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Designing a quality life in Singapore doesn’t need a lot of money

Posted by temasektimes on August 19, 2012

Companies are inherently designed to squeeze as much out of you they can get away with. It’s in the nature of corporate business, even the good, well-intentioned employers. There is no doubt that this can be daunting, because you might be saying, “Bloody hell, Fahren! Cars & houses are so expensive, government bring in all these foreigners. Now you are telling me to stop blaming the government & control my destiny?” And I understand, how that can be daunting.

One of the reasons why you might feel suffering is that we are surrounded by people who seem to be doing much better than you, you find it unfair, be it the high salaries of MPs, or the affluent foreigners. But my point is, the small things in life matter, if you care to fine tune your definition of quality living .

Controlling your destiny doesn’t mean dramatic financial breakthrough. With the smallest investment in the right places, you better appreciate the small delights in your life.

My brother Henry, & his wife Yvonne, take turns to pick up their son & daughter, Jonathan & Cheryl, at the school gates, & walk together with them home. Along the way, Henry will joke with them, sometimes buy something to eat or drink & they share it together. He hasn’t done anything spectacular like bringing them to Disneyland, or bought them Xbox, but the kids love him very much & make very touching cards during his birthday & Father’s Day, to say how much they love him.

I think a more thoughtful and balanced definition of life doesn’t require a lot of money to achieve. Henry has read this article, & being a lower middle income earner with two kids to raise, he says that he TOTALLY agrees with me. Rather than taking stock of your so-called “miserable existence” in Singapore, you need to be realistic. Designing a quality life doesn’t necessarily require spending lots of money.

I’m past 30, & my current salary is SGD1,600 per month & I don’t own a car either. But I don’t believe in angering yourself over all these external circumstances, I think constructing a quality life within your current means, & preserving your sanity is more important than anything else. I think you can go further & gain more mileage in life this way, than the wishful thinking that a change in government will make your life more tolerable.

What I mean by controlling your destiny, is to design your outlook in life, such that you celebrate what is good in life. There are lots of wonderful people (friends/family), places & experiences around us, if you care to take notice. And if you set your eyes only on those so-called “unfair” policies, then no wonder some of you are grumpy & miserable. Because it’s bad enough, not getting what you want (but don’t really need), but it’s even worse to keep moaning about external circumstances and find out at the end of it all, you are still unhappy/dissatisfied somehow.

In fact, we have plenty to be grateful for in terms of the advances in internet computing & social networking, etc. We now have the tools & gadgets that have brought us the conveniences that our forefathers could never have imagined. Perennially complaining against the government & foreigners may bring solace & comfort to you, but once you let this behavior become second nature, it starts to prevent you from ever truly enjoying your life.



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  1. Singapore Cock said

    Written by a Papie

    • GT said

      Either Fahren is lying, or he lives in a one room flat.

      His parents must be healthy because he does not need to pay their medical bills.

      His parents are happily employed 80 year olds because he does not have to support them.

      He comes from a desert country because he happily cannot even afford to use the air con.

      He has a simple mind because all he needs is to be his employer’s tool to get rich from cradle to grave.

  2. cc chia said

    If that is the case, Fahren, why then, are the PAP ministers paying themselves millions?
    Shouldn’t they walk the talk and pay themselves instead, the market rate (compared to PMs and Presidents worldwide, rather than being the most expensive civil servants on this planet)?

    Also, when you say that “Companies are inherently designed to squeeze as much out of you they can get away with. It’s in the nature of corporate business, even the good, well-intentioned employers.”, you have obviously not worked for, or are not familiar with world class businesses and companies who have fair and employee oriented compensation and HR policies. You need to open your eyes and be more exposed to countries where free market and democracy are normal, rather than be cooped up in this little red dot, where state monopoly and fascist dictatorship have an iron grip on the peasants.

    • Independent said

      You also need to open ur eyes to the social problems other countries are facing due to their free market and democracy. I believe in a more balanced view. Complain is one thing. Not taking control of ur life is another. By voting for the opposition and complaining online abt the govt may not get u what u want if that’s all that u do. Everybody wishes for lower housing costs and lower coe etc. Me too! But that’s not all that I do. I worked hard and smart to get ahead of others and like fahren, I create my own definition of quality of life. To him $1.6k a mth is enuf. To me, my current 6k is enuf tho I know it will continue to increase as I progress further but I also hope to spend time with family so 6k it shall be. And bcos I’m doing well in my own definition, I’m not disgruntled abt how much the ministers are receiving for their pay. I just know its not an easy job and I’ll not want to be one despite that astronomical monetary reward.

