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19 year old PRC singer moon-lighting as freelance prostitute in Singapore?

Posted by temasektimes on August 17, 2012

Are young PRC singers who come to Singapore to work as a singers moon-lighting as freelance prostitutes at the same time?

One 19 year old PRC singer put up an advertisement in a Singapore portal under the category ‘Women looking for Men’ to invite men to text her.

When contacted by a journalist pretending to be an interested man, she offered to sleep with him for a specific price!

PRC girls on singer’s passes typically come to Singapore for half a year to ‘sing’ at KTV lounges and the ‘Hanging Flower’ joints.

Besides their ‘official’ work, some of them also earn an extra buck by moon-lighting along the streets of Geylang or like this entrepreneurial ‘new slutty’ singer, posts their ‘services’ online.

Singapore men seeking such girls should remember to check their PRC passports to verify their ages first before engaging their ‘services’.

Commercial sex with a girl under the age of 18 is a criminal offence in Singapore.


37 Responses to “19 year old PRC singer moon-lighting as freelance prostitute in Singapore?”

  1. James Lee said

    non-commercial sex with a minor is also a criminal offense……

  2. NaBey said

    TT, why blanko off her lumber? She above 18 leh! But must check passport first. Anyway, a lot like tis in spore! Very cheap. $80 enough liao.

    Mod’s note:

    Market rate for PRC singers is much higher. You can look for the $80 ones in Geylang.

  3. joe said

    what website is this?

  4. Chan JY said

    This journalist must have run out of ideas.

  5. Ben said

    This is very normal, men want honey aka hanky panky, women want $. men like skin, women like material goods.

  6. LOL said

    PRCs skilled migrants. Once they work long enuf can become New Citizen liao. So must welcome her.

    • Naivety said

      All fellow native Singaporeans, please help to integrate with this PRC FT as ordered & encouraged by our Pro-Alien Party!!!

  7. Anon said

    This is very common. The PRC folks know that all they need here is a work permit, any work permit. I know a case where its sing EVERY NIGHT (no day off) for a low salary. Then what they do is that with the work permit, they “do other business” in their off time. The off-time work more than compensate for the low salary in the official work. In Singapore, every thing is legal so this is a money heaven to them. They earn their money, hopefully meet some rich, old Singaporean, marry him .. and live happily ever after??

  8. Julie Ong said

    Hello, people!

    Glad that we’ve taken our minds off the bad state of affairs we the peasants are in and get talking about prostitution, the oldest profession in the world.

    I would rather that our young men or men generally find themselves a woman to enjoy and share their lives with but the reality is that for some reason/s some men
    prefer to pay for sex. Certainly, this is far more preferable than having our SAD (single, available and desperate) men run rampant and behave badly towards women. Sorry for saying that about men but that’s the truth! Not all men, though.
    Most are discreet and have self control.

    Important point: Don’t forget to rubber up (use condom). You do not want to get VD (venereal disease) do you? Also, as mentioned in your article do ensure that the girls are not underage otherwise you may land yourself in an uncomfortable and embarrassing steamy situation (remember the recent cases of high profile men having sex with minors). Indeed, a moment of illicit sexual pleasure can cause you a lifetime of regret! So, be sure or be SORRY.

    All said we must give this one to the PRC. They are survivors. Let’s not be judgmental here, but say it as it is.

    I think that Singapore has radically and irreversibly changed.

    Just hope that the collective Will and Wisdom of the people will ensure the continued growth and prosperity of the nation inspite of the difficult challenges imposed upon us by this bad and incompetent government.

  9. Naivety said

    What so surprising about this as there are many of such FTs being enticed & encouraged by the MIWs to come over just to splice up our population numbers and eventually they will be given PR status & obtain citizenship in Singapore!

    Not only singers from PRC solely, we have from Philippines, Myanmar, Vietnamese, Cambodia, Thailand, etc as well!!!

    What do you think???

    • Jafri Basron said

      Indeed, many of these women are known to have “moon lighting” at Geylang, massage parlours and night spot joints in order to supplement their meagre income ….while others are “hooking up” with fellow colleagues who’re more than often are married men … These married men once “hooked up” with these beauties would tend to ignore their families and resulting into their marriages going into turbulence and “more than often” ending in divorce.

      • A G Young said

        It is about time that we OVERHAUL our IMMIGRATION department (ICA) STARTING FROM ITS HEAD (top) to the bottom.

    • Independent said

      Oh c’mon. No demand, no supply too. If sg men can use their real heads to think instead of that head down there, there wouldn’t be business for these FTs and they would just have to move on to other countries. Singaporeans love to complain abt FTs this and that but when comes to patronising prostitutes and paying them $$, they suddenly forgot abt their disdain for FTs. Aren’t they supporting these FTs to stay on in Sg too? And what kind of FTs are these? Think! If u have been visiting FT pros and always complain abt the FT policy by the govt, u r literally slapping urself in the face!

