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PHOTOS: NUS Chemistry student caught drinking Vodka in NUS Sheares Hall

Posted by temasektimes on August 14, 2012

A final year student studying Chemistry from NUS Faculty of Science was caught on camera drinking vodka and getting high in NUS Sheares Hall.

Lu Jia Hui is currently the Vice-President of the Sheares Hall Junior Common Room Committee (JCRC) and will become its President for the Academic Year 2012/2013 after winning the recent election.

He allegedly filmed a video of his buddy Justin Wee spouting profanities and racist joke in a post-Rag party in Kent Ridge Hall which has sparked a massive outcry in cyberspace lately.

NUS has yet to comment on queries from members of the public whether alcoholic beverages are allowed on school campus.

The above photos were sent to us by a close friend of Lu Jia Hui. It’s interesting to learn that NUS undergraduates have mastered the art of ‘back-stabbing’ before they step into working life.


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69 Responses to “PHOTOS: NUS Chemistry student caught drinking Vodka in NUS Sheares Hall”

  1. Ben said

    is it against the law to drink alcohol in singapore? i dun think so, so what if she was ‘caught’ drinking?

  2. Pantatko said

    His face got big problem….with hair like that…better die ah

  3. Kian said

    so what has drinking got to do with his appointment? this is a private matter.

  4. Lee Chee Bee said

    Crossdresser spotted …

  5. saysay said

    This guy is safe,It seems that he has the “FT HALO”,which the PAPigs worship.As for Justin,Just too bad,he has a cheap “NS HALO”.

  6. Nice Person said

    This Jia Hui is a male or female?

  7. rainoverme said

    is it a he or a she? looks like a he but the hair like a she

  8. NaBey said

    This lu jia hui is she or he? Or heshe? This kind standard no wonder want to drink and get drunk lah, hoping for people to “up” her.

  9. NaBey said

    Leg damn hairy lah,

  10. Zhou Bei Bei said

    Getting drunk,

    Is that all they do in the hostels?

    I am concerned that these students will become hardcore alcoholics by the end of their stay in these hostels.

    NUS must employ more security personnel to monitor and enforce a zero tolerance of alcoholic beverages on campus.

    Otherwise parents will be reluctant to send their children to the new University Town.

    • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

      Problem is, alcohol is available in some universities here in Singapore for sales and consumption. They should know who they are I am sure.

    • mg said

      Nope, I have several friends staying in hostel and definitely drinking is not what they do the whole time. Apart from partying occasionally, they have various hall activities, rag and flag, involvement some enriching programmes and several time wasting ones. I don’t understand what’s the fuss about drinking alcohol. This guy is like 23? 24? So what’s wrong with some partying, we see desperate army guys in club anyway- 18/19 years old? If you think that a 23/24 years old can’t have some fun, or university is strictly a studying place, then welcome to year 2012. You don’t have to stay in a hall to be hardcore alcoholics, and staying in doesn’t make you one either.

      You know, zero tolerance of alcoholic is not feasible, they just have to go out of hall to drink which is what normal people in 20s, 30s are doing.

      We are uni students, being able to study in a university doesn’t make us geeks or monks. We have life like all the other people out there. We study, we work, we play, we drink. We can have bad command of English, like me, we can swear, we can commit mistakes. we are only humans.

      The problem in this case isn’t alcohol, rather the racist joke he posted previously.

      And if you were wondering,…yes i m a nus student, but I have no relation with them, and neither am I an alcoholic.

  11. Ashok Malhotra said

    An empty bottle of Vodka and another empty bottle of whisky. Did he finish both bottles on his own? Looks that way doesn’t it? What do you think? His parents must be proud of him. Seems like a foreign talent to me who will contribute much to the increase in alcohol consumption here. But I do sincerely hope that he can remain sober when he mixes dangerous chemicals in the laboratory.

    • little professor said

      Now that his secret is out, will the university even allow him to enter their laboratories, keeping in mind that there was a major fire that destroyed millions of dollars of equipment in one of the laboratories on their premises.

      • Cozy said

        Yes yes, while you’re at it, let’s suspend the driving licenses of people who frequent clubs and pubs as well.

  12. Ken Lee said

    wow look like from some other country not a sing.

  13. Seyan said

    What the fuck is wrong with everyone…Cant a student consume alcohol.Its bloody not against the law…Fuck you guys…

  14. Derrick Boh said

    With more FT, PR and New citizens, next generation Singaporeans must learn how to back stab first talk later before being stab.

  15. bisex said

    Is liu jia hui a char bor or ta por?

  16. John said

    vodka mix with pepsi where got nice sia…

  17. Zep said

    temasek times – should you not review and discern whatever people send in to u? if u just accept whatever people send it, like that kena become forum already. you need to weigh what is important, what is not, what is just an exaggeration. for example, if I send in a video of a dog and cat fighting, is it not too trivial to publish? Same here. Just an NUS student of legal age, getting drunk in hall. This is so common not only in NUS but in NTU and any other university in the world. It is part of student life. Even anyone of that age would be out clubbing at such times and drinking. Drinking in hall…if you want to publish such an article…then I would say Temasek times credibility has dropped. Focus on publishing more important stories. I myself don’t like drinking and if I had stayed in hall during my time in NUS, I would find it very irritating that people got drunk. However, I would agree it’s not a news worthy of publishing on Temasek times. It is something to be sent to the NUS authorities, that’s all.

