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Shanmugam and Sylvia Lim put up ‘wayang kulit’ over Woffles Wu case in parliament

Posted by temasektimes on August 15, 2012

The state media dubbed it as a ‘clash’, but it appears more like a ‘wayang kulit’ staged in parliament between Law Minister Shanmugam and ‘opposition’ MP Sylvia Lim over the Woffles Wu case.

In other democracies like Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, MPs often engage in heated debates to the extent of coming to blows with each other, but in Singapore, a simple exchange was blown out of proportion by the state media to portrayed it as a ‘clash’ to mislead unsuspecting Singaporeans into believing there is a real ‘debate’ taking place.

In response to questions raised by Ms Lim on the conviction of Woffles Wu for abetment of giving false information to the police, Mr Shanmugam gave the facts regarding the matter and a schedule of cases where a fine was imposed.

Ms Lim did not ask further questions to challenge the Minister and the rather civil exchange stopped thereafter, ending another pathetic performance by the Workers Party, now known as the PAP’s ‘B’ team in parliament.

Despite promising to ‘slap’ the co-driver if it falls asleep during the election rallies last year, the WP MPs have been sleeping, if not hibernating so far in parliament, asking mostly trivial questions like PSLE textbooks, overseas voting and the Woffles Wu case which are of little relevance or importance to ordinary Singaporeans while conveniently avoiding the major sensitive issues.

In Russia, the ruling United Russia Party has successfully co-opted a few ‘opposition’ parties to marginalize the real opposition parties aiming to overthrow the Kremlin’s dictatorial rule and reform the political system.

The same scenario may be happening in Singapore as the Workers Party continue to put up a grand ‘wayang kulit’ to deceive Singaporeans into believing that it is an ‘alternative’ to the PAP when there is none.



49 Responses to “Shanmugam and Sylvia Lim put up ‘wayang kulit’ over Woffles Wu case in parliament”

  1. not sure if TT is pro-pap or anti-wp

  2. Jack said

    I dunno what is TT up to?

    • Annoymous said

      They have decided to change to STOMP II, some mod dog claimed to be #1 but now look at what they wrote at their top left title? LOL

  3. Ron said

    Temasek Times acts like a neo-radical organization, trying to incite violence in the august chambers of Spore’s Parliament House.

    What is the point of quoting the violence and rowdy debates of other countries? We do not have the calibre of a JBJ in Parliament today. He could debate at lenght with LKY, another eloquent speaker. Even in the Courts, JBJ gave a sterling performance of his eloquence.

    We have to understand that very few in Parliament are good debaters. Shan is a good debater and do not expect him to concede his grounds in defence of the government and the judiciary.

    I appreciate that Sylvia did try to debate. Now there are also independent MPs there. Why did they not participate in the debate?

    The WP is not a wayang party. It is part of the parliamentary system. And their performance at elections has been oustanding.

    Mod’s reply:

    Have you ever wondered why ‘live’ parliamentary debates in other countries like Malaysian, UK, Japan, South Korea and Australia were never screened on Singapore news? The ‘Wayang Party’ is a lameduck ‘opposition’ whose only purpose is to add a veneer of legitimacy to the autocratic PAP rule. It’s a pity many Singaporeans are still deceived by it.

  4. Paul said

    would the mod kindly state what is his/her expectation of a TRUE opposition, does it involve the opposition beating up PAP Ministers/MP or creating a riot in the parliament, giving PAP a perfect chance for the police to arrest them.
    What kind of challenges do the mod think should be classified as real challenges, does it involving spewing accusations with no concrete evidences so the PAP have a chances to sue their ass off.
    Should WP openly accuse AGC of impartial when dealing with the riches and powerful?
    I would like to see the mod challenges the Govt openly and balantly, even beating up the MP and land in jail, get sue to bankrupt, I am sure then you will get the respect of many singaporean for your bravey and stupidity.
    However, I doubt the mod would be so daring as he/she is wayanging, pretending to be anti-PAP while secretly giving them a helping hands

  5. Annoymous said

    @mod who likes to attack WP, I guess this is your post, writing style so much like you.
    Multi nicks coming soon to attack WP again. Another lame and childish post by TT again. LOL

  6. PerCir said

    TT you are totally biased toward WP. I have enough of you and I’ve decided not to click your website again.