      • Independent said

        Cost of living very high? Cannot make ends meet? But those sg uncles earning less than 2k a month rather pay hundreds to these FT pros than to save it for their families leh. What an irony.

      • Naivety said

        Why did ur favourite Pro-Alien Party keep relentlessly importing in so many of such FTs prostitutes from all over the world then to congest & over-crowd our small little island…you should eliminate the root cause of the problem at source instead of asking Singapore men to exercise self-control & restraint!

        Even the elites, top scholars & top civil servants also succumb to such temptations & sex inducements as not everyone can be a saint desu!

        Ur arguments & points have no logic & rationality & I felt so low responding to you…you must be an FT yourself which explains why you’re so supportive of this Pro-Immigration & Foreigner Policy introduced by the MIWs supposedly to compensate & to combat for the low fertility rate of Singaporeans!

        You make the supply so easily accessible & available to all Singaporeans just like legalized gambling such as the 2 integrated casino resorts & Singapore Pools has all sorts & forms of legalized betting games & lottery stakes & you’re telling Singaporeans to exercise more self-control & restraint inorder not to fall prey & become addicted to these social ills when infact it is the Pro-Alien Party govt inducing & encouraging us whether directly or indirectly by making such supplies & avenues so easily available and accessible to us!!!

      • Independent said

        Lol. If I’m an FT, u must be that uncle who complains abt govt FT policies but still kenna tempted by FT pros and insisted its the policy fault, not ur little bro’s fault! Natural for men to be tempted by women? Oh pls, then it’s also natural for pappies men to be tempted by greed? Dun LP/PL. u think u have a broader view cos u’re speaking at a policy level when u do not even think an individual can exercise restraint? Lol! The day u believe u could exercise self-restraint, u go be a policy maker ok?

      • Independent said

        And all these policies u loathed dun have an effect on me cos I have basic self-respect and self-restraint. What pros and mbs casinos? I spend zero cent on these. I also dun groan so much that I became helpless like many of u whiners here. Looks like even with a miserable pay, u r likely to spend hundreds in these vices bcos u have a weak will. After that u’ll complain and hope that the govt will help u? Fat hope!

      • Naivety said

        Bloody posts by bloodied foreign trash & fake/false talent here!
        Please FO from our shore!!!

  10. Adam Tan Beng Phoon said

    So funny….found another profile with different contact numbers but same photos….LOL

  11. Daft Peasant said


    Which lorong at Geylang huh??

    How much huh???

    Why TT censored the number???

    Will she kua poh zua type or not huh??

    Chio bo???

    PM me the number sia……..

    MAI TU LIAO AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Walter said

    PRC prostitutes come here because they can see that most of the politicians here (those from PAP) are also “prostitutes”. They sold themselves out to the Lee family.

  13. kums said

    Well, SINGAPOUR is part of China now, right?

  14. Poo said

    She has done nothing wrong except she is using some other thing as a mic.

  15. Now then you know meh ? said

    She is just more aggressive thats all. In fact all these KTV singers are another title for pros. Though the law said they cannot sit with customers but who cares ? How many times will there be a raid ?? Customers paid hundreds to thousands of $$$ to garland them & they don’t have to entertain the customers ?? As Papies said, nothing is free in SG.

    • Independent said

      Wow paid hundreds or thousands? Shows that Singaporeans can manage the ‘high’ cost of living leh. Cannot service house loan but can service FTs pros? These customers all high flyers meh? Don’t think so lah.

  16. Ron said

    The pimps know they can take advantage of Spore’s lax control on underaged prostitutes. The men are thrown into jail for failing to verify the age. This time they can provide fake passports to show the age. To hell, literally, with those sex-starved customers.

    It will be cheaper to fly of Spore, screw and come back without any worries of being arrested. And if really desperate, buy one of those Japanese made fxxking dolls.

  17. Alva said

    She’s 19. She’s not a minor. So what’s so amazing about this article?

    Stop bitching about people and behaving as though this is newsworthy. Can’t believe you call yourself journalists. At least bloggers don’t masquerade under the pretense of journalism, and they probably have more sense than you guys.

    Either your writers have no sense of humanity or they are just too selfish to give a shit about the feelings of those they write about. What if this ‘slut’ grew up in an abusive home?

  18. precious said

    Temasek Times is worried the local prostitutes are losing their jobs/clients to Foreign Talent as well trollololololol

  19. Henry said

    I terminated my rental contract with a bunch of students because I found out that they were receiving guests …. guys beware.

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