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Dr Chee Soon Juan launches book to raise funds to discharge his bankruptcy

Posted by temasektimes on August 19, 2012

Singapore’s opposition leader and Secretary-General of the Singapore Democratic Party Dr Chee Soon Juan has launched his latest book ‘Democratically Speaking’ to raise funds to discharge his bankruptcy.

Dr Chee was bankrupted via a series of lawsuits launched by PAP leaders in 2006 and was unable to contest in the 2006 and 2011 General Election as a result.

Though he is not in parliament, Dr Chee is instrumental in raising public awareness of Singapore’s draconian laws suppressing human rights, far more than the elected ‘opposition’ whose pro-PAP MPs have earn the ire of disgruntled Singaporeans lately for not daring to speak up.

Dr Chee has published many books and is well respected in the West as a prominent Human Rights fighter in Singapore, in stark contrast to another long-term opposition MP who does nothing to advance democracy in Singapore other than put up a ‘wayang kulit’ together with the ruling party to lend a veneer of legitimacy to its autocratic rule.

Get the book at:

Kinokuniya: Ngee Ann City, Bugis Junction and Liang Court
Times: Tampines 1, Paragon, Centrepoint, Jelita, Jurong Point
Select Books: 51, Armenian Street
Books Actually: 9, Yong Siak Street
Precious Words: #01-03, 16 Collyer Quay
Prologue: #04-16, ION Orchard

Watch the book launch at the Substation on 5 August below which was NOT attended by any ‘opposition’ MPs who are aligned to the PAP:


46 Responses to “Dr Chee Soon Juan launches book to raise funds to discharge his bankruptcy”

  1. Mike Zeng said

    A real breakthrough with SPH allowing this most hard-hitting of Chee’s books to be sold at all Times’ bookstores. They have never allowed any of his prev books to be sold in their stores before. What a shocker! Better for the printer to prepare for reprints very soon….this hot expose will be a runaway best-seller for sure. It is one of my can’t-put-down books…

    • Sinkie said

      Maybe they want to sue him afterwards for some humongous sum again?
      Or maybe they think the sheep are so well domesticated that nothing will change??

    • Sinkie said

      And they also let Dr Chia Thye Poh out… maybe come 2016 sheeple will open their eyes & do the right thing?

  2. Amanda Hug said

    Amusing how tt aligns itself with a crazy man

    • Seraphim said

      If standing up against the PAP and fighting for our rights and welfare is considered crazy, then Singapore really need more crazy people like him.

      • Amanda Hug said

        Yet you don’t show the same affection for the WP which do the same thing

        Mod’s note:

        How can you compare the efforts of Dr Chee to the ‘Wayang Party’ whose sole purpose of existence is to keep the PAP in power forever?

      • Seraphim said

        Amanda, what affection are you trying to hint me to show?

    • poona said

      even more musing to know there are people stupid enough to believe he is crazy.
      that’s why the PAP buggers love you, they know their propaganda can only succeed with stupid people.

      Mod’s note:

      The PAP’s ‘B’ team aka the ‘Wayang Party’ also believes the PAP propaganda which is why its leaders have been keeping a distance from Dr Chee.

      • lyv2dy said

        Poona, very well said. This is why an old evil one snears at Singaporeans and some ignorant FTs like Amanda and labelled them ‘DAFTs’ for being constantly deceived by lies and thinking these are hard truths.

    • Talk is cheap said

      Pls prove that he is a crazy man.
      If not STFU.

  3. raja said

    I hope 40% Singaporeans will support Dr Chee. I don’t mind purchasing extra copies that can be placed in school libraries.

  4. WP is our fren said

    Ur website is the real wayang kulit. Keep saying you support SDP but you post articles praising Tin Pei Ling and Desmond Choo. Do you have a split personality?????

  5. Investor said

    Dr Chee Soon Juan doesn’t know about the concept of averaging down? No investor can be 100% correct in their investment choices but everyone makes the best of it. Singapore was approached by the big banks for funds during the financial crisis. The valuations then was too good to be missed, and both Temasek and GIC thought that they were good opportunities during distressed times. I don’t know for UBS and Citi. But I know that Temasek made a handsome returns with Merrill Lynch. When there is fear, there are opportunites. And it sometimes pay to be a contrarian. BUT it comes with risks and potential losses. Nothing is guaranteed.


