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VIDEO: Men without money are ‘rubbish’ – PRC ladies

Posted by temasektimes on August 13, 2012

As the cost of living escalates in China, its women are becoming more and more materialistic and demanding as well. A house, monthly salary of more than RMB$10,000 and a car are basic ‘requirements’ of PRC ladies seek in their prospective husbands. Men without money are dismissed as ‘rubbish’.

Are Singaporean ladies having the same expectations as well?


47 Responses to “VIDEO: Men without money are ‘rubbish’ – PRC ladies”

  1. Ben said

    lol 10000 RMB = ~2000 SGD/ mth, better than SG girls =p

    • Yayrhah said

      10000 RMB per mth reference was in China,
      in local equivalent, it is SGD10,000 per mth

      • Allen Low said

        10.000 RMB ~ 2000 SGD. You maths fails.

      • tuck u understand! said

        Allen Low Yayrhah maths did not fail, but your comprehension did.

        What Yayrhah is trying to say is they are quoting local currency (based on standard of living there). If the PRC were to quote their required amount if they were in singapore, they would be quoting 10k SGD as well. Understand? Dun think you do..

      • IronMan said

        @ Allen Low

        Yayrhah refers to 10,000 RMB per mth for China men, but $10,000 per mth for SG men here. Currency here used is SG dollars, not RMB. The figure remained the same at 10,000, but the currency differs. Get it?

        Your English comprehension fails!

      • Seraphim said

        The cost of living in cities in China, like Shanghai and Suzhou, is about the same as Singapore. 100 RMB can hardly buy anything except for a small bag of goodies in a super market. The housing cost about 1-2 million RMB for small houses and 3-4million RMB for bigger ones as stated in the video (PRC friends also confirmed the price is the correct), that equates to about 200k-800k SGD. So it can be roughly considered 2k per month in Singapore. The wages of a worker in the big cities is about 10k RMB on average.

        China will face the same dilema as our government because of the decreasing population. Even though China have more resources, it will still be interesting to see how they handle the problem.

      • Ben Goh said

        I think Allen is somewhat not entirely wrong too. In SG, u get sgd salary and in China u get rmb…. I work in an mnc, with an equivalent position in SG and China, i would say if in SG u earn S$10k, in China u would not get rmb10k, in fact u would get around rmb35k – rmb40k…. So one cannot have a flat comparison btw these 2 countries.

        Hope it helps!

      • BlueHeaven said

        This is Good.
        Let them demand more money.
        That way when most of them dont find a man with that much money, they wont get married and their population will drop.
        Downside to that is that more of them will come to Geylang to sell backside.

      • BlueHeaven said

        The question I have for these girls is,
        what do you have to offer in return for demanding so much?

        Dont tell me your pussy is worth so much.
        Im sick of girls who think they are entitled to be given a good life, just because they have a pretty face, but dont have anything else going for them.
        Dont even know how to give a good blowjob.

      • John said

        Most people here economics fail. Comparing currencies like that is like saying 1 rupee in India buys you the same things as 1 Euro in Europe. Super duh.

    • That’s going by China’s cost of living, You can bet your last yuan that the bar will be raised in Singapore.

    • Ng said

      Then again, think carefully. Local women are earning $ at least. Are u very certain the women in china work and earn abt the same as their husbands? To me, I see a difference. Women in china want a man who earns a lot etc to rely on them financially. Sg women want a man who earns a lot just to at least match up to their own standards. If Im earning 6k now, I don’t think I can accept a man who earns 3k only. Am I supposed to treat him to all meals, pay more for wedding, buy him a car etc? Yet, the women fr china are likely to ‘suck u dry’ – and I dun mean down there.

      • tickle the heart said

        it depends on the man’s qualities. he can earn less than you, but he is a good cook and cooks for you, he learns to massage and massages you every night, he makes you laugh everyday, he makes you smile everyday….need i say more ?

  2. Geo said

    No money, no honey. It’s a practical world lah!

    Which woman will follow you for no money? Eh?

  3. Is fair to said that ,coz when they are old they are Rubbish dump and need to find man to intercourse their itchy meow meow .

  4. LanParSoor said

    If the girl only look at how much a guy earns or how deep his pockets were, then It’ll be quite positive that she will NEVER have happiness in her life! For me as a guy, I am quite ok in terms of financial and materialistic life, If I meet girls with the intention of looking for a life partner, I’ll never reveal to her my true wealth! Only idiotic men do that!

