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Filipino ‘FT’ entered Gents in Lucky Plaza because of long queue at the Ladies

Posted by temasektimes on August 20, 2012

A filipino ‘FT’ entered the Gents in Lucky Plaza because of the long queue at the Ladies, stunning the men in there!

According to media reports, this interesting incident happened yesterday afternoon 1pm at the male toilet at Level 1 of Lucky Plaza.

Five men were ‘doing business’ inside when the pinoy lady barged in from nowhere causing them to pull up their zips immediately, with one man rushing out to call the police.

After relieving herself inside, the pinoy lady walked out as if nothing as happened, completely oblivious to the commotion she caused.

When queried by the state media, she asked if it is illegal for a lady to enter the Gents. Though the police arrived moments later, no arrest was made.


53 Responses to “Filipino ‘FT’ entered Gents in Lucky Plaza because of long queue at the Ladies”

  1. Three Blind Mice said

    Could have flashed her and got away with it! Such opportunities don’t happen often.

  2. never understand why the queue of the ladies is 100x of the gents

  3. What does anyone expect? She’s ’protected’ by the women’s charter. She has ’immunity’ which allows her to freely enter the Gents, any Gents.

  4. Hokkien Mee said

    next time if toilet at MRT is full, I will also use the female toilet and do my business and pray god, Mr Lui will support me!

  5. Transaction said

    May b she is looking 4 transactions?

  6. CB said

    Filipino ‘FT’ ! give excuse only !! NO arrest ?? WTF ???

  7. amy said

    The people who designed toilets probably never use one before.

    To solve the queues problem and make efficient use of both male and female toilets, I suggest all toilets should be executive type, can be used by both sexes.

  8. Sinkaypoh said

    “When queried by the state media, she asked if it is illegal for a lady to enter the Gents.”
    If the Gents entered her oso not illegal lor?

  9. Gina said

    Bravo! That’s the sensible thing to do! I have done the same myself, though usually its when the gents toilet is not occupied, and I take turns with my girl friends to stand by the door, so that if any gentleman comes by, we explain the situation to him and said gentleman always waits till the female inside comes out.

  10. sue said

    this is news worthy according to you?! you are becoming so so low class tabloid!

  11. Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

    It’s a good omen for any nice lady, irrespective nationality, to walk into a male toilet anytime of the day as far as I am concerned. WTF are you TT getting worked up about?

  12. NaBey said

    Shame on the men lah!! U scare people see it and laugh is it?? Somemore call police for what?? Police where got free? They busy catching wild boar and snake lah !

  13. Babuseng said

    It’s a dumb thing for her to do, but does he need to overreact and call police? Seems like a non-issue and this should not be news.

  14. willie said

    Police chicken out, Pinoy will complain and their government will send their warship here lah…. LOL

  15. RCA said

    If I had been there, I would have drag and kick her out !

  16. RCA said

    …..after I had peed on her !

  17. 60+ Singaporean said

    Of course no arrest was made. Papies want them to come here. Arrest them pinoy dont come here papies cry. Anyway, the pinoy went in there to solicit for potential customer. Biz no good bah.

  18. Singapore said

    Men can pee standing up. It’s faster.

  19. Toilet is king said

    The problem is the ladies toilet, wherever you go you will see a long queue of people waiting for their turn. You can imagine how torturing if nature call is really urgent. Too bad no local is daring enough to do this, this FT lady simply highlight the ordeal face by women.

  20. To aliens who are not used to our social fabric, nothing is illegal.

    • Edmund said

      Police have called up this lady and tell her that it illegal to enter a male toilet.She will take this incident as an excuse in future and says that the police did not say that was was against the law to do so.On the other hand if a man were to go into the ladies and relieve himself,giving the reason as urgent, the next thing the police will haul him to court.Double standard

  21. Kao Pai Tek said

    You can’t think straight when you really feel uneasy… She could have said “I’m sorry guys” when seated on the toilet bowl..

  22. modus said

    ano mas nakaka hiya tumae sa pants o pumunta sa gents? bat d nyo dagdagan ang CR nyo wala puro kayo racist ang dudugyot nyo naman

  23. ZNALD34 said


  24. “one man running out to call the police” …. maaaygaaaddd …. you’re so police dependent…. You act like invertebrates…. hehe… Someone should have taken a video … and make this a candidate of the ” worlds funniest videos” …. somebody’s bladder is about to burst , and she has to make a quick decision… pee on her dress or go for it…. this is a Funny matter not call the police …. hehe… hehe

  25. goobie said

    Wah like that also news. What next? FT stepped on a Singaporean’s shoe?

  26. Singaporean said

    Dear Migrants

    I don’t think i should event refer to migrants as foreign talents. They DO NOT have talents. We Singaporean Natives are more than Capable.

    We as Singaporeans invite you here to escape your horrible living conditions in your home country. Please be considerate when living among Singaporean Natives. Because you, migrants have been annoying us with your uncultured attitudes and behavior.

    • MiGoreng said

      Capable of complaining non-sense things…

      • Tsa74 said


        It is a given lah we are more capable. Bt you know how jialat we all kanna screw anot? Got see their pay? Our pay?

        Remember hor, migrants, vote for those that give you the money. That is the way everywhere back home too no?

  27. compatriot said

    I think that woman was in dire SOS material needs.She has reached zenith point to display her physical and mental needs to avoid further embarrassing moments.The anatomy of men takes lesser minutes to pee,but women needs much longer minutes,besides for cleaning and washing

  28. @ Compatriot said abv: Agree with u. ’twas a call of nature beyond control. Can’t understand the excitement here.

  29. Playfair said

    Cannot take any action on the Pinoys. They are number four in terms of population here. They have overtook the Eurasians. PAP love them as they a professional ball carriers.Actually they have come all the way from their shithole to work behind counters especially at Breadtalk and Burger King. Citibank love them, I wonder why they dont move the bank to Phillipines.

  30. MiGoreng said


    you are correct that’s why your Govt is giving us jobs because you are VERY capable to complain non-sense things..

    • Tsa74 said

      Lol. What else they give you? Remember hor the gahmen v nice give you alot of things. Dont forget to pay back with vote and support!

      Im sure you know how it works already. A lot of experience also right?

  31. Ron said

    The problem is that toilet layouts are often design by male architects without realising that while males pee and do not use the cubiles, the ladies have to use the cubiles and take much longer time. Hence, female toilets should have twice the number of cubicles. Also the building codes have not foreseen this.

    I think it is okay for females to enter male toilets. Many toilet cleaners are females. Who cares of the males are swinging their sticks…

  32. Was There said

    ‘she’ is actually ‘male’ 😀

  33. Dogmeat said

    We need one toilet for man, one for women and one for foreign dogs… no need to differentiate male or female, foreign dogs are animals.

  34. P Koh said

    The toilet and cemetary are made for one purpose. If you have to go, you will have to go….male or female facility aside. Try going into toilet marked “M” in some shopping centres and Men, you will be chased out because it is meant to be for “Mother” and the “F” toilet is meant to be for “Father”.

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