      Do you mean leveraging? And by your tone, you seemed to know fair bit…?Derivaties such like Prima Hedge against basic of component structures were winners during crisis time yet such products are not banned in so many countries, starting with Big House like USA! and do you have a clue why…well, with the tone of writing, you seemed to know a fair bit so; when time and again “Singapore was apprached by the big banks for ‘FUNDS’ druing the financial crisis”…in short, SINGAPORE WAS SCREWED HARD AND FAST!! and with your seemingly attained qualification of justification to such ‘venture’, the screwing besides being HARD AND FURIOUS; IT CERTAINLY IS DEEP ABYSS and if not for the free flow of funds that this Government could determine and to dictate how is to be used and roll over, face it, time is out and the fund is short, you will need to square OR close all positions…have you really forgotten the events leading to world financial crisis that cripple the WHOLE ECONOMY and such that lead to a ‘new born ones…’USA is printing money like nothing ever done in the existence of their founding lands…we are living in borrow time, dear Mr “INVESTOR” and your fear with opportunities and contrarian outlook is myopic to say the least, well you have deep pocket besides being USA that could print money rather freely; the next is to hold hostage to whatever you have held, such like OUR CPF MONIES and/or lease back all precious land and quantum it with a price tag of all idiots like you to owning and claiming to have a stake in this island…so, in essence you are not all that wrong to state that “with risks and potential losses…NOTHING IS GUARANTEED” indeed, therefore translating to the leveraging of risks…YOU AND WE ARE THE SUCKERS, PERIOD!!

    • Ron said

      With due respect, Sovereign Funds do not act in a big hurry. So what was the decision making process in the haste to buy CitiCorp back then and then losing a lot of money? History has shown the folly of making such hasty decisions.

      Sovereign Fund cannot act like a big time gambler. It is the custodian of the nation’s reserves.

      When Soros and Buffet do not rush in, it means there is big danger. And there was not need to rush as history has shown.

    • enough said

      waht was the idiotic presidents reaction when confronted with huge losses

      :”we are into long term investement”

      just like a gambler in the stockmarket
      when faced with losses
      he has to keep the stock hoping for it to recover one day

      this is the kind of people we paid millions to gamble
      our savings

    • Puzzled said

      I thought Merill Lynch got into deep trouble and Bank of America was asked to buy them over.

    • 60+ Singaporean said

      I am a layman. When i trust PAP to return my monies when i reach 55 then they have to keep their promises. If they keep postponing my monies then they dont keep to their promises. I dont give a shit to where they invest my monies coz i got no say. But just give me back my fucking monies when i reach 55 and not when i sleep in the coffin.

      • dd said

        Don’t be surprised if they change the rule such that CPF money left by deceased members can only be transferred to the CPF account of inheritor.

      • danny said

        don’t be surprised the PAP leeches will introduce a CPF inheritance tax.
        and pay the rest by instalments.

    • lyv2dy said

      If you compare the qualifications of the decision makers in GIC and TH to those of the big funds managers who cleverly kept out when the financial meltdown started, you will know why its a classic case of fools rushed in where angel fear to thread. Astute investors like Buffet only came in when the dust of the collapse had settled and cheery-picked at a bargain and make billions over a relatively short term.

  6. True Singapore said

    The PAP has been cheating the country all this while and gets away with it – by legitimizing all their corrupt and nepotist practices. No transparency in the way they govern the country and what had happened to all our national reserves. They are afraid of true opposition in parliament such as CSJ (including the late JBJ) who can expose all their crimes against humanity.
    This is why all their cronies in the judiciary keep passing flawed judgments against opposition members. True Democracy will only come to Singapore when we vote in people who care for the country and not those who enrich themselves. 2016 is the time for the people of Singapore to bring back true democracy back to Singapore

    • Julie Ong said

      Hi, True Singapore, I agree with you.

      When Mr Lee Kuan Yew strenuously assert that the PAP government is clean/incorruptible that was when I started to be suspicious. Too self righteous and too aggressive in his manners. A clear sign that something is amiss. CPF is going to be an ongoing issue. Does the CPF really have the money to pay back our money? If so why are they not releasing all our money including interest when we reach 55 years old? My guess is probably they do not have the money. Lost in speculative investments. As HDB flats are built by the government they can manipulate the price (increase it) to recoup their losses. With the open doors to foreigners this put a severe pressure on demand for housing and consequently HDB prices hit the roof! The government has lost it. They are no longer interested in the well being of the citizens but in milking us for whatever we are worth. All in the name of GDP growth even to the point of inflicting financial pain to the people.

