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VIDEO: Dr Chia Thye Poh speaks

Posted by temasektimes on August 17, 2012

Detained without trial by Lee Kuan Yew’s government for 32 years, Dr Chia Thye Poh was the longest-serving political prisoner in the world. This video documents his first public appearance since his release in 1998.


44 Responses to “VIDEO: Dr Chia Thye Poh speaks”

  1. i5htar said

    Power of the “”internal-security laws”” :(((

  2. spotlessleopard said

    DPM: “So what do you think”

    • mai pai sei said

      citizens to DPM : we do our best to vote in a new govt and the senior Pee and Pee members can take turns to have a trial stay in whitley holiday resort….

  3. Jack said

    ISA needs to be abolished

    • jackychan said

      ISA should follow the old despot to his grave…..
      Dr Chia TP should be given the honour to address the public at the next convenient National Day when this becomes official.

  4. Jack said

    I cried watching the last part of the video, the song described the life of Dr Chia.
    Note that he was NEVER charged or brought to trial, yet being detained for 32 years.

    Mod’s note:

    And we have the ‘Wayang Party’ openly defending the PAP’s laws as ‘fair and just’!

  5. sad said

    Omg…What did he do to deserve that??? B cos he is stronger or more intelligent then somebody??

    • mao fought the japs said

      You are right! Chia TP is mentally stronger than the one who put him in detention.
      Is’nt it despicable to know the one responsible actually served the Japs when Singapore was invaded and occupied?
      Are you not glad if more Singaporeans become aware of Chia Thye Poh, even the Malaysians ?
      It is time the whole world becomes aware, especially 1.3 Billion PRCs.

  6. NaBey said

    So what? We loan to buy hdb, buy car, loan to study, loan to pay hospital bill,,we all being detained in this island for more than 30 years also !!!

  7. siangneng said

    This is one particular aspect of LKY which I find difficult to accept, ie. 顺我者昌,逆我者亡. It’s very inhumane.

  8. siangneng said

    This is where I don’t like LKY. It’s not humane. Merely short of assassinating his opponents.

  9. Duncan Koh said

    Sigh…I just believe there will be retribution if u do something wrong which is against your own conscience.

  10. sad said

    Before he have a chance to serve the nation, he serve the jail.. wth…

  11. sad said

    Before he has a chance to serve the nation, he serve the jail… wth…..

  12. Norm said

    PAP imposed the stop at 2 policy and now says have more children. PAP banned the Chinese schools and now says improve your Chinese. PAP imposed OB markers for policy discussion and now says it wants more citizen engagement.

    Flip. Flop. But one area they have not yet reversed is the ISA. Look at Chia Thye Poh, what threat was he to our nation that justified being locked up for 32 years?

    I urge all Singaporeans with a conscience to email your MP and demand that the ISA be abolished. And ask for an independent Committee of Inquiry into past ISA cases to determine if anybody needs to be held accountable for past travesties of justice.

    Dare to change.

    • Naivety said

      Do u think it is possible to abolish the ISA when the old man is still around & kicking…in ur dreams perhaps?!

      To abolish the ISA means to admit their faults & shortcomings & especially when the Pro-Alien Party still had the naive & daft 60.1% Singaporeans’ support during GE 2011!!!

  13. oute said

    Wonder whether he need permission from the ISA Dept to speak.

  14. Naivety said

    Dictatorship rules in Sinkapore!!!

  15. talk only said

    Saw somewhere that someone said in 1991 that if M’sia abolished ISA, S’pore will also abolish ISA.
    M’sia has already abolished ISA, will S’pore abolish ISA soon?

    • Naivety said

      Abolished ISA, are you kidding as the Pro-Alien Party needs this act to stifle, suppress, quell & curtail all legitimate opposition parties as well as aspiring ones and especially those that poses a threat to it to remain in power forever & ever…in your dreams maybe!!!

      • talk only said

        ISA is never in my dream, my only dream is to migrate to Aust.
        Glad that I am able to realise my dream soon as I am an Aust PR now after GE2011, thanks to 60.1%.