  7. Kumar said

    Singaporeans are never satisfied. First they claim there is not enough opposition. So they voted more WP oppositions in and see how loud is the cheer after the voting results. Now they claim the WP oppositions are not credible as they have not done enough. So what does Singaporeans really want?

    • Naivety said

      We want a multi party & coalition government inorder to advocate & appreciate the true meaning of democracy, understand ka???

      Instead of having a monopolistic situation right now to be ruled solely by one single farking incompetent, dogmatic, arrogant & complacent Pro-Alien Party who made all the wrong decisions & flawed policies to benefit & fulfil their own selfish interests & desires only!!!

  8. Mimikins said

    All fxxking “buey kan”…..

  9. dave said

    Interesting to note that the cases quoted by the Minister were infringement of regulations – non compliance by not having licence + not having Insurance (or non renewal) + lying/substitutes to take rap for them. Yes, its possible public safety may be compromise but nothing, no accident because of them were raised in those cases. In Woffles case, it was an obvious case (x2 offences) of endangering public safety w speeding offences that are clearly much more grave and accidents are clearly more probable. And again lying by getting substitute to take the rap. So the Minister is not comparing apple to apple. Sylvia should have pulled out other similar cases of offences – I am sure, she, being a lawyer must have many friends who can help put together better representative examples.

  10. tccs said

    more like temasek times putting up a wayang kulit to discredit every WP effort. Agreed or not? Ki chiu lah!

    • yoyoyo said

      Yeap. TT reveals its true fucked up colours. I suspect that they’re sucking up to PAP.

      And SDP and NSP? totally disappeared off the map. I guess we’ll hear from them in four years time, if at all.

  11. Mike Zeng said

    I believe TT is too prejudicial against WP. For goodness sake, please remove your blinkers or is it blindfolds when dealing with WP and it’s MPs?
    Please read the main ST forum page letter today for the best and correct comment of the so-called wayang-kulit play in P yesterday….

  12. justice bao said

    My sentiments are the same.WP Baru has another nick–PAP B Team.And lately after the big blundering fiasco over it’s pussyfooting over our minister’s obscene pay packets debate in our parliament ,WP is on damage control.PAP ministerial pay is the talk of town globally.Even CNN poked fun and yet WP MPs meowed like pussycats in our parliament and screwed a god-given opportunity to take PAP to task.

    What is even more bewildering is that it was the same Sylvia Lim who defended our judiciary facing against the very WP giant JBJ and Dr.Chee in a symposium held by International Bar Association in Singapore.And the very IBAHRI gave a slap on her face by expressing concern about human rights and the independence of the judiciary in Singapore.

    What a wayang.

    Mod’s reply:

    The present WP is worse than pussycats. They are the de facto ‘B’ team of the PAP. ‘If the PAP fails to win a majority in the next GE, the Workers Party will form a coalition govt with it to keep it in power.’ – WP MP Pritam Singh, May 2011

    • justice bao said


      Allow me this thinking aloud.We should give PAP more credit than forming a coalition with WP.If that happens than WP would dictate it’s terms.Like the proverbial tail wagging the dog.True,WP Baru is PAP’s creation but no right thinking PAP leadership would want to form a coalition government with WP.That would be suicidal.The worst scenario would be where PAP looses it’s two third majority in our parliament than WP support is necessary where the constitution needs to be tweeked.Hence,I do feel PAP would still want to keep WP under a leash.To hoodwink and play to the global gallery that our elections and parliament are democratic and fair.

      Of course,man may propose but god would dispose.Like it’s happening in the Arab world today

      Mod’s note:

      You are deluded – do you think WP will win more seats than the PAP? WP will be a junior coalition partner and who will still be the PM? In order to vote out the PAP, its ‘B’ team must be eliminated first because it is keeping the REAL opposition from growing stronger. An opposition which does not oppose is the single biggest threat to democracy. Period.

