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Get married and have babies: My National Day wish to the government

Posted by temasektimes on August 14, 2012

The Sunday Times carried on its front page the headline, “Get Married, Have Babies” which was quoted as LKY’s National Day hope. In line with this course, may I also add my National Day wishes, as below:

1) replace the COE system that link transport entitlement only to money with another. Allow the average Singapore family the chance to own a family car at reasonable prices. Car ownership is no longer a luxury but a necessity in Swiss standard Singapore where even taxis on the road refused to pick up a family of 5 (including dad, mum and 3 children). Better, permit family with 3 or more children to purchase a car with no extras, to encourage procreation.

2) have an equitable system of primary school enrolment than to rely on past affiliation of their parents with the schools. Allow families with 3 or more kids to enjoy priority of primary school enrolment.

3) Abolish the maid levy for families with 3 or more children. The maid becomes a necessity when a family have three children.

4) reward government departments by means of how well they serve the people than solely by how much profits they generate. Any CEO or senior management would apply their scholastic skills to enhancing the dollar and cents if their bonuses and promotion depends solely on profits. Such an incentive scheme is spirally inflationary in nature.

5) to have better housing controls. Linked to the remuneration system of our senior civil servants, is it surprising when our HDB refuses to disclose the costs of building houses and continue to supply flats with smaller size but higher prices? Restrict PRs from buying resale HDB flats by say, having a quota of 10% of this market segment allocated to them and permit the sale of their flats only to fellow PRs. In other words, confine the price competition to within their circle.
Re-housing exercises via embloc is both inflationary and unproductive, and should be discouraged. The rise of property prices is segregating the Singaporean public into two broad categories, namely, the landlords and the slaves. Meaning, in the future, if you don’t own good properties, you will have to slog through your life working for the other party regardless of whether you are employed or self-employed.

6) make sure that the influx of “foreign talents” are well contained. Foreign employees can be categorized into a) the much needed experienced & talented expatriates, b) the professionals & semi-pros and c) menial workers. The import of foreign manpower should be restricted to only category “a” who truly contributes to new ideas that expands the economy and “c”, of rough jobs generally shunned by fellow Singaporeans. Category “b” is where the rice bowl of most Singaporean lie. The almost unlimited recruitment of foreigners belonging to this category angers the average Singaporean as it threatens their livelihood, let alone expecting them to assist in the integration of the former into our society. Mixing the 3 categories by the authorities/media using the vague term, “foreign talent” in reply to public queries will also get us nowhere. In fact, recent initiative to increase the levies of foreign menial workers to “raise productivity” as a measure to reduce the employment of foreign talents to pacify Singaporeans is misleading and only serve to suffocate the SMEs. Increasing the population size by bringing in FTs indiscriminately to increase our market size and cut costs for the rich employers will only lead to a chain of social ills. Its a planning flaw not to have adequately considered the expansion in needs on transport, medical & housing as we increased the population size from 3 to 5.5 million.

7) streamline our education system to reduce unnecessary stress on our kids. Many advanced nations are known to produce graduates of good thinking and creativity. Yet they don’t apply the “stuff-turkey” approach like Singapore for their educational system while Singapore tries to include everything under the sun into its study syllabi. Why are their kids not stress-up like ours when they produces equally good, or even better graduates than ours? This is because they apply the optimization approach to education and upbringing, by selectively including only areas relevant to their future career development into their syllabuses; as against our maximization approach. Of course, the worse scenario is where an education authority tries to input creativity into its scopes of studies, adding creative-thinking elements into its already maximized curriculum without first reducing the volume of the latter. Typical Singapore graduates decades after graduation would sometimes wonder why they had spent so much time on studies over secondary days on advanced mathematics or certain areas which were never used or may never be used for the rest of their lives. By streamlining our curriculum, we give our kids time to think and dream (to be creative) and lower the yearly number of students patronizing the Institute of Mental Health (which currently stands at more than 50% of its existing mental patients?).