  16. Pai Sei said

    There might be a good reason (threats to his party) why LKY shutdown nantah (got a very strong connection to China)….becoz he’s not a chinese afterall (he’s descendent of Baba). But when he saw China prosperous in recent decades, I believe he’s regretted to what he had done. That’s why now PnP sending PRC students with scholarships to NTU, to correct his big mistake. But it’s too late, it’s not working.

    • mai pai sei said

      “he’s descendant of Baba”
      actually he is the Baba blacksheep”,….famous for serving the Japs in WW2.
      or you can call him AhLee Baba and his 80 thieves…..famous for helping themselves to taxpayers money.

    • DIY said

      The way I see, it should be OCBC (synonym for Orang Cina Bukan Cina) as the Peranakan refers to their society.

      Why Nantah should strongly be affiliated to the Motherland? Is it because big brother Mao Zedong era say so and follow blindly the Cultural Revolution? Or was it because the British Empire was waning and a new superpower will be the next replacement?

      I doubt the latter, because English language had established their foothold in Singapore and become a legacy on its own. Do you know that Nantah graduands have grand design to replace English, the Constitution and the Statute Law into Chinese language? And this is how Nantah interpret Cultural Revolution as a kind of ‘reform’.

      I follow history. That’s what Sir Winston S Churchill said ‘the past is our future’. Good reminder.

  17. Ren said

    Karma prevails…It will happen very soon…

  18. nizhemoshou said

    Bless him. Most certainly he can stand tall with his head held high and shall go down in history in shining glory and honour. Whilst for the beast who
    sought to destroy his future , a bleak future of disgrace and notoreity awaits
    him and thats how the beast shall go down in history.

    • spirit of Dr Lim Hock Siew said

      Well said!

      Even the Olympics gold medalists will acknowledge Dr Chia Thye Poh is a very worthy example of mental strength and indomitable spirit.
      Don’t take my word for it, just ask our imported women table tennis bronze medalists.

      I hope those who have given up on futher education or feel they are too old to study, will take inspiration from Chia TP.
      It should be noted that despite spending 32 years in detention at the age of 25, Chia TP upon being released went on to study for his masters and doctorate.

      • Naivety said

        Wow…incredible & really indomitable spirit at such advanced age to study for higher degrees still

  19. DIY said

    In 1966 at 4.30 pm I witnessed a few hundred of Nantah student union demonstrated at the Padang. They petitioned the government to recognize their University’s degrees. There was a scruple with the police at the City Hall steps. Some students fell to the ground and were arrested. I was walking along High Street as an ignorant bystander.

    Some years later, I perchance to know why Nanyang University had to close down. The government did not recognize the Nantah degrees. Politically speaking if the government have acceded to their demand then Singapore’s history would have taken another route.

    Nantah’s grand design was to replace the English language, the Constitution and the Statute Law to Chinese. That’s why in the video Dr CTP had rejected that the University of Singapore merger with Nantah.

    The rest is history.

    • r tan said

      Thanks for sharing.

      “The rest is history”……sporeans can see with their own eyes, more than 1 million PRCs now living in spore, courtesy of LKY and his PAP.

      ps: there is no requirement for PRCs or foreigns residing in Spore to pass a minimum proficiency in English under LKY’s govt. ….til this day.

      • DIY said

        In the video; Dr CTP mentioned that during the inauguration of Nanyang University at Jurong Road, the invited guest was the governor of Singapore Sir William Goode. The crowd was huge and the VIP was delayed for 2 hours.

        Those were the era of Maoist Cultural Revolution, amidst the call for concern to those who declined to be involved with the movement. Chun Cheng High School was the earlier hotbed of students being politically active. The school was eventually closed down.

        History had changed ever since Deng Xiaoping opened up China to the world. He learned a hard lesson when his son escaped when the Red Guards ransacked his home. He jumped through the window and injured himself and bound for life on wheelchair.

        But after the Berlin wall collapsed and Karl Marx statue destroyed, China adopted the capitalist economy but retained the communist ideology. China still revered and archived Thoughts of Mao Zedong.

