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Singapore lashes out at U.S’s criticisms of its Internal Security Act

Posted by temasektimes on August 17, 2012

The Singapore government has lashed out angrily at the United States’ criticisms of its human rights record, accusing it of ‘double standards’ after a US State Department annual report attacked its tough internal security laws.

The US report criticizes Singapore’s Internal Security Act as providing the government “with the power to limit, on vaguely defined national security grounds, the scope of certain fundamental liberties that otherwise are provided for in the constitution”

The Internal Security Act has been used in the past to detain opposition politicians without trial though it has been used sparingly in recent years to deal with suspected terrorists only.

In a statement issued to the media, Singapore’s Foreign Affairs Ministry said:

“We are disturbed by the double standards applied to the US’ criticism of our (ISA), which is meant to address threats to internal security, including threats to public order, communal and religious harmony, and subversive and terrorist activities.” 

It added that the Singapore government is held accountable to the public through ‘democratic elections and the rule of law’ and it will ‘adapt its policies in the interests of its own people and as its society evolves.’


41 Responses to “Singapore lashes out at U.S’s criticisms of its Internal Security Act”

  1. newhik said

    Really… Singapore Government is held accountable???? How about GIC and Temasick losses? How about Conservancy funds lost through bad investment? How about failed security (aka Mas Selamat)? How about ever escalating property pricing and failed population planning and infrastructure (e.g. SMRT/HDB/Car) planning? Were they ever taken to task? Did they consider why they were never taken to task?

  2. Bapok Sissy Loong said

    “It added that the Singapore government is held accountable to the public through ‘democratic elections and the rule of law’ and it will ‘adapt its policies in the interests of its own people and as its society evolves.’”

    Talk is cheap.

    Put it to the test.

    Hold a referendum on it for Singapore citizens to decide, once and for all time, whether they support or do not support the SA….

    Frankly, it is a dinosaur law for the PAP to abuse, threaten and intimidate just to hold onto power… like the 88 year old dinosaur we have in our midst, who doesn’t know he is long past his ‘sell by’ date.

  3. Amused said

    This is one hypocrite calling another hypocrite.

    • ckcvincent said

      haha. well said. both are “double standard”.

    • Superior Nobody! said

      Indeed…Well Said! American kept pointing their fingers at others…as though they are way superior but look at their own country…Freedom to even own guns…many didn’t even have their rights to live their life in safety! Yet, here they point their fingers at our internal affairs! FUCK OFF USA! We don’t like our current government but its not up to you to meddle with our internal affairs!

      • Glenda S. said

        I would only say the U.S. government, at least today, rarely represents the opinions of the USA residents. We don’t like our government either. I don’t understand how our government could criticize anyone else with all the executive orders and federal code written just to remove the liberties of the general population.

      • compatriot said

        To Superior Nobody:

        Allow ourselves to admit honestly without shame Americans believes in and practised Human Rights.America had sacrificed more of their people to the sword and their young ones KIA ,those didn’t even reach 21 years of age to combat and eradicate Tyranny,Oppression and Suppression and Dictators for humanity to live with “Freedom and Liberty”

        Do you think that Singapore could be what and where it is today,Least or most,we could show humility with grace,thankfulness and appreciaton

        Take Hiroshima and Nagasaki (second bomb) then as years goes by,in all probability,your father and mother met,got married and were able to make love and therefore born you a snivelling moron

      • Superior Nobody! said

        @Glenda S. I believe many of us have no personal grudge against the ordinary American people, it’s just that your government had been breathing down the neck of many nations…China, North Korea, Iraq, Iran….the list goes on and on! Your politician are constantly looking for ways and dirty tricks to bully and Intimitdate others in order to gain an upper hands in this competitive and utterly unfair world. In my opinion, China will ultimately be a better world super power then the USA in no time! At least they are not adopting the big guns politics in the world arena!

      • Superior Nobody! said

        @ Compatriot

        Do you mean to say that the American sacrifices a lot during WW2, therefore the American Politicians earned the rights to point their fingers at governments of other nation…telling them how to run their own countries? Don’t forget, American gained massively from the war too! You think the Americans scarifies for free? Hell, NO!

