiven 🙂 Just don’t drink so much in future. We know how University students can be dorks when drunk. And if u do, please make jokes about Chinese and Eurasians and all other races too. Equality for all, ok?

  19. Why does the NUS RAG team need students from other learning institutions?
    Why cant they just choose internally?
    And why is there alcohol consumption in the campus?

  20. sexyboy said

    If this faggot looking boy makes racist remarks at prcs and pinoys, u singaporeans will be clapping ur hands and give the thumb up to this ill bred boy, double standard

    • 1 said

      Bading, this is domestic. FO to your flooded balak town. You have much more faggots back home. Biting the hand that feed you. You bast@rd!

  21. Gardener said

    Life goes on but I think ‘Milli Vanili’ still buai song with the Chinese people? Why are?

  22. kiang kee lian said

    SIM Should sack this brainless idiot ! Repent you bird brain !

  23. patin said

    這種行為..做為普通人的我及家人..都看不起他…更何况是國立大学的校長..老師..你們能這樣輕易的放過嗎 ?

  24. idunno said

    Chinese people like to make fun of other races, as a non chinese myself i have been subjected to alot of abuse. Infront of me and behind my back. You forgot one thing, when you point your finger at other 3 fingers are pointing back at you.

  25. SOS said

    Can be charged of the following :
    Public nuisance
    Sexual harassment
    Drunken misdemeanor
    Sedition to race and religion

    Each of the above carries fine and/or jail sentence. Those friends can also be charged for abetting.

  26. Dude said

    Blame it on the alcohol? Nice.

  27. Yeahriite!! said

    It is a ‘misunderstanding’ ! He didn’t mean what he said lor! It was a ‘joke’! Next time boy make sure no one is recording when you crak your ‘kokes’. Anyway it did make your buddies laugh a lot..

  28. Jessica said

    First of all, not all Chinese people like to crack jokes like that. Other race also crack jokes about Chinese people too. Most important thing is not to make joke about other people no matter who they are. Lets not blow it out of proportion. Justin does need to be discipline and so is everyone involved especially the person who posted it. If he is not drank when he does that, He should know better not to do that. Sorry but that is just the fact.

  29. Casey Kwan said

    Seriously whats the big deal? A university student getting drunk and fooling around, thats all to it! Why is the S’pore public so uptight and self righteousness about everything? Racist jokes? Come on! Im sure everyone had their fair share poking fun at other races some ways or another…

  30. Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

    Hey Justin Wee! Don’t ever do this again you hear? Your so called pussy “friends” made full use of you and uploaded you. Next time round, you will be up the lorry. Go find out from the older generation what I am saying here if you don’t understand what I am saying. I was fucking upset and angry with you yesterday dude and then I figured, this could have been my own son here. Would I not forgive him if he is genuinely seeking for forgiveness? Yes I would forgive him. Double standards I don’t adhere to and as such, I forgive you young man. Please take very good care of yourself and examine closely who you call friends from now on. Give your parents the listening ear and never hurt them again like you have now. I am sure you will come out of this a much stronger and more mature person. All the best son!

    • Twushdnr23 said

      True. It is actually a common thing, cracking all these jokes, amongst youngsters, in schools, during NS, etc. Bt i am really sure none had any true discriminatory and vile disposition. While it should not be encouraged, it is common enough that had other races been there, it will still be a testament to the camarederie and bond that we locals have.

      Probably he is just unlucky enough to have been exposed to the true evils of the mass media, where such things shouldnt be seen or heard. That we should watch what we say when it can be exposed to everyone who may take offense.

      Something that someone here with a moniker starting with ‘s’ and ending in ‘boy’ has yet learn.

      • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

        You are right bro! S…boy, no way he can learn anything. I think it has to do with the massive head punches he has been receiving for so long now. Permanent brain damage is the prognosis for S…boy! Period!

  31. Darren said

    haha no wonder lah. SIM, 4th tier university.

    • Twushdnr23 said

      Harlow. There are lots of people in SIM only because they are turned away by ‘quota’. All that while, supposedly, there’s flyers and posters overseas promising scholarships and recruiting students from overseas for the foreign intakes.

  32. Is that English? said

    You call yourself an undergrad? What lousy English is this.. Too many grammatical and sentence structure error… Is this the quality of our undergrad today? You sounded more like an ah beng…

  33. Sam said

    Of course its ok. Forgive and forget…he’s only a young man…..excuses , excuses.

    In Singapore, its perfectly normal for Chinese to pass vile racial comments on Malays and Indians.

    They will either do it openly and say “Only Joke Joke Mah!!’ or they will do it privately and re-enforce derogatory stereo types.

    But the Malays and Indians must alway turn the other cheek.

