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Police report lodged against SIM undergraduate Justin Wee for cracking racist jokes

Posted by temasektimes on August 14, 2012

A police report has been lodged against Justin Wee, a first year student from the Singapore Institute of Management for cracking racist jokes after a video clip of him doing so was uploaded on YouTube.

The video clip was reportedly taken by his friend from NUS Lu Jia Wei at a post-rag party held at NUS Kent Ridge Hall on 10 August 2012.

Justin, who appeared to be in a state of stupor was seen spouting profanities and cracking racist jokes. His friends around him did nothing to stop him and even egg him on to tell them more.

In a public apology posted on The Temasek Times, Justin explained he did not mean what he said as he was completely drunk at that point in time.

“I wish to clarify that I did not mean any of the profanities and racist jokes I had said in the video for I was drunk and did not have a clue about what I was doing or what was going on around me. I sincerely apologise to all the Malay and Indian communities who are offended by the racist jokes that I had made,” he wrote.

When contacted, a police spokesperson confirm a report had been lodged.

“The right to free speech does not extend to making remarks that incite racial and religious friction and conflict. The Internet may be a convenient medium to express one’s views but members of the public should bear in mind that they are no less accountable for their actions online,” the spokesperson said.

NUS and SIM are investigating the incident separately which has tarnished the image of both universities.


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21 Responses to “Police report lodged against SIM undergraduate Justin Wee for cracking racist jokes”

  1. Hates Racist said

    Good hope he goes to prison. Than try to make racists jokes against the minorities there and see what happens to him. Very poor upbringing. Hope this is a lesson he will learn on his first day of class yesterday. He has become famous in a notorious way. How come alcohol is allowed in the campus.

    • Derrick Boh said

      Lu Jia Hui should be kick out KICK OUT OF NUS, as the vice-President, should know very well, the do and don’t, it’s a way of back stabbing STUDENT FROM SIM.

      • ZA said

        He’s 20yrs old now? Does he have to go thru’ 2 and half years NS… which makes him 17yrs old when he was asked to served? I smell a fish!!!!

    • Derrick Boh said

      those enjoying the joke should be kick out of NUS, SIM as well. with out them cheering, Justin would have stopped.

    • Derrick Boh said

      NO STANDARD? NO CULTURE? that’s how they teach everyone’s kids? now drink, next gamble and what’s next?

    • Derrick Boh said

      Vice President lu is the worst, laughing tiger, dare not admit he’s/she’s what Justin had said,hiding behind the video,

  2. Chinese said

    This is what you get from a smart phone era. All caught on tape……….

  3. Snoopy Says said


    Whoever lodged this police report, karma will knock on your door soon.

  4. P Koh said

    If he was drunk and was talking nonsense and cracking jokes in jest without even knowing it, the benefit of the doubt should be given to him He became sober, came to his senses and have apologised so this matter should be closed. If those jokes were at the time of the happening meant to be racist or to incite hatred, then by all means bring him to court and prosecute him but it does not seem to be so as those around him were having a fine time laughing at him. I believe that those around him were not even offended. No doubt under the influence of alcohol is no excuse but in law contracts entered into by a drunkard are deemed to be null and void. Live and Let Live.

  5. ys said

    Wow.. clap clap.. Now thanks to this shitty website which blew up the whole thing and stupid guy who uploaded the video, this poor guy is landing into deep shit. Everyone makes mistakes and certainly deserves a second chance. He has since apologised and the best all you people can do is to move on and get over it!

    I believed when you were young, you would try to do something just for the thrill of it and have a bit of fun. In this case, drinking. That’s YOUTH!

    I ask you people, do all of you really want to see this young man and his friends go into jail or get kicked out for school just for saying something when he was drunk? Would that really pleases all of you? He knows he is wrong and had already been fingered out and shamed badly and that’s enough.

    And please, find something more news worthy instead of focusing on how to break a young man!

  6. Singapuraboi said

    Goodness me u people r so vicious. U r obviously minorities taking advantage of the situation and getting back at Justin’s race. U r racists too. Besides the poor boy has apologists what else do u people want. Why the need to go and make a police report. Shows how mean and unforgiving we as a race r. We get so upset about FTs but the real bas#*%ds r our very own wicked and opportunistic Singaporeans. This is what is called jiak

  7. Singapuraboi said

    This is what the Chinese would call jiak pa Bo sai pang. Means get a life! He is still a young boy and the young make silly mistakes and he is still in school which means he is still in the learning age. Getting him kicked out of school is not the solution. Instead he should be counseled by the school counsellors. I urge the school to ignore the vicious people who have posted here. Where is ur compassion!

  8. Singapuraboi said

    We as a race should band together and fight the war against the racist foreigners who come to our country and have the audacity to give us attitude and treat our people like shit. Pardon my French u Singaporean jerks! U guys really don’t know what nationalistic pride is. This is not the time to be divided but instead we should band together to fight those condescending foreigners and perhaps people like Justin will learn from our behavior what being a one Singapore is about and he will stop being racist. Hates Racist and Derrick u both should be ashame of yourself. It is people like you that there is no unity in Singapore and thus the racist divisiveness. It is pathetic how u both act so high and mighty and oh so righteous. What f-ing morons u r. Give the boy a break u bully kechil. Betul tak tauhu malu punya orang. Pergi mampus! U say u r not racist but can u speak the language of your minority brothers like Malay? I truly doubt cos u cant even manage your own bloody Chinese. 真不要脸!

  9. No Chance said

    What a bunch of self righteous hypocrites all too eager to prove each is the most alpha in this online world.

  10. icefire said

    if apologies can escape punishment then why we need law enforcer !!!
    throw him into jail !!!
    say no to racist !!!

  11. Ron said

    Yes I hope he is punished. Being drunk is not a license to utter racist remarks. And he is not such a young person that he does not understand what is right or wrong. Even teenagers are better behaved. Shame on him.

  12. Cute said

    Lu Jia Hui should goes to the prison instead as he uploaded the video to YouTube and cause the racists jokes to spread to public.

  13. Kelvin Lawrence said

    It is so sad to drink and be drunk for our youths and their behavior which is uncalled for. Our youths is destroyed by liquor culture and western incursion into our moral standard.

  14. Jane said

    Isn’t Lu Jia Hui and Justin Wee internet IBs who have set this up, so as to divert attention from what’s going on in Parliament? And other insidious sites are flaming it to divert attention, right? Will this be published?

  15. blargy said

    whoever takes the video from facebook to post on youtube … you should learn to mind your own business. If you are indeed that self righteous, I hope you apply the same sense of justice to your own friends and family as well. When your kid peeks across the table during his/her p1 exam, i will take a video and upload on youtube and send it to the media to address “the issue of integrity and honesty”. when he or she jay walk to cross the road, i will do the same to bring awareness to the issue of “being a responsible pedestrian”.

    And when he/she goes to Uni, don’t let anyone catch him making a mistake or having any life for that matter. If he takes a single sip of alcohol during orientation camps, others will take a video and make sure his “sense of responsibility & respect for rules” is questioned by the state media. Unless you are that perfect (& such a perfect freak), you have no right broadcasting the mistake of others and subjecting him to the punishment of all institutions.

    Unless you are that perfect & has never made a mistake without getting caught.

    • P Koh said

      Looking from another angle it is possible that the friend who posted the youtube thought it was really funny and innocently did it with the intention of sharing this so called “joke” on the internet. I do not think that he did it intentionally or maliciously and if he had known that it could produce such negative results, he would surely have not done so. They were all enjoying the fun and I doubt that there was any malice both in the joke (whilst drunk) and posting it with good intentions which backfired.

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