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AGC defends purchase of designer chairs at $597 each

Posted by temasektimes on August 23, 2012

The Attorney-General Chamber (AGC) has defended its purchase of 200 ergonomic chairs at S$597 each after coming under fire from some netizens over the purchases.

Speaking to queries from the state media, an AGC spokesperson reiterated that it had “complied with all relevant procurement rules and best practices for its procurements”.

“The new office chairs were bought to replace those used by its staff, “as well as to provide for the increasing headcount in officers. Most of the old office chairs replaced were in use for more than 10 years and some had been in use since AGC moved to its present premises in 1991,” the spokesperson added.

She added that AGC had published an open tender for the procurement of the office chairs, which gave potential suppliers 25 days to respond. At the end of the tender period, 13 quotations were received from interested suppliers.

“The chair that represented the most value for money was selected after an evaluation – the chair gave the most lumbar support and was the most durable with a warranty period of 12 years, as compared to the warranty of three years offered by the other suppliers.”

*Illustrated pic


27 Responses to “AGC defends purchase of designer chairs at $597 each”

  1. JeoJeo said

    gahment and civil service has lots and lots of scholars.
    1 of their important jobs is to justify why they can spend the $$$
    important thing is, their bosses can accept it and CPIB or CAD will not be able to find anything against them,
    public sentiment is of less importance.
    media?? nothing to fear, just don’t behave the way durai did to end up in hot soup

  2. Kokky said

    The illustrated picture is sala… a more aligned one is here

    • laughing balls said

      that was interesting…a thought for furniture makers. Should be reproduced and offered to “people in power” it will sell like hotcake.

  3. Pussy Rules said

    Whatever they buy or even if they do not buy anything, the freaking taxes money won’t comeback to you Singaporeans. And whatever it is we still have to pay taxes and it’s not reducing. So let them buy anything they want even if you all do not like it because you all Singaporean can’t do anything about it.

  4. denzuko1 said

    Actually the AGC avoided the answer to 1 question, “is it necessary to buy such an expensive chair?”

  5. Cute said

    Hello…TT…the chair in the picture is not an office chair. This chair in the picture is over $5000.

  6. Striking Angel said

    Not too long ago, someone dared said: “This is a FRUGAL government.”
    Now, do you really believed in that?!

  7. Query said

    actually 1 executive chair is already $300 +
    if u get with head rest even more ex. so if designer can extend the warranty like the HM chair for 10 yrs..
    then why not ?

  8. NaBey said

    So sorry for TT Durai. If he can postpone his case until now, I’m sure the judge will say it is justifiable for a gold plated toilet bowl. Pang sai no need force.

  9. LkySi said

    Why not buy a water bed as well – for lumbar purposes

  10. sniper said

    shit man that time in NS , I was given confinement for seating on my SAF helmut.

    All the elites in govt should follow the SAF and seat on the damn floor.

  11. Sinkaypoh said

    This one better…. I understand it is very much in demand too, and must order in advance…

  12. nocando said

    another example of penny wise, pound foolish govt.

  13. nocando said

    TT Durai told NKF patient to work hard or they cannot get subsidy , turn out Durai was so kiam siap , after subsidy patients still have to pay up $700 to thousand. but when one of his assistants resigned, he paid her $160,000 in one shot. we need to alert the whole world, see how sucks singapore is !

  14. nocando said

    super hypocrite !

  15. bb said

    This justification should be investigated by CPIB

  16. Lulu said

    May make City Harvest start looking legit….

  17. sfghfgh said

    don’t give reason, no need to. you very big liao.

  18. enough said

    at these rate, eventually all government departments are paved with gold

    from toilet seats, to taps, and bathtups, will be coated with gold at the rate this regime wasted tax payers money

    squeeze us singapore citiizen high and dry and spend like no tomorrow on these extravagances

    from NEA now to attorney general chambers

    next wiill be the schools, tax departments,

  19. andy said

    will you buy it with your own money…….please answer with your heart…….

  20. Naivety said

    These civil servants buttocks/back sides must be either gold-plated type or crusted with diamonds…so precious to use such an expensive chair for daily office work and not doing much creative work as well!!!

    We ordinary folks are only sitting on a S$ 65 typist chair for daily work rendered!!

  21. Amaze said

    It is d monthy salary for a cleaner in a foodcourt or coffee shop. The suffering in their back is much worse. Who is going to buy d designer chairs for them?

  22. Henry said

    Wow! One chair in Civil Service = one month salary for the citizen …

  23. Sinkaypoh said

    Ever considered the Electric Chair? Also very durable, and guaranteed to outlive its user! 😉

  24. Jaded said

    it it necessary to buy such an expensive chair? question not answered…

  25. i guess i think said

    To them may be not ex lah since their pay is higher than most of us?
    May be high pay people like them cannot sit on not high paid chair?

  26. Ah Loot said

    This Eames Lounge chair & Ottomanis not the authentic make. It is made in PRC who copy the genuine ones.
    The genuine ones are $5,000.00.USD sold by Herman Miller. The replicas last for 2 years.

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