      • G said

        Right… it must be difficult for them to keep screwing up the public transport system due the the massive overload placed on the infrastructure due to lax immigartion policies.

        It must be hard to pocket their obscene salaries to prevent corruption while depressing wages of normal Singaporeans. I mean, can u imagine their guilt?

        Poor babies. Give them a pacifier and milk bottle, paid for by our CPF and Medisave funds that we cannot touch and have no idea whether they still exists.

    • Singapuraboi said

      Well said

  3. NaBey said

    Hey call me urgent! I think u can be the next kong hee! I will sponsor u! Since$1600 is enough for u, the rest profit I keep OK? I will give u 2 ndp tickets every year as bonus.

  4. Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

    “Designing a quality in life” by having more kids is always the issue here in Singapore. I don’t know how many the writer of this post currently have and I am also sure it’s easy to talk. The ruling government is insisting Singaporeans have more kids and I know if we go with that, quality in life will be compromised. I had my first kid in 1988, the second in 1992 and I said to myself, let’s stop it here. No more! I am fifty today and know for a fact with or without this posting by our learned writer, I have already the carved out a great design in quality for my family and me. I do not complaint about our ruling government though it’s only right for citizens not to simply sit on the fence and accept whatever is thrown at them. Please let us know not about your present design quality but the design quality in the comming years when you choose to have more children, not necessarily with your present $1600 pay a month, but a $2500 pay a month. I will listen to you then my learned friend.

  5. wilson said

    Because you are pathetic. You fail to get what you deserve, better. Making ‘noble’ excuses so you can run away from the problem.

  6. Boi said

    i’m here to speak on the perspective of gen school today, there is so much emphasis on doing well academically, and success in education is often related to better career prospects which pays more. the issue at hand is whether singaporean students who work hard in school to attain a degree can be contented with earning 1.6k a month. when an individual works hard in school and invests money in education, it is natural for the individual to have higher expectations in terms of earning power when he or she enters workforce. hence , it is realistic to assume that companies offering jobs to such individuals will have to offer them a decent enough starting pay for them. if they fail to do so, they may end up not having a qualified enough individual to work for them. the large influx of foreigners, however has disrupted and lowered salary expectations of the same job. this is because a foreigner who is academically qualified as a local is usually willing to work for a much lower pay.the onus should be on the ruling party to regulate the number of foreigners to such a level where the salary expectations of locals can be met, yet at the same time maximising the economic output of foreign talent. this present shortcoming by the current pro foreigner policy of the ruling party only raises disatisfaction of the locals with the present government since they now have to compete with a more competitive workforce who are willing to work for less than them. should this continue, there may be consequences we do not want to see.

  7. Public Eyes said

    A balanced and happy life would need a lot of help from society to stand up and frown upon materialism than celebrate it gloriously as the epitome of success.

    I do think that excessive consumerism is a huge culprit in making people feel inadequate or unhappy with their lives. When you have people who flaunt their wealth and spend the amount of Fahren’s entire month’s salary on a pair of shoes or on an expensive meal and boast on Instagram or Facebook, the less able will feel less fortunate, and more disgruntled. We all lead very varied lives and are blessed with many things, although different. The more fortunate should know that it is very bad taste to flaunt their wealth in full view of the less fortunate. The more fortunate should show humility and share some normality of life that the less fortunate can identify with, and help them feel more secure.

    • Independent said

      Its all abt self-discipline. While I agree with u, I doubt we can control the media or spread of consumerism. It’s human nature to compare and it’s right to compete and improve ourselves or be contented with the less. What is ugly here are Singaporeans who complain incessantly abt this and that without attempting to take control of their lives.

  8. lee fu*k you said

    dun talk cock.

    the indignation felt by the masses when the gov pay themselves millions,look after their own whilst telling the ppl to “control” their destiny,economic survival and at the same time produce enough babies to ensure pap still has their grip on political power is one thing that can never be quelled until pap is kicked out of parliament for good.

    don’t give us the talk that we are the masters of our destiny and crap like that.

    pap created this whole horsecrap and now they are laying the blame on the ppl and expect the ppl to comply with their horsecrap polices to solve their problem????

    its like telling you to run like the wind while tying both your feet and hands.

    to the person who wrote this article,when u are running like the wind with your hands and feet tied,,please dun be afraid to step up and come lead by example.i am sure raising 2 kids with 1.6k a mth is oh so easy and a breeze.

