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Ng Eng Hen: Difficult to understand why Cpl Fahrurrazi drowned

Posted by temasektimes on August 16, 2012

Defence Minister Dr Ng Eng Hen finds it difficult to understand why Corporal (CPL) Fahrurrazi drowned in a river in Brunei during the day when the water was ‘calm’.

Speaking to queries from the media, Dr Ng, who did not attend CPL Fahrurrazi’s funeral yesterday said:

“The Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) is asking itself many questions about the incident. There are a number of questions that are unexplained and difficult to understand as to why Cpl Fahrurrazi drowned as the incident took place during daylight and the water was calm.”

A Committee of Inquiry (COI) has been set up to investigate incident. Preliminary findings from the post-mortem of CPL Fahrurrazi showed he had drowned during a training exercise in Brunei.

“SAF trains rigorously and realistically. Obviously to ensure the safety of our soldiers and our men, we have strict safety protocols. So this is not a new exercise; many batches go through river crossing in Brunei. We will have to wait for the COI to determine if all the safety protocols have been adhered to,” Dr Ng added.

Just like it is difficult to understand how CPL Fahrurrazi drowned, it is difficult to understand why the SAF is losing innocent lives during peace-time.

CPL Fahrurrazi’s death is the fourth training-related death to have occurred this year in the SAF under the watch of Dr Ng. He is the only son of the family. SAF still has not revealed how much compensation his family is entitled to.



49 Responses to “Ng Eng Hen: Difficult to understand why Cpl Fahrurrazi drowned”

  1. Rexy said

    This is the 3rd training death pls… 2 were suicides and they were clearly unrelated to any wrongdoings in SAF. Pls research b4 u publish your stuff.

  2. compatriot said

    I do hope that the panels of the COI dont dispel wih pretences and claims ignorance

  3. NaBey said

    Hi sir, in this world many things cannot explain.
    Example, I also don’t understand why COE is 90k.
    I also don’t understand why foldable bike is 2.2k.
    Also don’t understand why ur salary so high.

  4. justice bao said

    Was he fasting?All speculations are that he is.If so ,what is SAF protocol for fasting soldiers?I am quite sure SAF had none,perhaps only under discretion by superior officers.Which begets the question how seasoned are his immediate officers.Because this is where the chink is….if we had greenhorn so called 20 something NS soldiers fresh from school who are superior officers deciding on life and death during peace time;it aint kosher than.Which begets the next question,why was Cpl Fahrurrazi alone?

    My speculations are that fasting for a prolong period weakens ones body.Enough energy to do daily chores but not enough for emergency situation.But that does not explain how he got into the water and why his life jacket not inflated.Only SAF can answer this.

    Till today no minister had explained how Mas Selamat escaped and perhaps this one will also go unexplained.But if SAF relaeses some preliminary facts than some us can add to solve the mystery.

    • justice bao said

      If the minister is genuinely concerned than he should release initial preliminary findings pronto…There are people in the net who can certainly add a lot of resources unavailable to SAF with it’s limited experience.First drowning per se is hard to prove by pathologist,it must be accompanied by other signs shown on the body.I read in ST that his dad was saying that there were no other visible marks on the body except of some biting marks under his lips.Now,this is interesting.Because coupled with other signs on the body when recovered would lead us to whether if the corporal was conscious when he fall under water.If he was conscious when he fall,than some signs of struggle would be indicated …Hence,at least his state of consciousness may be determined.Which is a very crucial lead for subsequent narrowing of possibilities.

      Hence,I am really bewildered as how our million dollar minister can utter anything on the basis of calm water and daylight alone.It’s quite childish really.And to think he is a medical doctor….sheesh!

      • swordsman said

        Recall Ng EH let in a few hundred thousand foreigners when he was Minister of Manpower, much unhappiness amongst teachers, students, parents when he was Minister of Education, now Defence ?
        He should return to looking at hearts and Vivian return to looking at eyeballs.

      • WTF said

        Mr Bao, what has this got to do with him fasting ??? It was 8 am and if he was fasting, and assuming he would have just eaten his pre-dawn meal at around 530 am, he would not have been so weak. Even if it was 6pm in the evening, one would have enough energy.

      • justice bao said

        @WTF said,

        Perhaps you should better understand how Muslims fast.And do remember it’s a 1 month affair.