        China is learning English to connect to the world but retain Chinese language for goodness sake.

        This is just a 2-part history. I envisage that in future there would be another “Clash of Civilization”. This time around it would be the English speaking world against the Mandarin language.

      • Jack said

        Are you implying that Dr Chia Thye Poh is a communist?

      • spirit of tls said

        By LKY’s logic, many sporeans can be deemed to be a communist.
        In fact , LKY’s modus operandi in running Spore is more communist than democratic.
        The big difference between China’s leadership and LKY is that the former do not pretend they are democratic or claim they are.

        At the end of the day, it does not matter what political ideology one claims to practise, it is about whether you can trust the person’s words, trust he will not backstab you.

        How do you think China’s leadership will react to a fellow countryman known to have a track record of serving the enemy when China was invaded and occupied by the Japs ?
        Do you think such a person will be accepted as a leader in communist China?

        Now ask ourselves, can we trust the words of a person who served the enemy?
        Can we also trust the words of those minions who served such a person ?

      • DIY said

        @spirit of tls

        “In fact , LKY’s modus operandi in running Spore is more communist than democratic.” Is that true? Or is it the figment of our mind playing around with history.
        The assumption more communist than democratic is debatable. I have a reflection to answer. We tackle the definition of communist first and progressively leads to socialism.

        History of Ideas – very difficult to know when it end. Ideas evolved and the ideals become idealism. It is an abstract noun. All words ending with ‘ism’ can only be felt but not touched. It is always in the mind.

        When Karl Marx sat reading the books at the library of the British museum, he studied the advent of society’s existence from hunting, farming, fruit gathering and animal husbandry. Society thrived and tribal groups took up position to be powerful. War broke up, and the losers were taken as spoils-of-war.

        When the pharaoh built the pyramid, human slaves were used because they have no economic values. Later the lower society people become servants to serve their masters. It was followed by Lord and serf. There were no economic gains for individuals.

        The Industrial Revolution in the 18th century changed all this. Human create economic benefits out of his labour and awarded with wealth.

        However, discrepancies existed when workers were paid pittance for long hours working in the factories and coal mines.

        Karl Marx theorized his ideals of a perfect society. The communist ideology was born by stating that ‘from each according to his needs to each according to his deeds’.
        Ideology becomes a science. Great thinkers divided society into 3 separate entities. There were the Capitalist, Socialist and the Communist.

        The Socialist and the Communist idealism were all out to demolish Capitalism. To get rid of Capitalism, the Socialist was in favour of ballot votes, whereas the Communist the bullets. The communist say their idealism is an advanced form of ’socialism’.

        The Socialist idealism claim that a communist can either be a communist of a socialist, but a socialist is always a Socialist.

        America has always been seen as a Capitalist. When the Berlin wall was broken up, Karl Marx statue was destroyed, China adopted capitalist economy but retain the communist ideology. The rest of the world adopted democratic socialism. That includes Singapore.

      • spirit of tls said

        Singapore is a fake democratic system.
        The elections are heavily engineered to favour the incumbents, the isa has been abused as a political tool to eliminate political opponents, the gerrymandering, the threats of no ungrading, the use of the msm as propaganda to tarnish image of opponents, the law suits and subservient law, etc
        To sum it up, Spore is a dictatorship system that is similar to communist China, except China can boast to have more key players while Spore essentially is all about one father and son lording over everyone on.
        So spare me the history lesson on political ideology.

        Right now, if you do a poll with sporeans, i can say with confidence the conclusion will show LHL is not fit to be the PM. period. The debate should be on the future for sporeans… if there is still a future leaving things the way it is.

        ps: Do you agree Dr Chia Thye Poh is the best living example of what it means to have mental strength and the indomitable spirit ? I personally feel Sporeans should take inspiration from him. What do you think ?

    • Jack said

      Thanks for sharing. There should be room for negotiation, recognizing the Nantah seems acceptable, else can we say that Singapore don’t recognize other Chinese Universities in the world e.g. Ching Hua Da Xue?

