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COC warns Board of City Harvest Church not to raise funds for Kong Hee and other accused

Posted by temasektimes on August 22, 2012

The Commissioner of Charities (COC) has issued a Restriction Order to the Board of City Harvest Church (CHC) to restrict CHC from paying the legal fees of its disgraced pastor Kong Hee and five other accused persons and entering into transactions relating to payment of services to the suspended individuals and their related entities, without the approval of the COC.

The COC has informed CHC that the church and/or its employees should not be involved in raising funds for the legal expenses or setting up a specific fund for this purpose.

Earlier reports by the state media claimed that several members of City Harvest Church (CHC) are privately raising funds to help pay for the legal fees of Kong Hee as well as five other leaders who were charged for misusing up to $50 million dollars of the church’s funds to further the music career of his wife Ho Yeow Sun.

The unofficial fundraising campaign was reportedly started by an executive member named Dawn Lee who mobilized individuals who wanted to offer Kong and others financial support during CHC’s AGM three weeks ago.

She then suggested that interested members meet her after the meeting before distributing her contact details.

Executive pastor Aries Zulkarnain had earlier rejected four proposals from other members suggesting the use of church funds to bankroll the six charged leaders’ legal fees.

Despite the gravity of the criminal charges slapped on him, Kong Hee remains defiant and maintains his ‘integrity’.

In his latest posting on Facebook, Kong Hee wrote:

“信靠順服,別無他途;靠耶穌喜樂 .”

(Faith depends on submission, there is no other way; depend on Jesus for happiness)


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47 Responses to “COC warns Board of City Harvest Church not to raise funds for Kong Hee and other accused”

  1. “Give in this World , Live in the Next ”

  2. Fake God said

    The church is now desperately promoting the money sucking project and countless booklets were distributed to church members. I saw someone carrying that booklet in a restaurent last sunday.

  3. jacque lee said

    The smart thing for CHC member is to cut the tie from the disgraced pastors and his clique in order to earn respectability from the society. It must be a clean break and there must be new set of pastors with no association in the past. The new leadership must also stop the aggressive raising of funds from attendees like any other churches – no more quick buicks. The Commissioner of Charities should appoint independent person, preferably non CHC to manage the funds objectively in the interim. This steps will help the survival of CHC as it cannot gamble on a miracle that the disgraced people will not serve long term jail.

    • dred said

      Noah was a drunk,
      Abraham was a liar and a coward
      Jacob was a swindler
      David was a liar, adulterer and a murderer…yet God continued to use them after they had done all these things.
      Why? Because all men are sinners, and repentance is available to all.
      But more importantly, God is seated above the heavens and the earth, and He does whatever He pleases.
      Desert your pastor? Never..stand with him,no one knows if this is God’s brilliant plan to start a Changi Harvest Church, so that the poor souls in there..the drunks/addicts, the liars, the cowards, the adulterers, the swindlers..even murderers can have a chance to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ, and be saved.
      I think, many fail to realise that men like pastor, when faced with such situations often become free radicals, and preach even more powerfully and with more conviction that before.
      On the contrary to your suggestion of retreat, CHC members should go on the offensive, and not only raise more funds to enlarge the work, they should also start raising the dead, like Jesus said they can do..and heal the sick…imagine, how much money the rich of Singapore would donate to be raised from the dead, to be given a new kidney, to have their terminal cancer healed…except this time,they should pay the tax on all that is raised so that Caesar can no longer interfere…do the charitable work, but tell Caesar to keep his tax deductions to himself.

      • vege said

        But where is the repentance? We don’t see any as they still maintain they are innocent?

      • jacque lee said

        Members of CHC who are keen to contribute to society have many channels to do so – please double up and not through tainted CHC. Please make it a real benefit to society and not for a few crooks. Because of so large sum involved and probably alot of pocketing on the side like “donation for love” this can be the largest misappropriation in Singapore history besides misleading the congregation (the biggest conning) to place the trust in the disgraced pastor. There is no way the lawyers can find loophole for the disgraced pastor to escape serving. The planned $15 million fund raising is going to keep all the lawyers involved very happy. It will keep them busy charging for may be 6 months. This is money from God to them because such a case only drop on them once in a long time. They will be laughing and hope the followers keep raising money for subsequent appeal. Members are real fool to spend their time and energy on lost cause.