        Try this.

        Fast for 12 hrs and try to squueze all that lost food intake just in one go.I bet you will vomit out.You must understand how our body functions.

  5. Ren said

    RIP…You are in a better place now…

  6. hihihi said

    It seems those MIWs do not know a lot of things.

  7. Angrrrrrry citizen said

    It is difficult to understand how a million-dollar minister, and the super intelligent scholars leading the armed forces, could fail to understand that just because this is not a new exercise, just because this occurred during broad daylight, just because many batches have gone through the river crossing exercise – none of these will ever prevent such a tragedy if supervision and oversight was lacking. A tragedy of this nature does not happen due to a single cause, but ALWAYS due to multiple causes that strung up to this disaster. Lack of supervision and lack of enforcement of safety procedures are 2 such causes. How do we know so? We true blue Singaporeans who have gone through the NS army training know all of these except the very intelligent scholars and the expensive ministers who are still scratching their heads. And I’m sure Patrick Tan of our 35%-vote president is scratching his too.

  8. Casey Lau said

    It is even more difficult to understand why you are being paid millions.

    • Ghghtxucvt said

      Yah lor. Knn. Ppl children die serving the nation. And that is what they say.

      You know how it comes across anot, Minister Doctor? It sounds like ‘Difficult to understand how come your son can drown. Water very calm. This exercise routine normal one usually nothing happen.’

      Really offended sia.

  9. enough said

    it is beyond comprehension that this ass minister see fit not to attend the funeral of a singaporean who died

    serving the country

    what does it tell you singaporean

    it means that we are all fools, our lives are worth nothing to papigs

    papig ministers see fit to go to the airport to welocme backt prc trash from olympics for a medal

    our lives are not worth that of a medal or pric trash

    it is high time we have to vote out this arrogant ass, just plain arrogant

    i felt sad being a singaporean, and i ask my countryman to stepback and think about your future

    with this kind of ass ruining our nation

    • Well Said said

      Enough Said, True That!

    • SueM said

      Its good anyway that the idiot minister did not turn up for the funeral. If it were my family member, i wouldn’t want the sight of a single papig putting on a show during a moment of such grief. Let them go kiss the arse of the FTs!

      • compatriot said

        Its simple logic why the defence minister was absent at the soldier’s funeral
        Did he delegate anyone to represent his lousy office.IF NO,then ,…..

        He is taking cover from the phycological fear of bad governmental judgements and failed polices that has imbibed deep in his mind which he is running away from being a target by photo journalist and reporters and to top it all,he’s too scared with guilt that he could not see his ongoing plus million dollar salary

        Undoubtedly its a fanfare as when and where state ministers goes to propagate their wares and fools falls in

    • Overseas Singaporean said

      I agree… I feel SOOO stupid that I had to waste 2 years of my life in NS, losing out to FTs and females peers in the job market. It’s nothing about being patriotic, defending our country. It’s all about protecting PAP and its selfish economic ambitions. We, Singaporean men, are expendable, worthless to them. Deaths are of no concern to them as another batch of thousands of recruits will replace the dead the following intake. Since then, I’ve wised up and they can exploit me no longer. I’m now overseas working and don’t plan to return as long as MIW is in power.

  10. the cake is a lie said

    My guess about the SAF’s compensation: the amount given to the family will depend on his RANK. Like CPT Wong Yi said, “What is your RANK and NAME?”

  11. Query said

    Think they are traveling to a place together ? in a break contact, the person infront is responsible to wait and check ? should sign 14 extra

  12. stupid said

    Unethical piece of article. Don’t use people’s death to stir your own political agenda. Get a life, faggot.

  13. bb said

    I also don’t understand why NS soldiers undergoes training in Brunei-are they defending Brunei or Singapore. The environmental condition in Brunei is completely different from Singapore. The training should be done in singapore in singapore river . Just because some idiots in the past decided to do training in some overseas countries-as if this must continue . Ng Eng Hen-pl review whether neccesity to have training in Brunei.

  14. Nanjingren said

    My sincere condolences to the family of LCP Muhamad Fahrurrazi. I’m surprised to note that none of the higher ranking officers from the SAF (CDF, COA) attended and paid their respects to this young serviceman at his funeral. David Boey in his blog Senang Diri – “Command Presence” has also posed a similar statement albeit on a prior comparative basis.