      • justice bao said


        Perhaps I did not made myself clear.If WP won more seats than PAP,than WP does not need PAP as a coalition partner.I bet WP would than dump PAP.What I indeed meant was a scenario where PAP had won enough seats but not enough to form a government itself—that’s where a coalition partner is needed.In such a scenario,And where the presumption is WP would be that junior coalition partner to PAP.

        WP than would call the shots…reagrdless of it’s minority stake.Akin to the tail wagging the dog.Because,when and if WP withdraws it support to the incumbent say PAP(under a no confidence motion)than the PAP government would fall.In short,even if it’s just 1 seat or 1 WP vote—PAP would be held at ransom by WP.This is something PAP would want to avoid at all cost.

        Trust me….i had enough political exposure overseas to make this comment.Yes ! WP is a PAP dog now but under no circumstances PAP would want to let WP grow more than a few seats in the parlaiment.

    • Annoymous said

      Look at how this mod dog reply about WP? Worse than a dog.

    • Playfair said

      Mod is a strong PAP supporter afraid of the Workers Party.
      Dont worry Bro they will win more seats in 2016.
      Say what you want they are the best opposition party today.
      Where are the rest?

      Mod’s note:

      Don’t you get it? The rest has been marginalized because of the PAP and the media’s tacit support for the ‘Wayang Party’. Why did LKY praise LTK for nothing? ‘I find Low Thia Kiang agreeable. He is a credible opposition leader.’ – Lee Kuan Yew, Straits Times 2006

      • IronMan said

        @ Mod
        LKY did praise Chiam ST too when JBJ was an MP. Why did LKY praise Chiam then at that time?

  13. HK said

    “Mr Shanmugam gave the facts regarding the matter and a schedule of cases where a fine was imposed.”…….How about those cases where a jail term was imposed???? How come the WP did not mentioned that???? Must do homework mah!

    Mod’s note:

    Of course WP dare not probe into the matter as it must not embarrass its PAP masters mah, or maybe it did not obtain permission from the PAP HQ to do so.

    • P Koh said

      The ruling parties can call for and obtain statistics at the snap of the fingers. Do you think the opposition has that luxury and even if they do ask, will be be obliged.? Such is the state of affairs in this country and do you want the opposition to bash their heads against the stone wall and who will be hurt??

      • IronMan said

        When u have bullets to shoot your opponent, it is wise to use them after u r shot at first. The unspent bullets is your deterrent power.

    • DIY said

      MP Sylvia Lim’s debate was pathetic. She depends too much on heresy and was trampled beyond recognition. It looks like our WP member will suffer the same fate just like JBJ. You can’t belabour the government when you don’t have much research work.

      Mod’s reply:

      That’s why they are known as the ‘Wayang Party’, do nothing but wayang, wayang, wayang and collect their FAT MP allowance at the end of the month.

  14. ello!! said

    I think the mod is just a being really childish. Its a damn if you do, damn if you don’t situation issn’t it? If they dun do anything they are useless, if they do something, they wayang. Tell you what mod, go back to your little hole in the ground and get back up after you’ve grown up and learn to say something else besides, ‘B Team’ and ‘Wayang Party’. Thats always your reply ALWAYS..Something more original and substantial please.

    • yoyoyo said

      Aiyah the Mod is a PAP stooge lah. I laugh at how TT has been manipulated by PAP. Now TPL also applauded by TT. LOL!

      Guess this is how alternative media has been compromised.

  15. Loh Keh Kiang said

    The fact that WP is silent on major issues speaks loads. We should at least smell a rat. And I’m not saying that the rat is right there, but can’t we at least smell one?

  16. Annoymous said

    TT has become STOMP II. And some mod dog proudly claimed before that this site is #1.
    Look at what is written at the header now? WHAT A JOKE SIA!! LOL!!!!!!

    @webmaster – I will be very pai sei to have this kind of mod, but wait, I guess webmaster and mod is the same person.