  18. Next thing, they will be catching boys who masturbate in campus

    • kaypoh said

      They will have to let Bertrand Ngien out to install pinhole cameras…. and perhaps hire the 20 year old RI teacher to stimulate them first??? 🙂

  19. alex ferguson said

    I’ll love to see a Wee versus Lu confrontation.

  20. lauises said

    I applaudthere! What better person to drink than a chemistry student! Studying first-hand the effects of ethanol!

    He does what many Singaporean don’t dare to! Have a life!

  21. jacque lee said

    All of you please respect another person. All of us are born in certain way and not of our choosing. Insulting similiar kids also hurt their parents. Think of yourself too. There is nothing wrong in drinking at universities. They are done all over the world in top universities. Life should not be too restrictive. They all should be entitled to some fun and enjoy their student life before taking up responsibilities. All the trial and errors make a person more rounded person.

  22. Hairy Potter said

    What’s with the backstabbing? Somebody didn’t get elected huh. And it’s okay to drink since they’re beyond legal age already right?

    This is so totally STOMP material. But with twice the politics and thrice the racism.

  23. Bai Hu said

    He looks like Abigail Chay from MediaCorp.

  24. NiNamah said

    Singaporean defaming Singaporeans. Malaysians like KBW and gangs only check their accounts in the banks.

  25. WP said

    Gutter Journalism at its very best. So many goondus here.

    First goondo is the one who is drinking and allow other people to take his photo
    Second goondo is the sabo king to post the photo
    Third goondo is the Temasek Times blogger who posted this, thinking it is called NEWS!

  26. In varsities all over the world, students engage in alcoholic binges. In the old days, drinking alcohol was a rite of passage for young men in the western world. This got carried into modern day colleges which have been portrayed in frat movies. Singaporean youths obviously picked up the trend. Chinese scholars of old also imbued copious amounts of alcoholic beverages and in fact some of the most beautiful Tang poetry were composed while inebriated. Singaporean dislike for alcohol is influenced heavily by our victorian masters of old. The victorians and edwardians were rather prudish and like our Singapore laws which are influenced by the English court system of that time so were our values towards drinking.

    I am for moderation and drinking in manageable amounts that do not alter one’s perception and awareness, and most importantly do not cause harm to anyone. Varsity students have reached the age where they are considered adults but have never enjoyed the freedom and experience to make their own decisions. many a time they go to extremes and swing to the farthest ends of the equilibrium but then like a pendulum they eventually find some middle ground to swing in. these youths need to be counseled. Lu may have uploaded the video onto youtube in an inebriated state (I fervently hope). If he had uploaded while sober, what goes on in his mind is rather worrying and frightening. Is he also a racist? and Is that why he uploaded it to send his message to the other races out there? What a rather convenient and sneaky way to do so. He could also haboured malicious intent against Justin Wee as a result of competitiveness and jealousy. we’d never know.The Singapore society is based on competition and that is why we have the infamous kiasu mentality.

    It is easy to help Justin, but the silent and vicious ones like Lu is harder to reach. Dont kick them out of school as they will be unshepherded and become a menace to society as at that age they are beliigerent and perhaps dont truly know they are wrong. Retain them in school and have them counseled closely. The parents also have to be heavily counseled cos such socially inept behaviour is usually learnt at home cos teachers are too politically correct to impart such things to their charges.

  27. Babuseng said

    Drinking alcohol on campus is not an issue, but wtf is up with the cross dressing?

  28. As I mentioned with the Justin Wee incident, why is there booze on the campus?

  29. Q said

    Sabo by ‘friend’. Drinking if not excessive is fine what.

  30. Mik said

    Seriously… Socio-political blog? From publishing good articles about the Singapore opposition to publishing lame ass articles like this. Disappointing eh temasek times?

  31. angry dude said

    Shame on you temesek times. You just lost a reader. Kthxbye. Trivial Reporting. You step up against the draconian rules of the PAP government, but yet you advocate students not be allowed to do common stuff like drinking on campus. go look at other universities like yale, oxford, Harvard, before you do this kind of reporting.

  32. PQ said

    hahah its amazing how people here are making so much noise over someone having alcohol in hall, when it is unlikely that there are any campus rules against drinking itself.

    what is more amazing is that people are jumping to the conclusion that he’s an FT simply because of the negative publicity over this matter.

    what is ultimate is that you guys even consider this to be something worthy to be considered “news”

  33. so what said

    This kind of ccb face oso can become president….Lowlife in the making…face n hair gain epic fail.

  34. lump it said

    Doesn’t SPF frown on males with shoulder length hair or has the rules changed.

  35. NUS Insider said

    PLEASE NOTE: Liu Jia Hui is not a NUS Chemistry student. In fact he is a Physics student. Please get your facts right before assuming.

  36. i say what i think only... said

    faggot sabo friend and kanna sabo. sheares hall declined till so bad ah need shemale to lead JCRC

  37. PasserBy A said

    F*ck! That’s a f*cking guy wearing a dress there?!!! Man…

  38. Jamie said


  39. Ren said

    He’s chem student wat, so he is experimenting with alcohol. That’s part of his coursework.

  40. dd said

    UNIVERSITY STUDENT whom (i presume) already served NS and considered a man caught drinking alcohol……. Woahhh! HENG AHHH!!! i nearly gave a fark…

  41. yest said

    vodka mix with pepsi…. Alcohol will burn you in helll….ETERNALLY

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