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PHOTO: PRC woman sleeping in MRT station

Posted by temasektimes on August 20, 2012

A netizen was shocked when he saw a PRC woman sleeping on a seat in a MRT station.

“Where does she think she is, her home?” he wrote.


[Source: Hardwarezeone Forum]



77 Responses to “PHOTO: PRC woman sleeping in MRT station”

  1. calvin said

    give ppl a break man !
    Do you not have any sympathy for a tired soul .
    shame on you

  2. Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

    TT, you sure this lady is a PRC? Last time you TT said Justin Wee was from NUS and it turned out he was from SIM. What a mockery that was.

  3. Cool said

    TT, u confirm is PRC woman ?

  4. Daft Peasants said

    Ha ha ha……at least her arm pit hair is shaved…..

  5. Ray said

    and we know she’s PRC because….?

  6. Staged or for real??

  7. XenophobiaFTW said

    At least no armpit hair

  8. Caxton said

    Cut the crap TT

  9. the_hypocrite said

    What is a PRC?

  10. Singapore son said

    Most likely non singaporean… Cos which fucking local girl/auntie would sleep on a granite seat in MRT and while wearing a skirt?!

  11. dan ho said

    she is planking

  12. Singaporean said

    Y border her, u can also sleep what!!!

  13. GT said

    I would fart at her face.

  14. Heart said

    It’s not against the law to sleep in MRT station while waiting for the train. Just a little rude. I see rude Singaporeans all the time. So what’s new? You should just mind your own business on these trivial things and focus on things of a notional concern!

  15. Annoymous said

    This news is so old. TT is desperate for news to increase his website traffice.

    • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

      I think older than this particular news is Temasek Times themselves. They seem to be getting materials from the dinosaur period.

  16. Small minded pea brainers commenting on a woman. Time to grow up you mama boys. Be sympathetic to a tired human being.

  17. Are you sure she is just ’napping’, or did she pass out?

  18. kunta kinte said

    why did she cross her legs!!! damn!!

    • karen said

      Most likely she was on heat and did not wish to arouse the two legged canines,
      or she knew her exposed bush will cause many guys to miss the train.

  19. Lawrence Lim said

    I am very concerned about the growing rift between the native Singaporeans and the new immigrants from China. Please remember that nearly all Singaporeans of Chinese origin, descended from parents or grandparents who were once upon a time new immigrants to Singapore too. They were also subjected to the same type of discrimination when they first arrived in Singapore. We should learn from our history and learn to be more inclusive and accommodate our new citizens and residents.

  20. Sinkaypoh said

    They announced the train will “only be delayed 15 minutes”, so she took a nap lor.

  21. Transaction said

    Too tired after transactions yet MRT staff are sleeping. If local, policemen will arrive very quickly. Right? Or all are sleeping?

  22. CB said

    What PRC ?? What the FCUK !

  23. CWS said

    At least she has clean armpit lah

  24. NaBey said

    Should take photo of her color TV!

  25. wayang said

    It is so unladylike to sleep in the open, exposed to the public, whether tired or not. She is also inviting would-be-rapists and sexual perverts. Most likely a PRC, as no Singaporean woman has done that or would ever do it.

  26. Babuseng said

    Nice. I’ll hit it.

  27. Zee said

    Did anyone inform the station master? She may need some medical attention.

  28. hachoo said

    Note sure why this post is here in the first place. Believe she posed for it. If true, she can be voted for the best dressed street sleeper of the month >>>>>> and also read in the news some years back….someone was caught sleeping in the park and was fine a couple of hundred dollars……did she a a fine ??

  29. sure or not! said

    why not try sleeping next to her?

  30. JagaBee said

    I did that once. but it’s because I was gonna faint. so i had to lie down.
    and i was lying on the bench for a good 10 min at Lavender MRT station watching trains go by. No one stopped to check on me, not passenger not even the MRT station control staff.
    In the end when I felt well enough to stagger up, took a cab and went home.

  31. ngpy said

    This where our social network is not in play. Just talk only no action. Where is the social function of this Country, help the needy, the poor, with photo taken and yet no action taken and no assistance rendered.

  32. enough said

    she is a hooker
    hooker from prc

    nobody will sleep in a pubilic place especially a woman

    man dont do that, let alone woman

  33. Redman said

    Understood No logic PRCs.

  34. Ah Loot said

    Singapore is a small city state surrounded by Indonesia and Malaysia. Comments like this will upset mainland chinese and the politburo. You need friends like the PRC. Why rock the boat instead of helping new immigrants to assimilate into your society. Remember, there are thousands of Singaporeans in Canada. How would you feel if they are being harassed here by the white population.
    TT,you have to be objective and responsible in your reporting and not inflame the situation.

    • km said

      First of all, I lived in Canada and Singaporeans there behaves themselves in the public and we assimilate very well 🙂
      So I am not afraid I will be harassed because I respect someone’s country.
      And I don’t put my leg up on the seat while in the MRT!
      PRC or not, why not just behave in public and no one will accuse you of anything

  35. Exodus said

    Shame on you people. Why did you not try and help her. Nobody would sleep unless feeling sick or something. Who cares if she is PRC or not!!!

  36. Who is this Netcitizen … who was shocked? They should identify themselves and not post anonymously . Somebody got very tired and needs rest …. The Netcitizen reaction? …. “where does she think she is, her home? ….
    You should be ashamed of yourself…. where has your humanity gone…..
    hehe… hehe….

  37. jayjay said

    i think its about taking up space that could be used by others. In that sense it is bad practice.

  38. The other Hard Truths said

    This is not unusual. There was one day when I visited IKEA store in Tampines, and in the beds section, I found a rather well dressed Chinese 20-something young lady fast asleep very comfortably on one of the display beds. From her looks, I could tell she is a PRC.

    I suppose that is an acceptable norm for PRC people. In retrospect, not too bad to see a live female model sleeping on the display bed. Maybe IKEA should pay her a small fee.

  39. lai ck said

    back home

  40. ng Choon Guan said

    Don’t anyhow wack the foreigners lah. How to define chinese national from singaporean is only through their own mouth.

    ANYHOW PRC here PRC there. Come on Singapore.

  41. Dogmeat said

    haha. PRC women sleeping around publicly….

  42. she123 said

    Looks like a drunk OL then a drunk PRC

  43. P Koh said

    Next time, I suggest that the person who took the photograph goes up to this lady (if she sleeps there again) and asks her whether she is PRC or not and also what shaving cream she uses to shave the armpit hairs. Also ask her to keep the armpit hairs as some of the readers say that they like them. This will stop all the speculations that have been floating around and she can also make some money selling her armpit hairs.

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