      Next, we must now demand free speech and our democratic rights to question the government’s policies. Where once they brutally suppressed dissenters we now have the ability to fight back. We must not weaken in our resolve against this authoritarian government. Much less listen to their nonsense talks which basically shift their responsibility on us and even sometimes blame us for their faults! Appalling!

      I hope that more and more Singaporeans will stand up and contest the General Election due in 2016. Any party will do as long as they have Singaporeans as the priority in all that they do. The way the PAP is going at the moment they just won’t do! Self serving instead of serving the people. Far too much spin with too little substance. Extremely greedy too.

      In closing, if Dr Chee Soon Juan has in his heart to give his all for the good of Singapore and Singaporeans then he is worthy of our support. Not just him, but anyone who will strive and endeavour to improve our standard of living.

      I’d get a copy of his book.

    • compatriot said

      True Singaporean,I couldn’t agree with you more,however indisputably the PAP and their venal judiciary cronies have to live with their sinful guilt conscience towards humanity I just wonder how and what will their families of husbands,wives,children or grand parents thinks of how are they to live and what will become of them when these cronies are no more on the payroll,and also what will society and their neighbours say to,…
      Do Not DO Unto Others As Others Do Not Do Unto You
      Just as the Good Book says,’Vengeance Is Mine’

  7. NaBey said

    Ya, better buy before the Pappies Ban it !
    Nevertheless, even ban can also buy in MPH JB, just like “Once a jolly hangman”.

  8. I was going to buy this book and an extra copy for my GF tomorrow at Kino but then saw your unsubstantiated note that WP’s MPs put up a ‘wayang Kulit’. Really? Was there a need to say that in this post that is promoting Chee Soon Juan and that has absolutely nothing to do with WP?

    Because of YOU – Temasek Times – that’s 2 copies lost. I decided not to get it.

  9. Singaporean said

    Most Singaporeans hide behind their computer and kpkb do nothing while this man stand infront of familee and fight against them. It would be great if the country have his voice in the parliament.

    WP is totally mute in parliament and I expect them to bring out some evidence, statisics and whatever document and argue with the pap that their car ownership policy is wrong, ft policy is wrong and the likes. WP is a disappointment.

    Mod’s note:

    What do you expect from a ‘Wayang Party’? Even the PAP backbenchers and NMPs are more vocal and critical than them. Do nothing, shake leg in parliament and do a few ‘wayang’ walkabouts in their estates and get $15,000 monthly. Is there any better job in the world than this?

  10. wmulew said

    You know what loser Chee can do to get out of bankruptcy, get a freaking job. His entire life he worked for a grand total of 3 years. So much for contributing to Sg. The average ft contribute more to sg then this Yahoo

    • william said

      share with you a familee secret ok ?
      PM Lee is waiting to appoint Dr Chee to mentor him and his stooges but can only do so after his old man kicks the bucket. It was suppose to be during national day, but somehow the old man arose from the coffin. So how ?

  11. fish 'n' chips said

    If a deal looks too good to be true, it almost certainly is too.
    So why the rush when there’s always a better deal out there.

  12. BanksRobYourMoney said

    It’s amazing how I was able to understand everything he said. Dr Chee was giving people a hard lesson on how the economy was run, by Big bankers.The politicians in the US were never in power. In short, the financial sectors were being subsidized by the taxpayers, with each bailout getting bigger and bigger. The main reason for this financial crisis is caused by depleting reserve banking.(search wikipedia). Dr Chee was simply saying how our ministers have been misusing our money(via CPF) to cover their losses in GIC and Temasek Holding(See Balding’s World)

  13. really? said

    “in stark contrast to another long-term opposition MP who does nothing to advance democracy in Singapore”

    I assume you are referring to Low Thia Khiang. So what has Chiam See Tong done in his previous terms that LTK didn’t do? That’s comparing apples with apples for you. To compare LTK with a bankrupt politician that has never stepped foot in Parliament doesn’t lend any credence to your criticisms.

