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Female graduate wants govt to make housing more affordable to young couples

Posted by temasektimes on August 14, 2012

Please give us Singaporeans subsidies for housing? We need a roof over our heads before we can make babies. But by the time we earn enough money to make a down payment for a house, we no longer have the energy or youth to want to have babies.

If you want to make sure people don’t abuse this privilege, you can always make us sign an agreement of some sort to ensure we make babies~?

Right now, housing price is impractically expensive. If it can be made affordable for us, it’ll be one less burden. As a woman, time is a great factor when it comes to pregnancy. I won’t wanna have a baby by the time I reach my 30s since the optimal age to get pregnant is in the 20s. But, as a uni grad, I graduated with almost nothing in my bank (came from a poor family) and I’m already in my mid twenties.

How many more years do I need then, to finally be able to earn and save enough for a house? In fact, it’s not even just house I’ve to save up for if I want to form a family. Everything is so expensive in Singapore now. By the time I save enough for the downpayment (4 – 5 years), I’d be in my 30s already. And during this period of saving and scrimping, my life will be very mediocre.

By the time I have a baby, the vicious cycle repeats itself to commit to the baby, caring for it, schooling it and etc. At the end of the day, I’ll look back and realise my whole life have been wasted just because I started saving up to get a house…

So, in the least, make housing affordable for Singaporeans who have intention of having babies.


*The above was first posted as a comment on Facebook


38 Responses to “Female graduate wants govt to make housing more affordable to young couples”

  1. Lim said

    Hello miss undergrad,

    Please wait long long for government to help u on housing problem. Either u work hard and save enough money for downpayment or u migrate and work oversea.

    Be smart and look at the cold blooded facts. Look the new built BTOs. Who r the actually staying inside these new units? New citizen form the core of the BTOs residents

    Look around your workplace and listen out for facts that new citizen apply for BTOs and getting double digital selection numbers.

    Maybe u r too innocent to assume governement will help the 3rd generation sporeans.

    U r on your own and u belong to the workers of the colony inside the movie Total Recall

    • Derrick Boh said

      A 4 room flats can squeeze 14 people comfortably, each room with 2 double deckers for 8 kids, sofa bed in the living room, another 2 kids, make to measure a King size double decker bed, 2 kids sleep on top, both of you on the lower deck.

  2. SgGuy said

    Well said! The pursuit of material wealth in our society is killing us all. Money will NEVER be enough when we go down this road. Just take a look at the government and you will see all the proof there. After growing from third world to first world, with one of the biggest reserves in the world, they still want to suck whatever money they can get, when is it ever enough?? We are all rats in the system and unless a drastic change happens, it will just goes on and on and on….. and since the government controls the housing, its cost and ultimately the selling price, it is definitely a good place to start. Well said, Rachelle!

    Time for all of our citizens to speak up and determine our own future!! (with or without the incumbent)

    • Derrick Boh said

      The V and W generation makes babies 4,5,6 even 7,8 or 9 without concerning cost for homes, as long as there’s a roof over their heads, basic food on the table.
      As for education; if can afford all can go to school, if not the oldest stopped going to school for the younger one to go, those not going to school stay home, play marble, fly kite, catch spider to fight.

  3. KP said

    Just do what you need to do. Don’t have to wait for all galaxies and stars to align before having a baby. Just follow through, hardship is expected but it worthwhile. Most comforting to have a partner whom will work towards a common goal. Just make more babies and work hard to groom them.

  4. Lim said

    The main impediment to increasing our local population is high cost of housing, childcare, education and medical care. Every single cent we work goes into paying for all these. The govt knows it but simply pretends it is not a major factor – this whole charade is an excuse to let in more aliens to boost GDP, which translates into more bonus for them and line the pockets of greedy monopolistic corporate entities which all seem to have a common ancestral link. They will never cut their own profits and so the hikes will be borned by the people – how to have more babies? So just cut the crap about youngsters wanting more leisure and fun but do not want to have children- it all boils down to $$$.

  5. Populist said

    The down payment is necessary to ensure commitment and deter people from speculating in the property market. Maybe Government could do is to increase the housing subsidy and give an advance loan to couple who wish to form a family. Such loan should be refunded with interest if the couple who latter decided to break off subsequently.

  6. Realist said

    Alternatively, give 100% loan for young couples who intend to have babies within 2 years after which they will need to fork out the down payment in installments if attempt is unsuccessful.

  7. CWS said

    No need to say, our dear gahem knows about this problem, but they are more concern abt making more profit.

    Why new citizens can afford housing and make babies, while we the locals cannot leh?

    • Derrick Boh said

      Ya loh, the V, W and X generation make more than 7 babies, some even 10, why not the young generation? think of quantity, not think of quality.