      Did the students movement amounted to ISA operations and detained Dr Chia for 32 years? This should be the key issue.

      • DIY said

        “Did the students movement amounted to ISA operations and detained Dr Chia for 32 years?” Good question and I have some reflection to add.

        The ISA is our historic legacy. It goes back to 1955 for the Baling Talk when David Marshall and Tunku Abdul Rahman initiated for the surrender agreement with Chin Peng. The negotiation was unsuccessful and Chin Peng retreated to his sanctuary in Thailand.

        I have read some books in NLB on Special Branch operation during the Emergency. The peace treaty failed because Tunku was advised by the SB officers not to legitimise the Communist Party of Malaya. Being a political party they can have access to confidential documents, and would become a threat to those who have work closely with the Special Branch. So the ISA in itself is a law to protect the good work during the Emergency and eventually become a National Security.

        Those who have been detained for long period because of his political and ideological inclination were treated differently. They stay in a spartan apartment with modern amenities. These detainees have access to periodicals, study law and even attain doctorate. It was reported 15 years ago that Mr Chia can easily become unwell and loss appetite when he read bad news concerning China.

        The political detainees only outlet is to renounce communism. The ex-detainees even have their own Association. The last address was at East Coast Road near Fort Road.

        So the key issue is the law itself.

  20. spirit of tls said

    to DIY,
    After 32 years, Dr Chia Thye Poh has yet to confess he was or is a communist, so obviously someone is lying, what do u think ?
    How about Francis Seow, Tang Liang Hong, Dr Lim Hock Siew, Teo Soh Lung, and many others ? I believe what these people have said and I am convinced they were victims of trumped up charges. What do u think ?

    By the way, you must surely know that LKY served the Japs when spore was invaded and occupied by them ? Did you ever ask why LKY chose to serve the Japs instead of fighting them ? I don’t have to be born in his era to understand that there is no honour in serving your country’s invaders who were extremely brutal.
    Just look at what has transpired so far, LKY as PM, followed by a seat warmer, then his son. If you recall not too long ago, the two former PMs were holding the son’s hands. Now what sort of political system can you classify this as ? Somewhat like Kim Senior passing the throne to Kim Jr., am I not right ?

    It has been an interesting chat and perhaps you can look forward to what brilliant thoughts PM Lee will share with his subjects this sunday. In case you are not aware, it is suppose to be his national day rally speech But I seriously doubt he understands what it takes “to rally” the people, What do u think ?

    • Jack said

      Thank you for sharing, Just read a little more about our supreme leader, Mr Lee learned Japanese as an adult and he worked as a Japanese translator during the Japanese occupation of Singapore

      • spirit of tls said

        It’s a pleasure to share with fellow netizens as well as to learn from them.
        I read about LKY working for the Japs as a translator. In fact LKY was transcribing Allied wire reports for the Japs and he also listened to Allied radio stations, writing down what he heard and passing on such information to the Japanese propaganda dept. I have always wondered whether he acted as interpreter when prisoners were interrogated and brutalised. I tend to believe he learnt alot just by working for the enemy, the use of intimidation, torture, brutality, propaganda, etc. quite possibly part of his trade mark recipe to lord over everyone on this tiny island.

      • Jack said

        That is something new, can you direct me to the info source, thanks

    • DIY said

      Thank you for chatting with me and dispelling the history lesson on political ideology. By nature I am a D.I.Y. personality and with the internet at my disposal I can accumulate with the search engine for information. I picked up few points on your 24 Aug posting and zoomed on World Facts and Figures on North Korea.

      The communist country is named Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea. The people are lead by Korean Workers’ Party. So there is a similarity with Singapore but separate and distinct in body politics.

      We have The Republic of Singapore. Our democratic government practise General Elections and last year the Workers Party won a GRC to represent the Opposition. Both countries have family ties in the government, except that there is a dynasty for North Korea but no GE.

      I have read a book in NLB name “Straight and Crooked Thinking”. I recalled the author described an analogy that goes this way – dog has one head, four legs and a tail, true. A cat has one head, four legs and a tail, true. Therefore if we conclude all dogs are cats, not true.

