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SBS Transit reminds commuters: We deployed free shuttle bus services ‘out of goodwill’

Posted by temasektimes on August 18, 2012

Despite inconveniencing many commuters with yet another screw-up causing trains along the Northeast Line to be delayed for more than 30 minutes, SBS Transit remained unrepentant and lavished generous self-praise on its ‘goodwill’ in offering free shuttle buses in the evening.

SBS Transit has come under heavy fire from commuters for mis-reporting on the delay initially as ’15 minutes’ only which turned out eventually to be much longer than that.

Speaking to queries from the media, SBS Transit’s vice president of corporate communications, Tammy Tan, said:

“I think we could have communicated better definitely and we will learn from that. The 15 minutes was an average delay expected but we could have given a better gauge and we will certainly do it better next time round. We do apologise for that.”

Many commuters have also criticized SBS Transit for not deploying free bus services in the morning causing many to turn up late for work and school.

However, SBS Transit reminds them that it is not oblige to activate the free shuttle bus services as there is ‘actually’ a train service running at that time.

“….because of goodwill, SBS Transit decided to deploy free bus shuttles during the evening peak hour to make sure that commuters are inconvenienced unduly,” Tammy Tan said nonchalantly, insinuating that commuters should be ‘grateful’ to SBS Transit instead.

In the meantime, the Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew is nowhere to be heard, seen or found as another ‘major’ train breakdown hit Singapore’s ‘First World’ railway system which has become a laughing stock to the world.


34 Responses to “SBS Transit reminds commuters: We deployed free shuttle bus services ‘out of goodwill’”

  1. Bai Hu said

    SBS = super blood sucker.

  2. Lim said

    A train service which stops every 10-15 minutes every station and takes 1 hour to reach end to end is as good as no service. There should be full activation of free shuttle buses. These money profiteering leeches sure know how to play the loopholes to stinge on expenses despite another cock-up and humungous inconvenience to public. Of course it is the naughty power equipment or track fault or signalling fault – all the dead things’ fault and never their human fault. Maybe also blame the ghosts from hell on 7th month first day when gates of Hades open and NEL fail to appease these hungry spirits!! Lui is needless to say – nowhere to be seen or heard while all the ruckus is going on and will only coming out when calm is restored to make his 2-cents worth of innocuous statement but still sitting tightly on his transport minister seat and enjoying his million dollar pay check – .

  3. Naivety said

    Another case of poor maintenance regime with inadequate or no corrective & preventive maintenance at all!!!

  4. sad commuter said

    This is the problem of monopoly, somemore this company own by you know who.

    • Naivety said

      What’s so surprising even our Sinkapore island is governed by a sole & single monopolistic govt party known as the “Pro-Alien Party” & that’s why they could get away easily & freely after making all those dysfunctional & flawed policies & somemore, they put the blame squarely & entirely on us, native Singaporeans for everything that went wrong for example, low fertility rate…which is why pappies need to import FTs into Sinkapore’s shore by the millions (2 to 3 mil) to compensate for it!!!

      Many thanks to the daft & naive 60.1% of native Sillyporeans during GE 2011…I hope their children, grandchildren & future descendants will suffer the same impact as us!!!!!

      • S'porean also Aust PR said

        I am those 39.9% who will not “sit there and die”. My children and I will not suffer with those daft or/and ignorant 60.1% as I have already got another exit route for my whole family after GE2011.

      • You said that you will not “sit there and die”. Let me show you the cold, hard reality. There is absolutely NO reason for each and every one of us to exist. We are all here waiting to die.

      • who die said

        Only S’poreans with no PR in other countries will be waiting here to die if major crisis happened unless still have national reserve left to draw down?

      • Naivety said

        National reserve…still have balance & orts left meh & who can verify??

        Anybody knows how much & how many billions have been squandered away by both GIC & Temasek Holdings through reckless investments???

  5. Goodwill? said

    Out of goodwill? Can LTA, MOT or even SBS clarify what is the service quality standard and mandatory services that public transport operators ought to provide in case of service breakdowns and failures? Are the shuttle buses provision during breakdowns and disruptions a goodwill gesture to commuters? The moment commuters swipe their cards and pass the gantry, board the bus etc, does it not constitute a contract between the commuters and public transport operators? Goodwill?
    We had a massive failure previously that resulted in a COI. SBS did not learn from the experience of the previous breakdown? MOT and LTA did not share the multi million dollars COI findings with SBS?
    The misinformation of the length of the delay – what trust can we placed on these public transport operators? Remember their top management is paid million dollars salaries with fat bonuses beyond the wildest dream of the common folks who rely on public transport. A genuine mistake?

  6. Singaporean said

    It is NOT out of goodwill, SBS Transit. It is your DUTY. Stop making it sound like the public owes you because you went the extra mile. Remember that Singaporeans didn’t want a private bus company. Singaporeans needs a trusty NON-PROFIT public transport system that serves every Singaporean. We want Singapore to run like clock-work. And the backbone of this is a reliable and top quality transportation system, it be air, road or MRT/LRT. It’s not too much to ask.

  7. And these words came from the PR dept… ha ha… Worse statement would have been uttered from the non PR people there….

  8. Kokky said

    1. Why is the free bus services a goodwill rather than a given? What is the standard operating procedures? Only provide bus services in the event of total breakdown? And not provide when the trains are expected to be delayed more than an hour? How about the free bus services at designated bus stops near MRT stations, why aren’t they being activated? Is it because it is too much OVERHEADS? Are you providing PUBLIC transport or more concerned about profits and loss?

