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Jail term tripled for Indian ‘FT’ who squeezed boobs of 15 year old girl at hotel

Posted by temasektimes on August 24, 2012

Indian ‘FT’ Vashist Davender Kumar was supposed to be released from prison next week, but had his jail term extended to five months after a successful appeal by the Public Prosecutor on Thursday.

The 42 year old engineer was convicted of molesting a 15-year-old Australian girl and was sentenced to six weeks’ jail last month.

The court learnt that Vashist had asked the bikini-clad victim to follow him to the male changing room and when she refused, Vashist moved forward and squeezed her breast.

The victim then informed her teacher who called the police. Vashist was in Singapore for a conference.

Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) Sanjna Rai argued that the six-week jail term was too lenient and the District Judge had also not given “sufficient regard” to aggravating factors, such as Vashist’s intrusion of the victim’s private parts.

*Illustrated pic


42 Responses to “Jail term tripled for Indian ‘FT’ who squeezed boobs of 15 year old girl at hotel”

  1. NaBey said

    Wah TT, u sure this picture is that boobs? I see already I also feel like squeezing. Cannot blame that Indian.

  2. Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

    Well done Sanjna Rai! I am proud of you mam! Cheers!

  3. tsk tsk tsk said

    these indian nationals are not used to seeing women dressed in bikinis back in their prudish country and when they do, they automatically think its an ‘invitation’ to something lewd. honestly ask yourself who in his right mind would actually ask a bikini clad 15 year old to accompany him to the toilet? one that thinks its a given permission just because of the way she’s dressed. this case goes a step further to the one where hoards of indian nationals were seen gathering at sentosa beach leering at female sunbathers in swimming gear, undressing them with their eyes.

    • Hang Tuah said

      But in India, esp the Bollywood female star also have big boobs. And most of them wear saris which exposed their midrift. Why this Indian man have to come to Singapore and squeeze a teenage boobs. Why dont he go back to his homeland and squeeze him mom’s boobs…???? Hahahahahaha……..

  4. sexyboy said

    Kelings are perverts

    • jayjay said

      Indian get the book thrown at him ( twice)- Ang Moh never convicted but allowed to settle outside

      I am sure there’ll be Karma for the so called local Justice System.

      • 60+ Singaporean said

        Luckily it is an australian girl. Dats y the mama kena triple. If press sin-ka-por girl maybe like woffle wu only fine 1 k. Mama u suay lah next time dnt press ang moh.

      • Julie Ong said

        Jayjay, thanks for the point brought forward.

        I’m disturbed. Are there two sets of laws/rules? How is it that accused persons of different races or backgrounds are treated differently by the courts when punishment is meted out? I’ll admit that I do not have the full, detailed facts, however it seems apparent from the newspaper reports that indeed there is a racial bias. This is appalling. Abhorrent to the extreme!

        ‘We, the citizens of Singapore pledge ourselves ……. regardless of race, language or religion….. does this not apply also in the dissemination of justice? We, as a nation will all be poorer and in fact demeaned ourselves if we treat our minority groups with scant respect. We are citizens of no mean country and we should uphold just and fair values, the most fundamental of which is to treat one another as equals. We certainly have a long way to go.

        I certainly hope that pride and prejudice will not come into play when the learned judges of the courts hand down their judgements/sentences.

        My simple request is Equal Justice For All.

        No exception whatsoever.

      • SgGuy said

        Hi Julie, welcome to the real world! I can see that you are now slowly opening up your eyes. If you are interested, do dig up numerous court trials over the years and you will be convinced what you are starting to suspect. Maybe even get n read the book Once A Jolly Hangman by Alan Shadrake.

        As for the pledge, last year when some citizens questioned how we have moved so far away from what was taught in the pledge, the garment response was, the pledge is an aspirations written by an individual, not a mantra as to nation-building.

        You may want to pick up Animal Farm by George Orwell too. Read it and after you finished, think how it relates to Singapore and you will see the truth….

        Good Luck!

    • Genghis khan said

      They are pervert and smelly pervert too!the most fuck type trash on earth

      • Why if Ang Mo touch your mother’s breast (which i know is only a pimple), that’s ok? Your’e a Chee Pai Racist Mother.Must be your up bringing… oh sorry imean’t in breeding

    • Julie Ong said

      Thanks, SgGuy.

      As a matter of interest Animal Farm by George Orwell was the textbook for my Literature during my secondary school days. Your reminder to join the real world is certainly taken on board and appreciated.

      Anyway, I will, as a matter of choice not pick up a debate with my fellow netizens as frankly my quarrel is with the PAP government . Even so I will applaud the government if they turn in a sterling performance resulting in us
      all sharing the benefits. Still waiting for that to happen.

      Irrespective of where people may come from as long as they are in Singapore they have to abide by the laws/rules of Singapore. We should also deal with them justly and fairly when our laws are breached/broken.

      Put simply: We all live under the rule of law. No exception. No respecter of person. If we can uphold this fundamental tenet we will certainly be looked upon with high esteem.