    • Independent said

      If u don’t believe u r the master of ur destiny then basically u r allowing urself to be a puppet to those pappies whom u loathe. So in short, that makes u a supporter.

  9. Uneducated said

    The writer is the typical 60% who voted for the present state. You are considered lucky you still have a $1600 job, presumably as a technician or officer from some gov or stat board. The writer is obviously oblivion of his fellow country men who are jobless or risk being jobless by the present policies. And the rest of the 40% are fighting hard to ensure he still be able to keep his $1600 job. what a dumb prick. Wake up lah!!!!

  10. Sinkie said

    You sound like Gandhi or The Dalai Lama, the govt wishes everybody else were like you, and someday they might even give you the Nobel Peace Prize… which will bring great glory to the govt, and in their wisdom they might equate it to an Olympic Gold & give you $1mil, which of course will be of little use to you…. at that moment, please call me, and I will be glad to relieve you of the burden 😉

  11. Shawn said

    Dear Sir,Quality of Life also includes an element called “Aspiration”.Aspiration is what that drives the human spirit and innovation.Would you not want to go to Harvard instead of NUS/NTU? Would you not want to eat at Manhattan Fish more often than at the local food centre? Would you not want live in a condominium with amenities(if given a choice) rather than in a HDB unit? Would you not want to work in Apple/Microsoft/Google or would you prefer just Ah Beng Inc.? It all boils down to Aspirations that drive innovations like the iPhone,the Internet Mercedes Benz and Boeing.But sadly “Aspirations” need lots of money and $1600 per month doesn’t cut it in Singapore.
    Tell you what,next elections tell the $million ministers not to come around BEGGING,I REPEAT BEGGING (like the imposter Buddhist monks going around with their begging bowls but with a an iPhone tucked under their robes) for my votes and fuelling my “aspirations” for a better quality of life for me and my family and I’ll even settle for less than $1600.Ok?……Otherwise shut the fcuk up,moron.

    • Aspiration is a very dangerous thing. Many people have been killed, horribly maimed, seriously injured or they dropped dead because they have hopes and dreams. If one goes to the National Archives and researches thousands of pages of old newspaper reports, he will have enough data to compile a statistic. One that will reveal a trend. A trend that will not end. A trend that reveals the number of people who were killed in road accidents, drownings, freak accidents, murder and disease, and the fact that they all have big plans and ambitions.
      This trend will also show why those who have no aspirations are still alive and walking here today; the main reason is that they have no reason to be at the scene of the accident in the first place.

  12. Fahren, lesson number 1 you should learn here. Unless people pays you or ask you to teach them how to live a contended and happy life, do not waste your precious time and resourcefulness to pen this down and hoping those grumbler will be inspired by your written thoughts.
    Save it for your own children and love ones instead. There are plenty of unhappy, dissatisfied individuals out there to motivate and help.
    Concentrate all your thoughts, energy and experience on how to make a better living for yourself and children and save yourself the insults from the netizens. When they realized you are earning a below average salary, no one will take you seriously.

    • raymond said

      I agree no one will take this Fahren seriously when they realised he is earning below average salary.

      He is like a PSLE student who scored below the national average and trying to dispense advice to fellow students how they can control their destiny…………

      • Independent said

        I think it’s the mindset of these complaining kings and queens. Give them someone who earns above average salary and they’ll assume u r born rich, lucky, an FT in disguise or of a better generation. Worse, they will think u r arrogant and not sparing a thought for the ‘poor’ by telling them to work hard and smart and take control of their own destinies.

  13. Normal people cannot do it, and most of us are normal people! said

    Normal people cannot do it, and most of us are normal people!

    talk or write is easier, be practical! You are living in such a society and you want to behave in other way? It is possible for special people to do it, but normal people cannot do it, bear in mind most of us is normal people.

  14. Ah Q reincarnate…

  15. Richard said

    U are lucky to have $1,600 per month.If u have two kid + two parent see are u happy in your life due to high cost of living in singapore.Talk always is easy like ABC.We need true fact daily life,I am in this shoe for few years before both parent past aways when I am taking home wgaes of $1,200.Ang after 40+ my wages drop $1,000 as a deliveryman in 2003.

  16. Ah Q is good… for the foundation masses that make up a population… too many, and productivity will drop because, quality of life means not always going that extra mile… and that extra mile only can give if it’s by the way, and not eating into your quality of life… 🙂

    and so it’s a downward spiral… productivity falls, government try to up it again with MORE productive and no life foreign talent… and promotions, bonus, etc. Ah Q will get the minimum if he is within the ‘curve’… else bottom, and no bonus for you.