    2. Have the transport companies really learnt nothing from the previous incident in Dec to handle this incident? It seems from news report that there is still a lot of improvements to be made.

    3. Frankly speaking – In terms of transport…
    a. Who is happy with the public transport in terms of very very infrequent bus services + constant disruption in train services.
    b. Who is happy with the atrociously priced and superbly complex fare structure of taxi services
    c. Who is happy with the ridiculous high prices of COE + high fuel prices + ERP.
    ^ if all 3 nobody happy, then what is the Ministry of Transport doing?

    • Naivety said

      Sit in big cozy office & shake legs daily and collect fat salaries monthly as well as big bonuses yearly lah!!
      They feel like as if we, COS owe them a living just like the Pro-Alien Party govt!!!

  9. i say what i think only said

    ya everything is goodwill, bestowed to us by the higher beings. public transport is not a given, it is god gift to peasant

  10. NaBey said

    Out of goodwill, I continue live in Singapore paying taxes to feed the CB ministers. Lui Tuck Yew? I think he BO LUI to take Bus and MRT to check on them liao.

  11. dog of the dogs said

    FUC U cracking his head, thinking of new excuses.

  12. stevenadosan said

    Everytime incidents happen, they will say “we will certainly do it better the next time” Why such bullshit? Since itis not under obligation to activate free bus service,let other company who can run better to do it. So, what is our Liu minister going to say about it?

  13. Fox said

    Out of goodwill???

    Have you been to Japan and see how their public transport works, losers?

    we are really tucked by those tucking narrow minded frogs in a well.

  14. unknown said

    SMRT, You maintanace of MRT has failed the commuters and caused very disruptive inconveniences to the public. You ought to be ashamed of yourself for your failure and calling the arrangement of free public transport of good will? IT IS YOUR DUTY TO BRING IN FREE PUBLIC TRANSPORT TO RECTIFY THE BREAKDOWN ISSUE!!! Dun give us crap excuses!!!

  15. U better appreciate ok ? said

    This Tammy spokeswoman is having too good a life, for too long she is sitting in the air-con office & now can talk big liao. What she is saying is SBS is doing commuters a favour, SBS reserve the right NOT to provide such FREE shuttle bus service !!!

  16. SBS Transit, you better wake up your idea said

    Everyone, read my thread:

  17. solaris8899 said

    yet to hear comments from our Mr L.

  18. sure or not! said

    out of goodwill, PAP let you vote for them.

  19. Goodwill? SBS Transit is OBLIGED to provide shuttle services.

  20. Exaggerated said

    “because of goodwill”………….what has the world become now? Even after screwing up the transport system, SBS Transit is saying they are doing this out of goodwill? Not because they are trying to do their best for service recovery for the inconvenience caused?

    Even the state transport has this kind of mentality, it is no wonder service standards has been deteriorating. What is all this “GO the EXTRA MILES” (GEMS) the government has been promoting about?

    It is pretty infuriating to hear this. Just like the saying goes, “light travels faster than sound, you appear bright until you speak!”.

    • Naivety said

      Excellent & well said…Exaggerated

      Unfortunately, SBS Transit, our world class transportation service provider takes the cue from our malfunctioning Pro-Alien Party govt what…what to do?

      Just like our Pro-Alien Party govt after implementing all the flawed & dysfunctional policies such as stop at 2 (family planning), graduate mother priority registration scheme, massive over influx of FTs/FWs, etc (I could go on & on as there are simply too many flawed policies to be fully listed here) resulting in our infrastructure to be overloaded & many native Singaporeans to be displaced of good jobs by these foreign trash & false/fake talents, high & escalating HDB Flat prices & other severe repercussions & yet the Pappigs refuse to admit their mistake & oversight instead they had blatantly & squarely put the entire blame onto us, COS that the over influx of FTs/FWs was because of our low TFR (Total Fertility Rate)…how absurd!!!

  21. Mirror said

    maybe you should start counting how much percentage of the singapore population is counting on your low maintenance transport, how much you paid for your highly paid monthly salary from the contriibution of people staying in SINGAPORE. Start REFLECTING on how you bloody go abt with your maintenance Quality, problems come accumulatives not by luck. How do you answers to your customers who took your transport from SBS since the very first time they take a Bus for so many years, JUZ A WORD OF SORRY TO CEASE YOUR PROBLEM? THE monetary you got fined for didn’t goes to a single customers pocket, they went to the govt. Is SBS Founded as a company to Answer to the govt or to your customers? Time to get your company direction right!!!

    So What do you define by “GOODWILL”? If SBS goes on strikes, creating a nation Chaos, does it not stand as a threat to the nation? It’s customer service to follow up for your mistakes. Getting high up in the managment does not means not understanding the needs of the people below. You are a service provider so think like one, and not think of how to spend your money end of the month when your high salary gets debited into your bank acct.

  22. justathought said

    This not goodwill. Goodwill meaning doing something out of nothing.

    We pay for your service, as long as we pay for our destination and you fail to provide, u have to compensate. Not goodwill.

    It is a must to run extra mile.

  23. True Blue Sinkie said


  24. Barnabas Di Xanxus L' Dante said

    So SMRT is saying its very generous of them to provide the aid when they are suppose to do this. In other context it will be like a airline company providing lifejackets when there is a problem with the plane out of good will.

  25. Henry said

    Such arrogance!

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