    ‘Regardless of race, language or religion….’

  34. abdul rahim said

    You already hv this racist behavior in you and the alcohol just help to make you brave enough to express what is in your heart. Hope other people will realise the real you. Your apologies is just a farce.

  35. Richard said

    On hallucinogenic drugs plus alcohol? Youths today seem so into alcohol, clubbing, drugs and indiscriminate sex. This is the end result – one making a fool of himself courtesy of his friend who filmed and post it online.

  36. i5htar said

    how come people can drink “”alcohol”” at a education institution??? what kind of education institution is this???

  37. icefire said

    jail term pls !!!
    insulting the other races is definitely unacceptable in our sociality !!!

  38. GaanMaro said

    Ok young man. You are forgiven. The next time you are drinking,
    do invite me also so that i will not let you drink too much. Cheers!!

  39. Lee said

    So, Temasek Times, I’m pretty sure you insisted that he was a NUS student. What became of that eh?

  40. Seb said

    Justin, you cannot be old and wise when you have never been young and stupid. So important thing is to learn from this valuable lesson, look at the hurt it has caused to people around you, especially your parents who work hard to send you to get a degree. Focus on your studies and get to be a lawyer. Then work for the very people that you made fun of, the world will look very different to you. Good luck!

  41. Linda said

    some of mine friends have a police report against your action in the video of racial remark . just prepare to be charge in courts .

  42. Linda said

    people please fill up a police report against this person being racial remark in the video . the more report the police will take action with it and give some pressure to the police force and the minister who take care MHA

    • jacque lee said

      Linda, you & your friends seem to be blood suckers, enjoying cheap thrill at the expense of young man. You don’t sound like having anything better to do. Who know in years to come this young man may be your boss & you will probably work your arse to please him. Remember everybody are born sinners and constantly need to repent for our mistakes. I am damn sure you are not perfect especially with your kind of suggestion.

  43. Puzzled said

    Justin, it’s good that you apologize. Just don’t make the same mistake again – sober or drunk.

    On the other hand, your so-called friend who posted it on facebook… shouldn’t he apologize too? What kind of mentality is that to film it, post it, refuse to take it down even when you asked him to? That kind of behaviour shouldn’t be condoned either.

  44. Bao Ching Tian said

    Being intoxicated while spewing profanities and racial slurs is not to be condoned. It shows the innermost thoughts of a person – that he is racist and intolerant. In the past, people have been jailed under the Sedition Act.

    • Dr.Arsch said

      I wouldn’t really call him outright racist and intolerant la. That was a social setting with loads of booze and they looked like a bunch of kids who got carried away. Alot of people seem to have missed out the fact that there was a Malay guy right beside him through all those jokes and the guy actually apologized to the Malay dude right after one of those comments. The Malay dude seemed to be having a good time too. He was sitting right next to Wee and didn’t seem to mind anything, neither did he protest even once. Name-calling and jokes is kinda common when we hang out in multi-racial groups and its not really a problem as long as everyone is friends with everyone else and there is no real malice involved. It becomes a problem only when it gets leaked to outsiders, as in this case. We don’t see the humor in this because we were not there in their group, but before we start writing the guy off as a racist prick, let’s just be sure we are those squeaky clean citizens who have never done the same in our own groups. The guy has apologized, the university has addressed the issue as well, so lets drop it and move on.

      • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

        Precisely to the point Doctor! You are not at all wrong in what you say. Have a great day ahead.

  45. rEtro said

    Incidents like this only shows the deep underlying issues plaguing Your Country Singapore, it shows that Singaporeans are not as 1 united as they are saying and in-fact they hate one another badly. That is why your government needs to even use Race when accepting Immigrants, Ever wondered why more then a million PRC are here at the moment? Ever wonder, Why are your foreign sportsmen brought here are mostly Chinese etc Your 2 football players, Badminton and TT players? Why are most overseas scholarship given to Chinese foreigners and later on forcing them to convert to citizen.(Even a Chinese women working in dirty and low paying job is given Citizenship) and then you don’t even trust your own citizens(Malays) in the Army and will not promote them to high positions. I have heard of Job Discrimination by many Minority Singaporeans and I seriously conclude that Singapore is not yet a United country and Singaporeans are their Race before their Nationality.

    Sounds like an easy country to rip apart and Hijack, All you need to do is play the race card and they will kill one another and self destruct. wahahhahaha

    • creader said

      You have yet to complete the whole picture. Our local Singaporean Chinese are now being discriminated as well. Go to Citibank CBP in the morning, you see 100% FT Indian. Then you come back explain to me what is racism.

      The PAP itself is phoney Chinese. They are peranakans bastard with Malay and Chinese blood. The Chinese Singaporeans suffered a lot under them way before the FT policy begins.

