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Heng Swee Keat: Singapore’s future matters to ‘everyone’

Posted by temasektimes on August 18, 2012

Education Minister Heng Swee Keat has called on Singaporeans to think about the kind of Singapore they want in 20 years’ time because Singapore’s future matters to ‘everyone’.

Speaking at the 100th anniversary dinner of Ai Tong School on Friday, Mr Heng said:

 “Some have asked me why are we talking about the future when there are present problems such as rising cost of living and influx of foreigners. Should we not be devoting our time to address these?”

The relentless influx of foreigners in recent years has altered Singapore’s demographics to beyond recognition and dilute the sense of national identity among Singaporeans.

However, Mr Heng felt it is more important for Singaporeans to think about the future instead of resolving the immediate problems:

“These concerns are very real, and my colleagues across the government are looking into them. But it’s important to think about the future – what kind of Singapore do we want in 20 years time…How can we prepare our children for the future and ensure that our homeland provides many opportunities for our young people to fulfil their aspirations?”

With property prices spiraling out of control, job security being compromised by the easy availability of cheap foreigners and wages not keeping in pace with inflation, do young Singaporeans still have a future in their homeland?


28 Responses to “Heng Swee Keat: Singapore’s future matters to ‘everyone’”

  1. hihihi said

    You are looking into those real problems created by you? You are not aware of them?

    • compatriot said

      Heng Swee Keat,a young buck without a feather on his head,wanting to be made known a warrior.I should like to believe that he can be trusted, …..

      I want him to conceivably feel and addressed immediately the grave social fabric and concerns of Singaporeans society that is wearing very thin which may go astray.Hard pressed of economic plight led and plundered by the hoards of influx of emigatory foreigners perpetuated by the pap government

      Propagandise his political speech to peddle his tools at the schools these are their immediate aims and objective of the pap government to upkeep their existence to target the young and not mature Singaporeans

      When without the past,where is the present,irregardless of the future

  2. NaBey said

    What I want?
    I want your salary lah! U stupid See bak gao!

  3. I hate the famiLee! said

    Don’t bullshit us please Mr Heng…we know from past experience that we haven’t got any say at all…especially so during Mr LKY’s term in office! With the ISA in place don’t come and tell us the future of Singapore matters to everyone because if we cannot even say what we think without fearing for our future, then don’t act as though the government value our opinions!

    • Julie Ong said

      Thanks, I Hate The FamiLee.

      The Internal Security Act (ISA) must be abolished. It is a relic of the colonial days when Singapore was fighting Communism and other civil/domestic unrest. It is not relevant to modern day Singapore. Mr Lee Kuan Yew and his colleagues have certainly abused the true intent of this law and we now know very well the case of Mr Chia Thye Poh besides a few others. A cruel law indeed! Just wonder how Mr Lee Kuan Yew will feel if he was the one detained under the ISA!

      There is only a bleak future for Singaporeans if the government does not conscientiously get down and dirty to rectify the problems they have created. The PAP government does not accept responsibility for any wrong policy. They actually turn around and lecture/blame the citizens! We just have to wait this time round and see what Mr Heng Swee Keat will do.

      Hopefully he’ll initiate some good policies. If still not good enough then let’s restart our ‘hue and cry’ against this bad millionaires’ government.

      They must lift their performance. In the private sector some of these ministers would have already been dismissed or demoted for poor performance.

      You don’t get paid top money for nothing. You Must Deliver!
      Soon, soon, soon!

  4. K said

    Future of Sg is without native sinkies. The rise of new sinkies is now. Original sinkies hav been replaced or migrated. I guess wat he meant was future of pap. Sg my ass!

  5. Too young with no experience unlike Mr. Lee Kuan Yew’s cabinet. He was a man of vision and may he have a long life to mentor this new generation.

    • Lao Ah Pek! said

      I guess you only read his biography huh?! I bet a young punk like you never even lived a life under him yet mesmerized by what he said in his own biography!

    • Lao Ah Pek said

      @Kenny Toong

      Isn’t it a known fact that every famous people had both supporters (bootlicker) and opposer? Only loser like to call people loser! Since you are 65, you must have gone through LKY’s dictator style rule, yet you seem to love it huh! How gullible you are! I feel sorry for you too!

  6. JeoJeo said

    remember mini-bomb? ah heng was the mas chief when the bomb was imported.
    when the bomb exploded, nothing happens to him.
    better still, now he a full minister.
    the moral of the story is, it’s ok to do the wrong thing to sg pple, but make sure u carry the right balls

  7. Richard said

    Now not future twenty years time,if everybody are so clever to predict future why not prepare now daily life.We are collecting wages everyday so we are immedately need
    job to be done right away.World are changing very fast like cost of living are very high in singapore are no.1. Income gap are beyong our reach.

  8. Tan Yan Ren said

    Dear Heng Swee Keat,
    Since you have been very respectful to us i shall reciprocate…but let me explain why these two issues are intertwined and closely related.IF you and the GOVT dont resolve the current issues, there will not be any future because you guys will not be here at the next elections , at least those “big mouth arrogant politicians who called our complaints “NOISE” …an example. This attitude towards their own citizens is SHEER DISRESPECT which the exPresident had shown!!!!SICK

  9. Surprise said

    Another moron, since everyone is saying the future is uncertain, what is there to plan and wish for? Resolve the problem now we are facing and take the future as it comes since we will not know what is going to happen.

    Given up hope on PAP…”

  10. Water too far away cannot put out fire that is too near said

    Is like asking a seriously leaking ship with overload of people what kind of future they want in 20 days time !!! What kind of stupid question is he asking ??? Maybe HSK should ask Syrian President this question !!!