      • dred said

        the repentance is between the person and God…where was Noah’s repentance, Abraham’s repentance, Jacob’s repentance….David was the only one with a recorded repentance. Of the twelve apostles of Jesus, only Judas the betrayer is recorded as having repented, there is no record of the repentance of the eleven, when they did not obey the commands of Jesus.
        If the monies make some lawyers rich..perhaps it is so they may experience the words of Jesus..”Woe to you who are rich, for you have already received your reward.”
        As for the CHC members who contribute..perhaps they are fulfilling the command of Jesus who said, “Do to others as you would have done to you.”
        It is not a lost cause at all..the publicity and the case has revealed the hearts of many..those who curse and condemn before the case is heard, those who apologise, those who defend, and so on…so many words have been spoken and written because of the case, allowing these words of Jesus to come to pass for all involved..”By your words, you will be aquitted, and by your words you will be judged.”
        The name of Jesus has been blogged, his teachings discussed, the doctrines and practices of the church dissected…keeping the case in the limelight is money well spent, for the name of Jesus will be kept on the lips of all who live in your nation, regardless whether you believe in Him or not.
        Remember the old saying..Äny publicity is good publicity.”
        And even if pastor were found guilty beyong reasonable doubt, then begins the saga of his personal redemption and resurrection….who knows, God who works all things out for the good of those who love Him, may use this situation to glorify His One and Only Begotten Son, and bring the entire prison population around.
        If I were the demons in Changi prison, I would be doing everything possible to keep pastor out.

      • P Koh said

        People do not understand how God works? God does not Punish or Protect human beings. Neither will He interfere with the Pain and Pleasures of the people. God is Omipotent and cannot get involved or He will be said to be biased and blamed for taking sides. Karma and retributions are the energies that attract each other and that is why they say that “Kindness begets Kindness” while “Evil attract Evil”. As humans, we can only pray to God for strength and have Faith in Him and through this Faith things will happen as it is the Will of the Mind that will generate happenings.

      • harryckh said

        Anyone can pray and believe all he want but the case here can be defined as criminal breach of trust. The court here exercises their judgement without regard to religion but strictly what is right or wrong and sending signals to discourage future crime with punishments That is why various religious leaders including a very senior christian leader (just for a few million dollars) were jailed. The current case involve mind boggling sum through contributions of thousand of peole especially those naive young one. This cannot be explained away by using God.

  4. Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

    Raise funds for Kong Hee’s legal fees through CHC members? Not a good idea, as it’s utter waste of money for a “sure loose case”. CHC members are are most likely acquainted with the term “probability” I am sure. Well, the probability here for Kong Hee to win this case is only a dream, not even a fraction. Dreams do come through on TV just like the sun which always shines on TV. Fifty million is a big sum of money and Kong Hee will do the time as probability prescribes.

    • dred said

      If the case is heard on points of law and proper legal arguements, there can be technicalities exploitable by a really brilliant legal such, it is not money wasted, especially if to lose is to risk being imprisoned for life.
      If I were pastor, I would hire the best money can buy, to fight against the government employed lawyers….after all, in law, the top of the class is headhunted by the private firms and the bottom of the class usually end up in government service of some sort.
      Since lawyers can argue a crooked line straight, he should garner as much money as he can for the best legal mind he can buy.
      This has nothing to do with whether he is guilty or not.
      It is his right to have the best legal representation he can buy.
      After all, pastor serves the Lord who defied all probabilties.Now the funny thing about the God of the Bible, He used a swindler to be the father of his chosen people , Israel.Try figure that one out.

      • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

        I can’t say I disagree with you Sir. Alot of sense in what you say here. Hats off to you!

      • vege said

        The ends justify the means? Trying to wriggle free with the help of some technicality IF he’s really guilty? Thankfully I’m pretty sure you are not representative of most christians.

      • dred said

        Vege…Ananias and his wife only held back what they were going to give to the Lord, and denied it when asked by Peter and they both dropped dead before they could even reply …if the Lord is really upset about this, I am sure pastor would be retired immediately by He who brings life and death, prosperity and disasters.
        I am not representative of any christian actually..I am a christocrat.
        So if the Lord allows him to live, and allows him a lawyer of sufficient brilliance to defend him, so be it.Then let man’s law be argued, as for God’s law through Jesus Christ and not Moses, you should already know the verdict and sentence already if you are a christian.

  5. Aniko Klass said

    By the way, is Kong Hee back from his holiday in USA?

  6. Raymond said

    Now, I’m not a supporter of CHC. But if CHC decides to use their own money to support Kong Hee in his legal case, isn’t that their basic right? Surely the COC has no right to tell CHC what to do with the money they collect as long as the members who donated to CHC are fine with how they are spent!

    • SShrio said

      hey raymond,
      imagine if you donate money to me with the intention of helping me to fund my studies as im poor. and if you found out i’m using YOUR money to buy expensive gifts? how do you feel about it?

    • Greg said

      CHC collected money are from public and members. How can you say ALL members agreed that the money be spend on Kong Hee legal fee?