    But Ah Q will stil be happy…not he alone no bonus… there are others like him also no bonus… pure Ah Q…

  17. Independent said

    Very well said. You are one of the rare few Singaporeans who have the right mindset to take control of ur destiny. High EQ indeed will get u far! 🙂

    • G said

      You mean resign himself to being a lowly minion, yeah? Sounds about right.

      • Independent said

        Take the right leaf fr his book! No one is asking u to be happy with 1.6k salary. Focus on the key MSG to take control of ur own destiny. That’s more impt.

      • gary said

        Don’t you think It is alot easier to control my destiny when I put in place a govt that works for me and my fellow singaporeans and not a govt that behaves like it is the indisputable master ?

        This is what I call thinking smart….of course not forgetting to work smart in one’s job.

  18. Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

    Dear Fahren,
    Your brother, Henry, would also be moaning more openly today about the government if he had listened to the government’s constant plea for young couples here to have more than 2 kids. That explains why he stopped at 2 i guess. I really don’t know about you, my learned friend, but have you already started a family of your own with your meagre 1600 a month pay in Singapore? Or are you holding yourself back just because you don’t want to moan about the government in case 1600 is a very low income for a married person? Please control your moaning as much as you want. I never moaned about our government in all my 50 years here. That’s not important. What’s important is the thousands of other Singaporeans who strongly feel that our ruling government can sincerely do much more than what they are doing to help them (the people). And you know what? I do feel for my countrymen and respect them even more when they voice up. Many are silently struggling with low incomes and financial burdens which just keeps mounting. People have a right to moan and to moan about government negativities is not a crime anywhere on this planet. Please stay happy with your 1600 monthly income as you are a contended person. Unfortunately, not all of us Singaporeans are the contended type like you. I do agree the government has to do much better than this!

    • sexyboy said

      Den if u are not contented, u cant blame the gov, its ur own doing, its because u are greedy

      • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

        Not Greedy my boy! I am hungry! Unlike Fahren! It has been my hunger for making it amongst you FTs that has brought me to my present, successful destination. In your case, Sexyboy, please only say what you have to say when it is necessary. Not say something for the sake of saying something. Very smelly lah when you fart like this. We all can smell where the bahu comming from. LOL.

  19. rolento said

    SGD1600 in singapore is enough? i would be a fool to not think this writer is hired by the PAP to write this

    • roland said

      the writer could be working for Tharman who proclaimed sporeans earning $1,000 pm can afford to buy a HDB flat.

      i can easily appeal to 1000 sporeans to donate a dollar each per month and sponsor Tharman to show everyone on the island how he can do so with $1,000 pm.

      • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

        Let me know if u need my one buck contribution. Sure will support for a good cause.

  20. no wonder he called us daft said

    May be 1.6k is still enough for a single person who need not support his/her parents.
    If not sorry to say that what you said here is just trying to make yourself feel better only.
    We dun exploit people but we dun let people exploit us. The most daft people is to let people exploited already yet still say not exploited.

  21. TAP said

    I think what Fahren intends to say is that we can be happy despite the surroundings. That does not mean that the people should not demand improvement in their lives.

    By complaining everyday and focusing on the negatives, we just make ourselves miserable. If we appreciate the positives while recognising the negatives, we can still live a reasonably happy life and still demand changes.

    Complaining alone does not make much difference. Why don’t you channel those strong negative emotions to actions that could make a difference?

  22. sexyboy said

    U singaporeans shld be contented like this enlightened gentleman writing this article, if u singaporeans got no talents and ambitions to make alot of money, u cant begrudge others from doing so…nobody owes u a living, ur gov aready help u all lazy bugggers alot aredy, what else u all want, give u singaporean parasites 10k a month den u all are satisfied?

    • Independent said

      Agree. In sg, everyone has equal opportunities to be educated unlike other countries. But if they are insensible and rather be contented with passes in sch, ok with ITE or at most a diploma in life, how can they blame the govt. those with degree may be book smart but can’t work in reality. This also blame govt? What a joke!

      • Bading Sexyboy also said

        Pinoy fuck you “no talents”, “no ambitions”, “lazy”, “parasites” – you also agree. Yes, don’t blame govt, blame your parents.

