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An appeal to all Singaporeans to safeguard their birth rights

Posted by temasektimes on August 23, 2012

That there is for sure as the sun rises each and everyday.Just as that there is a bell ringing with the clarion call to all Singaporeans to practice and safeguarded the integrity and sanctity of our birthrights.

I feel that Singaporeans throughout the island are now faced with bad political decision making policies,to being a divided and forsaken society.We have a choice.The legitimate choice to practice our legitimate freedom and liberty which is priceless throughout our life time to enhance for the change of government

Don’t forsake your legitimate freedom and liberty which is priceless.We have a choice.The legitimate choice for a dire need of change of government to eradicate currently and permanently this bad politicians of the PAP government who would never want to admit their mistakes with badly governmental practises,bad judgements and decisions and bad policies that has befallen untowardly to Singaporeans

This current government is abject and audacious and has posted through the media the material querries placed on them raised by netizens in their wards about the predicament which is untenable to live the simple life with the high COL and the hoards of influx of emigatory foreigners who evidently steals our very livehood that has let us with very little left or none at all to support our families.

The government says that is important and with foolery evaded this issues and commented there are more important things they want to work such as the future

Yes for sure for right now you PAP politicans and your families can live very well today.But bear a thought,for how long.Have you no humanity left in you for us to lend you with a praise

May I ask these manipulating and exploiting PAP politicians,,”Where and what are the future without addressing the past and present”

Singaporeans as a matter of principal,don’t believe in handouts which the pap government is practising to browbeat and cajolery our population


*The above was first posted as a comment on The Temasek Times.


25 Responses to “An appeal to all Singaporeans to safeguard their birth rights”

  1. ngpy said

    Least corrupt is also corrupt, importantly which section of people are prone to be more corrupted.

    • sporeoboriginal said

      We are more than fking corrupted jus the same as most countries.. Most ministers sit on a board of a private company which most of the time get govt tender jobs and all. They do nothing but jus sit on board to add credibility..take free money so good. And our supreme leader backup plan even more power, even if the family lose the country one day they will still kinda “own it”. Every big company running the country’s services is owned by the family. Deny all they want, it is true. Supreme leader is even richer than most in forbes magazine of course they cant publish him kena defamation charges sure close down one this magazine. Im so laughing everytime they show a rich man worth billions owning a business for example facebook and then i look again, “what if i own a country man?” lol

      • Naivety said

        Yep, fully agreed with you…Sporeoboriginal

        Can anybody make a calculated guess & assessment on how much LKY’s total wealth is or how much is he worth after lording over a country for 47 years???

        I am sure that he is many billions times richer than the world richest person as published on Forbes Magazine yearly!!!

      • Populist said

        Are you a foreign talent masquerading as Singapore Original? If not, why are you not aware that a Minster cannot hold portfolio as an Independent Director in a Public listed Company or Private company?

      • Naivety said

        Whereas Ministers are not allowed to do so but PAP MPs infact are allowed to do so sitting as Directors, CEO, Dy CEO in multiple boards in Public Listed Companies, GLCs and Private Companies even!

  2. SgGuy said

    Well said! Especially the part where they try to distract the current situation by asking us to look for the future!

    For me personally, I think that we should not simply wait for 2016. Because, by that time, most Singaporeans would have forgotten the suffering n empty promises made n some would have been bought over by sweeteners. We can, through our everyday, voice out and demand for change that make sure the HIGHLY PAID CIVIL SERVANTS, especially the obscenely-paid ministers work hard for our well-being. Little by little, we can nudge them to move, b’cos our back is already against the wall.

    • compatriot said

      I think for a start it is legit that Singaporeans must have the will to practise the means of ‘BOYCOTTING’ to show unity to resonate our ultimate resolvedness

    • Naivety said

      Before we could even get to a solution, this evil & wicked PAP Govt must first acknowledge that there is a problem!…Right now, all that the PAP Govt is doing is stoutly DEFENDING their policies only…

      With such ultra defensive & super self-denial attitude (like some PAP lackeys & cronies here) we might have to resort to extreme measures…to put our point across to them lah!