8) provide job security to the middle age and elders. There’s this joke about stupid Singaporeans striving all their youths pursuing a double degree or a Phd (until age 25?) only to be retrenched from the working society at 40. In other words, they literally study hard for 25 years to be productive only for 15. Is it worth it? Even our younger generation see this as a future threat as they will themselves grow old one day. Imagine yourself to be out of job at middle age, got all household expenses hinged at a high level, with unpaid mortgages on housing and car, etc and with young kids to feed, educate and bring up. As we have probably witnessed, our government was largely silent when coming to dealing with this issue. Perhaps, to keep fresh graduates employed takes priority over ensuring jobs for the middle aged and elderly in Singapore, due to the fear that the former may migrate should they be unemployed here and the reason that older folks have already rooted themselves. Occupation as a middleman, such as that of the insurance, property and stock brokers, previously the domain of the middle-aged, is now gradually trivialized by regulatory frameworks with the excuse that this is the “global trend”.

Why are Singaporeans not producing enough children? The whole issue must be considered in totally as a package by looking at different stages of the Singaporean livelihood.




18 Responses to “Get married and have babies: My National Day wish to the government”

  1. justice bao said

    Apart from the fact that an invisible hand that controlled what races our babies should belong to; PAP ruled Singapore for more than 50 years. A feat no country on this earth equals. Almost 2 generations of Singaporeans. And it had all the time in the world to get their policies right. Even correct the wrong ones too.

    Instead, now LKY is pushing the blame to Singaporeans. Sort of .. Hey, it’s your fault that we have to import foreigners’. As if our populace are baby making machines that can be switched on and off on PAP whims and fancies. Now, what PAP does not tell you is that when conditions and environments are prohibitive, people produce themselves less. In fact, so does all living things which follows the law of nature. And when caring for their youngs are longer by time and effort spent-so are the numbers of offspring less and less. Again that is the law of nature, as to why the gestation period of say between an elephant and rabbit vastly differ – resulting in numbers produced in just one pregnancy.

    Therefore, it’s not rocket science to figure out why a population in an urban city environment with stressful conditions produces less and less babies. It does not matter whether it’s in Singapore, Mumbai or Shanghai. The fertility rate will decline in proportion to the difficulties in raising kids. This is the fact that PAP obfuscates by passing the buck to the population..

    This is something LKY hides. Simply put, that PAP had failed

    And another glaring hole is the missing projection.
    ()how many babies more are needed yearly?
    ()and as a result how many less foreigners will be imported?

    The devil is in the details folks.

    The irony is,more than 40% of our population are now foreigners.So,why cry now over spilled milk?

    • Citizen said

      Before PAP point fingers at the people on the street, they should look at their own PAP people first. How many babies does Tin Peiling have? Not to mention Chan Chun Sing is already 43 and still single. What’s wrong with them?

      • justice bao said


        I grew up gulping PAP/LKY propaganda.Watched LKY’s National Day speech without fail year after year.And swallowed it hook ,line and sinkers..all in good faith.The message was always the same.Toil today for the sake of your children tomorrow.That tomorrow never came.

        Now,where our children had children,PAP is still saying the same like an old broken record.There is no light at the end of tunnel.Neither for me nor my children’s children.PAP had betrayed us all.

      • Citizen said

        most of the issues arise due to the mass import of foreigners without quality control. i dun see how difficult it is to introduce policies such as reviewing PR status after 5 years to get them to convert to citizens or ask them to balek kampong. this will prevent people from coming in and reaping all the benefits of our ancestors’ labour.

        I don’t see how giving foreigners lifetime PR status can increase the population of our country. Lets see when will the govt realise this. Actually, maybe our suggestions are too much to ask for to people living in ivory tower. The very least… verify foreigners’ qualifications before entry is granted or just reject dubious applications since there is a beeline of people waiting to come in.

      • Not lazy , not just one example lah....... said

        lead by example? To be fair , dont zoom in 1 or 2 example only leh…. Or now is the “in” trend to quote 1 or 2 example, then can say things are justified in a just and fair already laio isit? Si Beh easy like ……..

        Your Info also “sala” leh…. Chan Chun Sing married with 3 children leh .. Si beh Jiat Liat to list the followin, no wonder every body follows some body to be lazy, quote one example can liao… save time mah…. sign … such quality….

