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Native Singaporean: I have given up hope in Singapore

Posted by temasektimes on August 24, 2012

I already give up hope for this Sinkapore. I bet you that there wil NOT be any change in 2016 nor in 2020 even; because the 60% still just want to maintain status quo. Eveyone is selfish so those 60% already achieved some level of comfort will not rock the boat. I know many Aunties share with me directly, they already work hard most of their lives so they just want to keep the boat steady and vote the same folks into power so they can enjoy their retirement lah. You think they really care about the younger generation got no jobs and no HDB? They are happy because their own HDB bought long ago at dirt cheap prices and so they happy now just vote the same party thinking to keep the status quo.

Common, humans are a realistic and selfish bunch, Can’t blame them, but turn the tables around and you think the younger generation if got good jobs and careers etc. will in turn bother about the older generation and their contributions? Again, all humans are selfish one, so that’s why PAP will still win for many years to come because they know human nture and how to ticke the selfish human out. (e.g past elections give freebies, HDB upgrading, “ang pow” etc.etc. to aunties & uncles). All they need to do is to look at the voting population statistics, target the majority with sweets and carrots and divide and conquer.
There is no more Singaporean or not. Nationality is just an unnecessary lable and an obsolete concept in Singapore Inc just like Win98 compared to Android now. Don’ cry for Singapore because there is nothing here worth defending or crying for now. I bet you the same silly forumers will still be typing all these same comments in 2016, 2020 or further.

If you make Money here, then stay here, if you don’t make money or no job, no business here to squeeze money, then leave. It is as simple as that. In my travels, I met many ex-Singaporeans happily living/working overseas. Got one time, one Australian (ex-Singaporean who had served NS long time ago), even forgot what day is the Singapore National Day! Hahaha.
Put yourselve in the shoes of the FT/FW, they are not dong anything wrong. If I were them, living in slums in Philippine, India, China or Indonesia etc, I also will pack up and go to find a better place, right? Same story when Singaporeans pack up and go to another more developed country. Nothing wrong with it.

Don’t be stupid to think that you’re “Singaporean” or “non-Singaporean” because all these are pointless. In today’s context, you should think of “how to make more money” for yourself and family and be a world citizen. Just think, in ages past, people sacrifice their lives even just for their King or Emperor, but in modern history, the concept of democracy took hold and its just silly that people kill each other for their Kings. Now, it is silly to “fight for your country” because Nationalism is an obsolete concept in a globalised world and it will be replaced very soon. If you got money, Philipine, Chinese, Indian foreigner and the world will welcome you but if you got no money, even your own relatives will shun you, so what is there to talk about being Singaporean or not? Your own blood ties would rather hug a FT with money than acknowledge a poor relative, so get real and make money rather than enemies with FT/FW. If you think at a bigger scale, we’re all humans living on this same planet, so where is the imaginary line between “Singaporeans” or “foreigners”.?


*The above was first posted as a comment on The Temasek Times.


54 Responses to “Native Singaporean: I have given up hope in Singapore”

  1. Geo said

    Interesting thots, you sells your HDB or apt. and buy something small HDB 2 rooms, just in case you need come back. Go somehwere cheap and live like a king la. Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, whatever……

    This place getting very expensive to live…..and no jobs for older people also.

  2. mahbok tan THE SINKI said

    I tend to agree with native singaporean but before we run off make sure that we take all our resources that we have in SG and bring it along with you to the other part of the globe.
    Lets FARK them first with our vote and kant them when they are around you during the campaigning of the election…..hiii hiii hiiii…..!!!
    Then hor we take money and fast fast run away to the better land…..!!!!

    • Singaporean living overseas said

      You do not need to wait for the next government to be in place and take your money. I had been living in overseas for some years now, all you need is just give up your Singaporean citizenship, you will take back everything including your cpf. As for me? I don’t intend to give up Singapore cittizenship, as it worth more than you think hen you are Travelling.

    • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

      What blady lousy use of English !!!! My God why is your command so bad?

  3. sexyboy said

    Very true,y singaporeans like to say they are true blue sgearn,true blue idiots, like they some kind of royalty,but actually they are nothing, all pretending to be patriotic

    • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

      Sexyboy, my apologies to you for not being able to see where you were comming from all this while. For the record, my apology is a sincere one and you were right all along. Thank you for all your eye opening opinions thus far.

