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PRC undergraduate blogged about his experience of being caned in Singapore

Posted by temasektimes on August 22, 2012

A PRC undergraduate blogged about his unpleasant experience of being caned in Singapore!

The twenty one year old undergraduate from a Fujian university was jailed and caned four times for working as a plumber illegally when he was in Singapore on a social visit pass.

Though he was deported home after his jail term ends, he is obviously still traumatized by the experience.

Below is a translation of what he wrote:

First caning: It’s so painful that I scream

Second caning: Sweat covered my entire face

Third caning: Feel like dying

Fourth caning: The pain penetrates my bone and heart causing my legs to tremble.

Due to the government’s pro-China immigration and labor policies, a large number of PRC Chinese have flocked to study, work and live in Singapore in recent years, some of whom are illegal stayers like the above gentleman.


40 Responses to “PRC undergraduate blogged about his experience of being caned in Singapore”

  1. Janet Yong said

    Why does he need to canned? Breaking the law of working to support his studies? He did not harm any one right or destroyed any thing in the public right?

    • GT said

      Immigration offences usually result in caning.

      • SgGuy said

        Overstay = Cane. Sounds fair.
        Only thing is, there’s still A LOT of illegal over-stayers out there who are waiting for their caning sessions.

    • said

      * Janice Yong
      this stupid prc holding social visit pass and yet work plumbing illegally so i believe he might overstayed here and definitely police charge him illegal immigrant ta y he deserve those cane,,he did not study carefully or mayb he ur long lost brother huh..

    • Hang Tuah said

      Janet Yong, are you questioning Singapore’s law? By the way, are you PRC yourself? If you are not happy about the canning and jail term of your beloved PRC undergrad, walk into PMO and question PM Lee…

    • Bunnabee said

      Excuse me???? If you dun have money to become “overseas student” then dun come here.I wish all PRC overstayers and illegal workers/immigrant will kena caned until their bottoms rot!!

      And Janet Yong if you are so pro china you can move there.

      We have had enough of these Ah Tiongs

    • Denise said

      He said he is a undergraduate, didn’t say he’s studying in Singapore. Could be a undergard in china who came here on a social visit pass. Anyway the caning will remember him not to commit immegration laws here. If not they will just keep trying until they succeed. What is a jail term to them, to many improvished countries, jail here is better than the lift back home. At least they have 3 square meals a day and a roof over their head.

  2. NaBey said

    It is ok, the more u kena cane the more u will get use to it. Last time I also kena cane by my father, teacher and principal, starting sure pain one but after many times, ok already, it is like eating rice like that.

  3. Naivety said

    Strange that I have seen a lot of Female PRCs on student visit pass here moonlighting part-time as FL but they were never caned when caught but only deported back home.

  4. Bai Hu said

    Good. This will send a clear signal to all foreigners who intend or even harbor the thought of working illegally in Singapore.

  5. Singapuraboi said

    What a freaking liar! U only get caned for this only very serious crimes. Certainly won’t get canes for working in a social pass. And definitely not if the govt is encouraging immigration. Anyway, good of he gives Singapore bad press and discourages others from coming to Singapore.

    • Anne One said

      Im not a justice, lawyer or even policeman, but i think u nd to check ur resources 1st before calling ppl a liar. If awareness is limited, do not make a fool of urself.

  6. Singaporean said

    Let it be a severe warning to the foreigners, the need to obey local laws. I am sure if a fellow Singaporean commits a crime in China, the PRC Chinese will demand for the same harsh penalty to be meted out. Rule of the day is – obey local laws. Period.

    Plumbing and electrical works need to be done by certified people. As a homeowner, why should I have to pay market rate and be cheated into getting work done by unqualified people?

    • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

      So you think every other PRC or foreigner who attempts plumbing or electrical work in Singapore homes is not certified or up to your standard? Get real for Gods sake. Singaporeans seem to consider such jobs low standard. Stop whining about other nationalities.

      • Another Singaporean said

        “Singaporean” did not say “every other PRC or foreigner who attempts plumbing or electrical work in Singapore homes is not certified or up to” his/her standard. The writer merely said our houses should be done by certified people since we are paying market rate for the job! It is a known fact (maybe not that well known to you) that PRCs go overseas to work under the guise of studying overseas. It started as early as 20 years ago when they had chances to move out to say, Japan. In the UK, it was like this plus getting citizenship by faking marriages (married then divorce the poor spouse).

