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Ma Chi’s wife burns big paper house and Ferrari for him on 100th day of death

Posted by temasektimes on August 19, 2012

Deceased PRC driver Ma Chi’s wife has burnt a big paper house and a red Ferrari for him on the 100th day of his death, said reports from the state media.

However, there was no mention if his family has offered compensation to the two victims of the accident caused by him.

Ma Chi’s Ferrari beat the red light and rammed into a passing taxi killing its driver and its Japanese passenger in May this year, causing a massive outcry among Singaporeans who condemned him for his reckless driving.

His car insurer has since withdrawn its coverage for him, prompting his wife to sue the company for damages.

Ma Chi reportedly left behind a $8 million dollar fortune which will be split between his wife and his two children.


36 Responses to “Ma Chi’s wife burns big paper house and Ferrari for him on 100th day of death”

  1. Sinkaypoh said

    Poor woman, she must be lonely…

  2. NaBey said

    Can somebody tell her to burn the COE also.

    I think she did compensate the Taxi Driver and Japanese passenger. She burn the $100million hell notes for them.

    • Sinkaypoh said

      As LKY & company is not there yet, there is no need to send any COE…. 😉

    • Sinkaypoh said

      It is also possible that the great MC may have employed the taxi driver to be his chauffeur, and he may be having a good time with the Japanese lady too 😉

      • Independent said

        Total disrespect for all the deceased! Shame on u, trash!

      • Not funny said

        Grow a conscience. Joking about the deceased victims who died under tragic cirumstances will affect your karma ultimately.

      • Sinkaypoh said

        Obviously the only people offended actually believe that dead people actually run around interacting with each other, while luxuriating in big houses & zipping around in Ferraris. You probably also believe in tithing for 100-fold returns, and should stick to reading government official media, as TT has plenty of comments offensive to you by those who exercise their freedom of expression.

  3. Populist said

    If it is an accident, 3rd party compensation should be paid by MC insurance company. The executors of the Taxi driver and the Japanese girl should file the claim against the insurance company on behalf of their estate

    • Indignant said

      Very good point. Is Mr Cheng’s family aware of this?? Friends of Mr Chengdu ‘s relatives and friends must help them fight for this estate.

  4. speeding in hell said

    That doesn’t seem to be a very responsible act – burning another ferrari to ma chi in hell so he can “kill” more “people” in hell??? A recalcitrant speedster in life will be the same after he dies. Why continue his killing in hell???

    • Ron said

      Not to worry. They cannot kill anymore down there. And all they got were ashes. The people who made a good profit was the shop that sold the paper car.

  5. Ron said

    The insurance company is setting a dangerous precedent. Post-accident, they deem it to be a collision and wriggle out of the insurance. It will be interesting to see the Court’s ruling.

    When the insurers makes a lot of money, it is okay. Beating the red light is a common offence. The fact that there are fatalities is the consequences and hence the purpose of insurance. If this case succeeds, it opens the pandora box for insurers to avoid paying by claiming all kinds of excuses.

    • Kya said

      It is under the clause of insurance policies that there will be no payout if the accident occurs is from an illegal activity… he had it coming

      • Ron said

        Thanks for the clarification Kya. Well what is the definition of “illegal” ? Is speeding, drunken driving, shooting a red light illegal? If so, then many insurance payouts for damages will be cancelled.

      • Heart said

        I totally agree Witt Ron. Don’t get emotional with just one case PRC driver. It could be any reason and can absolutely be a honest mistake as this is the only traffic light in the whole stretch which does not have an over head light, making it difficult to see. If speeding is an offence that the insurance companies can avoid pay outs, then a lot of man in the street will suffer. This is absolutely a very dangerous precedence. All those people out here with antiPRC in mind doesn’t really have a brain or have been blinded by their biasness against PRC for the sake of that. How dumb!!!

    • James said

      ron u need prove to these “illege” act of the driver….now with evidience. u think insurance should pay?

    • James said

      if court agree the axa should not pay, isn’t it good to warn all drivers of the result of accidents when u break the law?