        MP – Single
        Sylvia Lim – Alex Yam Ziming – Lawrence Wong – Vikram Nair – Penny Low – Indranee Rajah – Fatimah Lateef – Chia Shi-Lu

        MP – Married no kid
        Pritam Singh -Tin Pei Ling – Ong Teng Koon – Irene Ng Phek Hoong – Ellen Lee
        Hri Kumar Nair – Christopher De Souza – Ang Hin Kee

        MP – Married – 1 Kid
        Michael Palmer – Desmond Lee Ti-Seng – Heng Chee How

        MP – Married – 2 Kids
        Yaacob Ibrahim – Alvin Yeo – Yeo Guat Kwang – Zainudin Nordin –
        Zaqy Mohamad – Wong Kan Seng – Teo Ser Luck – Teo Chee Hean
        Tan Chuan-Jin – Sitoh Yih Pin – Sim Ann – Seng Han Thong
        Seah Kian Peng – Png Eng Huat – Denise Phua Lay Peng
        Lily Neo – Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim – Mohamad Maliki Bin Osman
        Lui Tuck Yew – Low Yen Ling – Lim Swee Say – Raymond Lim Siang Keat
        Lim Hng Kiang – Lim Biow Chuan – Lee Yi Shyan – Lee Bee Wah – Lam Pin Min
        Inderjit Singh – Hawazi Daipi – Goh Chok Tong – Gan Thiam Poh
        Gan Kim Yong – Foo Mee Har – Arthur Fong – Charles Chong

        MP – Married > 2 Kids
        Tharman Shanmugaratnam – 4 kids – Edwin Tong Chun Fai – 3 kids – Vivian Balakrishnan – 4 kids – Zainal Bin Sapari – 6 kids – Josephine Teo – 3 kids
        Teo Ho Pin – 3 kids – Patrick Tay Teck Guan – 3 kids
        Jessica Tan Soon Neo -3 kids – Sam Tan Chin Siong – 3kids
        David Ong Kim Huat – 3 kids – Ng Eng Hen – 4 kids
        Muhamad Faisal Bin Abdul Manap – 3 kids –
        Masagos Zulkifli Bin Masagos Mohamad – 4 kids – Mah Bow Tan – 4 kids
        Low Thia Khiang – 3 kids – Lim Wee Kiak – 3 kids – Liang Eng Hwa – 3 kids
        Lee Hsien Loong – 4 kids – Amy Khor Lean Suan – 3 kids –
        Khaw Boon Wan – 3 kids – Janil Puthucheary – 3 kids – S Iswaran – 3 kids
        Intan Azura Binte Mokhtar- 3 kids – Halimah Yacob – 5 kids
        Grace Fu – 3 kids – Cedric Foo Chee Keng – 4 kids – Chen Show Mao – 3 kids
        Chan Chun Sing – 3 kids – Baey Yam Keng – 3 kids – Ang Wei Neng – 4 kids

        MP – Widowed
        Lee Kuan Yew – 3 kids

        NCMP/NMP – Single
        Mary Liew – Nicholas Fang

        NCMP/NMP – married
        Teo Siong Seng – 2 kids – Tan Su Shan – 2 kids –
        Tan Kheng Boon Eugene – 1 kid – R.Dhinakaran – 2 kids
        Laurence Lien – 3 kids -Yee Jenn Jong – 3 kids – Janice Koh – 2 kids
        Gerald Giam Yean Song – 2 kids – Faizah Jamal – 2 kids
        Lina Chiam – 1 kid –

        * K Shanmugam/Heng Swee Keat – not disclosed

  2. Ken Lee said

    well say!! you should replace the millions dollars!!

  3. kaypoh said

    1) Jimmy has 3 kids 🙂
    2) #5 easy to say, hard to implement, unfair to PRs, esp if they are the “Class A” desirable u mentioned

    • Citizen said

      we should not be too focused on how fair it is to PRs when comes to HDB. In fact, they should not even be allowed to purchase HDB in the first place. U want HDB u convert to Citizen – simple as that.

