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Lawyer claimed he was investigated by Law Society after filing complaint against DPP

Posted by temasektimes on August 21, 2012

A lawyer Zero Nalpon claimed that he is now being investigated by the Law Society following a complaint by the Attorney-General Chambers after he lodged a complaint against a Deputy Public Prosecutor for alleged misconduct in April this year.

The complaint relates to a criminal case where Zero defended an accused person against two counts of criminal breach of trust in 2010.

At the end of the trial, which lasted 22 days, Nalpon’s client, Ezmiwardi Kanan, was convicted and fined S$6,000 (RM14,600) on the first charge and acquitted of the second.

Both the defence and prosecution appealed after which High Court judge Lee Seiu Kin quashed Ezmiwardi’s conviction on the first charge and ordered for the S$6,000 to be returned to him.

Zero then obtained a court order accusing the DPP for furnishing him with wrong evidence and then censoring it in court. He also demanded an explanation from the Attorney General’s Chambers why was the evidence withheld.

A Facebook group has been set up to raise public awareness of the ongoing case here.


14 Responses to “Lawyer claimed he was investigated by Law Society after filing complaint against DPP”

  1. kkelster said

  2. ngpy said

    If your case is true I am sure you will gain support from readers. As I have always said it is not the higher ups but it is always the in between that is causing all the troubles. Similar to the Licencing Department for Security Officers at Cantonment trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill.

    • compatriot said

      Bravo Ngpy.I salute to your comments.It is such a dismal to have read this sordid saga deep with rifts within one of our high state institution.

      I’ll render my unequivocal support to combat abusive elements,mindful its only mankind which we will be dealing with that will return to dust where we came from I hope the lawyer’s case is not a “pseudo”

      If it’s true,he should not be afraid,comments placed thereafter,readerships are a lot more concerned,more mature and more smarter whether is digestible or otherwise

      I take an interest if you could share,hopefully to acknowledge me of the events that has taken place within the Licensing Department for Security Officers

  3. Naivety said

    Wow, very unique name, “Zero Nalpon”…FT ka??

  4. Kong Hee’s case how man like that,since so many misconduct?No wonder most people think Kong Hee is truly innocent!

  5. NaBey said

    Bring back Dr Chee soon juan!!!!

  6. Disgusted said

    IS THERE AN ABUSE OF POWER HERE? It is wrong when civil servants don’t have the decency to do the right things, and use their privileged positions to intimidate. Plain wrong.

  7. Don said

    This is so disgusting.
    What a shame.

  8. What about Nalpon conter-lodge a complaint to the Law Society on the incumbent in the seat of the Attorney-General for abuse of position?

  9. Henry said

    Ya lor … I have my own experience … one day I was booked for not wearing my car safety belt. But I showed the police officer that I was wearing one. He asked me how I was wearing one – I showed him that the belt had been buckled and he was looking at it. He insisted that I did not wear my seat belt, because he saw the buckle dangling by the side of the door when he was driving behind my car. He literally told me “I am still booking you, if you (are) not happy, you can appeal” – he took down my particulars and left … 4 weeks later I got my Traffice Office Ticket. Sigh … I was so puzzled at his attitude. Later that week, I discovered an interesting fact. When one is not earing the seat belt, the buckle does dangle, but it rest at about 4 inches below the base of the car window … I become even more puzzled … how did he see through my car door, and became so (c) sure about seeing the belt buckle from outside the car? Anyone care to try if you have magical eyes?

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