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Public outcry over massive train delay along Northeast Line this morning

Posted by temasektimes on August 17, 2012

A massive outcry has erupted among Singaporeans over a massive train delay along the Northeast Line this morning.

SBS Transit initially claimed that “additional travelling times of about 20 minutes in both directions may be expected.”, but it turns out that most commuters were delayed by more 30 minutes, causing many to turn up late for school or work.

Some ‘feedback’ from commuters on Facebook:

“I was at punggol station at 0740,the announcement said delayed for 10-15min,the train came at 0805,n every station stop at least 10min,so do the maths,how long the delay,from punggol to harbourfront.” – Mohammad Faizul

“World class transport! Train stops at every station for 10 to 15 mins …. 30 minute train ride to harbourfront takes 75 mins! All hail our transport minister wayang all the way!” – Claire Lee

“I was late. Nonsense! They keep announcing ten to fifteen mins delayed. But it’s not!!! Every stop they waited for like ten mins. Then every train was packed like sardine!!! Waited for more then 4 trains before can board! Wth! We pay taxes to get this type of lousy train service. Hallo… Those up there sitting comfortably in ur office pls wake up!!! Pls do something to stop this type of things from happening too frequently!!! Thank u!!!!” – Kyris Koh

In a brief statement issued to the press, SBS Transit said a ‘power fault’ was responsible for the delay and apologized for the inconvenience caused.

Train delays have become a common occurrence in Singapore as the infrastructure strains to accommodate the increase in population caused by the relentless influx of foreigners.


31 Responses to “Public outcry over massive train delay along Northeast Line this morning”

  1. spotlessleopard said

    Time for a change of Government…and also reduce all Politicians pay by further 70% from current levels..

  2. Kaffein said

    Whatever happened to a quote by a certain Transport Minister’s promise that fare increase will result in better service?

    Don’t understand why Singaporeans still buy these sales talk.


  3. dog of the dogs said


  4. kong man under the sun said

    Lui should resign

  5. hachoo said

    From now onwards, all employers should be warned that employees will be late and productivity will be affected.

  6. The Gardener said

    Give up liao. Don’t complain about the government lah. Pay so little, demand so much from them. Next election see if others can perform better than LHL.

  7. alamak said

    Good. Let’s see what is the new CEO is going to perform. It’s time to show us what his BA/MS Engineering from Oxford is made of.

  8. stevenadosan said

    Those ministers who promised better service after fare increased, please resign.Since you cannot walk the talk, why still cling to your high salary post? A national SHAME!

    • Proud Singaporean said

      A national shame and may I had, a national joke! In any other countries the Minister in charge would have set an example and resigned….

  9. newhik said

    Poor ex COA, have to take over shit from shitty practices left by that ms Saw. Maybe that’s why they let the ex COA head SMRT as he is trained to operate under fire conditions.

  10. Proud Singaporean said

    The MRT cannot handle the million of passengers that must use the network everyday because of the failed policies of this illegitimate government. Inflation, reactive policies and indirect taxes make Singapore one of the most expensive cities in the world. I used to take taxis to go around town. Now I must take the MRT. Unfortunately the system was not created to handle so many people forced to use it because of the cost of living. Look at the size of the platforms, the size of the trains, the escalators, everything was created for a small scale operation. This is another example of the failed policies of a regime that has now completely lost its legitimacy.

    • enough said

      beginnning of the end of pap and will be accelerated when the hog disapeared altogether

    • What Do You Think? said

      Outrageous COE prices and skyrocketing taxi fares have forced many to take MRT. Unfortunately, MRTs are so crowded nowadays and suffer from frequent breakdowns!

  11. choochootrain said

    So it is the power fault , not the human fault, but who put the power up there?

  12. ketua67 said

    When transport companies are Privatised, seeds are already sowed for future breakdown.
    Private company’s objective is Profit Maximisation, responsible to its shareholders first, then stakeholders.

  13. choochootrain said

    They will fine the SMRT again, whichever way, still we get screwed

    • Naivety said

      NEL train services are managed by SBS Transit (instead of SMRT) which is a wholly own subsidiary of Comfort Delgro Corporation!

  14. This is the problem with driverless systems. A power fault would have easily fucked the system upside down.

  15. Pissed off commuter said

    Bloody hell your train delay make people everywhere late? still charge so much for your train fares? transport minister before u decide on what to say to us, please take the mrt during one of these “delays” then talk.

  16. Jeff said

    I think we, as a Singaporean nation, need to unite, and strongly push for a reacquisition of the operation of Singapore MRT network. Private operators come and go all the time. CEOs just resign at the moment of trouble. But if the government is responsible, perhaps, they would act better, rather than make empty promises. Because they would lose votes.

  17. sexyboy said

    Buy car la, complain so much, singaporeans are a bunch of whiners, if scare late, wake up early, stupid

    • singaporean said

      Perhaps u need to be gang raped by group of bangala. Reading your childish comments shows your level of your maturity n intellectual level..

  18. Walking Zombie said

    Shall we request for another round of COI plus 10 million dollars ?

  19. Chan JY said

    They stopped about 5-10 mins at almost every stop, so the delay must have been longer than that announced. By evening time, the lengthy stops were no more, but trains were less frequent. I got home early and didn’t see what the situation was like around 6-7pm.

  20. Kong said

    No more apology! Moving foward, any delay beyond the standard SLA between passanger and mrt. A reimbursement must make applicable to all affected passenger, ie taxi.
    Remember if I forgot to insert my erp card, I kena a fine! No coupon also fine, late on library book also fine! But smrt fine is really between left to right pocket!

  21. solaris8899 said

    Our public transport fee has increased, yet we still pack everyday in trains and buses plus we see more train system breakdown.
    The assurance from our papa to ensure a better transport system and control are lacking.

  22. Walter said

    LTA fines SMRT. SMRT in turn raises fare to get back money it paid for fines. Singaporeans get screwed and out of anger more vote against PAP in GE2016. PAP loses more GRCs. Unfortunately, 2016 is still many years away. By then Singaporeans would have lost count on the number of MRT breakdowns. MRT fares would be sky-high like PAP Ministers’ and SMRT CEO salaries.

  23. sfng said

    I was in Dobhy Ghuat waiting for the NEL train to Clarke Quay that morning. The train was there, every carriage was packed with people. The train didn’t move, the passengers didn’t move.. staring blankly, some angrily, others hooked to phones, ipads.. but all of them motionless.

    I say, next time when such “events” happen again, SMRT and SBS should get their ambassadors to every station and disseminate snacks and beverages to everyone (add some music, chairs, ventilations or etc) for those waiting passengers. At least such measures will lower the pressure level!

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