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SDP proposes public housing scheme to help young couples purchase flats

Posted by temasektimes on August 16, 2012

The Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) has proposed a public housing policy initiative to help couples of child-bearing age to purchase their HDB flats in the quickest time possible.

The prices of HDB flats have nearly doubled in the last ten years leading to an increasing number of young Singaporeans postponing marriage and starting a family of their own thereby contributing to Singapore’s dismal total fertility rate.

At the present moment, Singaporeans applying to buy HDB flats for the first time are given priority over other applicants. These buyers, under the Build-To-Order (BTO) scheme, are then given a queue position – determined by a computer ballot – to book a flat.

Under the SDP’s proposal, married couples who have children or are expectant and who are applying for flats in non-mature estates will be divided into the following categories:

Tier 1: Couples who have two or more children under the age of 12

Tier 2: Couples with one child under the age of 12 and expectant couples

Tier 3: Other first time applicants

Tier 4: All other applicants

Booking and buying a flat for the above categories of potential homeowners will be processed under two new schemes:

Young Families Priority Scheme-Sales of Balance Flats:

Buyers in Tiers 1 and 2 will be placed at the top of the queue for the Sales of Balance Flats (unbooked flats from earlier BTO exercises, Selective En-bloc Redevelopment Scheme replacement flats, and repurchased flats). If the number of Balance Flats are less than Tier 1 and 2 applicants, the unsuccessful applicants will automatically join YFPS-BTO (see below) and placed in pole queue positions for the Build-To-Order flats.

Young Families Priority Scheme-Build To Order

In any one application period under this phase, HDB will give buyers in Tier 1 the highest queue position to book a flat without having to go through a computer ballot. This will be followed by buyers in Tier 2. The queue positions of buyers in Tier 3 will be determined by ballot, followed by those in Tier 4.

Such priority allocation will ensure that couples who have children or are waiting to have children will be guaranteed a home in the shortest time possible. In addition, they get to choose the best flats available: high floor, best-facing, nearest MRT, etc – benefits which are considerable.

While the SDP has come up with numerous feasible alternative policies, the elected ‘opposition’ in parliament continues to sleep and divert public attention to trivial matters such as PSLE textbooks, overseas voting and use of roads by private land owners, leading many disgruntled voters to dismiss it as a ‘sham’ opposition or the PAP’s ‘B’ team as its MPs have publicly vowed to formed a coalition government with the PAP if it fails to win a majority in the next election.



25 Responses to “SDP proposes public housing scheme to help young couples purchase flats”

  1. alam said

    What a stupid idea! Wake up lah

    • Hopeful said

      Do you have better ideas Alam? I think you should be the one who is still sleeping

      • alam said

        The only hope you have is hope…. and hopefully SDP does not get into Parliament……. you are a real scam to make this proposal… They can do better things than to cheat on taxi claims and postage stamps for wife’s thesis……..BTW it is a real shame to wear Brazilian colours when you play like kindergarten ……. sorry to offend the kids….

  2. kong kong said

    Ha Ha! Now it is proven TT is SDP

  3. NaBey said

    I chop my kukujiao if pap listen to sdp suggestion!

  4. kaopehkaobu said

    Is this Temasek Times or SDP Times?

  5. P Koh said

    With the very high cost of living it is natural to ask “To marry or not to marry?” and after marriage “To have babies or not to have babies?” Those are the Questions.

  6. Naivety said

    Bravo SDP!

    In this case, CSJ, the leader of SDP should be incharge of the National Development Portfolio instead of the rubbish Minister Cow, why isn’t CSJ incharge of this Portfolio then???

  7. Lim said

    Does SDP ideas promote more sex before marriage. Have kids before marriage.

    Strange ideas. TT r u a supporter of that party

    • Tim said

      you are hopeless. Their ‘couples’ at tier 1 and 2 refer to those married with kids but without owning a flat ie; staying with parents or renting a room.

  8. U_SEE_ME_NO_UP_AH? said

    First I would like to applaud the SDP for coming out with new proposals subjective of whether they are implementable or not? However, it is lamentable that despite your efforts to put SDP in a good light, why has it never been taken seriously as a credible opposition party by voters? Makes us wonder why none of those who stood during the last general election managed to secure even one seat in parliament? So, how did SDP lose out to WP in terms of popular branding? Obviously, there must be something wrong with the current SDP formula which makes it not convincing enough to win over the hearts of voters? Do you seriously believe that by running down WP as a PAP “B Team”, the SDP can win over WP voters in future? Don’t you think it’s a better strategy for SDP to work in synergy and tandem with other opposition parties, including the WP and hopefully win over more voters’ hearts?

