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CHC members wish Kong Hee ‘Happy Birthday’ on Facebook

Posted by temasektimes on August 23, 2012

Disgraced pastor of City Harvest Church Kong Hee may be vilified by some Singaporeans after being charged for criminal breach of trust involving the church’s funds, but he is still widely respected and loved by his followers.

It is Kong Hee’s birthday today and many of his fans have flocked to wish him well on his Facebook:

Kong Hee is scheduled to return to court at the end of the month. If convicted, he may face life imprisonment.


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15 Responses to “CHC members wish Kong Hee ‘Happy Birthday’ on Facebook”

  1. Sinkaypoh said

    born to con, hapi bday!

  2. lost said

    Kong Hee is so much more respected by many Singaporeans
    than our political leaders.


  3. Ren said

    Happy Bday!…I pray you celebrate your next 5 years or more birhdays in the slammer…

  4. Don't be whiter than white said

    And your point is?

    In what way has he been “disgraced” when he hasn’t even been found guilty? Even assuming he is guilty, why is wishing him “Happy Birthday” an issue?

    I’m neither for nor against him, as I’ll leave the issue of his guilt to the courts, but your posting does suggests obliquely that a person is not entitled to be “loved by his followers” if he has committed a crime. This whiter than white mantra has been chanted by a certain political party for far too long and contaminated the Singapore society…

  5. kaffeinnated said

    Awww… this is a low-blow, TT. It’s his birthday, dude, chill. Differentiate what he has done vs his person. I don’t follow his church but give him a break on his birthday at least.


    • Kokky said

      I don’t see nothing wrong with TT posting this leh.. TT didn’t say he is guilty, TT just reporting that a lot of people is wishing him a happy birthday on his birthday.

      Some mainstream newspaper also can report a lot of netizens give comments after a certain minster made some comments on his FB page about driving habits, so why TT cannot report this?

  6. terence said

    my birthday tomorrow… can put up my picture so that i get some attention pls?

  7. Please do not use strong words as judgement is not finalised said

    Please do not use strong words as judgement is not finalised

    Please be neutral in your reporting. So far as the judgement is not finalised yet, i do not think disgrace should be used in your this article.
    Report in news need to be neutral. He had done bad and he had done good as well. This article reported only the bad, but the good of he had build up the church was not reported.

  8. Ling said

    Hi, with regards to the CHC issue, I noticed that most, if not all of your articles have referred to Mr Kong Hee as “the disgraced Pastor”.. The verdict has not been out as of now so I feel that terms like that can be avoided.

    • jalie said

      WHAT VERDICT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!, in this blog, is the VIEW that counts, don’t like it, then don’t come in and YES, I WISH FOR HIM HAPPY BIRTHDAY NEXT YEAR AND MANY YEARS MORE IN THE JAILHOUSE ROCK MAN!!

  9. Mikey said

    Brace yourselves for the CNY messages lol

  10. singaporean said

    Better enjoy while it last…

  11. Nino said

    Hana Maria Panabunam : Are u Birthday ?

    LoL ! yes he is birthday, Happy Kong Hee ! =p

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