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PHOTOS: Cyclist crashed into car in Jurong East

Posted by temasektimes on August 17, 2012

A horrific accident occurred in Jurong East on Wednesday. A cyclist with headphones on cut into the lane of an ongoing vehicle and crashed right into it, throwing him a few meters away on the ground:




Watch the video here


15 Responses to “PHOTOS: Cyclist crashed into car in Jurong East”

  1. Danny said

    Traffic Police should amend the law : all road users not allow to use handphone when on the move(not only those on the wheels). I saw a man knocked against a lamp pole because he focus on his phone (not sure he is watching moving or sms). Very often we can see a lots of dangerous actions when pedestrians crossing the road while they are concentrating on their phone.

  2. NaBey said

    If the cyclist is angmor, the driver have to compensate him even he has the rights of way. If u remember many years ago, outside good wood park hotel, angmor cyclist beat red light got knock down by a car. The woman driver compensate him few million dollar.

  3. Lim said

    Lucky TT is fair enough to post this video to public.

    These days we see many of these kind of cyclists who think they own the road.

  4. lsvop said

    I advocate for cycling lanes. Not that I’m selfish and don’t want to share the road, but these cyclist just have no respect for safety. And if a car knock them down, it’s the driver’s fault, and the whole cycling fratenaty moan and cry, but the large numbers of motorist just act blur so as not to rub salt into the wounds of the cyclists.

  5. drumdem said

    I wonder if the cyclist is doing a lane change to the right or not. But this cyclist should keep within his/her lane to prevent this kind of tragedy.

  6. ricardo said

    Was the vehicle driver listening to the radio? Why wasn’t he watching the cyclist? A bit less bias please !

    In some countries, the car driver is automatically at fault in any accident between a car & cyclist. Surprisingly (??), this has led to a drastic reduction in car/cyclist accidents.

  7. Daft Peasant said

    So…….the cyclist must pay for the car’s damage loh, since he bang the car mah……??

    But he got no insurance leh……. how huh?

  8. ck said

    Cyclist fault according to the pictures even if he did not have headphone on. Sad n sor

  9. Sean said

    very often motorcyclists & cyclists alike are just asking for it… weaving in & out of traffic, cycling with earphones on… etc. no pity for those who seemingly deserve it cos they go out of their way looking for trouble. yes, some car drivers can be idiotic too, but when a collision happens it’s those on 2 wheels who are more likely to die so if they were any smart they’d be more careful.

  10. Jafri Basron said

    The cyclist deserved to be in such predicament …outright disregard to his own safety and well being ..

  11. Cyclists, please exercise common sense when you are on the road.

  12. biccherry said

    Video: : 13 yo kid, crazy fella.

  13. vincent said

    hope the cyclist learns his lesson well – its HIS FAULT

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