      If the Board of CHC think that the Kong Hee legal should be beared by CHC; even thou the Executive Pastor have stated otherwise; the members should blocked such move. Wasting their hard earn money on fake preacher.

      Using religious excuses to brainwash people like old time in China whereby superflous reason were given for imperial bs excuses to tekan common people.

      Kong Hee should be punished if it were proven that he mis-use church fund. Even if he is found guilty of the said mis-use of fund on the said charges, there are always other cases where he & others mis-use the fund but was not discovered.

      Like in 2002 case that a church member expose his misdeed but there is no official proof. The member was eventually forced to apologise and paid compensation in newspaper apology notice, etc.

      There is no smoke w/o fire. Please wake up your dream.

    • dred said

      couldn’t agree more….if the monies raised are after tax dollars…no government institution should be able to stop such a move, not if the government claims to be democratic….did the US government stop democrates from donating to Bill Clinton’s defense fund?
      No, raise funds to defend your pastor, CHC members, just make sure, Caesar has been paid first.

    • Ro said

      CHC has registered as a charity. There are strict rule saying what you can do and cannot. The benefits of being registered as a charity, you are exempted from tax. But it has rule to protect the donor in this case the church members and to ensure its resources is channel into the purpose of the charity. It also has rules against benefiting the member of the boards or leaders. CHC has totally disregarded the fact that it has to fulfill the law of the land. It chose to be registered as charity and thus the obligation that it is required to play by its rule.

    • Babuseng said

      It’s no longer as simple as their “own money”, since CHC voluntarily choose to be a registered charity organization under COC. Being a charity has its advantages such as tax benefits, but comes with its constraints such as having to following rules of use. Of course, if CHC wants to retain full control of its money and use it for KH legal matters, it can always start a private fund not under COC, and sure they can do whatever they want with it. Even use it to go Geylang, after all it’s all legal.

    • Judgement was not made, and what right did COC has? said

      Judgement was not made, and what right did COC has?

      you have your point here.

  7. Ron said

    No one is questioning about the effectiveness of the Commissioner of Charities. Why is it that COC is acting after the horse has bolted from the barn and in some cases, as in the old NKF, it brought so much shame upon Spore that the government has to set up a special committee of enquiry.

    So is the COC adequately staffed and equipped with the skill sets to be able to monitor all charities? We had the Renci scandal, other charity scandals and some some smaller charities having cheated. It seems that there are too many scandals. CHC is the latest in a string of scandals in the past few years.

    And which Minister does COC reports to? If we had major tax scandals, we would hold the Commissioner of Taxation responsible. So, where is the accountability in the case of COC?

  8. Ron said

    Am not sure why the COC has not suspended the entire CHC charity? Just because the charity is a church does not grant it any divine privilege. There are plenty of churches that are not under investigation or having their leaders being prosecuted.

    And CHC can register a new charity and be divorced from this horrible saga.

    As it is, the accused…yes, he is called an accused is still free to preach. He should stand down from his duties till the court case is over. Is the government allowing an ugly precedent? Then why not let the senior officials that were accused of sexual corruption also continue with their official duties?

    There should be a rule for all charities that if you are charged with a criminal offence you cannot continue your association with the charity so as not to influence the outcome of court case.

  9. dred said

    the use of church funds is a no no.
    the official raising of funds is a no no.
    but all KH has to do, is publish a bank account number, and anyone can “put CASH into it, anonymously….now, if he declares that as income, and pays the due income tax on it, and use the nett for his defence, that should be fine…and if he has a good accountant, than the cost of defending himself, which includes in this case defending his job, can be argued as a work related expense..for after all, as a believer of Jesus, one of his job description is being persecuted and lied about by others(Math 5:11), even being imprisoned.
    So. Dawn Lee, if you are reading this, just get pastor to give you his personal bank account number, and pass it round to all and sundry who wants to help only, that way the donation is anonymous..”Do not let your right hand know what your left hand is doing.”
    remember..always pay the tax..and keep Caesar out of Kingdom business.

  10. Con-fused said

    Most of the week there will be foreign pastors foreign bands coming to perform in the chc Who is paying for the high fees require to engage them? How much is the salaries and bonus of the employees? Is it higher than market rate by a lot of times? Kong went to preach in pringle church how much pringle church pay him? $xxxxxx. Pringle come chc preach how much he is pay? $xxxxxx. Is this how money is transferred??? The more you give the 100 times you will recieve. How many people give until no money. When their family need money where did they find the money? Get refund like mr chew??? Be rational and think wisely.

  11. 龍的传人 said


  12. Mark said

    Everyone who believe in God should watch this and beware of ‘fake’ healer:

  13. Tax Payer said

    Those idiot who want to help KH may get their money fill into his pocket directly, dun come to mass around and get CHC involve as donation. all problem solved.