    • ben said

      Dey Sexyboy,lu tau apa makna “Keling” (do you know the meaning of “Keling”) Haram Jadah lu..

  5. spotlessleopard said

    More than 75% of all Indian women ended p molested, or sexually assualted before they reach the age of 21….Many Indians Men come to this part of the World and think they can behave the same way towards women in India.

    • Sinkaypoh said

      I wonder if the constituent writes again to Shanmugam that his neighbour tries to grab his daughter’s *** will Shan take action?

    • tsk tsk tsk said

      like that recent case just few weeks before this one, where in india a whole mob of men pounced on a woman and molested her. the whole incident caught on video and went viral with full view of some of the men’s faces with their evil smiles. india is truly incredible.

    • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

      Wa…,, your lanchau English sentences look like kena molest by you.

  6. Sinkaypoh said

    Aiyah stupid guy….if he really so hard up to touch, he should have studied hard to be in Waffles’ job, then can touch all he want, & even get paid for boob job 😉

  7. Naivety said

    Wow, how come only 5 months jail sentence so lenient ka?
    Isn’t the girl at 15 Yr Old underage still & why the Women’s Charter doesn’t come to play here?

  8. Judge said

    When these indians commit crime, the Ang moh think it is the local that does it.
    Sentence should add in Craning for these immigrants. But if these Indians molest local, they are sentenced LIGHTLY.
    I too agree that Indians are perverts.

  9. TB said

    Indian men will walk up to girls on the streets in India and just squeeze their breasts. It happened to one of my friends. Not surprised they try it here and think they can get away like they do back home. It’s the male-female ratio to blame.

  10. jayjay said

    When Indian does it they throw the book at him ( twice). When ang moh does it, they let him settle outside.

    I am sure there will be karmic justice for our so called Superb Justice System.

  11. urbankni9t said

    This stinking ah neh truly deserves it ! 5 months not euf, shud be 50 mths !!

  12. urbankni9t said

    These fucktard nehs need to be taught a lesson that you cannot anyhow come here and squeeze ppl neh neh ok ?

  13. Steven Lim said

    Wah you racist ah Indian then report, why never report horny ang moh?

  14. RC said

    How come no caning ????

  15. Genghis khan said

    Kelong Kia all are fuck type animal.a trash in our planet !

  16. 飞鸟世界 said

    Why no canning for him? Is it because he is a FT

  17. True BLUE Sinkie said

    Put 2 indians together and they drink and get drunk, then throw chairs and bottles at each other. Having one indian alone, he has nothing much to do but look for opportunity to squeeze some gal’s boobs. They mistake Singapore for Boobswood instead of Bollywood.

  18. whistler said

    these are the sons and duaghters of the Chinese who rush to Indians houses to seek refuge during the 1964 and 1969 riots in Singapore and Malaysia. After calling us Kelingkia ect these shameless unprincipled people would DEMAND that Indians protect them. Looks like they forget lesson learnt. Ptui.

  19. Horrendous said

    The sorry state of our country today, despite independence in 1965, we still have low life individuals who do not understand the meaning of multi-ethinicity. Just because “one particular” individual from a particular race commits a crime the amount of abuse I see from the comments show how juvenile and inconsiderate they still are. The Japanese Occupation has not taught them a lesson at all!

    • Shree said

      Yup, when whites molest local Singaporean women, you don’t see posters using racist language to insult all whites in general. Contrast that with the type of abusive language being directed at Indians here. Very fascinating. I guess whites have a special claim on the tolerance of Chinese Singaporeans, a privilege that other non-Chinese racial groups are not entitled to.

  20. 3razzz3r said

    “Vashist was in Singapore for a conference.”

    He is not an FT. I wonder why for any case involving foreigner’s, it will always be tagged as caused by “FT”?

  21. Sinkaypoh said

    Ah neh squeeze neh neh, big deal? Not even racist issue. Foreigner squeeze foreigner, both not even living or working here.

  22. Since Sham’s intervention on behalf of an Indian complained by his non-Indian neighbour, racist sentiments seem 2 b on the upswing. Sad.

  23. the whistler said

    Latest: Ang Mo allowed to settle “molest” case outside of court. Acquitted. See the news below

  24. the whistler said

    what a diffrence in the treatment of the 2 cases. One was singled out for proecution appeal. The other given a ‘slap’ on the wrist. One thing I know from all my readings ( and I read a lot), this kind of justice system is a precusor to the fall of nations/

  25. Shree said

    The Indian FT is a disgusting POS, but I find it that white males who commit similar offences against local women only have token fines imposed on them. In fact, there was an incident a couple of years ago which involved a drunk white man in a nightclub groping a local Indian Singaporean girl. When she confronted the white guy, the Chinese nightclub owner complained that she was making a big fuss over nothing. Obviously it’s fine if a white man molests an Indian women but the reverse is a horrible crime. Funny that.

  26. Kimberly said

    This is a topic that is near to my heart… Thank you!
    Exactly where are your contact details though? by Kandi see my site Kimberly

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