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PM Lee to share his ‘thoughts’ with Singaporeans at National Day Rally this Sunday

Posted by temasektimes on August 22, 2012

Widely respected and popular Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong will be sharing his ‘thoughts’ with Singaporeans at the National Day rally this coming Sunday.

In a posting on his Facebook, PM Lee wrote:

“Been busy working on my National Day Rally this past month. Many thanks for your useful suggestions on what I should talk about. Looking forward to sharing my thoughts with you this Sunday, on the future Singapore we wish to see, and how we can work together to build a better home for all.”

PM Lee added that he has invited three PAP MPs Heng Swee Keat, Lawrence Wong and Halimah Yacob to join him to speak at the Rally.

During the rally last year, PM Lee promised to ‘moderate’ the inflow of foreigners and implored Singaporeans to embrace the immigrants with an ‘open heart’.

With foreigners now making up 40 percent of Singapore’s population, his key message is unlikely to change by much this year.


18 Responses to “PM Lee to share his ‘thoughts’ with Singaporeans at National Day Rally this Sunday”

  1. SgGuy said

    Another wayang….

  2. dog of the dogs said

    He does not need to say we also know what he is going to tell us. Frying cold rice again as the Chinese saying. Why can’t he come out something new ?

  3. Paul said

    “Widely respected and popular” TT like to use stranger words to describe our PM, similarly TPL and DC are consider widely “popular” and “very hardworking” and simply “loved” by the residents.
    TT = MSN Team B

  4. Duncan said

    Aiyo…I just feel sad for his old man. He does not have the calibers at all.

  5. Snoopy Says said

    I am not interested to hear what he wants to say. So irritating, sunday tv programe disrupted!

  6. alam said

    Our Singapore PM is a respectable man, at least by the majority of his constituents and fellow MPs, and we all love SINGAPORE. This is a fact and reality. (period)

    Why must TT destroy this national fabric by instigating hate of our PM? Surely if he or his Cabinet makes a mistake, please discuss and provide sensible solutions. Do not blame them for everything. Some TT readers are hyped, brainwashed and begin to behave childishly. Why call our leaders by rude names? If your proposals / solutions are not heard, start a campaign and champion your cause. Do it above board. At the end of the day, let’s understand that there is no one else except Singaporeans can solve our own national problems. Let’s unite and ensure that we are strong and capable of taking care of SINGAPORE by ourselves. We have children and we do not want to destroy their future here in SINGAPORE by negative propaganda.

    Well, I may not be so highly educated but when TT sing praises about a (dud) Dr Chee Soon Juan, I squirmed and I am sure many people in SINGAPORE would do likewise when hearing his name and the stories of how he had behaved. He has been in court for numerous occasions and had lost many appeals even with the best lawyers that he can find. Singaporeans must find their own solutions and if CSJ is a good SINGAPOREAN and would like to assist in nation building, please request him to participate actively and resolve the problems collectively.

    Thank you for agreeing to post my comment. TT. no heart feelings…

    • compatriot said

      I think you are bias,predjudiced and a parochial minded person and have underestimated the feelings of those you said to be hyped,childish, … their feelings which you could never be able to have felt deep down to your bones being victimised with the ample reasons they have had.Obviously you had not been there as yet.Perhaps you would like to put yourself inside a tight-lid combustible can

      Do you realiaze that those whom you have underestimated will inevitably fight to right the wrongs and be the very one that could eventually saves the lives and well-being of youself and your familiy members

      TT readerships are a lot more concerned,more mature and more smarter and discernable of whatever posted materials that is digestible or otherwise

    • WTF said

      F**k You, Alam..

  7. Sinkaypoh said

    Let me guess :
    1) “remain open to immigrants”
    2) “make more babies”
    Okok, let’s all go Geylang to embrace some immigrants & make more ba…

  8. old horse said

    PM Lee to share his thoughts ??? This is the minimum he should share.

    Will he quit like G Yeo and his team mates if the PAP becomes the opposition ?

    About time he tells Sporeans what are the losses in GIC and Temasek during his term as PM and whether there is enough money to cover all CPF accounts ?

    What is the actual cost of building a HDB flat ?
    Does he agree sporeans can afford to buy one merely on $1,000pm salary ?
    If he agrees, will he and Tharman accept the challenge to do so ?

    How many million foreigners are there in SinCity ?
    How many in millions does he intend to import if he is still the PM ?

    What is his networth including his familee fortune to the nearest million ?

  9. Naivety said

    The heartless PAP government is the only damned government in the world which insists on sabotaging & marginalizing its own citizens. This nonsense has to stop. I was interviewed for a banking position (3 rounds) with the final round conducted by a foreigner (from a certain South Asian country) but was eventually not selected I wonder if he had hired his own kind instead? Also, I have a friend who’s working in a major foreign bank here, and he is being ostracized by his boss & other colleagues from the same South Asian country (my friend is also the only Singaporean in his department).

    And the heartless PAP government is assuring us of a “Singaporeans First” policy when all around us we are seeing something totally different? For the sake of all true-blue Singaporeans & our future generations, this rubbish Pro-foreigner Policy has to go, or else the heartless PAP government which implemented this policy & still relentlessly insists on continuing with it has to go!

    There are at least ten (10) reasons why Singapore is the best place to work in for foreign workers & FTs as a result of this policy (see link below):

    A Native Singapore Citizen

  10. KEn said

    we need a better, faster and cheaper PM. Not someone who waste one month to draft rubbish…. wasting tax payers monies…

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