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NUS student admits: All the guys and girls were dead drunk that night

Posted by temasektimes on August 14, 2012

A post Rag party in NUS Sheares Hall on 10 August 2012 turned out to be a booze party with guys and girls getting drunk and high together!

Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) student Justin Wee was filmed on video cracking racist jokes at the party held in Kent Ridge Hall multi-purpose hall which sparked a massive outcry in cyberspace.

Justin took part in the Freshman Orientation Camp (SECC) in NUS Sheares Hall and was part of the NUS RAG dance performance team.

In his apology, Justin admitted that he was drunk and was completely clueless on what he was blabbering about:

“I am sincerely sorry and regretful for my behaviour. I wish to clarify that I did not mean any of the profanities and racist jokes I had said in the video for I was drunk and did not have a clue about what I was doing or what was going on around me.”

It turns out that not only Justin Wee was drunk, but the NUS student who filmed the video and the others egging him were equally intoxicated as well.

According to one NUS student who was at the scene, alcoholic beverages were made readily available at the party and the whole group of them just drink themselves dead drunk including the girls fresh out of junior college.

“It is a ‘ritual’ in the NUS Halls – if you don’t drink, you are not part of the community. I think all of us got carried away and we simply don’t know what the hell he (Justin) was talking about,” he admits.

The student claimed that he did not know what happened later as he went to his girlfriend’s room to sleep subsequently. He did not reveal what he did with her inside her room.

Another student accused NUS Science student Lu Jia Hui (pic left) for filming the clip to sabotage Justin:

“It was also noted that although Justin is to be blamed for saying such abusive racist thing. But the person (Lu Jia Hui) who asked him about these joke is equal at fault. Jia Hui knew that Justin has a tendency of being vulgar/racist and he clearly know that Justin will say such racist things. But instead of discouraging Justin, Jia Hui actually prompted (sabo) Justin to say some racist jokes initially. Jia Hui then took out his iphone and videoed this down and uploaded it onto Facebook (his profile, but he deleted it after that). At the end of this video, we can clearly hear him saying that this is funny and he’s uploading it to facebook. I can’t help to say that I’m equally disgusted by both of them showing no respect to other races. Joke can be joke, but videoing it down and uploading it online is not a joke anymore.”

Lu Jia Hui is currently the Vice-President of the Sheares Hall Junior Common Room Committee (JCRC). He will be the new President of Sheares Hall JCRC for the Academic Year 2012/2013 after winning the recent election.

The fiasco badly tarnished the image of NUS which left many wondering why its students were allowed to drink alcoholic beverages on campus and get themselves drunk.

There are still no comments from NUS on the incident.


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44 Responses to “NUS student admits: All the guys and girls were dead drunk that night”

  1. mahbok tan said

    So NUS care to comment and ACTION….???

    Are you going to make us more angry or what….????

    U want us to be there and wait for your upcoming president of shearesHall JCRC is it to be given a lesson….????

    Your choice….!!! A or B …???

    • X said

      The trouble with Singaporeans is that they can’t stand seeing others having fun. They behave like a bunch of uptight primary school kids: “Teacher, those kids over there are naughty, please punish them.”

      Don’t be such a prude. You’re only young once.

  2. justice bao said

    Have a mix feelings over this matter.But first,Temasek Times should be congratulated for highlighting an issue that had been simmering all these years.Go ahead TT team,pat yourself.

    First,no one becomes a racist overnight.Just ask your toddlers,they are totally color blind.Racism only sets in by conditioning.By their peers,by the environment and perhaps by their up bringing.I once witnessed a kid hardly 3 years old singing racially derogatory unaware in our MRT.Obviously,his Malaysian Chinese parents must have had a hand.

    Hence the gist.Yes ! I agree Justin Wee was just kidding around.But what was really shocking was how the crowd around him encouraged and palyed along.Obviously,the crowd,like some of the commentary here thought it was nothing but a big joke.Therien lies the problem.Let me elaborate.Suppose,the racism is reversed,say a Malay/Indian SIM student makeths the same racist ranting about Chinese,would the NUS crowd have laughed it off?I bet my last cents they would be deeply offended.Confuscionist society never takes racial taunts lightly…let alone as a joke.I should know ,as I had lived in China and Korea.

    So,why is it that for what is not a game for thyself is perceived as a small beer for others?Which brings and begets my first assetion.That no one is born a racist but evolves to be one by the socio/political envoiranment and upbringing.Now,if the depth escapes you folks just look at our political conditioning.”More Chinese babies good’,’East Asians work harder ‘,and such political slogans..Do you get the picture now?

    • Seb said

      You raised excellent points. It is interesting that after years of National Education and time in the Army has not rubbed off well….instead a sublimal kind of conditioning has come out instead. LKY has openly come out to say that more chinese babies are needed…thus implying one race is better than the other. His wapped reasoning being that the racial mix in the country be maintained, thereby “importing” them rather than growing them organically.