  11. Ren said

    Heng ah! If you are heng, you will see the future of singapore brite…

  12. NaBey said

    Pig head, do u know 20yrs ago, after leaving uni, my starting pay was $2.4k. Hawker centre food $2 average, 5 room hdb $100k, my monthly loan payment only $400!, sbs bus max fare 80cts. Mrt max fare $1.20. Bus and mrt always got seats, room to stand. All roads and expressway no jam! That was the happiest time in my life.
    Now? Engr degree fresh grad, $3k/mth. Hawker food price doubled. Hdb 5x. Bus and mrt sardine packed and no guarantee won’t fail. Expressway installed with traffic light, any moment traffic stall. Pighead, will u be happy? How can u stay here and produce more babies knowing that future is worst?
    20 yrs from now, what do I want is like 20 yrs ago, being a fresh grad, I can save 50% of my salary. Hdb really affordable. Walk on street won’t bump into anyone. Expressways are really express!

    • Achia21 said

      Good points.
      Yesterday’s future is TODAY. First we have to agree whether the past plans have succeeded or not. Govt says it planned well and has delivered. 60% seem to have agreed. But a record 40% disagree.
      if we cannot agree, than how to go forward with a common purpose?
      Govt has to openly welcome suggestions from the 40%. Start by admitting some mistakes and not just keep claiming credit. Credibility goes hand in hand with honesty.

      • solaris8899 said

        well said.
        there is no future without a present solution.
        Dear HSK, you know the present problem is real but why you are focusing in our future than present. Do you think our young people able to fulfil their aspirations given the present sky-rock high cost of HDB and inflation?

    • Independent said

      Ehhh 10 years ago my starting pay as a uni grad is exactly 2.4k and that was already considered quite competitive. How could ur starting salary 20 years ago be 2.4k leh???

      • mel said

        True, I have NTC-2 and ITC certs and my starting pay 20 years ago was 1.7k. My nephew got his Diploma last year and his basic pay now is 1.7k.

  13. Lim said

    I believe Heng is a great admirer of LKY. Aren’t we changing water but not tea leaves? The problem is every govt body wants to make profits – the common man is wringed high and dry from inflated fees and hikes. His CPF monies are withheld as rules are changed at whim to make withdrawal goal posts pushed further. LKY makes threats that we will be replaced by permit holders if we don’t procreate but the very reasons why we are not are because of govt policies of extracting maximum financial damage in every aspect – housing, medical, transport, education, depressed wages as they let in more foreign PMETs. Subsidies are `market-price’ subsidies where they still make profits. The Singapore we want in 20 years has no role for elite leeches and paper scholars who are destroying our vision of a Singapore that is compassionate, less corporate greed, inclusive, cares and protects its own citizens. One stark example tells all – they will hum and haw about giving disabled, non-working poly students subsidised public transport fares – all kinds of excuses about cross-subsidy etc but will give 1.1 billion of tax payers monies to bus companies supposedly to help them keep fares down. Another is BTO flat prices – they have no intention of bringing prices down to affordable levels but will keep harping on how affordable public flats are – that 1k can own a 2-room flat – leaving no money for everything else. Does Heng dare to make public housing for Singaporeans only like before or are some cows too sacred to slaughter? Look at COI on MRT spending a whopping wasteful $10 million – in the end nobody gets punished and the major disruption continues – read NEL power and signal fault – whole day we have snail trains and `out of goodwill’ they provide shuttle buses only in the evenings when the disruption starts in morning. You want change? Get competent people and not ex-paper generals.

  14. Wong said

    Whenever there is any issue , it is important to resolve it as soon as possible , rather than keep taking it until such a point which is beyond the limit , than the consequences can be disastrous .

  15. Ron said

    Is there a good future for Spore in 20 years time? In 1980, one can say Spore had a good future with the Asian Tigers stirring up and there was strong leadership. Despite the social engineering adventures, firm policies propelled Spore up the ranks.

    Then came 1990 and things started to change. Asset enhancement, promise of Swiss standards, etc. were touted as success. Instead of brains and creativity, inflation of asset was used to create the aura of success. That was deceptive. The Asian Financial Crises brought several countries to its knees and Spore property prices collapsed until 2003.

    20 years on and 2010 did not see Spore as being that rosy and cheerful. Instead there were growing anxieties and frustrations over high cost of living, expensive properties etc. Affordability has been deeply eroded. Yes, a small slice of the population prospered but the large majority probably had less disposable wealth.

    Today, Spore is mired in frustration over foreign labor and frequent failures in basic infrastructure and services. Turn back the clock to 1992. Would Spore envisage that 2012 be that unhappy? Now project forward to 2032. What policies are now being launched that will provide the feeling of well-being and prosperity?

    Spore seems to have lost its spark of vibrancy. The buzz is no longer there.

  16. InGodWeTrust,AllOthersPayCash said

    Our highly paid ministers are only good at making motherhood statements, and when you peel the union, you find there is nothing inside. It’s like looking at a girl in bikini – you see everything but yet you see nothing.

  17. P Koh said

    We can plan for the future but the future is never certain and can be changed by external events not necessarily internal ones.
    Living for the future is just not the correct thing to do if you cannot even fix the present. Sort out the Present problems as the problems of the Future may not even present themselves. Never live in the Past as they are now history but just learn from the mistakes that happened then, live for the present and make life easier for all those who are suffering and the future will enfold itself nicely hopefully with some good planning. Twenty years is a really long term and is just not feasible. Plan for the next five years would be a better bet.

  18. MLF said

    If you can’t conceivably envision, vocalise & rationally solve the problems in the Present, HOW in God’s name are you going to foresee what is conceivably needed in the Future! Most of the problems in the Present are FAILINGS of the PAP Government’s short-sighted myopic policies.

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