  4. matthew said


    • Julie Ong said

      Matthew, thanks for your reminder.

      Generally, Singaporeans are fair minded. Many of us indeed have given our opinions/feedback to them even through this liberal website. We have truly given them all the opportunities to redeem themselves. Therefore, I would reiterate once more that if we do not see any tangible improvements within 3 to 5 months then the ‘carnival is over’ and it’ll be ‘regime change’ which is Out With The PAP Government!! No more feedback to them, none of their apologies will be accepted and we’ll be looking for the best rotan to give them a really good and thorough caning come General Election 2016.

      Again, thanks Matthew.

      If they don’t change, WE change them!

      P.S. I’m the ‘paiseh’ and ‘kiansiaw’ type (feel bad and bashful/embarrassed type), but I’ll step up to the plate and fight the PAP as an absolute last resort. So please the young, capable and caring among us, please help to reshape our future. It’s getting out of shape now! I’m counting on you.

      Prepare and Plan now: failing to plan is planning to fail!

  5. Wicked Brain said

    Add another wish.

    Encourage mothers to stay home by giving incentives.
    This will minimize problem kids and reduce social problems.

    • DISAPPOINTED Sinkapoorean said

      Even so, fathers as sole bread winners of the family will be so stressed and vexed having to pay for the flat himself. What if something is to happen to the fathers ?

  6. Lame joke said

    Think Jimmy quite sincere in help our children to have a better future. It will be a waste, such views are not heard. An extract from the Issues Paper, Jimmy , FYI.

    ” Please submit your views and suggestions online at Alternatively, you can do so through the following channels:


    Mailing address:
    The National Population and Talent Division,
    Prime Minister’s Office, 5 Maxwell Road #13-00
    Tower Block MND Complex, Singapore 069110
    Fax: 6325 3240

    We hope to hear from you by 31 Oct 2012 in order to take these views into consideration as we prepare our policy paper. ”

    Justice Bao not originated from Singapore, is probably not keen in the future of this place, mostly like don’t need these information on the channel to feedback.

    I have a friend, very focus on money, and he is only interested in million, whenever I encourage him to feedback and work toward a better future for our children, he will always say ” K@n L@@, lah. Lim Peh, only look at millions dollars stuff lah. Boh Liao”. Sign, too bad for those children age 0 – 16 years now, hopefully no all are like that dont care about the future of this place in 5, 10, 15 04 even 20 years later, where you children will be adults and holding the folks then. Poor children. Dont forget this friend of mine….

    But I do have some friend that are kaypoh here a bit and kaypoh there a little, no ill intention. Would have been better if they also help to build, but again it better to have them kapoh than not.

    • Jimmy Ho said

      Thank you. Will do as you suggested. TT sent the wrong link to its network during its first round of email despatch. Many would not have gained access to the letter. I did notify TT about the error and requested for a resend but to no avail.

  7. CWS said

    Fat hope!

  8. Lim said

    Dear mr ho

    Dream on. If u wan government to support you buying an affordable house and a brand new car and still provide you a stable job till aged, u must migrate oversea and rejoin spore as NEW CITIZEN

    What a joke these days we have true blood sporeans begging our PAP to give us affordable houses , reasonable car prices and stable and secure jobs till aged.

    Dream on. Our government prefer giving such benefits to our new citizens than to our true blood sporeans. We r on our own till we dies.

    Not happy with it, choose to work oversea or migrate. Don’t go to beg for these benefits as those new citizens don’t even need to beg, they are given automatically by PAP government

  9. maipenrai said

    When couples, young ones especially, hear the word baby, they get very stress. So they take all the necessary precautions not to have baby when they have sex. When the couples are ready to make babies, they get even more stress keeping track of the ovulation cycle, body temperature, refraining from sex till the correct timing/temperature to let go in one shot and they put pillows below their butts and stay in this position for 1 hr so that the sperms stay in there to maximise the chance of hitting the target…
    VERY VERY STRESSFUL LAH! It’s no more making LOVE lah!
    So the message is wrong. It should be:
    Get married and MAKE LOVE! The bundle of JOY will come naturally.

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