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Shanmugam: More unsafe driving on Singapore roads nowadays

Posted by temasektimes on August 21, 2012

There is an increase amount of unsafe driving on Singapore roads nowadays, wrote Law Minister Shanmugam on his Facebook last night.

Writing from his own personal experience, Mr Shanmugam wrote:

“Today, my wife was driving and I was in the passenger seat. During the 2 way trip, there were 3 incidents. First, as our lane was blocked for work, my wife tried to pull into the next lane, after indicating. A van which was well behind then deliberately moved much much faster, and to make sure we couldnt pull into the lane.”

In the second incident, a SUV zip in and out almost causing an accident without bothering to indicate while in the third  instance, a lorry cut into his land without indication:

“The driver simply didnt care because of the lorry’s size. I wonder if it is the case that we are simply noticing this more, or if indeed our driving habits have become worse.”

His post sparked an active discussion on his Facebook with most netizens agreeing with him:

“Minister Shanmugam, i have been driving everyday and i noticed for the recent few years the lorries and vans are moving along the road as if they are fast car and they also refuse to give way even if you are in the right of way due to their sheer size and they expect you to give way instead. The road ethics of those lorry and van drivers is really getting worse. Added to that there seems to no more TPs on the road to patrol these errants driver anymore making these drivers on the road driving dangerously.” – Kenneth Lew

“Minister Shanmugan, what you and your wife have experienced are but a norm to many Singaporean drivers. Day in day out we are faced with the same situation that you have today. Many motorists and myself have written to the TP, LTA and even Straits Times Forum page about the reckless driving especially with heavy and goods vehicles many who often exceeded the speed, changing lanes and even tailgating at the middle and extreme right lanes. Fatalities and road accidents have happened often involving heavy and goods vehicles and other motorists.” – Charles Tay

“Minister Shanmugan, what you and your wife have experienced are but a norm to many Singaporean drivers. Day in day out we are faced with the same situation that you have today. Many motorists and myself have written to the TP, LTA and even Straits Times Forum page about the reckless driving especially with heavy and goods vehicles many who often exceeded the speed, changing lanes and even tailgating at the middle and extreme right lanes. Fatalities and road accidents have happened often involving heavy and goods vehicles and other motorists.” – Melvin Ng


42 Responses to “Shanmugam: More unsafe driving on Singapore roads nowadays”

  1. Lim said

    When we feedback, the traffic police simply brushed it off citing statistics to prove otherwise. When Shanmu wife experience it, suddenly it is big MSM news and the traffic cop head will go all out for a few days to catch the lorries. One word from minister’s wife is enough to confirm this sick trend which we face daily.The MSM will dutifully report more cases of reckless driving and so many so many caught this year. Then it is back to wild driving until another minister, VIP or MP relatives get injured.

  2. hihihi said

    Only nowadays? Were have they been all these years?

    • hohoho said

      Sham was playing hide and seek with the first wife. So how to spot him ? I doubt Sham spent a lot of time on the road. That we have to ask the ex wife.
      What do u think ?

  3. richard wong said

    Dear Minister, glad you now have a first hand experience and see for yourself the present traffic situation. Have you seen your Traffic police around nowadays? I hardly see any traffic police and especially the BMW patrolling the expressways !!! You see many heavy vehicles and slow moving vehicles occupying even the 1st lane on the expressway daily !!!! where have all the traffic police man gone to ??? Take a trip to geylang in the evening, minister, sir and you find so many cyclyists riding against the traffic. Our Traffic law had broken down !!!!!

  4. Sinkaypoh said

    Long live Muah Chee, you can’t punish him, he’s already crossed the border to the next life
    Long live Sir Stamford Waffles, he hasn’t killed anybody, so you also can’t punish him too heavily!
    Long live Shanmugam, I hope he took down the plates of the 3 culprits & they will be punished accordingly?

  5. Angry Citizen said

    Why complaint to us, isn’t this yours colleague jobs? We pay you to do a job, instead to tell us the problem we facing day in day out, You pay me, i give you a solution, what do you think?

    • Peace said

      When we complain or suggest to the gov agents, they will be very fast at blushing us off with all kinds of excuses. They always think that they are right. No choice lah, we are small flies what. So I hope these big shots and their families met with more of these unpleasent experience, than they will know that what we’ve been torlorating with all these years.

  6. hihihi said

    If drivers like WW is only fined with 10k, what do you expect?

  7. GhostMan said

    I pray that some of these Polickticians and MPs gets involved in some traffic situations in their own personal vehicles so that they can really experience themselves first hand on the problems on the road everyday.

  8. Sinkaypoh said

    Solution : have 6 outriders & sirens blaring… sure no problem wan! If got problem just saman!

  9. Mee said

    I have see personally for the past few weeks that cars were beating the red lights several times. I wonder what the law enforecement are doing.

  10. Playfair said

    There is no law and order on the roads. Just over the weekend there were 20 to 30 cars racing towards Changi Airport. This happens often “Where have all the traffic police gone”: Goods vehicles,lorries transporting workers and heavy vehicles are breaking all the laws that are around especially on highways.
    Have we cut done on the number of Traffic Police to defray costs so that Ministers can still have their MILLION DOLLAR salaries.

  11. CWS said

    He and his wife first time driving on Singapore road, or most of the time they are sleeping in passenger seats.

  12. Open Your Eyes said

    Only notice the bad driving habits now?

    When did he start driving on Singapore roads?

    • ong w said

      You have to ask his ex wife and the current one to understand his habits.
      Can you imagine there are some idiots in SinCity who actually think he has potential to be the next PM ? WTF !