  17. i say what i think only... said

    seriously i expected more from sylvia on this debate. unless it is censored by media

    Mod’s note:

    Please spare some thought for Sylvia. She already tried very hard to put up a convincing ‘wayang’ with her boss. $15,000 is at stake okay, cannot be too confrontational. LOL….

  18. Gina said

    Have always admired Sylvia. Thank you Sylvia for bringing up this issue which is a concern of many Singaporeans. Have been wondering why it’s taking so long for the courts to come to a final decision….last read that the final sentencing is still not decided. And would appreciate if Shangmugam does not come on like a big bully whenever the opposition brings up an issue. After all, in the early days of the Woffles case, he blabbed too early demonstrating support for Woffles Sometimes Silence is Golden!

  19. oldguard said

    Come on you guys, don’t expect the WP to be the same as other countries. You know what the Papigs can do, lesson learn, look at Chee Soon Juan, JBJ, Tang Liang Hong, Francis Seow, they are all fighters, but what happen to them, need me to say out. I don’t expect WP to in the same situation as them, at least they are in better than no opposition at all. You think you all got guts, go and speak at the speaker corner, show your talent, who know you may be our cadidate for the next election.

  20. maipenrai said

    Alamak, both parties also got problems lah. Our law minister is very serious whenever he speaks. I think his very thin lips make him look very mean and vengeful when he speaks. Just simply list the 6 cases and let others to draw whatever conclusions they want. Even if he can find a thousand cases to support the prosecution, there will still have some who will cry kelong. And no need to force SL to reply 3x.
    But then SL should also be able to comment on whether the 6 cases do or do not support the allegation that WW was given a lighter sentence because she was trained as a lawyer. Yes or No, no need to consult others lawyers who are more familiar with such cases. Like that can gain more respect from the people. We want MPs who can make up their minds and raise important issues, not just rebro stations.
    Anyway, WW not very toa liap. Who care whether he should pay $10000 fine or lock up in jail. I want my bto, better transport or lower coe, job, pay increase, work life balance, happy family, everybody happy.

    Mod’s note:

    You think SL dared to offend her boss? Must diam diam or she will lose her $15k monthly allowance! She is not known as the ‘Wayang Queen’ for nothing. LOL

  21. Thomas said

    First of all, Singapore is only 47 years old. When you compare our young parliamentary history to that of more established countries such as Russia, UK and US, you are forgetting the fact that these countries has had years of experience in building up their Official Opposition (especially so in UK). Additionally, when you said, I quote ‘In other democracies like Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, MPs often engage in heated debates to the extent of coming to blows with each other, but in Singapore, a simple exchange was blown out of proportion by the state media to portrayed it as a ‘clash’ to mislead unsuspecting Singaporeans into believing there is a real ‘debate’ taking place’, are you telling us that you want our elected members of Parliament to resort to unruly methods to solve a problem? This is a debate in a Parliament mind you, not some gangster paradise in an alley. As members of parliament, they are expected to resolve conflicts in the form of debate, its definition being ‘A formal discussion on a particular topic in a public meeting or legislative assembly, in which opposing arguments are put forward’.

    It’s not just this. We do not forget that as of now, Singapore has not yet have it’s own Official Opposition, and yes, while the Worker’s Party may be our only opposition in Parliament, it is a matter of 6 against 81. Until we have our own Official Opposition, there is no way the Opposition voice can be heard clearly. It is very obvious that this author is irrational and impatient. It has been but 1 year since the General Elections last year. Of the 6 WP MPs, for 5 of them, this is their first time serving the nation. I am excluding Ms Sylvia Lim’s NCMP post in this count as that post did not have the full power of being an MP. Give them some time to learn, For all we know, these 5 MPs may just surprise us down the road.

    Finally, topics such as PSLE Textbooks, Overseas Voting and the Woffles Wu Case are not, as i quote ‘of little relevance or importance to ordinary Singaporeans’. While this may be so for Overseas Voting, it is not so for PSLE Textbooks and Woffles Wu. the PSLE are the first major examinations many students will face in their education in Singapore. In order to uphold our reputation as a first world country with a brilliant education system, surpassing even that of the UK, we need to constantly keep checks on our PSLE textbooks to ensure that what our next generation is learning, is relevant in their society. The Woffles Wu case allows us to keep a check on our judiciary system, ensuring that every Singaporean is treating the same way regardless of social status, financial status, etc.