  46. Jane said

    Hey justin cb, How about telling us from which school you came from, and which stream you went to that has you now going to SIM? You’re nothing but a cheena, and an ugly one at that. And where do you live? You’re probably some loser nouveau riche, whose parents look like cheena retards.

  47. i say what i think only... said

    who needs enemies when u got friends like that haha… what u doing, boozing at nus when u do not belong there. security guards sleeping…

  48. Peter said

    Justin Wee

    If you were indeed intoxicated as you claimed, then how come you managed to decide on which communities to make fun of?
    Secondly, NUS and SIM must take action against those who drank on campus. If not, does it permit alcohol on campus?

  49. sha said

    hey all
    Jokes are meant to be jokes.everyone has jokes of the person next to us. So Justin wat u did is ok if it meant to be just a joke. It dosent harm anione if the video is not release. Becareful next time. If sumone if yo be blame its the one posting it. Cheers

  50. Hates Racist said

    Justin I will never forgive you nor forget but will move on.
    You are just an immature racist brat . Don’t forget the mouth
    speaks what the heart is filled and your heart is rotten to the core.
    This is the result of very poor upbringing. Don’t give the excuse that
    you are drunk. You are the one who is full of s*it insulting the minority races.
    And for someone who is intoxicated how come you never hurled racists
    remarks about your own race. That is a big question mark here.
    Another thing I can’t understand is how come alcohol is allowed in the campus.
    All rowdy hooligans shame on you.

    • P Koh said

      I wonder if it is your son, you would reprimand him so harsely. You also not only blamed him but went on to blame his parents for the very poor upbringing which is most unwarranted. Please do not take such an incident so seriously as it
      only happened between him and his freinds and obviously being drunk he thought it was funny to crack those jokes amongst his peers. It wasn’t meant to incite hatred from the look of it. Obviously there were not only Chinese students who were around and they did not seem to object knowing that Justin was drunk and was actually talking nonsense. I do not also think that he is right but as you know everyone is a little racist somewhat and no harm was done at that moment and more importantly he did apologise for his folly.

  51. Adam Tan said

    LIke that call public? Ask him to write to all major medias, and also take a clip of him speaking, then post to youtube and share,,,,,

  52. bisex said

    Apology accepted but there is no need to explain so that I can “understand and have a grasp of the whole situation”. I am not interested in how you got through an audition, how many weeks you practised for the performance and the party after that. The more you try to explain, the more it seems like you are trying to dodge the blame.

  53. Mat Rock said

    Everyone is racist in one way or another. Period. But doing it in public is wrong, causes unnecessary rants and disagreements. But granted, he was drunk – when you drink you just lose control. Someone in this forum please own up if you have never ever made fun of or be biased against another race? Ask the Singapore gahmen if they are not biased towards the Chinese? Or the Malaysian government towards the Malays? Or the Indian govt towards the Indians? Or the European countries towards the whites? C’mon lah people, as long as we get along, respect each other’s beliefs, work towards a common goal, don’t hurt or kill each other I think we are doing ok. Majulah Singapura!

  54. Jef said

    Maybe you should just stay away from Little India and Geylang (especially at this time of year) if you value your life. You know what i mean? But I’m sure since your face has already been made public, I really think there is still a high chance you might get wallop by either the Malays or Indians..or maybe both… at one time. I’m just saying. Who knows? Better get mommy or daddy or both to send you to school everyday. At least till everyone’s calm down.

    Seriously, looking at the video, despite how much you have to drink, you still appear to know what you’re doing and saying. You’re not exactly 100% drunk. It’s probably something you’ve been meaning to say. The alcohol just jumpstarted it for you. Yet still, I don’t believe you were not aware of what you said.

    Anyway, take a lesson from this. Drink as much as you like but practice some restrain. Once you start making offensive remarks like this, it’s going to scar your future especially since now you’re a SIM student. These institutes don’t take lightly to this kind of behaviour.

    I think we can all forgive but you’ll always be the guy who called a line of Indians a barcode. Take care. Oops.. Sorry. Be careful. Have a nice life!

    PS: Some friends you have there. Thank them for destroying your future!

  55. Den said

    Dear Singaporeans. Kindly note that all this bickering about Indians, Malays and Chinese making fun of each other will do us no good. For years, we have instilled in ourselves respect for other races and religions. Yes, we all have our own views and experiences – but any right-minded human being understands that cohesion is better than conflict. This young man made a mistake, and he has apologised for it. We can be sure that all the bad publicity and the potential criminal charge he faces is a severe and crushing punishment. I deeply hope that we can show some compassion by forgiving this boy and move forward together.

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