    Just remember…you have the right to choose and so do they…the most important thing is to choose with wisdom! Those girls who openly declare their motives and opinions are stupid idiots too!

  5. Daft Peasant said

    那只是一场金钱的交易,男人要鸡拜女人要钱而已, 在这个世界里早已没有爱~~~

    ( rhythm by 王杰:一场游戏一场梦 )

  6. Sarcastic Animal said

    SG gals? of course, they should.

    They were blamed by LKY for the country’s low birth rate. They should find rich hubby to escape from the blame.
    Logical right?

  7. Realist said

    To say men without money are rubbish is similar to say women without beauty are garbage.

    • You so clever la.

    • i say what i think only... said

      well, many with beauty are garbage too. they tend to be more expensive garbage. when they expect men to have $, they should be mindful of men’s expectations of them too, be it beauty, brains, skills, EQ etc which sadly, many failed badly.

      nope, going to classes to find 富二代 doesn’t help, contrary to ordinary beliefs

    • Babuseng said

      Well said. And actually that is how the real world works, unfortunately.

  8. PRC man said

    LOL. i like the guy’s response after the rubbish statement from the lady.

    • kaypoh said

      Haha, that is EXACTLY the type to jump in Ma Chi’s car for a quickie, only thing she is not up to his standard loooool….

  9. Virgorian said

    That’s why local low class pussy are looking for foreigner and get fuck for free , worst then PRC whore

  10. NaBey said

    Crazy! If i got $10k per month, I married for what? Bao 1 overnight 900RMB only! 30 days = 27000RMB (S$5000). I can have 365 different girlfriend everynight !!! Shiok right?

    • Seraphim said

      Help me say Hi to STI/AIDS after your 365 days stint as a casanova.

      • kaypoh said

        If he doesn’t use “protection”, LKY will probably reward him for Olympics Gold in babymaking.

        If he does use it, well, by then the new & improved Medishield probably covers it too, loool

    • kaypoh said

      U my fren, are 100 times better economist than Supreme Leader LKY!

      • kaypoh said

        Heh, few years back only cost me 450RMB, plus sooooo young & sweet, & got the gf feel, anytime better than that b***tch.

    • Nabey said

      Somebody curse me kena hiv.
      Ya. The grapes very sour hor?
      Hi kaypoh, now 450rmb one have oso. But u must cover the face.

      • chin kan kor said

        must cover the face can only mean langgar by motobike or pickup truck !
        wah piang, like that cannot recommend to good frens.

  11. Mike Tan said

    Life is much easier with just sex n fun therefore $$$ must have.

  12. creader said

    I think those woman are not virgin. They can offered nothing precious to their prospective husband and yet they are still so proud

    • kaypoh said

      RESALE market but want high COV too, hahahahaha….. 😉

    • lu said

      what difference does a virgin make? I make a lot more then $10k a month…and finding a partner has nothing to do with a virgin…if one finds happiness and potential that is most important.

      • creader said

        Non virgin got nothing to offer la. They are slut in their heart who cannot stop open their legs. Who knows how many man they have had? Men despise their wife once they did not see blood.

        If a woman ask this ask that a lot of demand and she not virgin, the pent up emotion may explode.

  13. Sad Sad Sad said

    “Marriage actually legalized prostitution for women ” – After watching the video it seems true.

    • Wicked Brain said

      When there is no love in the marriage…
      The house where these China women wanted so much, is only a brothel.

  14. idiotchina said

    she say men without money are rubbish but now hw bout woman without money…wat shld we say…

  15. ck said

    u commented, they commented, we commented, everyone jump into the bandwagon & started to commend. believe me, u have to live in china for awhile, understand why is going on at the present society before commenting otherwise all the above are BS & comments for the sake of BS. Actually, there is no right or wrong in this subject until u go there to understand. obviously it is morally wrong to talk abt $$$$ in this subj but there are more thing hidden behind of this moral subj that is happening in china.

  16. Realist said

    Let’s be realistic.
    If a woman truly loves a man and he’s not rich, she would be willing to work and contribute financially.
    Money should not be a factor in determining love unless the man is a bum and refuses to work.

  17. pi said

    men with ability to earn 10k usually are not fools, it is easier to earn that much themselves (eg Geylang) than to marry such a man

  18. Rajan said

    “Men without money are rubbish” is the universal motto of prostitutes!

  19. Realistically speaking said

    All the women that were interviewed here not even worth the toilet paper that swipe all the asses of a crowded shopping mall
    they give money also I don’t want , just look at the F$%^K faces I puked already

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