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Local Singapore girl offering sex at $80 ‘per shot’ to sponsor her studies?

Posted by temasektimes on August 24, 2012

A self-proclaimed Singapore girl put up an advertisement on a local portal offering sexual services at $80 ‘per shot’ as she needs money to sponsor her studies:

Besides putting her vital statistics online, she also revealed that she ‘welcomes’ all races.

However, when we called the number, a man picked up the phone, claiming to be he girl’s ‘guardian’ and he would help to arrange the ‘session.’

Having paid sex with girls under 18 years of age is a crime in Singapore and clients are advised to check their ICs to verify their age first before proceeding with the deal.



26 Responses to “Local Singapore girl offering sex at $80 ‘per shot’ to sponsor her studies?”

  1. NaBey said

    I called the pimp, arrange to meet the girl, I ask to check her IC but she said she didn’t bring. I was worried I will get caught. Eventually, I spent the next hour helping her to do her homework and she paid me $80 instead.

  2. Naivety said

    Really, sure or not Singaporean Girl only charges $80 per session so cheap ka?
    Wonder whether the picture is real?

  3. Hairy Balls said

    “However, when we called the number………….”

    TT dare to call meh? LOL!!

  4. locals cheaper than PRC? I call fake on this one.

  5. Genghis khan said

    Indian u also take!u r worst then a loose pussy!

  6. leanbiew said

    what’s the ploblem when she is 22 yrs old?

  7. ngpy said

    Prositition is not an offence but soliciting is an offence so what is the Authorities going to do to handle this situation before it gets out of hand

    • perhaps…our policy is NO BODY DIES WHO CARES……
      Until someone died and make a big pubic news….”everyone” start popping out and “working” on it and “talking” about it…..thats free publication…..

  8. John C said

    What is this crap this is not even news,, yes you have mastered the question mark but as usual add little if anything to the debate. Thoughts and opinions from a negative mind with a negative outlook and with it editorialize everything in that light. And I wonder if people will actually pick up on it, maybe they enjoy eating your crap up as much as half the crap you post. Relevance fail

  9. scamy said

    Beware,EVEN MTUC pinays are using malay names,PRC with christian name.Clever employers.

  10. i say what i think only said

    why she selling so cheap? don’t know her predecessor charging 400-600 per shot for 30mins only. 80 is PRC standard, u must maintain the swiss cost of screwing ok?

  11. Daft Peasant said

    wah……80 dollars per shot is cheap!!!

    Let me get some tongkat ali first…….

    TT, please pm me the number….. MAI TU LIAO!!!!!!

  12. her english like one kanasai, sponsor simi studies?

  13. Jin Gang Kor said


  14. KP said

    Proceeding with the deal!!! Haha!

  15. joker said

    fake one la

  16. Goh Tong Seng said

    Why is it that only the women here ’advertise’ themselves?
    Why don’t the men also do this?

  17. A G Young said

    Hello, Anti-Vice…have you noted this OFFER? What is your RESPONSE?

  18. Ren said

    Mayb tranny…Hahaha…

  19. hisham76 said

    It goes to show how important Education is to the younger generations…..LOL

  20. So what is CDAC doing? said

    So what is CDAC doing?

    Why Chinese was not offered “low interest” to our Chinese student? I heard that Malay Mendaki had offer up to 40% free schooling fee to Malay (correct me if I am wrong).

  21. Amazin dresses!I like the pants- with so many colors
    , so? funny. wow!! ? Good job girls!!!!!

  22. Sakthivel said

    Pls reply me.

  23. Sachin said

    I like u can helping u

  24. aman said

    love in sex

  25. deneesh said

    i want try you..thats all…..

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