  8. JeoJeo said

    the whole system is inflated, so that the pappies get paid higher and higher and higher and higher and higher, year over year, at the expense of sg.
    now sg is not going to vote them in, and they are importing ft-sg
    the system is similar to a scam, so that sg are enslaved and be sucked into the vicious cycle, and only the minorities benefit from this system.
    can’t imagine how this cycle would end.., maybe some sort of ideology to arrive with a bang, and do a ‘reset’, and level the playing field again…

  9. Judy said

    According to repeated government statements, housing is already affordable. Mah said so. Khaw says so, and Tharman says so. They also said you should buy housing within your budget.

    • Lim said

      Do not believe it even if Buddha tells you so. Search for the truth yourself. Mah, Khaw and Tharman are all on the same side – they make the policies so how can they say housing is not affordable? Of course they won’t slap their own colleagues’ faces! The only thing within your budget is living on the void decks and beaches if you can’t survive in this living hell. A 3-room resale govt flat should cost no more than $180-200k but now a 40-year old with 50 years lease left 3-room flats are going for $350 -400k!! So it is up to you to find out the truth.

    • SgGuy said

      “No matter how big the lie; repeat it often enough and the masses will regard it as the truth.”
      ― John F. Kennedy

  10. Sandy Kerk said

    I started with no money too but I am able to still at least produce one baby while staying with my parent for 2 years and my in laws for another 3 years before I save enough to get a BTO flat after serveral attempts. I do agree after which we will be salve to paying instalment etc for our HDB and bringing up children. What can you do ? Unless you married a rich man or migrate. I used to be able to find job within a mth but now you can be jobless for 6 mth or 1 yr . I always take what ever job that is being offer to me first and consider a blessing to have a job even though i knew my salary is not comparable to my job scope. Thanks to Pay & Pay.

    • kaypoh said

      Becoz after baby & HDB, u r practically a slave to Old Fart & Pinky, imagine! Slavery in this modern “Swiss Standard” Utopia! And no Abe Lincoln to fight for us, or kill the vampires that have been sucking our blood generation after generation after generation!

  11. kaypoh said

    Same as Japan :

    1) to get a tiny house, pay instalments for 3 generations!
    2) one of world’s oldest populations
    3) useless, overpaid government

    • InGodWeTrust,AllOthersPayCash said

      Not true what you said about Japan. Japanese pay 8X their annual salary for their house and car. Sillyporeans pay 14X for a lousy small HDB they don’t even own. Get your facts right pls.

  12. Fence Sitter said

    Do the govt care? no. They only want to have higher salary in their own pockets.

  13. i say what i think only... said

    few k of “so called” subsidy means nothing when the prices are escalated by 100 of k.

    i just got my bto recently, costing me 380k in total (lawyer fee, flooring, doors etc) and i am still wondering why those few doors cost 3-4k. however, paying by cash for cheaper door may not be an option as renovation will cost a bomb by the time i get the flat. effectively this amt is considered a 30yrs loan just to pay for the doors as they are lumped together with the selling price.

    i too have my doubts if the house is affordable. btw it is not at clementi or bishan area (easily cost 600k and above with LOTS of demand). the crux is to be gainfully employed (both me and wife-to-be). our combined income is barely above 5k and we need to top up cash every month for the installment, status quo.

    the thing that could potentially hurts would be if i lose my job, the cash component will drain more than 1/2 of wife’s salary just for the house. they can give u whatever HLE now but what matters is the HLE when u are about to get your keys. if 1 is unemployed by then, they will slash the HLE accordingly and ironically, u need to fork out much more cash when u are unemployed.

    the loan should start earlier so we can make earilier repayments to reduce stress for future retirement (30yrs end 3yrs earlier!) and is pegged to current loan ability, no need to worry about the uncertainty 3yrs later. I have heard of stories of people losing their home and lost their 5-10% prepayment as their income has changed since they got their HLE and lost few 10s of Ks which is certainly a large amount by any standard when BTO is concerned.

    I am seriously contemplating not having any kids (most prob to much unhappiness from both parents) but as mentioned by the author, the vicious cycle will just repeat itself and it is heartwrenching to know your descendents most prob cannot afford a house of their own when they grow up. any personal medical problem will cause the house to be downgraded, cannot even all live under the same roof. by then, the shoebox unit will be real popular (or rather, only affordable form of housing).

    For now, I only believe in getting myself well insured medically from young. whatever shield and medicrap, forget it. depending on that for your medical is like asking a sailor to give u a ride to the moon.

    stay strong people, stay united. i’m hoping for changes, need not change government as they can do a really good job IF they choose to, instead of thinking of reasons to convince people how good the situation is now DESPITE the ones who by right is benefitting (you and me) does not feel it AT ALL.