  3. Eugene said

    What is wrong with these NUS students living in the hostel?

    Can’t they think for themselves?

    It would seem that there is a strong drinking culture among those who live in the hostels.

    I wonder what else they do when they get drunk?

    Do they feel they have to contribute to Singapore’s brith rate as well while intoxicated?

    Parents have to beware of what their little boys and girls are up to when lthey stay in the hostels.

    • naviete said

      U think it’s any better in dorms in States or aussieland? U can’t seriously think that all pple do in dorms are sit down and engage in civil discourse and study?

      U remind me of the incident when a mother brought her boys to watch a play on NS, and the mother was shocked that vulgarities were still being used.
      hahah, are u pple really blind or choose to be blind?

      that being said, the whole incident does show u how dumb some pple can be..
      do something stupid, be prepared to pay the consequence

    • Anakin said

      thats the whole point isn’t it? If u dun drink= not part of the group, why stop there? why not smoking, drugs, orgy, sex with underage persons, where do u draw the line? hostelites should know the consequences of their action dun blame peer pressure.

  4. Isali said

    So NUS used the Uni’s fund to hold this party and provide alcoholic drinks to the students?

    Can anyone make this clear.

    • shove it where he sun doesn't shine said

      To think I donated to this. Beware of NUS freshmen carrying collection tins!

    • Azzeidine said

      why is a non-nus student taking part in an event meant to be put up by nus students? are they buying “talents” from our donations?

    • waipeng said

      I was a student of NUS. I am not saying this in any official capacity, but flag day funds are collected in sealed tins and handed over to NUSSU. It is highly unlikely that anyone can misappropriate the donated money for drinking.

      Come on guys, you really think NUS will be so dumb to use flag day donated money to buy alcohol? Think for yourselves. Most likely the kids just bought the drinks themselves.

      • nusgrad said

        agreed. we can just buy alcohol for ourselves. its not like its expensive or anything. but why is an SIM student in NUS? why was he even involved??? just cos his girlfriend has a room in Sheares hall???

    • dwight said

      do you seriously think they’d open the donation cans to buy alcohol? c’mon newfags, i know you can do better than this.

    • Isali said

      Guys! I was just asking! Me, like majority of other Singaporeans, never even walked or passed by the Uni before.. and donations money wasn’t even in my mind.

  5. Ken Lee said

    1,why are they drunk? 2 why are there drunk in NUS Sheares Hall ? 3, why are alcoholic drink in NUS Sheares Hall! 4, where are the staffs? 5, what kind of u is this?

  6. voice of the people said

    stupidity at its best. who need friends like this??

  7. Dr XYZ said

    Drink, get drunk, get laid, have babies, increase population.
    Good. Gahmen says to increase population mah. Better start young.

  8. Kim said


  9. Sooner said

    “He did not reveal what he did with her inside her room.”
    i like this part ^^

    • Daniel said

      This part I find really lame and smacks of the same gutter journalism TT tries to shame ST for. What’s the point of that last statement?

  10. Jamie said

    So now they are pushing the responsibility to the the alcoholic drinks and peer pressure?

  11. oldguard said

    This Lu is definitely a sabo king, he is not to be friend, obviously he is not drunk or else he won’t be able to follow and film this video. I don’t think he is a local bred.

  12. All this boils down to upbringing, the lack of parental discipline and guidance, and our society today where hardship is never heard of — not to mention experienced at all. It is so unlike our times of the 50s and 60s when we knew the value of money, filial piety,
    social etiquette, family bonding, etc. All because we went through hardship and were mentally matured at a young age. These are values that we didn’t need to be taught. Why? Because poverty and hardship was all around us. And I thank God for that!

  13. Just Me said

    “It is a ‘ritual’ in the NUS Halls – if you don’t drink, you are not part of the community. I think all of us got carried away and we simply don’t know what the hell he (Justin) was talking about,” he admits.

    Can’t believe its a Ritual in NUS hall!!!

  14. patin said

    這種行為..做為普通人的我及家人..都看不起他…更何况是國立大学的校長..老師..你們能這樣輕易的放過嗎 ?

  15. Hates Racist said

    Justin Wee looks and sounds like a retard. All his sentences are filled with profanities and don’t give me the excuse that he is drunk so it’s ok. It’s not ok it just shows he has a bad upbringing. A racist will always be a racist and he is 100% racist just too bad he got saboed this time. Serves him right. And how come alcohol is allowed in the campus. That is a big question mark here. I will never forgive him nor forget but I will move on as there are better things to worry about it this world than a jerk like Justin Wee.

