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Drunk SIM and NUS students apologize for ‘racist’ party at NUS Kent Ridge Hall

Posted by temasektimes on August 14, 2012

Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) student Justin Wee has apologized for making racist jokes in NUS which was recorded on a video clip and uploaded to Youtube, sparking a massive outcry among netizens.

In the video, Justin was filmed hurling profanities and making racist remarks about ethnic minorities in Singapore while in a state of stupor at the multi-purpose hall of Kent Ridge Hall, egged on by NUS students who appeared to be equally intoxicated as well.

The video was recorded by his friend Lu Jia Hui, a third year Science student from NUS and uploaded to his Facebook. however, it was ripped off by an unknown party and subsequently made its way to Youtube.

SIM has since met up with Justin to ‘counsel’ him and will be convening a disciplinary hearing soon to deal with him.

In an email sent to The Temasek Times, Justin explained that he did not mean any of the profanities or racist jokes he had said in the video as he was drunk at that point in time.

He expressed his regrets and apologies for the offensive remarks made:

“I sincerely apologise to everyone who are offended by the profanities that I had said. I know that getting intoxicated is not a good enough reason and I should be responsible for myself and my own actions.”

The Masters of NUS Sheares Hall and Kent Ridge Hall have also issued a public apology on the fiasco:

“We, as Masters of Sheares Hall and Kent Ridge Hall, jointly reiterate that we do not condone the behaviour of the students involved in the video. We have met with the residents who were with the non-NUS student Justin Wee and counseled them. Our students deeply regret not having stopped Justin Wee and the video-shooting, and have expressed their full remorse over the incident. They have also expressed their apologies to the community. As Masters, we will endeavour to take all necessary steps to ensure as best as we can that such incidents do not happen again.”

Unfortunately, Justin’s apology was not well received by many netizens who also questioned why alcoholic beverages were allowed in NUS.

Some comments from Facebook:

“It’s disturbing that the others are enjoying the whole time – abetting and partaking in the not-so-innocent shenanigans. Is this the face of the youth in Singapore today?” – Charles Tan

“If he’s not drunk, his behaviour is so disgusting. If he’s really drunk, his behaviour still smacks vomitingly disgusting. Din go to army? Parents never teach? He makes us adults look like idiots with us mature body frame…” – Andrew Tan

“People like this kid need a taste of their own medicine. Being a victim of racism is a hard pill to swallow. He should be sent to a majority white country so he can feel what it’s like when the shoe is on the other foot.” – Edwin Wong


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11 Responses to “Drunk SIM and NUS students apologize for ‘racist’ party at NUS Kent Ridge Hall”

  1. Cozy said

    Aiyah netizens are full of shit and hate la. Basically he apologize also wrong, don’t apologize also wrong. Either way you guys just want to condemn him forever over a single mistake, that hurt no one mind you. If you are hurt by a racist joke done by a drunk IN JEST i think we should send YOU to the west or down south to see how real racism is carried out.

  2. maipenrai said

    Impulsive young kids have the tendency to do things that they regret later on. These were ok in the past because nobody would whip up a HP, record the silly acts and put them up on the web. The other damned foolish thing I cannot understand is why kids who put up the stupid acts on the web think it is ok to do so. Very surprised that well educated kids like them cannot weigh the appropriateness and foresee the consequences of their acts. Justin will be forgiven and life moves on. However, the one who uploaded the video is just as guilty and action should also be taken against him/her. It won’t be long before another case pop up.
    Swearing CB language is nothing new but we would refrain from spewing these in front of the ladies out of respect from them. It probably never occur to these guys that their life began when their mothers delivered them through this passage which they claimed is smelly. It is also sad to see girls can now laugh when their private parts are being descibed as smelly. Worse, some girls also spew such expletive without a second thought and in front of guys. You believe?
    These people are using the swear words as punctuations and totally have not idea on what they are saying. It will be good if they can reflect on what they are saying literally, or better still, pictorially, the next time they swear. Still cannot work, picture what your are swearing on your love ones, your girl friend, your wife, your sisters, your mother. I bet it will work.

  3. Wicked Brain said

    Now you harm yourselves, in the future you might harm others.
    So… No alcohol in the future please, young men and women.

  4. DRUNK said

    Alcohol lower’s one’s inhibitions. What is said might be what he thinks and feels at that moment in time.

  5. Eddie said

    They should all be expelled. I’m sure there are more deserving ones who can take their uni places. Do not use alcohol as an excuse. I don’t believe they were that drunk. Young people must suffer consequences for their misdemeanours. If not, they never learn.

  6. Snoopy Says said

    For goodness sake, give those students a break. Folks who eagerly wanna ruin this young man’s future, I dare u to swear that u have never once got drunk or crack racist joke in your life. We all did silly things back in our school days.

    Please bear in mind that our local students have a future path lay with hardship and problems when their school days end and struggling to survive begin.

    ps: I don’t know any of them either.

  7. Solmann88 said

    After publishing the video, you won’t publish my recent comments? What are you?

  8. 5vvaper said

    Come on, they are grown adults and should take responsibility for their own actions. No point chastising them like 10yo kids. This is the typical behaviour of the PAP bred environment.

    On the point on why there were alcohol on campus, for god’s sake they are adults! And if alcohol is not explicitly prohibited then no wrong was committed on that part!

    If they got drunk and were exposed doing stupid things, like 60.1% of SG, let them repent when they are sober. They are adults and they have to think about the consequences of their actiions

  9. Anakin said

    well this is a good example of the evils of alcohol intoxication. Hope young people learn from this, just as smoking is not cool drinking ain’t cool either!

  10. Zam said

    I will rip this bastard off if he utter racist comments towards me. Pussy guy

  11. Justin said

    I wish I was there. I will smack the MF drunkard out of the bloody hall and put some sense back in both the drunkard & the one filming it!! For those who thinks its ok, please please let me utter some racist shit to you and see how you react.

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