    • Derrick Boh said

      just have as many babies as you want, can’t afford to pay just don’t go to school, asking for quantity not quality.

  14. Wo Lai Ye said

    there are various CPF housing grant.

  15. Ken Lee said

    o our hdb flat size are still the same as before!! one k can buy flat already! so what do you think?

  16. TAN KOO KOO said



    Mr Khaw, are u reading in copy ???

  18. ken said

    npark case mr khaw says public have the right to knows. so can he show us the breakdown of costing is buildinga hdb unit?? since the land is considered free, after 99 yrs will b recycled again.

  19. oldguard said

    Local bred study in Singapore U.
    FT study in their local U.
    What’s the different, Singapore have a stringent examination policy.
    U in Philippine will pass any tom dick and harry so they can export them to Singapore and around the world, our stupid gahmen import doctors from China and India, how good are they compare to our local U.
    If we Singaporean go and study in India and China, our hospital will not recognise your paper.
    This FT compete with us for the same post and employers will take them, simple CHEAP bastard, willing to take 2/3 of the actual income. So how are you going to save for the future, work to you drop dead. FT after 10 to 20 years will go home to their homeland to retires, we will continue to face with many dificulties. Ask around how many really have saving for retirement, I speak from experience, I am still paying my housing loan by cash, no more money in CPF ordinary account but cannot touch money in the retirement fund. Can see cannot touch policy.

    • wayang said

      Poor thing, Oldguard, I sympathise with u! But u are not alone. Life is difficult. I wish that another crisis will come about soon and level everything and we will all start from zero again. Sounds ridiculous and naive but I just wish the disparity between rich and poor will get smaller.

    • Derrick Boh said

      As long is young and cheap, who cares!

  20. CV said

    Well, I think cost is the main problem and cause of it. Unless Government can do more, then we can do more.

    1. Wife is pregnant and need to see doctor for the check up. Every visit will be hundreds. Can this cost be taken care by government?

    2. When giving birth, the cost again. Is government able to absorb cost of giving birth? All cost at public hospital is being absorb. 100 %. Even in icu For private hospital, it could be 70-80% being absorb.

    3. Education. Can government take the cost of child from nursery up to secondary? Or even up to poly or even university? Seems like our education funds cannot be paid for a lot of things and teachers will ask me for cash for this and that ie printing fees, accessment paper fees etc. even for cca, because outside instructor are hired, I am required to pay a fee for that. If things are at default, parents are not required to pay a single cent, things might be different.

    My dad used to tell me how he maintain the family back in the 1980s. Where he earn $1200 and able to pay for hdb, my education etc etc. but is it possible now? Now I feel life is difficult when I am earning $3000. Indeed, cost of living is different.

    Size of hdb. For a 4room hdb flat, wonder how big can the family nucleus be? Considering about elder parents, and that leave only one room for kids. And that one room, able to take 2-3 kids sleeping and studying? Seems like hdb already preplanned our family nucleus for us.

    Wonder if famiy nucleus can be bigger if our 4 room hdb flat cost 150k? I paid 325k for one. And now I need to be always being in the work force and work my way to repay it in 30 years.

    Think there is a whole string of problems which we had previously and now leading to our low birth rates issues. Starting a family is easy but maintaining one is difficult. Even time is required to coach the kid to study as nowadays, school give a lot of work for parents to interact with kids. So my nighttime is all for kids as I believe since I bring him to this world, I need to teach him to be a useful person.

    There might be a lot of grant etc but how many knows and bother to apply them? If things are at default, all taken care of by government, things might be different.

    Enough said. Let’s see what our government and the cabinet ministers will do for our Singapore future inhabitants.

    • Derrick Boh said

      you must take into consideration of been extinct when you hit 40″s, try to pay off with-in 15 years while you are still young and working.


  21. Ben said

    Govrt said 1000/- plus can afford HDB flat hor , don’t find yourself excuses not to lay eggs hor

  22. newhik said

    Frankly, I doubt that if any of the current ministers would propose such “drastic’ overhauls simply because they are not the one who is going to reap the rewards. i think whoever propose these measures, will sure to be on the chopping block as the measures are largely costly for the country and will eat up a huge sum from our surpluses. If they are going to fund the overhaul using taxes, again the Ministers wll be hated by the public.

    given that their Ministerial term are dependant on the every four year elections, by the time the measures bears fruit, as is the norm for social engineering, the minister would have been booted out and lost the million dollar salary.

  23. Ray said

    Ensure you make babies? LOL!!!
    How? Ban you from buying pills? Ban you from buying condoms? Ban you from ejaculating outside? How to enforce?

    Oh, you meant agreement that ensure you will produce a baby within 2 years of getting the flat?
    What if you or ur hubby have fertility issues? Then how? Return the flat?

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