        AND, While Americans point fingers at countries like IRAQ and IRAN and North Korea calling them the AXIS OF EVIL, American Military dumped tons and tons of munitions tipped with depleted uranium…severely and permanently pollutes the soils of IRAQ…Do you have any idea what Depleted Uranium is and the harm it does to the environment and to the unborn fetus of animals INCLUDING Humans? Oh yes…did the American military find the WMD (weapons of mass destruction) as they claimed Saddam Hussein possessed? NO! What a shame!

        If you want more example, you can look up Do your own research on Youtube too, and see for yourself what kind of American Politician would ever unleash such horrible war on civilians! American politician and The CIA are a bunch of selfish and evil war-monger! Waging war in the name of fighting the Communist and freedom and human rights! What utter bullshit is that! Take a close look at Afghanistan today…is it any better? In fact, its at the brink of a civil war! American politicians is absolutely unfit and in no position to preach human-rights! What rights are there for the ordinary American citizen when they cannot even live their life free from those shooting incidents as a result of guns that are so easily acquired?!

        And…Do you know how serious is the unemployment situations in USA now? Do your research….see for yourself how big is that unemployed population!!! And what has Obama done for them? Its just another bunch of empty promise!

        As for the bombing of those two Japanese Cities, there are lots of indications that by the time the bombing took place, Japanese Imperial Army would have surrendered even if the two Atomic bombs were not dumped! So that means, the Americans bombed and killed civilians! Ordinary Japanese citizens!

        PLEASE, whoever you are and wherever you are from, stop glorifying the Americans! And before you calls me a sniveling moron, do your research, I may be older then you think!

        Now buzz off!

    • Walter Song said

      At least the main stream media is free in the US and not state controlled, isn’t it?

      • Lu said

        Yes the main stream media is free and there is freedom of speech

      • Chloe said

        You are terribly wrong. The US state media is the most highly controlled in the world. Just take a look at hollywood and its gossip news. They only present ‘juicy’ information, stuff that people like to see, not the ugly. And it is not only the entertainment media industry; the entire media industry is state-governed. Just that they would not like you to know. It is the same everywhere.

      • Bla bla bla! said

        OH HELL YES there is definitely freedom of speech because those speech can hardly do the American Politicians any harm…so you can speak…go on…you won’t change anything anyway! There’s a Hokkien Saying…Chui Kong Lum Par Song! Understand!?

    • Singapore Cock said

      The US gahment has Patriotic act…I tot is similiar to our ISA….

  4. SkinFT said

    It added that the Singapore government is held accountable to the public through ‘democratic elections and the rule of law’ and it will ‘adapt its policies in the interests of its own people and as its society evolves.’

    Is the above statement quoted from MFA? or mod’s opinion?

  5. sg boy said

    fck off americanos

    • Walter Song said

      It won’t be long before the US, Europe and the other developed countries place economic sanctions on us for human rights abuses.

      All the countries around the world have more or less embraced democracy and human rights. Even Myanmar is changing rapidly.

      Singapore and North Korea are the only two countries that still do not respect human rights, at least according to the Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International.

      And now the United States.

      • John C said

        Will never happen. look at the damn genocides and the like that were happening during and after the Vietnam war, Despite their ultimate defeat and withdrawal America nor Thailand nor anyone for that matter really decided to swing by Cambodia and stop nation building going on there.. So i would not worry about a sanction over human rights, and in fact the only potential sanction of recall Singapore being smacked with was the one for Off shore tax Havens, and Singapore promptly hooked up with another country to avoid that label.

        But you never know it might be a conspiracy for the future in order to get all the cashed up FT’s to go home and support their home economies with all the cash they made while risking becoming a banged up a broad episode whilst in Singapore..

      • pen is mightier than the sword said

        Hi Walter

        When economic sanctions are strictly enforced to the Singapore government who with intent dictatorially abuses human rights,travesty or not I could imagine somehow there will be chaos and calamity

        Embassies that practised universal human rights always prevail

      • Superior Nobody! said

        Walter, you may have a point here but haven’t we open up our Changi Naval Base to the American in their quest to contain the ever-growing Chinese Navy…not to mention our totally open society and market to the American? What more do they want? A change in the regime too? It would be too much for them to meddle unless they sees a growing possibility in our opposition party?!

    • Did it occur to anybody here that the rising anti-foreign sentiment here may have attracted their attention?

      • sexyboy said

        U are right, even americans thinks u guys shld be grateful to FTs who help build singapore’s economy, FTs help to create more jobs for singaporeans

      • But of course, America has always been the largest immigrant nation. Coupled with the fact they they fought the Nazis – the absolute worst in anti-immigrant ideology, they have learnt from history.