  14. Mirror said

    if he is not guilty, y do he really use the money that you all pool together to pay for his legal fees?
    if he is not guilty, times will come to shine the truth, what’s the worry when he is so confident of the verdict, and you people out there is fighting to gather pools of money to pay for his legal fee? isn’t it hilarious? 皇帝不急,太监急什么?

  15. Ren said

    Our garmen always have ways to deal with defiant individuals. I have unmoving faith in that…

    • dred said

      Suppression of defiance cuts both ways…there is another ‘garmen’ that knows how to deal with defiant individuals…their name also starts with ‘S”….leadership is also passed from father to son.
      would it not be simpler to detain him under your ISA, and save the money for the trial, like what was done to the other guy? 32 years without a

  16. P Koh said

    If Pastor Kong Hee can convince and brain-wash so many of his parishsioners into parting with millions of hard-earned money, then why does he need to employ top lawyers to defend him as obviously he will be able to convince them to acquitting him too……

  17. Lim said

    Most organisations will capitulate but looks like CHC is going all the way to support Kong et al surreptitiously. CoC and AG are having cold feet.

  18. After the intrusive and rigid governmental impositions,very serious rules and Laws,imposed on CHC,it is clear that most people were very happy about it,and that CHC is being rigorously watch and now become very transparent…..So now people all the more are giving in greater confidence to CHC,should have more confidence,otherwise we made COC and the rigid regulations a farce?

  19. pngkueh_forever said

    aioyoyo. What’s the fuss ? CAD will win the case whatever the argument, and whoever fights in Court. The final verdict will be just a matter of how many years in Changi Harvest Sancturay …. it is that simple.

    • dred said

      So there is no difference between being charged and being convicted?
      So, it is guilty everytime a person is charged?
      So, it is guilty until proven innocent?
      Yes, that certainly makes things very very very simple.
      Why bother with imprisonment in Changi Harvest Sanctuary..a simple plastic bag tied over head would save thousands of tax payers monies also.
      That would make it even simpler…aka Pol Pot simple.
      The fuss is rule of Law and Justice must be seen to be done.
      The fuss is basic human rights to have their day in court, to be presumed innocent until proven guilty.
      You may not realise it but pastor’s Lord was murdered on trumped up charges by his enemies.

      • jacque lee said

        Dred, you seem to be defending the disgraced pastor and goading CHC members to continue raising fund. Left, right and centre, your name is the only one trying to revive a dead horse in Temasek Review. You seem to have all kind of reasons. Please, you are discrediting yourself unless you use another name. You are pretending to be independent but keep giving false hope. It will not be long before we get the verdict. Next week, during the pre trial conference, the court will set the trial date which can happen in a few weeks unless the defending lawyers buy time by appealing for more time for preparation which all the voluntered slaves have to raise more money. Take note that during the trial, the prosecutor will be exposing alot of damaging things. Can you twist and turn to defend your disgraced pastor. For your dignity, it is better to give up as we have seen too many straight and direct condemnation of disgraced pastor and CHC at this website. They don’t tried to justify in a rounabout way like you.

      • dred said

        Jacqui,I am not defending the pastor except that, he is still entittled to his day in court. As Jesus said, judge not less you be judged. Blessed are the merciful , for they will receive mercy. Remember that ,the day your sins are exposed too.
        Regardless of what the proscecutor says, it is hard to respect the prosecutors of a place where the ISA was used with ruthless convenience.
        As for pastor and CHc, it is sad that they have relied so much on mammon, and worse still tax deductible mammon….again contrary to what Jesus taught.
        Would have been better had pastor and CHC built the ministry on miracles , signs and wonders like Jesus did, and paid to Caesar what belongs to Caesar…that is , make every cent raised, non tax exempt.
        I think using the wife to crack the LA music scene is like a CIA deep cover operation. High risk , dangerous, something that cannot see the light of day. Fantastic, except they used tax exempted monies and so your beloved ‘prosecutors’ now has something to pros about.
        Other, if they did succeed, may be Ms WH would still be alive to day or something like that.
        I am actually defending’s His name and His integrity that is being slandered here, and after 2000 years, He still hasn’t recieved justice for the way the prosecutors presented a lot of damaging things and had Him murdered.
        ps. CIA stands for Christocrats In Action.
        In the mean time, Jacqui, would you like to meet Jesus? After all He died for you. Blessed be.

  20. maipenrai said

    I guess that those who donate cannot accept the fact that KH and company have conned them for so long. Better get them the best SCs/lawyer money can buy to fight the allegation and to show that KH and company are innocent and they themselves are not stupid.

  21. thinking said

    How come there is no more news? Has the case been closed?

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