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Majority of fresh graduates expect starting salary of more than S$3,000 monthly

Posted by temasektimes on August 16, 2012

Despite the uncertain economic outlook and tight labor market, recent graduates have higher wage expectations compared to the past and they also expect promotion by the second year of work.

According to a survey done by a local job portal, two-thirds (64 per cent) of recent graduates expect a monthly salary of at least S$3,000 for their first job.

Computing/IT graduates have the highest salary expectation with 78 per cent of this group of respondents expecting to earn more than S$3,000 per month.

Arts undergraduates, on the other hand, have the lowest expectation, with 46.8 per cent expecting to earn more than S$3,000 per month.

Three out of four (75.5 per cent) of those surveyed also expect their first promotion to occur within the first two years of their career.

22.6 per cent believe that they may be promoted by the first year of work, while 52.9 per cent expect to be promoted in their second year.



25 Responses to “Majority of fresh graduates expect starting salary of more than S$3,000 monthly”

  1. This is not expectation, this market rate.

  2. Strawberry generation? said

    Two thirds of the grads will be in for a real shock.. Their expectations are not in line with the real world. They are going to realize that they will need to work for it and earn the promotion if they want it in two years. Also, not everyone is going to be promoted. The sad fact of life is that almost everything follows the normal distribution curve, more so in a company. Only the top 10% (or less) move up each year. If going by our grads expectations, 75% of the office will be managers?

  3. x12831 said

    Their expectations however are not grounded in reality.

  4. WR said

    I wonder how many will achieve their expectations when they really step into the workforce?
    It would be challenging.

    • Edmund said

      They have not started working yet so they can say what they like.When they start working, they will know the complexies in the office environment,back stepping etc and also everyone joining also has the same ambitions/hopes to get promoted.Many will be left behind in times to come as only the very best will get the promotion.Many with better qualification are waiting in wings too.They have to see the harsh realities before they expect what they thought is easily achievable.

  5. Jack said

    Of course, being the richest country in the world per capita, it is natural for our young to think they they deserve higher pay. What do you think? Jack Ng

  6. Indeed, this is the result of inculcation in the varsities. Even as an overseas graduate, upon graduation, the schools will issue a salary guidelines to the students. I attended recruitment on campus and the salary expectations were already clearly outlined prior to the interview and during the interview we could focus on how we can mutually work together to produce results for the company and not haggle over price. however, in Singapore the employers never follow the salary guidelines and often use FTs to press our salaries down. As a result they can never retain employees as it is always about money, Interviews can go awry over salaries and then leaves a bad taste in everybody’s mouth. Desptie the salary guidelines, US employers like to emphasise on benefits during interviews. Here they don;t want to discuss it and thus employees always feel cheated. Even the FTs who are my friends job hop here in Singapore cos it is about money and not about job satisfaction. They lament that at least back home they feel more appreciated and secured. Here, they are often threatened with cheaper newer blood. MOM has to do something and not leave it to the discretion of employers , who are business people and therefore would only be interested in maximising profits at the expense of the staff.

    If the emploiyers don’t do something, Singapore would also develop a reputation of slave driving employers (vis a vis maid abusewhich we have develop a reputation for ) and now with citizens being so anti-foreigners, the entire nation would earn the reputation of being mean, cruel, unreasonable, wicked and obnoxious. And this we can thank our govt for. It is obvious the govt has not thought about their work immigration policies thoroughly. And if it is about birth rate, you don’t need to bring in foreigners to compete for work. Just allow Singaporeans to import brides and grooms freely from China, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia and that should solve our problems. Why is it that our govt always leave things until it becomes dire and then look for instant solutions. This short-term solutions have long-terms damages and repercussions. The govt makes it difficult for Locals to bring their spouses into Singapore and many still are separated from their spouses as authorities still refuse to grant PR status and Citizenship status to these foreign spouses. The wives and husbands of Singaporeans have vested interest in Singapore and their kids born here would be Singaporeans. We are more assured of their loyalties. Yet on the other hand our govt lets FTs overrun our country economically and disrupt our culture and way of life. These economic nomads do not plan to sink roots and just like the Resurrection Plant in the desert, which is a parasitic tumbling weed that sucks water and nutrients from a place only to move on after it has totally depleted the area.

    Singapore would have greater problems in future should one major global or local crisis arise. The FTs would abandon us leaving Singapore totally unprepared. The locals that are out of job or inexperienced would then be unable to fill the immediate void. The employers like fat vampires used to a large supply of blood would starve should this supply of cheap labour make their exodus. And to top that off our population still would not have increased sufficiently to fill the chasm. For a super brain like LKY, I am surprised he is willing to gander such a risky gamble. This is not RWS where you can slap the seat of your pants and move on to another crap table ( at least not for the citizens).

