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Ex-police superintendent: I had sex with underage prostitute because I was ‘stressed’

Posted by temasektimes on August 22, 2012

Ex-police superintendent Tan Wee Kiat has pleaded guilty to paying for sex with an underage girl in the high-profile online vice ring scandal.

Tan paid the girl S$600 for sex at Hotel 81 Bencoolen in December 2010. The girl was seventeen years old then.

In mitigation, Tan’s lawyer Mr Luke Lee said Tan was “facing stress from his work and personal life” and he was suffering from an “adjustment disorder” when he committed the offence.

Mr Lee urged the court to sentence Tan to probation instead of a jail term, taking into consideration Tan’s “long years of public service” as a police superintendent.

Of the forty eight men charged for having sex with the same girl, only two were sentenced so far.

Former principal of Pei Chun Public School Lee Lip Hong was sentenced to nine weeks jail while former executive director of the Singapore Environment Council Howard Shaw was jailed three months for having paid sex with an underage girl. Shaw is now out on bail of S$10,000 pending appeal.

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23 Responses to “Ex-police superintendent: I had sex with underage prostitute because I was ‘stressed’”

  1. Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

    A Police Superintendent and having had “long years of public service” should know the law better than anyone else I should think. What was his lawyer thinking in his mitigation plea to the Courts for probation instead of jail term for his Polce Superintendent client? Everyone of us men has some kind of stress at work and occasional issues with our wife at home, I should think. Does that mean its ok to have sex with an underaged girl to be releived and cured of this stress? Truth is, for a lawman, it’s not only about a jail term here, it’s about a double jail term which the Honourable Courts should be imposing. The right message from the Courts will eradicate such shameful ventures by our very people who need to upkeep the laws in Singapore in the first place.

  2. bkk said

    I everyday stress

  3. Kokky said

    A lawyer, acting on behalf of the client, will naturally find an excuse / reason to achieve the best result for its client. The key person thus, is the judge, who will have to make the ultimate decision…

    • i say what i think only said

      if succeed, then howard shaw can claim to do alot of charity, should get probation. the ex-principal is the suay one, contribute so much to education but still kanna jailterm, never appeal based on education.

      others can claim to save cat and dog, do charity work etc.

      i still think none of them should be jailed. what did they do wrong except got conned? the main guy the pimp, why no news on him? whatever the customers get, he should get 10X more. then those illegal $ the hooker earned, all should cough out mah.

  4. +60 said

    I fully agree, all this guys are stressed, no time to go home to have sex with wife, so whatever free time they can find, pay sex is the solution. They work hard and play hard. They should not be charged, they worked long hour and by the time they reach home, too tired or wife already sleeping. Release all please.

  5. James said

    officer should be double sentences

  6. Shan Shan said


  7. NaBey said

    Nabey !! When I stress I oso have sex, but only paid $100. Whether it is 17 years old or 37 years old, at the end of 1 hour, u achieve what u want to achieve isn’t it?

  8. scamy said

    Lawyer lee must have remembered that most of the inmates too suffer from “stress and adjustment disorder” when he urged the court to sentence Tan to probation instead of a jail term.good lawyer.

  9. sadnessguy said

    ya…give rich ppl probation…poor ppl jail term…fk u all seriously

  10. Observer said

    Why does he have to change his name from Jarrod Song Eu Loong to Tan Wee Kiat?

    • Mike Zeng said

      Can be done by deed poll by lawyer within a few days. Only abt$300. Obviously did so to avoid shameful expose to his friends and colleagues.
      But ST still reported his fmr name fully, poor chap. His future shattered just because of one act of extreme pleasure…was it worth it? But then the sexual urge can be overpowering….an erect penis knows no law!

      • Julie Ong said

        Mr Mike Zeng, I like your last bit ……..’an erect penis knows no law’ for it’s truthfulness.

        Pity. You know sex is like a bank account. Once you withdraw you lose interest! Particularly for men. Just for that momentary pleasure/gratification and your whole life can in fact be ruined and your reputation indelibly tainted. Illicit sex I mean and if you are caught out as is the case here.

        Sometimes I feel sorry for the men. However, they should be ever wary of the consequences. Their wives or girlfriends and children will surely feel the dreadful embarrassment as well. Also, their relatives and friends.

        I’ll take the liberty to nag once more: A Moment Of Your Foolishness Can Cause You A Lifetime Of Regret!

        I certainly do not delight in people getting into serious trouble.

    • Sinkaypoh said

      Well the old name more apt leh…. his Rod sibeh Song & probably quite Looong oso loooooolz 😉

  11. chris said

    Anybody noticed that only Hotel 81 involved??Not Fragrence Hotel. Doesn’t surprice me that Hotel 81 boss donate $2M to NTU.Fragrence Hotel boss not need donate as not caught. So should Hotel 81 check the age of that underage prostitute before letting her up the room? Should his hotel license be revoked?

  12. FedUpSingaporean said

    no excuse… can go to hell..a shame to SPF.

  13. Eddie said

    When you are in police force, you read the law and also advise the public about to abide the law. Serving so many years still go to court for this? Scratch head!!!! What did he do in his years of employment? Is he paid to set an example?

  14. Ren said

    You felt stressed so you had sex with underaged prostitute? So you mean you can destress by having sex with underaged prostitute, not other prostitutes? Hmmm…They should do a study on this to see there is any correlation…

  15. enough said

    it is the exact opposite, when one is stressed, your dick cannot stand up any more

    it is against logic, just like singapore regime,

  16. True BLUE Sinkie said

    What??? This police superintendent stressed by his work?? You know how much he is paid by the corrupt PAP government? The same goes to all the retarded PAP ministers. The people who are really stressed are the average Singaporeans like you and me who have to cope with the rising cost of living and the ever stagnant salaries. We don”t know where the next meal is coming from and if there is enough money to pay for our housing loans, utility bills, etc.We, and the unemployed are the ones who should be really stressed. This guy can pay $600 for sex with a 17 year old girl is enjoying life with his ill-gotten corrupt salary.. Long live Lee Kuan Yew and policies of paying million-dollar salaries to his bunch of obedient dogs..

  17. Time to spend jail time for those you had helped put in. You must have been an arrogant cop in your past. Now time to taste jail time.

    • zhang k said

      you mean taste jail time together with female convicts, especially the brutal ones who dislike sex offenders ? did u have any experience in this ?

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