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Shanmugam: I believe the resident who made the complaint about Indians is a Singaporean

Posted by temasektimes on August 23, 2012

Law Minister K Shanmugam has issued a clarification on his Facebook regarding an earlier post about a resident’s ‘disturbing’ complaints against his Indian neighbors which led to some netizens to speculate that the resident’s complaints were directed at foreigners.

In a posting on his Facebook yesterday, Mr Shanmugam wrote:

“A number of ppl have asked for more details on my post on gentleman who complained to me about Indians. He is an elderly person ( I refer to his grandchildren in th post ). He is born n bred here. I blv all th ppl he is complaining about are also Sporeans.”

Mr Shanmugam added that the resident insinuated that he would vote against the PAP if his problems were not solved:

“Have helped him previously, so he started off his email by thanking me for the previous help. He ended off his email by telling me that if the problems are not taken care of, he will know which way to vote in the next elections.”

Speaking to queries from the state media, Sociologist Tan Ern Ser, an associate professor at the National University of Singapore, said he believes that the state of race relations in Singapore is generally healthy and most Singaporeans are not racists.

But he cautioned that Singapore should continue to promote social integration, even if those with racial prejudice form a small minority.


54 Responses to “Shanmugam: I believe the resident who made the complaint about Indians is a Singaporean”

  1. Roger said

    What you mean by “I believe” .. he is since he is threatening to vote for opposition if no action is taken..

    • Ashok Pandian said

      The question to ask ourselves is: Has race relations become worse since our independence?

      And if it has become worse, as this incident narrated by the minister would indicate, the second question to ask ourselves is: Who has been managing this country for the past 47 years?

      Seems like they are not doing a good job, isn’t it.

      I mean, Singapore is just 700 sq km.

      This is not a country of 2,000,000 sq km with a hundred different ethnic groups, is it?

      • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

        You know what Ashok? You are not at all wrong.

      • SS said

        fully agree with u Ashok. true and BORN Singaporean have been living with our other race neighbor in peace and great harmony in those good old day.Only recent year the open gate thingy, created all this mess.

        I am a native born Singaporean. and i have many Indian and malay friends and colleagues. I am very happy to be with them.

        Recent year seems like New Singapore complaint about those are just like them who live here only few years.

        Can we justify? Or?

  2. OMG said

    Is it this some sort tactic to create racial issues in SG .. to favor next election… I haver serious doubts.. divide.. then unite…same as create problem and solve..

    • Justice Bao said

      Yup,I share your sentiments.Have you heard of such blatant racist complaints to a PAP minister in the past 50 years?

      Besides,who started this Mandarin campaign lah.Not having enough Chinese babies lah.Malays unfit to be in SAF lah.

      I think PAP is desperate.

    • CKMPD said


      I agree with you. Playing racial politics is a very dangerous game.

    • Me said

      Wayang, wayang … is he adding fire to disintegrate and i thought the current message is integration. … Coming from a minister , spore is really in deep shit.

    • Ashok Pandian said

      You are right to say that many of the present policies in Singapore are divisive. And for a long time now, many Singaporeans have asked for these divisive policies to be removed. So it is right to question if they themselves have created this problem.

      And by the way, where were all the MPs when China nationals and Pinoys were making racist insults against us.

      One MP even told us to reflect on our behaviour.

  3. CWS said

    Is the elderly man indirectly referring to him

  4. singapore citizen of old said

    There is no mention if the Indian neighbour is a foreigner. If yes, I’m not surprised. A lot of these foreigners dont know what kinda habits and norms they carry over here ….. can u blame them if they dont shower for days?? I dont remember growing up here having such kinda problems before. I have and grow up with singaporean Indian friends, no such problem. Generally, singaporeans know how to live here….the problem is the “hell break loose gate for foreigners’ that we are hearing more and more of such weird things happening amongst us. If the Ministers live amongst us, I’m sure they’ll be convinced….unfortunately, they dont….and such issues get sweep under the carpet. Or we get so tired of hearing the word “integration” blah blah blah….

    • SS said

      fully agreed. we native singapore know how. if we go oversea, we will also know how. But gat is wide open and no proper screening and all craps are swept under carpet. so, now all out to bite us singaporean. not the one open the gate.

  5. Mikey said

    I dun believe leh.. how?

    At least.. not a pure born and bred local Singie..

  6. singapore citizen of old said

    Let me cite another example what foreigners do in their HDB flats. A 4-room HDB flat usually has only 3 bedrooms. This foreigner who become PR owning HDB flat would convert part of their living room into a bed room, making 4 bedrooms for them to rent out 3 rooms.