    • independent said

      You sound like you really have a lot of hatred towards the govt. If the govt wants to use FTs to reduce your pay, then why are they offering high starting pay to their own Civil Servants like for instance teachers? Might as well pay them the miserable starting pay in the private job markets? Teachers’ starting pay for a typical degree holder is 3k now. If Singaporeans are very talented,skillful and productive, I’m sure companies with good foresight will hire you and not that FT. At work, it’s not all about pay. If unfortunately you happen to be untalented, unskillful and unproductive, of course the company will rather hire the FT because his pay is lower. Think about it. You can always make yourself so marketable that the other countries WANT you to be part of their team and hey presto, you’re an FT yourself! This is the 21st century where globalisation takes place. We no longer compete among ourselves in tiny Singapore. We compete worldwide. The world is your playground just like how the world is the FTs’ playground. Those who are not ready for it will of course suffer and continue to waste time lamenting about their poor fate and naively wish that globalisation will end one day so that they could survive.

    • Naivety said

      Well said…Singapuraboi
      Very true indeed in Singapore’s current context!!!

  7. Kaffein said

    I hope they learn and adapt fast. It is good to have a high salary expectation but why would a company pay you so much when you have no experience (all head knowledge) and have not produced a single result for them.

    Poor chaps. Most of their bubbles are going to get burst. Put it bluntly – wake up your idea.


  8. Dr Seuss said

    These grads have been snoozing in dreamland for too long , its time to wake up and faced the real world

  9. urbankni9t said

    This expection of salary range would have been the realistic scenario IF NOT for the incessant and mindless influx of CHEAPEREST FOREIGN TALENT aka F TRASH, who simply depress our wages beyond what is reasonable to live a comfortable life here.

  10. Realist said

    They don’t want to be branded as monkeys as below $3k it is peanut.

  11. Anon said

    UNREALISTIC. They must be dreaming.

  12. Boinzz said

    Higher pay = higher manpower cost = higher operational cost… All these cost will naturally pass on to the consumers. Higher cost of living! So are we prepared to pay more for everything?

  13. i say what i think only... said

    wait for the reality shock to wake them up. a small minority, i mean 3-5% will get 6-10k of starting pay and many around 2k, average to 3-5k (the type of figure used for press release). that is also assuming they find a job prior to graduation, which is not the norm nowadays.

    welcome to reality, time to get out of school and think u are king of the world, next big thing to happen. u are just poo, poo with no experience. clean ur poo face with your degree coz it ain’t worth much, contrary to ordinary beliefs ok?

    • Independwnt said

      Bet u dont have a degree and thus the poo poo sour grapes comments fr u. Degree not worth much? Then diplomas are worse. Will a phd be better then? If its not abt qualifications, is it all abt experienced? But old birds keep getting laid off? R u going to blame the FTs next then just like the rest? Duh.

  14. Mimikins said

    2 words: Typical Singaporean or Dumb Fxxx….

  15. Noob said

    eh… 3k ? you can get that for a FT holding same degree with 5 years work experiences …… unless the company is dealing with confidential and advance products or they are willing to train the individual .. IMO is that the candidate is not likely to stay on to the job after a year …….

    • Naivety said

      The FTs that come to Singapore’s shore normally bring with them higher degree cert such as Masters, PHD & Doctorate but not too sure whether genuine types, legitimate or not as some of these degree transcripts are from unheard of & unknown universities abroad & nobody bothers to ratify, validate & check the authenticity especially the authorities from ICA & MOM as well as some potential employers as long as these FTs are cheaper compared to Singaporeans!!!

  16. poorman said

    hang on! these are degree holders and our elites are also degree holders though they may have working experience. How do you extrapolate $3k salary per month vs $300k salary for them? does it mean they are 100 times smarter,better and efficient?

  17. A G Young said

    WAIT and SEE!

  18. Bai Hu said

    Expectation has to be on par with work performance & positive work attitude. On top of that also the size of the company & its performance, the nation’s economy for the year, etc have to come into the picture too. Fresh grads do need to look at this issue in a more holistic manner.

  19. Dave said

    I’m 50 with half my life of working experience currently drawing $3k salary, that’s reality!

  20. Big Boss said

    Nevermind, let these young idealistic grads come into the workforce and expect their 3K plus jobs…I and many of my business owning contemporaries will cut them down to size. Let’s show all these newly minted grad green horns what working life is all about. We’ll just throw teh book at them and shred their degrees. We’ll tell them that what we value is street smarts and not some stupid degree from NUS or NTU. Who can bring in the most sales will win…even if its an O level holder

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