  23. Singapuraboi said

    I don’t dispute that I can live decently on little. I have done so and that is cos I am single bit I have become rather anti social as I m unable to join my frens for outings as I can’t even afford it. How then to network for my real estate job when I can’t even join frens for drinks? I have to politely decline giving all kinds of excuse but that’s ok. But if u have wives or kids whose friends living it up, wouldn’t u feel like u have failed them somehow how especially of they come up and ask for something like an iPad that everyone in school has. Even with no kids I can understand that of I am a parent and husband I want to ensure that my family has some creature comforts. Wives r adults so they too know how to answer. But kids can be victims of cruel kids who’d laugh at them for being poor. As a parent I would want to ensure I protects child from such potential exposures. I can’t even afford an iPad for work and colleagues and managers have insensitively told me to get one cos it is more professional and now customers expect us to have one. Or they tell me to get with the times and be IT savvy and also said that is perhaps one reason I am not doing well cos I don’t have an iPad. I now simply tell them I have no money and do u think they’d feel bad n shut up. NO! They feel I m making them feel bad and stupid and I get told off more for not being serious about my work and not prioritizing my expenses. If I as an adult am facing such insensitivitiea imagine a child.

    As a son, I want to give a comfortable life for my parents. While they don’t say anything I know they feel sad that my life is rough. Everyday they tell me they pray to God to help me with my business. I fell like I have let them down. When they were younger and working, they could raise me and take care of my grand parents now locals r not only getting retrenched but govt is going on a campaign to say that FTs r better than locals. How to find work? My job is like being self employed and my working capital is very high. I have to weigh the pros and cons to throw a newspaper ad for a unit i m marketing and putting food on the table. Although an ad does not cost much, I can at least feeds self and family for a couple of days. The house is falling into disrepair and neighbors r saying that I m unfilial for letting my parents live in such conditions. One neighbour even lectured me on filial piety. Doesn’t anybody know that I know what filial peity is? As much as I hurt inside, I have to smile and bear it. It is the Chinese neighbours that e most nasty about making feel bad about this. I fear my parents falling sick and I can’t even pay for their hospital bills or worse, if they pass on, I won’t be able to give them a decent funeral. Imagine how terrible I feel already without anyone else giving me added pressures. Every night I pray to God to give my parents good health and long life. I work very hard and just m not making the money.

    I m sad that I m not married cos I don’t think I can afford to n I don’t want my in laws to feel that I m not taking care of their daughter. Which parent want to see their child live in misery. I have a colleague who is recently married and he pretends he has a full time job and goes out to ‘work’ everyday. His wife has to low to her parents that my colleague has a full time job. When they found out they were unsympathetic and added stress on the marriage by saying insensitive remarks that his wife should have married the other guy who has lots of money and live in a landed house. This makes my colleague go into depression. We all try to live life within our means but many don’t live our lives just for ourselves. We r sons and fathers and husbands and we all live our live for someone whether we like it or not.

    • Independent said

      Be a property or insurance agent and of cos be the best. My fren has done it and live a better life than me tho she’s not a grad. There are opportunities out there. It’s whether u want to chiong for it with that thick skin.

  24. choochootrain said

    I want you to relook at your statement 10 years later. You will laugh at yourself. I was 30 years old once.

  25. ken said

    Fahren is like a cow with ring to his nose or a dog with a collars… u r such ua seless coward that listens to pap.

    • beef eater said

      the cow with ring on the nose has no choice, but Fahren has a choice.
      even sadder, Fahren thinks he is smart.

  26. Ron said

    I cannot follow the logic of this article. Today, $1600 is very low income for the high cost of living. It is all right if you can console yourself that you are doing all right and bear with the hardships. What happens if a medical emergency arises? What happens if you lose your income?

    Spore has no safety net. And as you are above 30, your chances of rising higher in the income bracket diminishes as you get older. Obviously you are not a degree holder. And the type of work you do may be easily replaced by a cheaper foreigner.

    Do not be complacent. Spore is far from being a paradise. You have no safety net when you reach your 50s. I wish you good health and success.

    • seah said

      for what u earn if you want to be rich and have finer thing in life for you and your family have to visit the Casino more often.Born poor is not your mistake But Die poor is your stupid Mistake’

  27. John said

    North koreans who are deluded are also very happy

  28. To allow “Unfair” policies to rule a country for the sake of the country, will spiral down this country into a “Them & The Rest” syndrome.
    Where the rich will start raising their parameter fences keeping themselves apart from the rest of the population in the name of Economics.
    But what it really is…… is “Wealth Creation” for themselves (the rich).