      Is Singapore as a fake democratic system? – The answer is not true. Anywhere, we leave this issue to the 7 Political Parties to debate and represent our future generation. They will chart our future history.

      Now for the second opinions on personality “How about Francis Seow, Tang Liang Hong, Dr Lim Hock Siew, Teo Soh Lung, and many others ?” With due respect to Tang Liang Hong I will abbreviate as TLH. These politicians will represent on history book as The Lost Heroes.

      With due respect to Dr Chia Thye Poh is none other than The Last Hero. With his doctorate and strength he will continue the old history.


  21. DIY said

    I tuned to History Channel on 24 Aug 2012 for 2 solid hours of viewing. The documentary was entitled “Rising Sun Over Malaya” with a sub title The Fall of Penang in 1941. This is a very enlightening TV program brought about after 70 years of Japanese Occupation which happens in the month of August. For those who had missed the documentary they can tune on You Tube.

    In fact I have read a book at NLB entitled “Red Star Over Malaya” by T Y Lin. The author described the Japanese Occupation of Malaya as a turning point in our history. The historian
    approached the subject in an objective manner with facts and statistics to substantiate his findings. This documentary revealed some archived films in black/white, dramatization and commentaries.

    As a D.I.Y. person I would like to share my opinion. I treat my posting at online discussion likened to solving a Word Puzzle in relation to history.

    There are few instances which I picked up and would summarize them as I present my observation.

    When the Japanese occupied Malaya, they did so by conquering other countries of Asia and from Thailand they moved south via Kota Baru. It was a blessing in disguise. Interviews with Occupation Witnesses remain a historical bearing if we have been a victim of the Japanese soldiers at that time.

    For a start, the Japanese treated the population with vengeance and madness. The marauding army imposed total submission on the British subjects. The population were forced to complete obedience and the treatments were conducted as if their demigod Emperor Hirohito would have imposed on the Imperial Army.

    Everything was a forced empowerment conducted by the soldiers. The people were forced to obey, work and be slaves to the demand of the conqueror. Teenagers were drilled to sing Japanese National Anthem, learn Kanji and Katakana writing. Practically any misbehaviour was treated with physical harm, forced sex slaves for women and the worse was the water torture called Japanese wine. There was a summary judgement conducted by the soldiers and fatally pronounced ‘potong kepara’.

    To make things worst was the Japanese soldiers were also confronted with a guerrilla warfare. The Malayan Anti Japanese People’s Army (MAJPA) was a covert operation designed by the British and supplying the organization with weapons as resistance fighters.

    By 1941, the British abandoned ship and there was a power vacuum.

    The MAJPA warlord was a replacement warrior. They were in fact communist party of Malaya. Their conduct of ‘kangaroo court’ was a mimic to what the Japanese military police ‘Kempeitai’ have committed. Hooded men with small eye opening would assemble the villagers at a mocked court. The camp commandant would call one name, the hooded spy would nod and the crowd shouted revenge, and the victim was doomed.

    Another instance was the divide and rule tactic; which MAJPA had also adopted from the ‘Kempeitai’. The racial divide was obvious. There was a moment when a Malay man was singled out a traitor and the community reacted with indifference. Everyone had suffered the same fate. There was no quick and civil order like a summary trial. The incident erupted into racial riot.

    When Japan surrendered in 1945 and British forces returned to Malaya, the country was governed under British Military Administration (BMA).

    There was reservation what BMA would bring about. It could also mean Bring More Anxiety. I believed the British government had the common sense that they were not wanted and bestowed Independence to Malaya.

    Reflecting on the history, many Occupation Witnesses commented “ … let bygone be bygone, … better now than the Japanese, … I was so angry, but what to do, … sad to say I survived but my family perished.” Those were the sentimental words expressed by the surviving war victims.

    As a keen reader of history I would reflect myself that if we have taken a different route and jump-start life by another ideological means, what will life bring? I rest my opinion for a while.

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