    My point is: usually foreigners here do things that we singaporeans usually dont do. .Not to mention some bring their parents over to become garang kuni…see the amount of trash they bring back to the flat……
    They get away with it by acting ignorant (since they KNOW they are foreigners) or act bodoh in a foreign land we call singapore.

    • oldguard said

      just to add, 1 room 8 occupants, so 3 room 24 occupants. don’t believe go to Jurong west, owner is a PR.

      • Chandramohan Gupta said

        Of course we believe you. All of us have seen it with our own eyes.

        In the next block where I live, on the ground floor, there is a four room flat shared by 3 families from the sub-continent. And because they are just tenants and not the owners, the place is a big mess.

        I guess if the story is true, then I don’t blame the complainant.

  7. denzuko1 said

    …and I think shanmugam is strying to stir up racial sentiments.

    • Agree said

      I totally agree with you .. I get the same feeling

      • whatdouthink said

        Shanmugam the troublemaker
        Why would the writer complain to a Tamil Indian abt Indians unless…..?

      • Chandramohan Gupta said

        “The person who contemptuously speaks about immigrants could also be capable of turning against the minorities here at home.”

        Many Singaporeans were saying the same thing when this remark was made.

        Read some remarks on some websites that there is a hidden agenda behind all these.

        What do you think?

  8. Richard said

    Who create must solve the problem.In the past we had a happy and beautiful city,why now we had so much problem why? why? Who create this?We singaporean
    know, but nothing can be done because we are born in this city with little help. The city for the rich.

  9. Hang Tuah said

    Back stabbed his own fellow citizen. Why he did not dare to presume that the complaint came from new citizen or FTs? Is it fair for him to do that? He is like ‘a dog who bites the hand who feed him’. Did he forget who put him in office and pay his fat salary?

    • Casey Lau said

      Our over-fed, fat cats are too lazy and comfortable to catch anymore mice. Their salaries should be reduced by another 50% so that they could be more down to earth.

    • Ah Keong said

      Where was he when the foreigners were insulting us? Where? Where?

      They are only good at bashing Singaporeans.

  10. Playfair said

    Is this a makeup story or a true story?
    If its true come out with the truth, come out with the names and their citizenship status.

  11. WayangMIW said

    Shabu Shabu has a big mouth. He stirs the curry pot becos the Curry incident last year took place on Aug 21 2011, see link here.
    What many netizens failed to notice was that Shabu Shabu remained very silent on this while all opposition politicans took swipes at the silence of Indian MIW MPs for keeping so silent. The most defeaning silence was Shabu Shabu since that department fell under his purview, the Mediation Center.
    So now Shabu Shabu jumps the gun & decides to create his own curry pot to stir. The result is very confusing and contrived on the part of MIW. You can certainly see thru the WAYANG!

  12. GodBlessSG said

    I believe I believe you. Hahaha.

    By the way, really cannot stand the face to his left. Looks like a boot-licker.

  13. hachoo said

    How does this compare to the PRC scholar Sun (calling us Dog) and the PRC family complainng about their neighbour curry cooking ???? And how were the cases handled by the relevant authority then as compare to this now ?
    Once you compare the two, you will find that somehow the balance is tilted against local Singaporean. Sad day….

    • sexyboy said

      I dun think so,what the prc scholar say its true, and that indian family should show consideration for others because curry can make ur clothing smells, there are many singaporeans who also insulted other races, sgearns shld be tolerant and accept critism just like they critise others and den say its a joke, at the end of the day the joke is on u…fortunately singapore have capable ministers to solve the problems that the locals have created for themselves

  14. We want the fact !!! said

    1. How should you describe a neighbor who is an Indian, Malay or Chinese ? Should the complainant describe them as black ?

    2.Is the complainant talking about the “hygiene” of this particular family or across the board ?

    3. Is this Indian family native S’porean or from India ?

    Come on Mr. Shanmugum, be fair to the complainant, give us the full details !!! We want the TRUTH !!! So how… can be done ???

  15. Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

    I believe the present batch of Cabinet Ministers in office need to buck up on the way they talk to the public. I believe many of you will believe me when I make this believing statement. Well?

  16. sniper said

    I thought the old folks nose are not working too well. the smell must really be something for him to get so work up.