  4. Sinkaypoh said

    A very pessimistic but unfortunately realistic viewpoint, Native Moneyporean 😉
    There are also those who wanna kill their Kings, see how many dictators have fallen recently? Gaddafi is one.
    Even in a moneyworld, if everybody is rich, no problem, they will keep status quo.
    But if more than 60% are so poor that they live uncomfortably & in jealousy of the rich, the King can still fall from power.
    Just a question of whether the majority loves or hates the King.
    And for those who are still dreaming, compare ourselves to the other countries :

    • Populist said

      If you are born poor you are not to be blamed. However, if you are die poor, then you got yourselves to be blamed. I wish to thank the PAP government for making such a safe and political stable country for me to earn a living. I am just a normal salary earner. However, owing to hard work living a simple lifestyle (Staying in HDB flat and taking public transport) , I managed to accumulated 7 digit investment portfolio that could able to generate 6 digit passive income per annum. I am grateful to the PAP Government

  5. Troll King said

    Then why are you still here?

    • mahbok tan THE SINKI said

      waitning for troll king to kant lor….!!!

    • S'porean with Aust PR said

      I am also still here despite of my Aust PR.

      • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

        The right way to say it is:-
        “I am still here despite having an Australian PR”.
        Please brush up on your English. Now I know why you are still here despite having an Australian PR. Good night.

      • S'porean with Aust PR said

        My angmoh no good becos of no PhD.
        So what I am still here, at least I have made an informed choice to have an alternative exit route. Your grape may be sour?

    • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

      True why the hell are you still here?

      • S'porean with Aust PR said

        Becos it’s hell here, chinese saying – I dun enter hell, who will?
        Btw I am still a born and bred S’porean who had faithfully served 2.5 yrs NS and 10 yrs ICT, why I cannot still be here?

      • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

        Alternative exit route my arse! You fuckers only talk and talk. End of the day balls in your backside and you still here. By the way, you don’t need Phd to be able to speak and write well in English. PSLE for Singapore standard is enough. I am happy for Singapore for your exit route and very sad for Australia who is bringing you in. You are real trash for Australia!

      • S'porean with Aust PR said

        Sour grape mentality? PhD with good angmoh so what, end up still stuck and rot here?
        If FTs can be S’pore PRs to enjoy best of both world, why born and bred S’poreans cannot be PRs in a REAL first world country?
        I am glad that I have a choice to stay or leave S’pore at my discretion and still can vote “wisely” in 2016.

  6. sporeoboriginal said

    True my fren.. But it depends on upbringing and culture. By your statement i also know youre one hell of a greedy person. Life is not all bout money u see.. We live to live, not live to work. Thats the reason our lovely “richest country in the world” doesnt make sense because its not even in the top ten of most livable country in the world. The gahmen has brought about a wrong living perspective thru the years via their mass education. I cant wait for a special event to
    happen, true colors of people in the gahmen and all the secrets will be out. Its in the blood of a culture to do anything for money and power. Lucky i dont have this bloodline.. Peace

    • G said

      The writer is being practical, not greedy. This mindset has been forced on us by reality. We are not living in Lala-land where hard work pays off and decent people triumph.

      Money talks. Sure, it can’t buy happiness but put any 2 people in similar circumstances and see what a difference money makes. Eg. 2 people, one rich and one poor, suffering from cancer. Who is in a better position to deal with it? 2 people suffering from loneliness and depression… who is in a better position to seek medical help and treatment and who is more likely to take a dive in Bedok reservoir? etc etc…

      If u can refute that, please do.

  7. Heart said

    I got money and house I also moving out next month… Singapore too expensive and lack many qualities of life….

  8. grammar police said

    credibility of this comment is directly proportional to its language register and quality

    • mahbok tan THE SINKI said

      so our enrish not tu ur standard eh….den hor u can bring us to your courts mamoth is it…KNNB…!!!
      ha ha ha……

    • Buckethead said

      Its probably an essay written by one of TT’s own mods

    • singaporean said

      *The credibility* –> you missed out an article in the beginning.
      And define “language register”, what on earth does that even mean?
      Even if this post has bad grammar, it’s still much more understandable anyway!


    can you really just leave? What about NS (reservist)? I’ve heard A LOT of trouble trying to leave SG because of NS.

  10. Canada will welcome you. Go on the MSBCAWebpage. Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei Community Association, Calgary. Life is good here.

    • newly minted Canadian said

      Yup Kenny, you are right…..Vancouver welcomed me with open arms and whats more, I am more than willing to procreate here and ensure that my children are Canadians… not wait till your children are of age and have to register for NS….even if they can never come back here….don’t fret…you are not losing out on anything….they can travel the world and make their future….hmmm, after all, you are only barred from how many square kilometres of this place’s land area…as compare to the rest of the world….come join us in Canada….we welcome you

  11. Hokkien Peng said

    I too believe that things will not change much for the next 2 elections. It’s not just for money that we left. True, in SG we can only afford a HDB and tiny hatchback. Here in the US, we can buy a bigger detached house (with land), and can have 2 cars. But that’s not the entire reason. We left because we didn’t want our kids to struggle like we did.

    • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

      Things will change when you leave Singapore once and for all. Just go. Get lost. Scram!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • S'porean with Aust PR said

        You should feel happy that your fellow S’poreans have left for good.
        Yes things will change when one leaves S’pore, but however it has unfortunately changed from bad to worse, that is why it’s better to get a PR now in a real 1st world country if you are still eligible.

      • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

        Dear S’porean with Aust PR
        I will say the same thing in 10 years. Hopefully, we can be in touch then. I do apologise to you if there were any crude words used by me against you. Not many people are as civilised as you during postings, hence my crude language against certain factions. All the best to you. Cheers!

  12. Rafiet said

    Thanks for putting it put out in words brother.

  13. What Do You Think? said

    Nobody talks about loyalty anymore nowadays. Your forefathers fought and worked hard for Singapore and brought Singapore to where it is today. Now their descendents are being betrayed by the same government which they brought into power election after election.
    I agree largely with the author. It doesn’t pay to be loyal to a company or even a country. Your boss or government can betray you anytime. I have seen just many examples of employees work OT everyday and yet single get replaced by some cheaper FT.
    Singaporeans no longer feel proud to be Singaporeans on a land infested with over 40% foreigners (pinays, PRCs, Ang Mohs, Indians, Cambodians, Vietnamese, Malaysians, Indonesians, etc.). Any it’s not like these foreigners are real talents. They are just ordinary folks looking for better lives in Singapore. Many Singaporeans have either emigrated or are planning for emigration.
    The government has never given Singaporeans a convincing explanation of why there is a sudden dire need to import so many foreigners. I can only surmise. The GIC lost a huge fortune in their investments and was looking desperately to fill the void before someone discovers their blunder. They eventually arrived at a ‘solution’ – mass import of cheap foreign labour to boost the GDP growth. We Singaporeans should not be held responsible and be at the receiving end for the mistakes committed by a few incompetent ruling elites.

  14. Overseas Singaporean said

    I’ve given hope on Sinkapore long ago. After I graduated, I took the first opportunity to venture overseas. I didn’t even attend any of the local universities job fairs. Don’t need to waste my time, when there are so many foreign undergraduates who are willing to earn lesser (since it’s big money back home). I’m now happily working overseas and earning almost double of what I would have earned in SG. Albeit, I have to consider the higher cost of living, but if I scrimp and save, this job is definitely better in the long run. I have a friend who is working as an IT personnel in a certain bank, and he said 80% or more of his colleagues are Indian nationals. With the huge numbers of foreigners, wage growth will be stagnant, job security will also be lacking when you realize these ah nehs, who focused on developing their skills while SG men waste 2 years in NS while their brains rot, are cheaper and more efficient. I’d encourage my compatriots to seize every overseas opportunity and don’t look back. I’ve seen so many people here commenting that they want to migrate overseas but never seem to do so. Don’t be NATO like our dear government. Take the step of faith. Having said that, don’t be like our dear FTs and migrate just because you feel you were ‘forced to’. If you do not genuinely love the country (which you plan to work in) and embrace the culture, you would just become the very thing you loathe the most. Foreign Trash.

  15. peterysbsg said

    I only agree on some of his points. For me, I am not as anger driven than him. I have already dropped the idea of identifying myself strongly as Singaporean. If I feel unhappy or stressed in a place, I will want to go look for another place. There is no use trying to latch on to labels of ‘roots’ or ‘origins’ when the place becomes one of the cause of your unhappiness. Upgrade yourself with skills that are required elsewhere and move on. Like what the author said above, just be an international citizen. I wouldn’t bet my life hoping to make any change when it is already so difficult to change the status quo. One may have better chance starting anew elsewhere.

  16. emigrated said

    Look everyone….instead of wasting your energy complaining and trying to find solutions to solve all these problems here…why don’t you all just save that energy to better your ownself and family. Think emigration….rationale is if they can bring in cheap labor and grant citizenship to newcomers, you can likewaise leave and abandon this place… have to find the courage and put sentiment aside for the progress of your future generations. Let’s face it….you people have been complaining about what goes on here since…well, the internet got entrenched here…say year 1996…its been 16 years….has anything changed for the better? In fact, things are worse off here…ERP, COE, HDB etc…list goes on….you all better start thinking of uprooting yourselves or the consequences will be very grave…

  17. emigrated said

    And oh yes….didn’t some very important elderly person say recently that if you guys don’t procreate sufficiently, then this place will fold.
    I say let it fold then…I am longing for the day that this place folds and be re-absorbed back into the hinterland….this is the natural order of things….this is just a flash in the pan experiment that was successful for only 2 generations….eventually the experiment will fail and history will be proven right

  18. Q said

    It is a free world and we can “vote with our feet” and nobody is there to stop us. Will suggest that you first test it out and stay for a few years else where. See whether grass is indeed greener on the other side. I think for some it is yes and good for them. Some do choose to come back after a while not unlike the returnees to HK post 97 and China professional returnees.