      • Superior Nobody! said

        Tong Seng…are you referring to the anti-FT sentiments here in Singapore? If so…why would they care? I’m sure the anti-FT sentiments were never directed at them the Americans but to the Pinoys, Chinese and Indians instead huh? Unless the American CIA have the ultimate objective of toppling the PAP and the familee and replacing them with an obedient boot-licking party!? This is certainly something we ought to be careful…because when it comes to international politics and conspiracies, many Singaporeans are gullible.

      • The Americans fought the Nazis. They had seen the absolute worst of anti-foreigner sentiment. They have vowed that it shall not happen again anywhere in the world.

  6. Dr.Arsch said

    LOL, I agree that our government is not perfect. Neither is the system we have in place. However I would defend both if some crackhead in the USA is going to start throwing bullshit on us. People living in glass houses shouldn’t be throwing stones. Americans should learn to fix their own problems back home first. Guantanamo bay, racism, atrocious levels of gun violence, Islamophobia, gosh! Does anything even work right over there? Sikhs getting killed because some guy had issues with Muslims. Over here both religions are respected as equals.

    Don’t worry about us Yankees, we are doing fine and we know how to fix our own problems. You should fix that mega-mess of yours first before trying to play policeman and tell us what to do.

  7. Dr.Arsch said

    Just to add on, all these coming from the same very nation that destroyed two entire countries, Iraq and Afghanistan in return for 2 towers. Also the only country in the world to have waged a nuclear war against its enemy.

  8. Naivety said

    Singapore govt should have abolished their ISA law long ago instead of abusing this act & using it to intimidate its opponents & opposition widely!!!

  9. Superior Nobody! said

    Dear all…I think…while we bashes up our current government on certain unfair policies and demand change for the better, we should also be vigilant against unscrupulous foreign government with possible ulterior motive in meddling with our internal affairs. It is a known fact what dirty tricks the American CIA is capable of doing! Perhaps in the minds of the American leadership, we are no more then a couple of “economic colonies” where they have self-declared rights to meddle with our internal affairs!?

  10. Fox said

    Hello… people who are stubborn and refuse to accept criticism is bound to fail.
    Yeah, it’s you gahmen of sillipore.

  11. Bla bla bla! said

    Bloody hell…TT, where is my earlier post?!

  12. DIY said

    What’s so difficult to understand about the politics of USA. The two camps are the Republican and the Democrat Parties. When the American people elected a Republican wannabe president; their foreign policy mandate is to engage a war in another country.

    The military spending order will go into a deficit. Then the people got fed up with the overdraft and elected a Democrat president for another term. Budget and tax cuts are proposed in order to create more jobs for the American people.

    If the resolution doesn’t work the Republican wannabe president will campaign for a better future. In this November 2012 presidential election if the Republican won, more taxes will be imposed to finance a war.

    This is what constitutes the Economics of War policy, otherwise how to maintain the fleet of battleships and keep the military in a combat readiness.

    In fact the economic heavyweight of the American administration lies strongly on the military hardware. R&D in the latest weaponry and state of the art fighter jets remind us of sophisticated fighting machines.

    Human Rights group is just a tactic to divert attention. Just point a finger at a red dot country and drum up accusation on the abuse of ISA. The NGO showcase is only ‘Detention without trial’.

    The ISA in itself has its merits. Singapore politics is all about a historical culture, because we are small and multi-racial in existence and devoid of natural resources. So naturally we have to fend ourselves against accusation from the superpower politics.

    There is a military doctrine which states that “Know yourself, know your enemy. One hundred battle, one hundred victory”. This strategy can be interpreted in another way. Have we ever seen two persons, both are black belt karate-ka exponent ever fight? They know each other strengths and they compromise themselves with respect. We know the American laws and their Constitution. We appreciate and respect their wellness and democracy. Vis-a-vis we expect others to respect our laws.

    Political detainees under ISA are placed in rehabilitation centre to clear off ideological attitudes. The inmates are addicted to euphoric belief that they have achieved socialism. After they renounced, the ex-political detainees can join their Association.

    Believe me, the Human Rights Group is just a lobbyist movement to placate American Congress and to swing their votes.

    Please respect our Singapore law.

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