  14. CKMPD said

    Well done, Dr Chee. You have exposed many of PAP’s wrong doings. The PAP is scared of you and have to do whatever it can to deny you entry into parliament. LHL will be afraid to answer your parliamentary questions. He cant think on his feet and will be dumbfounded. We hope that you will be in SG Parliament one day

  15. opheliaboa said


    On Sunday, August 19, 2012, THE TEMASEK TIMES wrote: > temasektimes posted: “Singapore’s opposition leader and Secretary-General of the Singapore Democratic Party Dr Chee Soon Juan has launched his latest book ‘Democratically Speaking’ to raise funds to discharge his bankruptcy. Dr Chee was bankrupted via a series of lawsui” >

  16. Vincent Yeo said

    “……, in stark contrast to another long-term opposition MP who does nothing to advance democracy in Singapore other than put up a ‘wayang kulit’ together with the ruling party to lend a veneer of legitimacy to its autocratic rule….”

    Dear Mod,
    there are different brands of alternative parties. With due respect to Dr Chee, this blog should not run down other alternative parties j, simply they do not share the same approaches.


  17. justiceforlaypeople said

    A new dawn.
    Can we have an ebook version?
    My heart bleeds for you Dr Chee. You may not know me when I was an undergrad and saw your perserverance. The misdemeanour you were charged was overkilled and the punishment was insanely out of proportion.

  18. sure or not! said

    no lah.. TT just hates WP regardless of what they do or don’t do. WP do things, TT say wayang, WP don’t do things, then TT say cho bo.

    Mod’s note:

    The obnoxious ‘Wayang Party’ is the single biggest threat to democracy in Singapore, more so than the PAP and must be eliminated at all costs or we will be doomed.

  19. Merlion said

    In the past, I thought Dr Chee was brave but stupid!! I mean he confronted the PAP faced on!! Most Singaporean and even foreigners knew that anyone who confronted the PAP will bring trouble to themselves, even that person is doing right for the Singapore, but not right for the PAP. Now, I think Dr Chee is a brave man, he really fight, continue to fight for the right reason. Next GE will be the time I make the right choice.

  20. Sinkaypoh said

    lol Mod really really hates WP

  21. DIY said

    I was wondering if you could write good English and publish a book; then automatically means you are a good leader? Dr CSJ is full of contradiction. He can only remember half of what he had said earlier.

    I suggest that Dr CSJ to write on the forthcoming book “The Art of Contradiction by Whatever Means”. That is better than “Democratically Speaking”.

  22. P Koh said

    Why has he not thought of joining CHC as a Pastor and his woes on his bankruptcy will immediately be over?

  23. sebastian said

    For all singaporeans, they have their own rights and trust in whoever they wants to vote for, nobody is or can be forced or scared into voting for anybody or any party.
    People who doesn’t agree with whatever party you support doesn’t mean they are stupid or dumb, it’s just who they prefer to run the country for them.

    The votes speak for itself.
    Come the next election if any opposition does garner more votes and win more seats then obviously singaporeans wants a change more than ever and if it does happen there’s no one in the present goverment or anyone will be able to deny them the victory. And we’ll have to respect that too, cause the votes speak for itself and the majority wins.

    As for the so called wayang party that’s in parliament now, they were not put there by the PAP goverment, they were elected by the people of singapore who had voting rights. They got the most attended rallies during election time and support for them was huge comparing the others opposition parties, and they even kick george yeo and team out of parliament. That ought to count for something doesn’t it? But if people who voted for them back then now thinks that it was a mistake who can they vote for the next time round? You’ll have to give them time to build on their strenght, and if they really can’t make it naturally they will fail. And although that will be a sad thing to happen, that will only mean that they can’t or won’t fight to stay on top of things.

    The people will vote again and singaporeans are really not stupid. Look at what we have become since the 1960s. Generals can’t win wars by themselves, good soldiers smart fighters win the wars. And that’s what we are and have to be. We just have to vote for the right leader by majority.

    As for CSJ, with the results of the elections and the support that he will get from this book will tell what the majority thinks of him.

    As a society of people whatever one singular thinking doesn’t count for nothing if half the population doesn’t argree with you.
    As a person and a singaporean we have to respect everybody and their thinking but it doesn’t mean we have to accept or support it but neither do we have to criticise it in my opinion.

    I just wish there’s more unity in us. All this bickering and battering among singaporeans must be view in a more subjective way. The greatest threat to our society is nobody but ourselves.

    Mod’s note:

    That’s the problem – there are still many Singaporeans who are deceived by the ‘Wayang Party’ to vote for it, thinking it will make a difference in parliament where all it does is to ‘wayang’ in parliament. The shameless ‘Wayang’ king only knows how to talk big during the GE about slapping the driver, but end up sleeping himself. A vote for WP = A vote for PAP! We need real opposition MPs, not clowns and monkeys.

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