  16. People who cannot discipline themselves must be brought to court.

  17. hui jie said

    hi. im huijie. a student in NUS and ex-resident of Sheares Hall.

    it’s amazing how temasek times can report things from such a bias perspective.

    no doubt some things are true, like the video of the racism and the people involved since there is tangible evidence.

    but when TT has portrayed such a “sabo” image of jiahui, PLS PROVIDE EVIDENCE. TT went around saying jiahui knew the justin guy would start hurling once he is high.WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE? im not going to comment whether he did it on purpose or not since u guys prolly think i will be defending my friend. but whatever. TT said in NUS halls if u r not a drinker, you prolly are out of the gang. if that is true, den mention that guy who said it. quoting with source seems like trying to tarnish the image of NUS and make halls seem like a bad place. oh come on.

    the guy posting the guy in TT seriously need to get his facts right before going around making things worst. But TT is afterall TT, just trying their best to exaggerate things to get noticed.THE MEDIA CONTROLS WHAT THE PEOPLE CAN AND WILL KNOW, as always. seriously need to be more responsible when posting.

    Mod’s reply:

    Our informants’ particulars and contacts are kept strictly confidential. We still have more photos to release if you do not believe and that will get more students into trouble.

    • hui jie said

      why is there is a need to keep the informants confidential? if there is no citations, how can we know whether it is true or just a mock up?

    • dwight said

      mod, you disgust me. you can’t even bother to type a proper refute, and instead you decide that threatening him is the best course of action over justifying your reportage. yellow journalism, indeed.

  18. Amanda Hug said

    TT is so full of shit. No sources but pretends it has them.

  19. Justin is truly obnoxious kid but at least he apologised. But Justin be careful who you call friend. Many people do not know know what friendship really means. But Lu is a scary and frightening character. Is he racist? And is that why he uploaded that video? what he did is a vicious sabotage and setting his buddy for the fall and conveniently using Justin as his racist mouthpiece is nothing short of devious. It could also be a case of jealousy. Singapore is a competitive society and thus we have the kiasu mentality. Many people maintain that “if I can;t have it, then nobody can” attitude.
    Who has never been sabotaged in school before? We all have to some degree. In my school, there was an incident whereby a student who was so jealous of another boy’s grades that he (the first boy) sabo-ed the other boy until that boy was expelled. This literally ruined the poor boy’s future. The first boy smirked when it was announced. Some of us complained to the teachers and even to the principal who did nothing. But there were some of the boys who were so outraged that they decided to teach the first boy a lesson. they roughed him up but our boy was a vicious little devil and complained to his parents who complained to the principal and MOE. Our school had a long staircase at the back of the school which the first boy would take to and from school. He was pushed down the stairs (or so he said) and became crippled for the rest of his life. As it was a rainy day, the principal conveniently said it was an unfortunate accident resulting from a slip. No one knew who the culprits were and none of us bothered to find out. We all shrugged it off to poetic justice. Both boys’ futures were ruined by one little jealous act. The first boy did try to come back to school in his wheel chair but as we were at the age where we could discern right from wrong, many refused to speak to him. Teachers treid to make us accept him and thot it was becos he is a cripple that we didnt speak to him. Hah! the teachers can be so shallow at times. After being cold shouldered, he changed schools.
    what is really scary is – What kind of values are the parents teaching their children these days? Or are they too busy to care? Not only do some parents impart poor values, they also over indulged the kids so much so they become selfish, self involved and self absorbed brats and Justin n Lu r examples. It is disturbing that all his friends knew that justin is racist and the sort to spew racial slurs. Lu with his long hair and, there is also a photo somewhere, featuring him wearing a dress comes across as disturbed. Could it be a case of unrequited gay love?

  20. pi said

    I thought there is a rule that males cannot enter female hostel rooms at night? maybe now can already?

  21. lauises said

    I stayed at sheares and I have never gotten drunk. I still maintain a great relationship with my hall-mates. This is not a systemic issue of the institution.

    Drinking in the hall is just the same as working adults going out to a bar/club after work. Are the young adults in university exempt from this right?

    A point of contention here could be the rules and regulations involved in alcohol consumption within the premises. With regard to that, all I have to say that it is really the individual halls prerogative and stand to uphold and regulate. There is NO FIXED SET OF RULES that they should have to follow. Just like how it would be unreasonable to ban your household from drinking just because another household does not drink.

    I am at a loss as to why drinking is an issue though. None of the people involved are under-aged. With regards to boys/girls getting drunk etc. Lets just conduct a study on rape cases due to drinking at clubs vs drinking in halls? I believe without a study we can roughly know how the odds stack.

    But girls+guys in the same room is prohibited though. Also the racist jokes, while they are just jokes, perhaps more care needs to be taken for sharing the video as facebook/etc. are public arenas which may not be suitable for such sharings. The only solution I would suggest to is keep a sober leader to make sure things remain in check.

    Note: Sheares is one of the tamest of halls in Singapore and especially so compared to the US and UK. Especially when it comes to drinking.

    • Penelope said

      I totally agree with you! Racist jokes are not okay but I cannot see what is wrong with drinking?!? As long as the students did not break any rules re drinking on campus ground, then I do not see why straight-laced Singaporeans kick a big fuss about students who drink? As long as the students are responsible and accountable for their own actions, treat them like adults!

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