  13. Ray said

    From the article, we can tell than Melvin Ng is plagiarizing Charles Tay’s comments?
    Wake up your idea Temasek Times.

  14. oldguard said

    continue to bring FT drivers who don’t even know our regulations. can you imagine how hard it is to pass a driving test here, in China, India, Malaysia and others, tolak a little bit of money, sure pass. now our stupid minister complaining. did his wife give any signal to move our of the lane in the first place. don’t blame for the sick of blaming.

  15. Kimosabe said

    I always say when you see traffic police with camera on top of the overhead bridge clicking driver speeding at 120km/h, that’s revenue for traffic police. If that driver did’nt realize that he had been clicked (as TP always hide), he would still proceed to travel at 120 right until he kill someone. Well done TP.

  16. Singapore Cock said

    Our ministers should drive more often without the TP escorts and let the TPs do their real work on the highway!

  17. Dennis Yap said

    Please, LTA start doing something to the traffic, increase COE do not help in reducing accidents. Educating the lorries drivers are important, keeping them in slowest lane in order to make the expressway flow more smoothly. Almost everyday I am seeing lorries and vans taking the fastest lane traveling at 70KM/hr and causing the fast lane move slower than the slowest lane. Which I am change my driving habit by going by slowest lane to achieve shorter traveling time during peak hours.

  18. hihihi said

    Looks like more co drivers are needed to wake up the sleeping drivers.

  19. HK said

    I think not just the van and lorry driver, I notice those who drive big luxury car like the “A”, “B”, “M”, “J”, “V”, etc are driving more dangerously now a days, cut lanes w/o signal, zoom out of side lane to main street w/o looking……..I think bcos now more young punk are buying this kind of cars and their driving habit are very bad….

  20. denzuko1 said

    It must be the first time his wife drives out. The road situation has been like what he has described all these while. Very seldom we see traffic police cruising on the road to make sure everything running smoothly.

  21. Heart said

    Ministers should be paid based on their last drawn salaries in their previous jobs plus say 10%. It should be market values based on their abilities in the competitive markets and not based on a minimum wage. Their original market values salaries should be the base salaries to begin with when they become ministers.

  22. icefire said

    the pappies are just like the lorry here.
    think they are the big fark n start to ignore the other singapore.
    why pappies expect they have the right of ways verytime ?
    why ministers dont take public transport instead ?

  23. Steve said

    Yo, I believe the TP do their job and caught and issue Summon to many lorries driver, and it was deduct from their salary from their Company, but the big vehicles driver breaking the rule is too many, TP is short handed and they cannot cover the road 24 hours, if they try to cover the road at all the expressway 24hours and 7 days, I tell you no more Big vehicles driver to drive the big car, hahhaaaa. ….

  24. Richard said

    oh! my god now he understand ,but on the road I cannot see Tp now a days only very few.Only on the day VIP is on the road u can see many TP.Like in hospital when VIP are on the way u will see many TP.We complain like seow also no use.Only somebody dear.Correct me if I am wrong.

    • A G Young said

      You are right, Richard! The Traffic Police had also distributed some ENFORCEMENT DUTY to the Land Transport Authority but they too can hardly been seen on the road. There are a number of BUS LANE abuses along Changi Road and the stretch Geylang Road where are they???

  25. Ron said

    It is always very impressive to see the Traffic Police escorting Heads of States. The phalanx of Police outriders gives onlookers a thrill. However, other than that, I seldom see any TP on the roads these days. Perhaps we can also outsource the Police escort service to Certis.

    Who is responsible to enforce driving behaviour, to take drastic actions against those speeding and ignoring traffice lights? Illegal parking, double parking, etc. are minor offences but yet we see much enforcements there. Illegal parking will not easily kill someone but speeding and drunking driving may.

    • Trooper said

      The reason why you see very few TPs on the road is because of manpower cuts. Less cost increases profit margin to which some ppl bonuses are pegged against. It is happening across the board. When you run the state like a business with bonuses dependent on profits, then the head of states will do all they can to increase profits so that they can take home a bigger pay check. Why blame them? They are human too.

  26. solaris8899 said

    sir, what you experienced is normal in our daily live on sg roads.
    high coe, increase ERP, more cameras on the roads, etc, how much they have helped in our road users?
    I can see reckless drivers everyday on our sg roads but seldom see traffic police. There are also dangerous drivers changing lanes fast or cut into your lane near without signaling, causing a hidden accident to be happened.

  27. NaBey said

    NABEY !!!
    You Road Hog even Lorry also Buey tah han Overtake you !!! Kopi license is it? KNN! Drive such a BIG CC car and go as slow as QQ!!!
    You think its your GRANDFATHER Road???

  28. NaBey said

    Hey nair, u better don’t cross the line and meddle with transport system. Otherwise this bo lui da yew angry cos he damn busy now with mrt. Also don’t meddle with TP, cos they busy checking the dead deer!

  29. Mark said

    This goes to show how the government is so caught up with their own elitist planning of Singapore that they have neglected the state of our nation. I complained to the traffic police nearly 10 years ago about such incidences. Either it’s his first time in a car or he was blind and miraculously was given the gift of sight by god in recent times; Singaporeans driving around not signaling the intention to switch lanes is a common sight everyday.

    I sometimes wonder why we are taught to signal when we take the basic driving test…traffic police themselves don’t even signal at times, caught them red-handed and reported the matter on countless occasions.

  30. colin said

    Did he notice if the driver is a FT?

    We sinkie paid thousand of dollars to get a driver license, how much does a FT need to get one? What method did they managed to get a driving license?

    What driving standard test was dished out by other countries especially with corruption so blatant in other countries!

    We should be more strict when permitting FT to drive. Have them take a driving test just like us!

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