  22. singaporean said

    Reading what this moron mod wrote can really makes u wonder what sort of thinking process went through the head.
    Shame on you being so incredibily bias n subjective.
    You really aint fit to be a mod.

  23. TR forever said

    Temasek Times most probably set up by PAP related people lah, don’t be fool, better to go to TR

  24. Temasek times, this article is just STUPID. What are ‘good’ points to raise in parliament then? Go run for elections and get into parliament la.

  25. sure or not! said

    if wp says something, then its wayang. if they don’t say anything, then they’re called too silent.

    what do you want TT.

  26. mahbok tan said

    Waka waka …..TT….!!!!

    Mod@TT ……. let SGporean do their own conclusion to whatever they read in ur site. U do not have to reply to them…coz we can read in-between the lines of what is in your comment or report.

    A glance in the pond , SGporean , knows the the fish is male or female…..!!!

    The Art of WAR by Sun Tzu…..!!!

  27. Realist said

    Love to see articles on WP.
    This is where you can see voluminous of exchange between mod and readers bashing one another

  28. mahbok tan said

    Waka Waka …..Mr Mod@TT are self censoring comments being posted that hit their nerves….welcome to the internet world….our guess work is working / rite….!!!

    Its OK for me as life is just like a box of chocolate , u never know what’s u gonna get….!!!

  29. True blue Singaporean said

    Rubbish post. This post is one that describes “true democracy” as a “fight in the parliament”. Totally ridiculous, the mod is behaving like a barbarian this way.

  30. Singapore True Patriot said

    Saw this article floating over email… SDP is the real champion of democracy, not WP.

    The Privilege of Courage: Sylvia Lim, The Martyr Who Lived

    “6.—(1) No Member shall be liable to any civil or criminal proceedings, arrest, imprisonment or damages by reason of any matter or thing which he may have brought before Parliament or a committee by petition, bill, resolution, motion, or otherwise or may have said in Parliament or in committee.”
    – Parliament (Privileges, Immunities and Powers) Act (CHAPTER 217)

    Workers’ Party MP Sylvia Lim took on Law Minister Shanmugam today, with Low Thia Khiang cheering her on. Surely it must take great courage for a WP MP (especially a lawyer not in the league of Chen Show Mao) to take on Shanmugam, a former Senior Counsel.

    Sylvia fought well, but it seems she went all the way except for the finishing blow:

    If Sylvia thought the learned judge had made an unfortunate error of law, why did she not come out and say so plainly?

    If Sylvia believed there was something dreadfully wrong in the learned judge’s decision, surely Parliamentary Privilege would protect her if she voiced it out?

    So why did Sylvia beat around the bush? Maybe because there was more political mileage in pretending to be intimidated?

    Contrast this to Dr Chee Soon Juan of the Singapore Democrats, who is unafraid to call it as he sees it, despite never having held a seat in Parliament. Dr Chee Soon Juan has been unafraid to go to jail and face ruinous financial penalties for his words. Remember that Dr Chee Soon Juan, unlike Sylvia Lim, does not enjoy protected speech in Parliament. A lesser man than Dr Chee would already have felt “intimidation” – to borrow Low Thia Khiang’s words today.

    The least Sylvia Lim and WP can do for Singaporeans is speak out plainly, openly and fearlessly. Especially when Parliamentary privilege will protect WP MPs anyway.

    Courage has a name. Today Sylvia Lim and Low Thia Khiang dared not speak it. But who can blame them? In politics it is glorious to be a martyr. But playing the martyr when there is no real danger — that is both smart and glorious.

    Yours sincerely,
    Five-Legged Goat

    13th August 2012

    • maipenrai said

      Ask that chee why he didn’t fast leh, it’s ramadan!. He is the ultimate wayang king lah! For me CST, LTK, SL anytime.

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