  3. Populist said

    What handout do you want if you have the ability to earn a living yourself? Handout should only be given for those with no ability to earn a living themselves. By the way, a first world welfare systems without a first world Tax systems is only possible when Low Thia Khiang written his novel on his proposal as requested from our Deputy PM Tharman, However, the whole Singapore is still waiting for this novel to be published.

  4. beegees said

    Do you hear the people sing?

  5. What Do You Think? said

    Hey save your time and effort. Singapore is a nation without nationhood. It’s like a hotel where the sanctity of birth right is no longer respected. Any Pinay, PRC, Indian, ang moh can come over to compete with our citizens for PMET positions. Our own people are increasingly being displaced by cheaper foreigners. Our food courts, MRTs, shopping malls are now invested with foreigners.
    Our PM made an apology in the last election that such nonsense would stop. But it proved to be a frivolous apology for the PAP continued to import foreigners by the truckloads. While an increasing number of Singaporeans are now unemployed and living below their means, the PAP ministers continue to receive their million-dollar salaries complete with outrageous bonuses.
    Such nonsense will not stop unless Singaporeans unite to kick these scums out of parliament come next election.

    • KC said

      cannot agree more…let’s just work towards making more than 50% of the people of Singapore to vote for anything but the PAP….that’s certinly a target that can be acheive. PAP 49%, others 51%….then let’s see if they can still justify the million dollar salary and bonuses..

  6. Populist said

    We have the freedom to vote the most capable leaders to run this country. We do not want clowns or duds to ruin the future of Singapore.

  7. Sinkaypoh said

    Sympathize with the OP’s sentiments, although I shudder at his atrocious English !

    • busybody said

      As a matter of interest,so you think you could write better english,than show and prove it.With dark clouds looming precariously above our heads caused by nefarious PAP politicians and civil servants Singapore needs much more of its own people to contribute and share where and how to attained better living of life than just being mere existence

  8. Bengy said

    why don’t we use out source to replace the election system why is more cheaper and efficient which lot of companies & the present government is doing now?

  9. mahbok tan THE SINKI said


  10. ken said

    we need a revolution to overthrow the useless and no longer relevant PAP out of Parliament… we need a revolution army…we need a leader like Dr Sun Yat Sen.

    • Populist said

      Who is you leader. Where is he hiding? So coward to identify yourselves want to start a revolution. Not even a single soul turn out for “occupy Raffles place” . Ken is a useless person. Don’t make my toe laugh lah.

  11. solaris8899 said

    well said. however, papa would not listen and admit.

  12. SGT33 said

    Just like most people. I am afraid to be put in jail. That’s why?
    Come 2016 also, no difference. So don’t waste your time hoping for any changes. Once one sits on the throne, It will takes ages for one to get down. Understand….. my dear netcitizens.

  13. jy said

    Many years ago we always challenge ppl who complain about our solutions,the way we do things etc. then we will counter them:”u so clever,u come do lor”. Why we complain so much now, our minister never challenge us this way??? Haha

  14. Grand Social Engineering said

    Please do not hope for any change of government in 2016.
    A grand social engineering plot to replace all the local born and breds has already begun. Come 2016, it is the ungrateful citizens, and not the government, who would be replaced.

    In the face of the declining political support from the locals, PAP’s scheme is to get rid of all of them and replace them with new grateful citizens. Conditions and cost of living will be made unbearable for the existing citizens that they would be forced to migrate out of the country while the newcomers will be given all kinds of incentives from scholarships to jobs to public housing to start a new life in Singapore.

    With this clever social engineering scheme PAP will be assured of staying in power for another fifty years.

    The only local Singaporeans to be left behind will be those who have no where else to go and who would then become cooks, servants and drivers for the rich and powerful newcomers.

    Mod’s note:

    It is impossible to change govt because the PAP’s ‘B’ team aka the ‘Wayang Party’ is in cahoots with it:

    ‘If the PAP fails to win a majority in the next GE, the Workers Party will form a coalition govt with it to keep it in power.’

    – WP MP Pritam Singh, May 2011

  15. sporeoboriginal said

    40% of spore are FTs.. Maybe they know lesser sporeans are not voting fr them so they give residentship to FTs and getting their votes to maintain in power. Come on man… Dont be shy to tell the public how the jerrymandering is done : )

  16. maipenrai said

    The rise of the Singaputras, the peoples born in Singapore!!

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