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CPIB declares: Singapore is still one of the least ‘corrupt’ countries in the world

Posted by temasektimes on August 23, 2012

A series of high-profile corruption scandals involving top civil servants has caused Singapore to slip from 1st to 5th on the Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index last year, but Singapore remains one of the least corrupt countries in the world, insists the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB).

Speaking to queries from the media, CPIB director Eric Tan stressed that with strong political will and a whole-of-government approach, Singapore is one of the least corrupt countries in the world.

“However, low corruption does not mean no corruption,” he was quick to add.

Unlike other First World countries, Singapore’s anti-corruption watchdog is not an independent body and comes under the purview of the Prime Minister’s Office.

The Singapore media is also tightly controlled by the government and is ranked 151st in the world in terms of press freedom by international NGO Freedom House last year.


28 Responses to “CPIB declares: Singapore is still one of the least ‘corrupt’ countries in the world”

  1. how about legal corrupt , power corruption , i fuck you ! dun bully the weakness if you r given power and thrust from the people .

    • compatriot said

      I can empathised your feelings Sir.These shitholes are just like pet tame pariah dogs yelping and craving for a bigger bone to be thrown to them comes next N’tl Day

      ‘Men who are given too much power sometimes abuse it,then they make mistakes’

  2. dog of the dogs said

    Still want to justify their high salaries.

  3. enough said

    CpIB is only as good as the government wants it to be, since it reports to the PM

    and it is not independent

    and I dont believe a word of it

    given the kind of corruption being exposed

    only the tip of the iceberg

    small corrupt acitivities are being exposed while the big fish is hidden

    small corrupt actiivities like sexual gratification, blow jobs,

    million dollars activiites are well hidden

  4. P Koh said

    As they say, ‘Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely’. So there is no way to absolutely avoid corruption however clean any government or organisation may appear to look from the outside. Just make sure that it is not just done “on the table, under the table and including the table.”

  5. Bla bla bla! said


  6. Henry said

    Eric completing missed the point. Relative to previous, we have gotten worse. We are not talking about just been in Class A, but we are worse off … hello, wake up!

  7. Sinkaypoh said

    There is no corruption. Sex, money, guanxi & political favors are legitimate mediums of exchange. There was also no corruption in the empire of qinshihuang, the first emperor of China. How can there be, when the emperor decides right & wrong? If u disagree with him, then u are wrong. It’s that simple. The only way u can be right is if u overthrow him.

    • Jimmy Chan said

      Totally agree with you! WE SHOULD OVERTHROW THIS PAP! Just wait till the bloody old man die and we shall see what will happen to PAP!

  8. Sinkaypoh said

    Haha… Kong Hee oso “maintain his integrity” where got corruption leh? TT Durai oso maintain his golden tap….papayas oso maintain their ISA…

  9. solaris8899 said

    from 1st slip to 5th, still talk big.

  10. Bengy said

    least corrupt is still corruption whether you take five dollars or fifty dollars is still consider stealing..

  11. Roger said

    Low corruption can be achieved when most of the corruption can be legalized for the big fishes. What do you think?

  12. raja said

    “Spore is still one of the least corrupt countries in the world”…..and the secret is simply to consider many corrupt activities and behaviour as above board.
    So far it can said, Spore has managed to fool some people all the time…..

  13. x12831 said

    Less corruption does not equate to a transparent government. The lack of transparency in government means that corruption could be covered up.

  14. Chui Gong Lum Par Song! said

    We must ultimately get rid of this Familee Regime with our own hands, we cannot rely on foreign assistance especially the American…Everybody knows they are ALWAYS UP TO NO GOOD! The Americans ALWAYS HELP OTHERS WITH A PRICE TAG…AND A SUPER BIG ONE! We need to arm ourselves in order to take to the streets…anyone got money to donate for Singaporeans to buy arms to take out the Pappies? No?! Then don’t even think about opposing the Pappies because Singapore doesn’t belong to Singaporeans any more, It belongs to the FamiLee…the Pappies! We’re just a bunch of helpless but super noisy sheep waiting to be slaughtered! You people kept saying things like voting them (the Pappies) out in 2016, but everyone knows deep inside…even if 99% of Singaporean voted them out, THEY WILL STILL CLINGS ON TO POWER! THEY’LL NEVER GIVE UP POWER! Dear all…please don’t be so naive thinking that they’ll give-up their power! They think everyone owes them a big THANK YOU for what we have today!

  15. KC said

    how does the most corrupt bunch of people comment that Singaporea is the least corrupt…a dog trying to bite its own tail…what a joke.

  16. Virgorian said

    What’s wrong with u people keep swearing and cursing bout the least corruption of our country ?!just compare with the melayu Malaysian pig country !theu are worst and stupid then a stupid lazy pig !!

  17. Naivety said

    Yeap, least corrupted country in the world…please tell it to the marines!
    Probably, big corruption cases committed by big personality & VVIP known as “whales” are being swept under the carpet..tsk!

  18. True BLUE Sinkie said

    I believe the number of recent high profile corruption cases against the top echelons of the civil service is just the tip of the iceberg. The timing of the Hougang bi-election was followed immediately by numerous corruption cases is a testimony of the corruption of the CPIB under the direction of the PM. That was why the bi-election was called much earlier than expected. Had the bi-election been called later, the PAP candidate in hougang would have lost his pants and underwear as well. The PAP would have been stripped naked. With the conviction of the CPIB director, what else would we expect of CPIB??? It is supposed to be he watchdog, but now it is under watch by Singaporeans.

  19. Kevin Lee said

    Corruption thats not been exposed wont be added to statistics. My question is how efficient is CPIB in SGP’s system?

  20. Dwight said

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    out. I like what I see so now i’m following you. Look forward to checking out your web page yet again.

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