    I maybe a Singaporean Chinese but I would like to say this to the family of the late LCP Muhamad Fahrurrazi – Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un, “Dari Allah kita datang, dari Allah kita pergi” or in English, “from Allah we come & to Him we return” (hopefully this is correct & I ask my Singapore Malay/Muslim friends to forgive me if I’ve misquoted).

  15. Joey said

    I wanna know why the soldier was alone in the boat….shouldn’t there at least be 2 people and not just one? Regardless of whatever exercise or training he was doing?..

  16. solaris8899 said

    sir, it is difficult to accept your feedback that you don’t understand and no answer to this incident. a young Singaporean died in serving our nation.

  17. dog of the dogs said

    Not his own son, anyway.

  18. MELVIN said

    every is very sad at the loss of our young and proud soldier who train and prepared himself to serve the country. u shldnt be pointing the finger at the government such an unfortunate accident.pls do yr part for the country and stop talking rubbish !!!

  19. Ron said

    Why was he alone manning the boat? If there was one more soldier, the alarm would have been raised if he had fallen in the river. This was a nighttime exercise and it was not possible to see clearly.

  20. hachoo said

    HOw difficult may I ask ??? DOnt you have the chain of command downline ???? Was there a buddy system and a SOP for this exercise ?????

  21. Iceman said

    How you want to understand, you even did not attend his funeral what …

  22. Ghghtxucvt said

    More difficult to understand, how come someone with doctorate can speak like this.

    Kns. You swim trap water in swimming pool also see how long you last. Ppl still tired from training exercises. Or maybe lost consciousness or something. Whats so difficult to understand? Of course theres a logical reason right.

    You say its difficult to understand machiam you taiji-ing the blame away.

    Bottom line, you dont scratch head say its difficult to understand when this kinds of things happen. Ppl do get offended.

    You say things like ‘this is a tragedy and a loss. We understand the families and friends must be distraught not knowing what happened. So we will do our best to find out what exactly went on.’

    Not say: ‘its abit difficult to understand how it happen. Water very calm le. Dont blame us hor.’

    • Ghghtxucvt said

      Kind of like, eh its difficult to understand ah how come our economy slowing down this quarter? How come infrastructure all breaking down? How come suddenly support frm citizens very low? Cannot understand. Ministers are among the highest paid in the world. Qualified summore, doctor this doctor that. Why ah. Why ah. DIFFICULT TO UNDERSTAND.

      Get my drift?

    • Naivety said

      Cos the dead soldier, Cpl Fahrurrazi wasn’t his son & we, native Singaporeans are just mere economic numbers & digits to Hen only & our lives could be easily dispensed with (of no value at all to him)!!

      Wait till his own sons died in military training, we shall see what he says then!!!

  23. Bernard Deng said

    Surely it is difficult for a person with a pea brain to understand. He is out of touch with reality.

  24. dog of the dogs said

    Act blur , rub salt into the wound somemore.

  25. JH said

    unexplained also MUST explain!!!!! if it is minister’s child, do you think he will say the same thing??
    If there are lapses in the SOPs, protocols, or whatever, ADMIT it!!!!!! Do not provide any lame excuses. We just need HONESTY and INTEGRITY for the people!!!!

  26. Henry said

    Dr Ng is very insensitive … what does he mean by “difficult to understand” why the soldier drowned in the day time. He should be finding out qhy and explaining it to the family and public. Not fit to be a leader …

  27. Sebastian said

    Dolphin Said

    Why when body found no one mention that the life jacket is on or off ???

  28. Seb said

    If you get off your fat arse and go and see things as they are…not one of your nicely conducted tours that your paper generals do for you as well as talking to real soldiers and specs on the ground, perhaps you will get the real story. Useless good for nothing minister. I also know how to comment like ” I don’t understand…” better still no need to pay me millions of dollars.

  29. jasmin.tan said

    I find it difficult to understand how this shit minister cannot express his condolences when he delivered this message. What an @$$40|3

    • Naivety said

      He thinks he is a superior being & godly creature & just looking at his face, u will know how arrogant, proud & stucked up he is!

  30. opheliaboa said

    Thank for the notice

    Ophelia u know and love

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