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Questions raised over amount of compensation MINDEF will give to family of late NSF Muhammad Fahrurrazi

Posted by temasektimes on August 15, 2012

Questions were raised by netizens over the amount of compensation MINDEF will give to the family of late Lance Corporal Muhammad Fahrurrazi.

LCP Fahrurrazi went missing last week during a training in Brunei and his body was found in a river yesterday. Investigations are still ongoing to ascertain the cause of his death.

In a discussion thread started on Hardwarezone forum, some netizens put the figure at $5,000 while others quoted a higher figure of $20,000.

In contrast, $250,000 was given to China-born paddler Feng Tianwei for winning a bronze medal at the London Olympics recently.

LCP Fahrurrazi’s body was flown to Singapore yesterday as his family and friends bid farewell to him at a military funeral.

In an interview with the media, his father said he regretted not meeting his son when he returned for a brief period earlier this month as he was busy with his duties at the mosque.

“I ironed his uniform for him because no one else did,” he said in Malay.

LCP Fahrurrazi was reportedly the only son in the family. He has two sisters and his father is the sole breadwinner of the family.


38 Responses to “Questions raised over amount of compensation MINDEF will give to family of late NSF Muhammad Fahrurrazi”

  1. If he had indeed died in the course of duty, compensation to his family shd start at 500k as a basic consideration.

  2. Ron said

    How should the nation recognizes the sacrifices of its Armed Forces personnel? That is the question.

    The compensation structure may need to be reviewed and be greatly enhanced so that the descendents and loved ones are given appropriate support. I do not recall any Government Ministers or senior officials dying under tragic circumstances in the service of the nation. The Armed Forces, the SCDF and other organizations that provides essential services to the nation carries higher risks.

    An Olympic medal cannot equate with the ultimate sacrifice of losing one’s limbs or life.

    • Me said

      Our stupid govt is all for money and fame .. Can spend tons of $$ to achieve that. If you have no role in their crazy chase for money and fame, you are just nothing in their eyes. Curse them

  3. Ben said

    deepest condolences to the deceased and his family

  4. P Koh said

    All the speculations but nobody really knows what the compensation level is. Also there may be insurance coverage while on active duty and compensation could be a reasonable sum.

    • Yeb said

      Speculations are speculations. But I’ve said in an earlier post in this site. And i’m just going to repost it here. It’s ain’t speculation let me tell you that..

      Only SGD20,000 compensated. I had a commando friend who died in one of his airborne. Spoke to his mom, that’s what she said to me. And he got promoted in his grave.

      That’s government for you.

      • Sooner said

        i haven heard of anyone who died during airborne… ? which year ah

      • Webbie said

        Compensation for servicemen disabled or killed during duty follows the work injury compensation act, which pays a max of $170,000 for death.

        I don’t think family members of the dead servicemen will want others to know that they have obtained a big sum of money, hence we hear unbelievably low figures of $5k to $20k being passed around.

      • saysay said

        year 1986/87.One malay PNSF was killed for his revolver during sentry duty.You know this one?

      • Seb said

        I am afraid this is a correct figure unless it has been revised…which I don’t think so. I was a Chief Clerk and I can confirm that figure…$20k. Servicemen are encouraged to get their own insurance…but that is what this stinky PAP government pays $20k for the life of an serviceman, $250k for a China B team bronze Olympic medal.

      • Theminoritydude said

        You think there was only one case, and it happened during live jump? I have seen the unspeakable, and the fact that it was allowed to happen, and the circumstance under which it could have been much worse, sometimes infuriate me when I think about it. And it especially hurts me when some DJs call us babies and morons.

      • theonion said

        Chief Clerk & all

        I guess the compensation figures must be circa 1970s or early 1980s when S$20,000 was still quite ok.

        The figures are significantly higher excluding additional insurance.
        See below

        Changes to WICA (effective 1 June 2012)
        Current Limit
        (accidents happened before 1 Jun 2012)

        Adjusted Limit
        (accidents happened on and after 1 Jun 2012)








        Total Permanent Incapacity


        $60,000 x % loss of earning capacity

        $73,000 x % loss of earning capacity


        $180,000 x % loss of earning capacity

        $218,000 x % loss of earning capacity

        Medical Expenses

        Up to $25,000 or 1 year from date of accident, whichever is reached first

        Up to $30,000 or 1 year from date of accident, whichever is reached first

        Source : Work Injury Compensation Act: Frequently Asked Questions

  5. PleaseBeRational said

    Its 100k from Aviva SAF Group Insurance if he did not choose to pay a higher premium.

    • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

      And of course from what I know the ruling government does not pay the premium for this 100k policy. The serviceman pays from his own pocket.

  6. Mikey said

    Olympic medal can go fuck off!

  7. omaboi said

    Well i think theu will deduct some fees n tax before giving the amount.. He was the only son the father had.. Really sad.

  8. Alvin said

    buy your own insurance. never depend on the gahmen. even the gahmen outsource our DPS already.

    • Citutt said

      They are from low income to buy personal insurance when ur dad is a sole breadwinner n have 4 mouth to feed…n he is just an nsf. He too helping the family in terms of monetary which he get from saf not everyone is born with silver spoon…this the gahmen knows but keep to deaf dumb n blind ways…

  9. pay said

    I pity his parents. MG Chan, nows the perfect time to open your big mouth. Find him a ‘bride’ maybe?

  10. NaBey said

    Money can’t replace life! Rather 1 minister go commit suicide in exchange for him !!!

  11. Don't want to be Singporean! said

    Ah NS men get less than Poly Attachment students! My son is now a Singporean. I intend for him to give up the citizenship and leave Singapore. I have nothing to look forward in Singapore. Migration is my way out of the system. No NS for me please. Oh only Ministers get market rate pay, NS men do not! Pay so low, still stingy on insurance. I think maid PA get higher pay out! So your son is worth less than your maid!

  12. zzzzz said



  13. Wong said

    NO AMOUNT OF MONEY IS EVER ENOUGH FOR LOST OF LIFE ! My condolence to the family .

    • Stewie said

      I agree with u man. No price can b set upon a man’s life. May Allah rest your soul Al-marhum Fahrurrazi. Condolences to the late soldier’s family. The whole of SG mourns your loss.

  14. Wolfglare said

    If you all know abt our PAP government don’t ask them to pay….wait they will bill the poor family for the military funeral… take one dollars frm PAP and they will think of a hundred ways to suck your blood dry

  15. They prefer to spend more on integration of FTs la.

  16. Lim said

    So sad. Our local true blood boy life is nothing compared to an useless medal.

    If the compensation is less than the medal winning money, why r we still serving NS and suffering in silent at local companies due to 10 years of NSman life.

  17. Kokky said

    The summarize compensation details in the event of death or injury to serviceman can be found here..

    • JjJ said

      That’s the SAF group insurance scheme. Unfortunately, if he didn’t buy the insurance, he will get nothing. The payout is not great if you pay a small premium. I think few NSmen will pay a high premium to get maximum payout of $400,000 in the event of mishap, judging from the small monthly allowance given by SAF.

      • Kokky said

        Actually, the insurance payout you mentioned is the last part of the statement, which states that serviceman will get a payout of $100k in the event of accidental death for a monthly premium of $16.

        The front of the statement states that MINDEF has 3 components to the compensation framework.
        1. Lump sum based on MOM’s workmen’s compensation act.
        2. Lump sum gratuity based on one year’s basic pay pegged to regular of the same rank.
        3. An amount in the event of any negligence on the part of the organisation, or if the serviceman has rendered service beyond the call of duty.

  18. Playfair said

    Did the Prime Minister send his condolence.
    He did it for the two PRC who died at the MRT site.
    Why because he is Singaporean?

  19. Jane Wong said

    No amount is enough to compensate a life!!

  20. FTs have their last laugh on sinkists.

  21. Julie Ong said

    Lim, I cannot agree with you more.

    National Servicemen who lost their lives should be compensated at the minimum of $300,000 clear. Perhaps the Defence Ministry can work out a deal with the
    insurance people and come out with something extra, say another $100K or more.

    That, I believe is only fair.

    If we want our citizens to sacrifice for the nation then the nation should reciprocate by looking after their family or kin when disaster or mishap strikes.

  22. Joey said

    I think sending duno what grieving counsellors to the family and all is just a waste of time..And dun even bother asking News @ Channel 5 / 8 to tell people that he was ‘promoted’ to whatever rank…and WORST is telling that your ‘working’ out compensation cos seriously, if its peanuts…govt should b ashamed of themself…and i KNOW the guy who passed on…

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