  17. nocando said

    does anyone ever notice when some misbehavior happens, be it serious or minor, if it was caused by FT or new citizen, our media would not identify wether he or she is a FT of new citizen. if it was confirm singaporean, they would sure mention the id of the offender. so, the next time you are curious about the nationality of the offenders, you would know the answer by looking for clue between the lines.
    just look at Shanmugam can’t wait to announce the complainant was a singaporean is a proof that how pro-alien party is bias against sporean (if he did not make it up). now compare to the curry case between the PRC and an indian neighbor, it happen some 7 years ago, but we only knew about it until last year. see how tight- lip the local media is? and they persuade the indian neighbor can only cook curry in her own house is when the PRC not at home. how very pro-FT
    another example bias against sporeans is sunxu’s case. most of us so innocent by doing nothing wrong but our country get the dog sneering , the fuzzy head told us to go reflect on. i will forever to bring this up until we get a real, sincere, proper , not a furious apology.
    we really need to think why are we so dump to vote in this pro alien party only to get bias against us? why?

    • Naivety said

      Kena brainwashed many times over lah what to do?

      The Pro-Alien Party is the supreme master of Con-Hee of CHC & we, native Singaporeans are their sheeple!!!

  18. enough said

    i believe there is nothing wrong with the complaint

    we want immigrants to assimilate into our culture and not the other way round

    if they want to live in our country, they have to dress like a singaporean, behave like a singaporean, talk like a singaporean

    if you insist on walking in the street , bare chested, that is not our culture

    if you smell, than you should take steps to remove the offending smell

    there is nothing racial, s tupid minister

    • sexyboy said

      If u force others to do that, den u guys are no different from north korean leaders…u singaporeans always complain pap control u all too much, but here u try to impose ur singaporean ways on foreigners, pap is right to control u guys, u guys need to be caged

  19. Naivety said

    Hey K. Shanmugan!

    Is this a delusion on your part??

  20. Tan Yan Ren said

    K Shanmugam,
    You are a Minister. You are taking an issue with an old man ,?a person you helped? what do we have now? …if i were you, just explain to him directly if possible or else through a representative …or even ignore his comment since you know he may be seeking attention…ARE YOU GOING TO STOOP SO LOW ….to raise this and blow his nonsensical statement out of proportion and eventually make you look childish……???

  21. Reality is perception said

    Everyone wants to know more about the details of the complainant but obviously they will be kept secret. If not, you can expect the online world to launch personal attacks on the complainant and who will he blame in the end – his MP who is supposed to maintain confidentiality of his resident’s details.

    What is the purpose of making this public and letting everyone know about it? That’s the real question.

    Is it to show that racial disharmony is REALLY on the rise? Is it to give a PERCEPTION that racial disharmony is on the rise? Is it to reinforce the integration-is-crucial-for-singaporeans-if-not-we-cannot-survive message? Is it to create a diversion from the Locals vs FT issue?

    Why would the complainant write to an Indian minister to complain about Indians? Is the complainant daft or ignorant? How valid is this complaint given the context in which it was filed? (I’m not trying to be racist here but just analyzing what a rational, logical person would or would not do). Is this an issue of hygiene rather than race? Is this an isolated incident? (I’m surprised this was not mentioned considering it has become the “de-facto” comment)

    As you can see, more questions are raised in place of answers.

  22. Shame on sham said

    Sham: I believe the resident who made the complaint about the neighbour cooking curry is a sinkaporean…a newly converted, kiss-the-pap-ass sinkaporean.

  23. Zam said

    Speaking to queries from the state media, Sociologist Tan Ern Ser, an associate professor at the National University of Singapore, said he believes that the state of race relations in Singapore is generally healthy and most “Singaporeans are not racists”.

    Nonsense….Singapore is the most racist country in this World and the Majority Singaporeans are the blood cucking racists.

    • Jaswant Singh said

      Racist India

      Gautaman Bhaskaran
      August 24, 2012

      Racism lives and flourishes in India’s own backyard.

      Over the decades, India has cried out against racial prejudice. Years and years ago, Gandhi fought against that in South Africa, and since then there have been several leaders in India who shouted from their rooftops every time an Indian had been attacked in America or Britain or Australia.

      But sadly and most shamefully, racism lives and flourishes in India’s own backyard.

      The men and women who hail from India’s north-eastern states have been ridiculed and discriminated. The primary reason for this being as silly as their physical features, which are mongoloid.


      Sorry, but the title of most racist country in the world belongs to India.

      • Disappointed said

        U too balless. Y r u here in Singapore idiot. F out singapore. Pest. Don’t stay here, u will also balless too moron.

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  26. I do not leave a response, however after browsing through a few of the responses on this page Shanmugam: I
    believe the resident who made the complaint about Indians is a Singaporean THE TEMASEK TIMES.
    I do have a couple of questions for you if it’s allright. Could it be simply me or does it appear like a few of these responses come across as if they are coming from brain dead folks? 😛 And, if you are posting on other sites, I would like to keep up with you. Would you list of all of your social networking sites like your Facebook page, twitter feed, or linkedin profile?

  27. Buy Xanax said

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