    The other option is to stay around and improve things. Not to hard to move those middle-ground voters to vote for WP. Don’t need to convert 60%. Another 10% will do the trick right? Makes sense?

  19. Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

    Most of you here seem to be talking cock and singing a lot of bad songs about Singapore. That’s clear. There are some of you who are instigating other Singaporeans to get the hell out of Singapore. That’s clear. The bottom line is, most of you are still here. That’s clear. As for the instigators, isn’t it clear you are simply getting your “competitors” to fuck off from Singapore so that you have the “bigger slice of the cake” eventually? No Action Talk Only plus adding fuel to fire equates to a big time coward! Ladies and Gentlemen I rest my case.

    • stevenadosan said

      hALO dR.kEN. Most of us got no other choices! We are angyry and mad because of our gahment FLAW POLICIES! Just ask yourself ONE simple question.Why did our garhment reduced all ministers and the president’s salary? Why? If the opposition did not highlight to laymen like us, we won’t know.The fact that salary was reduced because it was WRONG AND FLAW!!!! I don’t think you can understand or choose not understand other flaw policies!So be it!

      • Populist said

        We should vote workers party out of the parliament. They cannot perform an effective opposition role. Basically they are just a Wayang Party. Drink Kopi and attend furnerals

        Mod’s note:

        More importantly, the ‘Wayang Party’ has been made use of by the PAP to masquerade Singapore as a ‘democracy’ to the outside world. A vote for WP = A vote for PAP! Please help spread the message!

      • mahbok tan THE SINKI said

        U read his nick …..Dr Ken….he is a serious guy….so …let him be….!!!

        Dr Ken should go out to reach to poor SGporean by becoming an MP and try and change our life….can…???
        Or Dr Ken just trying to release his tension as well just like us here….!!!!

        So bro steven let him be……Dr Ken….not clark kent…????

      • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

        Hi Steven

        Please don’t get me wrong. I did not say that I agree with everything thIs ruling government of ours is doing.

        You are not at all wrong about our President’s and Ministers pay having been set at sky prices initially, only to be reduced when the opposition highlighted this to us, the laymen.

        What I am not happy about is such postings here. Singaporeans saying how nice other countries are compared to Singapore blah blah blah and yet they are still around with their backsides firmly planted in Singapore. Truth of the matter is, I know of a few Singaporean families who bragged about how bad Singapore were to them in the 90s and today they too have firmly replanted their backsides here.

        People like this will not appear on such postings to say anything good about Singapore now versus the silly mistake countries they so much wanted to stay in and call home. The fact that they are back does not hide the real truth of how badly they fared in such alternative countries which they so much wanted to call home. Quite frankly, what we are seeing here is only one side of the coin and that upsets me.

        Singapore’s present leadership have much to learn, starting with many of the present Cabinet Ministers who I strongly believe miserably lack in the art of communicating with the public. I do make comparisons of the present CabInet Ministers versus what LKY had in his armoury of Cabinet Ministers and sadly, the old guards win big time when it comes to the quality and style aspect of Ministers in Cabinet today.

        Despite all I have said, I was born here and no other country in the world will replace my home, Singapore! Period!

      • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

        Yes you fucking Mabok Tan, the name I use is my real name. The problem with you is you could have started on alcohol early this morning and uttering idiotic nonsenses. Thanks for referring to me as Clark Kent. You see, despite your Mabok antics, you still made my day and I do thank you for that. I have replied to Steven and my advise to you is to buzz the hell off. When 2 intelligent people are communicating, there is no place for a lowlife especially a lowlife like you Mabok. Bye bye!!!!!!

      • S'porean with Aust PR said

        I also born here and I also agree that no other country in this world can replace my homeland, S’pore but the hard truth is more and more FTs and PRs will be replacing us, you and me included.
        Hope you will say the same, 10 years later…

  20. Hairy Balls said

    ” Native Singaporean: I have given up hope in Singapore ”

    This is exactly what some party wants, you will leave willingly and no one “force you”. So you will be replaced by their GDP talents and more GE support for them.

    1 Singaporean down, how many more to go?

  21. Diaspora said

    glad to hear you gave up on this stupid dot man… choice you will ever make… open up your eyes and explore the world…but be prepared to work hard….pack your bags and leave nothing behind….those who can leave but choose to stay choose to remain blind to what’s going to happen to this place over the next 15 years

    • Populist said

      There are many plus points for staying in Singapore:

      -It provide a Safe and clean and green environment to raise my family.
      -Very low Tax rate and hardly any corruption needed to do business.
      -Good infrastructure and efficient civil servant
      -Good government and good Law & order

      I easily could migrate to other country if I want, However, I choose to remain in Singapore

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