    Mod’s note:

    SDP is willing to work with all opposition parties, but the ‘Wayang Party’ has repeatedly refused to work with it. Low Thia Kiang even called Dr Chee a ‘mad dog’ publicly in 2006 while Sylvia Lim defended the PAP at the IBA Conference in 2008 when Dr Chee criticized its dictatorial rule. It is pretty obvious which side WP is on:

    ‘If the PAP fails to win a majority in the next GE, the Workers Party vows to form a coalition govt with it to keep it in power.’

    – WP MP Pritam Singh, May 2011

    • Norm said

      The WP is trying to form a credible alternative to the PAP in the long run. This means not opposing for the sake of opposing. To form a credible alternative, obviously many policies are going to be not so different from those of the PAP. But there will be nuanced and important differences. In any country, the successful political parties tend to cluster left and right around the centre. I think the big picture here is that we must not fragment the opposition. This has always been its downfall to date.

      Mod’s note:

      An alternative to the PAP or a junior coalition partner of the PAP?

      ‘If the PAP fails to win a majority in future elections, the Workers Party will form a coalition govt with it to keep it in power.’

      – WP MP Pritam Singh, May 2011

      • Norm said

        Incidentally what Pritam Singh said in your quote makes total sense. When one party cannot form the majority, a coalition is the natural outcome. See UK, New Zealand, Germany. It was also politically smart, countering the PAP’s scaremongering that the opposition might win the last election despite no single opposition party running for enough seats to form a majority in Parliament.

      • really? said

        Sure, just keep harping on that one-liner from Pritam. See how far this can get you.

        Anyways, this proposal is lame. If couples already have kids to begin, then surely they must be comfortable with their current housing issues. Not sure what the policy is trying to solve here. You guys keep claiming PAP is out of touch but I don’t think SDP is that in tune either. The problem with low fertility is driven mainly by costs, generally speaking, they are cost of upbringing and cost of career progression and cost of mental stress. So the policy should either bring down these costs or expound new ‘benefits’ of having kids, either tangible or non-tangible.

        TT – please properly assess the problem and policy suggestions before putting on your SDP-tinted glasses.

        Mod’s note:

        At least SDP is doing something. What about the ‘Wayang Party’? No mention of the housing issues at all inside or outside parliament. Too afraid to offend the PAP? Or still waiting for permission from the PAP HQ to open their mouths? LOL…

    • Paul said

      TT is part of youth PAP dude and not SDP, a lot of of you have been deceived by TT. Destroy the biggest oppoents and the rest will pose no threat, correct TT?

    • i say what i think only... said

      if do not form coalition government, then what u want? no government ah? be coalition at least can help in making decisions.

      just look at greece, different parties all arguing, don’t form government. go election several times. confidence in the country go down the drain. u prefer that?

  9. Norm said

    Incidentally I have ZERO affiliation with Workers Party or any party. I am an overseas Singaporean who likes TT despite the fact that it is pretty trashy!

  10. Moon said

    @ Lim, which part of the “married couple” did you not understand?

  11. Schizophrenic TT said

    Temasek Times is actually a pro-PAP website in disguise. Keep harping praises on Desmond Choo and Tin Pei Ling and you want us to believe you support genuine opposition? You must be schizophrenic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. A G Young said

    SDP…., STOP having DAY DREAM! Will the PAP willing to listen to your PROPOSAL??
    Perhaps if you are Mr DESMOND CHOO.

  13. Norm said


    Know your enemy first. Lao Low is not stupid. Chee is a sincere man, but too naive!

  14. Ghghtxucvt said

    Stupid idea.

    Why must give priority to those who already have children? Their need is more grave? Like that everyone will get married have kids then apply for flat lor.

    Simply put, the best route would be to establish yourself first, then marry, secure house then raise children. PLAN lah.

    This idea will encourage what, ppl to just go ahead without planning properly? Knowing that confirmed they gt priority? Typical reserved seat auntie mentality.

    Rather than that, to encourage couples to engage in family planning, to NOT have kids before they can even secure a safe environment and home for their offspring, they can actually release more subsidies and make the price of housing cheaper. Ppl slowly2 apply fr house is becos the house damn expensive.

    You make houses cheaper, everyone can afford, everyone happy. This scheme that scheme. Dont say you got no money for the subsidy. Still pay so much fr medals. Efficiency wages that clearly does not lead to efficient mgmt. And lots more being wasted in other avenues.

    You want medal go buy and convert phelps lah. Or bolt. They know that win gold medal win one million prolly will come become pr ready. Lol.

  15. Jenny said

    Hahaha, self masturbation?

  16. maipenrai said

    Because of CSJ, SDP has become Singapore Dumdest Party. Why he didn’t fast har? I will never trust this cunny fellow who will sell away sg in the name of democracy.

    Mod’s note:

    Dr Chee is the true hero of Singapore unlike some fake opposition ‘leader’ who has been made used by the PAP to smear its opponents.

    • maipenrai said

      Hello hello, this is SDP Times har!
      If you wish to comment on my comment, please don’t do it under mod name, ok!

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