    • Ron said

      I have had car insurace for years. If the car is used for commercial purposes and not insured as such, then insurance is voided. In this case, it was used for private purposes at the time of the accident.

      For the victims, the comprehensive coverage of the taxi pays for the victims in the taxi. Whether the taxi insurer can recover from the third party that caused the accident is another matter. And if the Japanese passenger was a traveller and had travel insurance, some policies pay double the coverage when riding in a public conveyance.

      I will feel very exposed if insurers start to poke around and claim acts of illegality e.g. an illegal modification, failure to maintain the car brakes, I had taken medication, etc. The law will decide, not the insurer.

    • biccherry said

      Insurer CANNOT dun pay, only issue is whether insurer can reclaim loss from their insured: the person who’d caused the accident ‘intentionally’.

      Victim wins civil suit against Ionescu
      Mr Bong has sought more than $630k in damages. The default judgment was given to Ionescu, but the amount of damages to be paid will be decided later. -TNP
      Sat, Aug 21, 2010; The New Paper
      Exclusion clause
      If a driver is convicted or pleads guilty to drink driving, the insurer’s exclusion clause kicks in and the insurer can disclaim liability, he said.
      But as laid out in the affidavit, even though NTUC Income is “no longer contractually bound to indemnify” Ionescu, the insurer is still required by law to pay Mr Bong first.
      It will then recover the amount from Ionescu.
      This is also a standard procedure in road accidents where the driver is intoxicated, said Mr K Anparasan, 42, partner at law firm KhattarWong.He explained: “Even if the driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the insurer is required to pay the victim of the accident.“The whole idea is to make sure the victim is not left uncompensated. The insurer reserves the right to go after the driver to recover that amount.”Mr Ken Loh, 43, managing director of insurance agency M Plus Consultancy, added: “The law is made to protect the innocent, so that the accident victims do not suffer loss without redress. If no one pays their bills, then public interest is hurt.”
      Victim wins civil suit against Ionescu

  6. Insurance companies are like a racket. Fast to collect slow to pay. This is Bad Faith and that is why insurance companies are held in low esteem.

  7. Sunny Lim said

    Car insurance covers accidents, not to cover when driver know his actions will cause accidents. Drink drive, influence of drugs, illegal racing, all these actions insurance have rights to reject cover. It doesn’t mean driver drive so fast n think he will be covered by insurance right?

  8. philosopher lian said

    I suppose his wife forgot to put a chinese girl paper doll on the front seat of the paper ferrari……

  9. 过路人 said

    There is a girl in Ma Chi’s car. I am sure the insurance has spoken to the girl and found out things that they deem not under the clause to pay.

  10. Karma said

    Sinkaypoh & like minded arsehole, may Karma visit you soon !

    • Sinkaypoh said

      I wonder who appointed you the official arbiter of propriety? Obviously the only people offended actually believe that dead people actually run around interacting with each other, while luxuriating in big houses & zipping around in Ferraris. You probably also believe in tithing for 100-fold returns, and should stick to reading government official media, as TT has plenty of comments offensive to you by those who exercise their freedom of expression.

  11. yest said

    Don’t waste your money on burning hell papers…. it doesn’t make sense the deceased will received. They are currently receiving their minor punishment till judgement day (end of the world). Only ones good deeds, ones donation and ones children can lighten individual grave punishment.

  12. dd said

    If there is this so-called karma, would this farking MC exist on earth?

  13. please bring in right people to Singapore! said

    Governemnt: please bring in right people to Singapore!

    • Heart said

      MC is only a tourist on short term visa right? Are we going to control who can visit Singapore? He and his family must leave Singapore regularly to renew visa. You are weird!

  14. Ben said

    All decease RIP…the insurance will nvr paid for what he did…. I read all my insurance policy … Pity the taxi driver and the gal ,their need to file in civil sue against MC family member.

  15. Unseen force said

    Sinkaypoh, this is the month of hungry ghost, your disrespect to the dead can bring calamity upon you and your family. WATCH OUT !

  16. Tim said

    So he can die a 2nd time down there……by speeding recklessly.

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