  7. Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

    So what’s the purpose of this ridiculous post TT? This PRC guy is not a star or important dignitary. Just a common guy who got inflicted with the dreaded rotan for fucking around with the laws here. Why is TT trying to glamorise this PRC specimen? Any hidden agenda? Or are you TT waiting for the locals here to vent their anger again? Perhaps on the Singapore government for allowing such improper imports from China. Come on tell me TT!!!!!!!!!!

    • GT said

      Shout louder, you may get your answer.

    • really? said

      So the only newsworthy articles should only be on stars or dignitaries? I think you should quit this page and go to E! weekly.

      This article tells us several things:
      – There are foreigners working illegally in Singapore
      – We have laws against this
      – And most importantly, these laws are being enforced

      The last point is especially important given all the accusations of an incompetent Singapore legal system.

    • Tsa74 said

      Oi. What happened with the sexyboy fella?

      No,seriously, curious.

      He talk machiam sibeh on liddat ask ppl come hantam him. How?

  8. nan said

    is the punishment for working illegally canning?

  9. Mike Zeng said

    When caning was first introduced back in the early 70s, it was meant solely for violent criminals like robbers who inflicted vicious injury on their victims with sharp implements. If no violence was inflicted, the robbery is classified under simple robbery with no mandatory caning. But since the late 80s, our PAP Cabinet led by LKY having tasted blood liked it so much and decided to include caning in all sorts of ‘crimes’ like illegal immigration etc etc.violence was no longer a reason for caning! Imagine how cruel and sadistic it is to cane brutally a human being who moonlighted illegally as he needed the money to survive etc. Have our leaders become non-human robots only interested in power and money? Despicable shame on them! Karma will no doubt visit them one day for their merciless cruelty and the blood on their hands.

    • Goh Tong Seng said

      And pretty soon, Singapore will be the reason why half of the world population will be physically and mentally broken.

  10. 5vvaper said

    All are equal before the law. Just that some are more equal and some less. Every immigrant to our country should see a footage of an inmate being caned.

    When the first stroke leaves ur butt the area will turn white and your brain is still processing, “dafuq just happened?”. Just before the second stroke contacts your butt the white area left by the 1st stroke will start bleeding and your brain tells you, “OMFG shit just got fooking real!” By now, you’re feeling the blood coupled with the searing pain from the 1st stroke multiply that by 10 and you’ll know how the 3rd stroke feels like. When you reach the end of the 4th stroke, chances are you are hoping that you could just die. 6 strokes down and you would have blacked out. Most likely you would have lost control of your bowels and bladder by then.

    They should show this stuff on youtube and make it mandatory for all immigrants to watch.

  11. SINYoobi said

    What will the government do to those PRC on S-passes having ex-marital affair with married Singapore men? Will they be punished and deported to China????

  12. Ren said

    Pain is pleasure. Pleasure is pain. Obviously ur PRC counterparts have felt the shiokness. They kept coming back for more…

  13. P Koh said

    First and foremost can it be verified that what is posted is true fact.? Secondly, can it also be verified that for working illegally in Singapore, canning is one of the punishments that a judge will pass on the offender.

  14. Ah Loke said

    He is here on a social visit pass – what’s there gotta do with immigration policy?

  15. Geo said


    Just for the records, I understands the gov’t do not take pleasure in canning. It done as a result of many deterent measures do not works over the years.

    Imagine, a foreign persons voilates the law on purpose so he gets free food and lodging at the Changi prison or any others as we have to be humane and accomodates prisoners’ rights. Then he gets deported…..will comes back again and again…….as no problem. But when gets the rotan…’s no jokes….He goes back tells his friends and countrymen – dont play a fool, none dares to violates our laws… Singapore is more secures……don’t you wants it? imagine, illegal immgrants working your jobs…..? raping your daughters…..robbing, stealing, etc….?

  16. Blow jobbers said

    Many so-called “overseas students” are not here to study. They only have the money to pay for the one way ticket to Singapore. The rest of the money they will earn in Spore illegally. Singapore is a whore house.

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