    Now what I feel is needed, is to look at the kind of Investors we are attracting.
    Now what I see are “Bottom-Feeder Investors” who feeds on it’s own employees
    in the name of “Restructuring” to “Reward” themselves (the rich) rather then to find better marketing strategies.
    These so called “Bottom-Feeders” only concerns are bottom-lines and profits.
    They don’t give a damn about the social injustice that they are creating or have created.
    These Bottom-Feeder Investors only thinks for themselves
    and are legally blackmailing our government to “Listen” or… “Or else” we’ll move out!!!!
    I’m not saying that this government is innocent. They allowed it to happen.

    The government needs to move away from this syndrome. It won’t be easy and it will be a long process.
    We need to attract more Socially Responsible Investors who not only thinks of profits but ones who have a “Heart”
    for a caring society. An investor who is people friendly, having a heart for it’s employees, values family life.
    If what I said above can be looked into, you will not only solve our economy, it will also solve our population issues.

    Basically, what we all want is “Fair Wage” and “Time” not “Overtime”.
    With this we can have Happy Families which becomes Happy Society which becomes Happy Country.

    • Independent said

      Lol. U want it cheap and gd. No wonder FTs replace us easily. They are indeed cheap in labour costs and can work overtime.

      • ong said

        Do you agree with DotSeng ?

        I also want cheap and good ministers. So far the PAP led govt are damn bloody expensive and no bloody good. Time to import foreign talents to replace them as well. What say you ?

      • Independent,

        What are you talking about? Where are you coming from? Can you read or not? I’m on your side dummy.
        I am talking about the way this government is running things. Please take your time and slowly read my comment.
        You are taking things out of context. Read through all of it.

        It is people like you who read and don’t understand and anyhow whack.
        You are whacking people who are on your side.


      • Independent said

        I’m referring to ur last paragraph on fair wage and hrs and not overtime. Life is not a bed of roses. We can’t choose our fair wage and hrs we hope to put into.

      • Hey Independent, thanks for the reply and your clarity.

        I agree with you that life is not a bed of roses.
        But devaluing and suppressing wages in the name of “Restructuring”
        for their own rewards is exploitation.
        In a first world nation this is illegal.

        I don’t know if you have worked in a developed nation before,
        if you have, you should know what I mean.

        Here is my take…

        We are a first world nation. I guess we both can agree on this. Meaning, we are hiding behind the hood of being a “Developed Nation.”
        Being developed, why aren’t we having labor laws that befits a developed nation?
        Other than Japan, which has a pension plan for it’s workers,
        We are the only developed nation that has…
        1. No minimum wage
        2. Has an overtime culture

        Life in Singapore is centered around work. This is a sad state of affair.
        That is the reason why we are not making enough babies.
        For this to work, a citizen needs time and money to live life
        It should not be a life of Work-Time and low wage.

        Once again, thank you for replying 🙂

  29. Carmen said

    Ok cool. Going this way, if everyone should “construct a quality life with curren means” and “control your destiny”, tell that to the African kids who were born with AIDS, multiple forms of malnutrition and basically no way out of Africa that they should be happy they even have garbage and dung to rummage through for food. Go ahead, I dare you.

    Without people to complain and push the government, singapore might as well join the ranks of north Korea where citizens generally have no say in how the country is rule. It is our social responsibility as citizens to voice out what we feel. If no one complained that trains were breaking down, wld anything be done to rectify it? No. If no one complained that there weren’t enough houses, wld more be built? No.

    Besides, how does complaining lead to a decrease in the enjoyment of life? We are not stupid. I think most of us know that life is good here compared to so many other places. But that shouldn’t stop you from wanting improvements. If you’re happy with your 1.6k salary, by all means. Don’t bother asking for more pay. But also, don’t regret the day when fare hikes, gas hikes, tax hikes, property hikes etc leave you high and dry. Be glad cos at least its going into someone else’s pockets.

  30. dotseng said

    If you dont need alot of money to have a great quality of life in Singapore. then why in hell do you need to pay civil servants and ministers millions of dollars?

    Don’t you think this is a contradiction in terms?

    Sarkness 2012/

    PS: At least try to pretend to make sense lah!

  31. dannik said

    garmen tell me to strive to be above average ley………

    i daresay, while fahren is undoubtedly contented with his lifestyle and livelihood, it is far below mediocre. by LSH’s standards, unacceptable.

    for one, i don’t get what the government wants. first, LSH tells us (quote) “If we are content to just be above average in the league of cities, we will fail.” And then they tell us to be content with what we have, because what we have is ‘very good already’.

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