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Pastor uses Woffles Wu case to argue against jail term for providing false information

Posted by temasektimes on August 24, 2012

The Woffles Wu case has opened a Pandora’s box for the judicial system in Singapore with subsequent offenders of similar offences now using it as a precedent to appeal against a jail sentence.

Woffles Wu (pic left) was sentenced to only a $1,000 fine instead of a usual jail term for providing false information to the traffic police by getting his elderly employee to take the rap for his speeding offences.

The verdict sparked a massive outcry among Singaporeans forcing the Attorney-General Chambers and the Law Minister to issue a public statement to explain the reasoning behind the uncharacteristic light sentence for Woffles.

Now, pastor Steven Yang from Eternal Life Baptist Church is using the Woffles case to appeal against his jail sentence of two weeks for giving false information under the Customs Act.

On Jan 3, Yang had attempted to leave Singapore for Malaysia without the required amount of fuel, or at least three-quarters of the tank, in his car.

When asked by the immigration officer, Yang maintained that his car’s fuel indicator – which showed it was three-quarters full – was accurate and that the fuel gauge had not been tampered with.

However, an inspection of the car found it had less than one-quarter tank of full.

Yang’s lawyer Peter Ong drew similarities to Woffles’ case to question ed if the Senior District Judge had placed previous sentencing precedents “on an altar and obsessively worshipped them”.

In both cases, the false information given was to evade a small speeding fine or a “small amount of excise duty on petrol”, said Mr Ong.

However, Deputy Public Prosecutor Sarah Lam said Yang’s sentence was adequate as he had deliberately misled the immigration officer though it has been the case with Woffles too.


35 Responses to “Pastor uses Woffles Wu case to argue against jail term for providing false information”

  1. They have do like that so that people will find them obnoxious.

  2. Ah Loot said

    Pastors are expected to have a higher standard of morality and honesty. Cellmate with Kong Hee soon

  3. ngpy said

    Multiple LAWS for similar offence, in this Country. Laws for people with connections. Laws for the wealthy and influential. Laws for foreigners who ball carry, and for those who do no ball carry. Laws for the poor people and those powerless people. Laws for the Elites.

  4. Alamak said

    Yang has a good case. It is about providing false information. This is his first time, not? He didn’t even abet anyone to stand in for him, did he?
    If the answers to both is NO, then a fine of less than $1000 would deem fair and reasonable!
    He should thank Woffles Wu for such precedent.

    • Julie Ong said

      Alamak, you’ve got a point. A good one too.

      Deputy Public Prosecutor M/s Sarah Lam said that Pastor Steven Yang has deliberately lied to the immigration officer although it is without doubt that Dr Woffles Wu lied as well. My argument is that justice should not only be done but be seen or perceived to be done. Dr Wu got a $1,000 fine, but Pastor Yang has been sentenced with two weeks in jail. How come??

      I’m thrilled to bits that the public is now more inquisitive about government policies, judiciary inconsistencies, etc., etc. This is because we the citizens have the right to speak our minds. Previously we were all muzzled by the Dear Leeder who is now old but would rather grow old disgracefully seeing that he’s still talking and blaming the people for his failures!

      Rise and shine, my fellow Singaporeans. Don’t ever let anyone silence you again.

  5. is it true that he makes waffles with cranberry syrup??

  6. NaBey said

    Hi pastor, u go and tell the judge, ur uncle is ong Teng Cheong, and Nathan is ur rudder, then I think u no need jail and somemore will be praised for testing the custom officer if they are doing their job or not.

  7. AGC can rebut the case by saying the two cases are not related.

  8. What do you think ? said

    Now is getting really interesting !!!

  9. enough said

    one pastor is filty rich and the other is poor that he has to resort to cheating the regime

    why is god so unfair

    one spills milllions , while the other could not even afford gasoline that he has to go overseas to have it filled

    if there is god

  10. Anonymouse said

    Thou shalt not steal … From the government’s coffers!

  11. mahbok tan THE SINKI said

    allo pastor …. ur uncle is not LKY or OTC rite….!!!!

    But hor your lawyer hor veli the guud lei… on and now hor AGC head got ache…..people got eye can see got ear can hear got mouth arh diamdiam….got hand hor vote for a change….!!!!

    KNNBCCB this type of AGC oso can still sit in the office like playing GOD….!!!

  12. Sinkaypoh said

    He should quote Kong Hee…. tank 10% full will be given 10-fold returns, so just nice 100% full mah, using the prosperity gospel of KH !

  13. Gina said

    Hey pastor, don’t drag others down with your shit! You are a disgrace to your faith….just go serve your jail term and stop generating bad publicity and making things worse! If I were a member of your congregation, I would petition to evict you from the church!

    • Naivety said

      Why & what is so wrong with citing Woffles Wu’s case as an example, is the “Wolf” your BF & Lover ka??

      Once the kangaroo court & justice system in Sinkapore had set a precedent & point of law for a more serious offence/case committed by meting out & imposing a lax punishment of only S$1,000 fine, we have the utmost right to use this case & precedent set as an example for defence purpose!

      Given the scenarios of both cases vidalicit, Woffles case & Pastor Steven’s case, which case do u think has a more serious impact & repercussion on public road safety & injury…this is no brainer right???

    • 60+ Singaporean said

      Why dont u petition to have kong hee evicted. U mean u agree that sin-ka-por should have different set of laws for different people. So rich people no need to pay for their crimes, no need to die. Gina, karma will get all these fucker u understand. Rich people also kena cancer they go mt E, high class mah, when they die the coffin look nicer. But they still kena cancer and die. Idiot.

  14. Naivety said

    We have a kangaroo court & justice system in Sinkapore!
    Same point of law & offence being committed but the punishments meted out were entirely way different…LOL!

  15. stevenadosan said

    If you are rich or have good connection, chances are , no jail.Remember the Mediacorp8 DJ….This is Sinkapor!
    Fine $500 for the pastor is what we called ‘REASONABLE” Twice gave false information to Traffice Police and getting someone to take rap get to pay $1000. without jail term is what we called ‘UNREASONABLE” Is this what we called “JUSTICE and EQUALITY”? Maybe our gahment don’t believe in ‘KARMA” I used to say our pledge.Now I fully understand the MEANING!

  16. leo said

    in the the 1st place- there halftank rule should not be a law- this is nonsense-
    they should just charge gst on all purchase for singaporen going jb, when back,

  17. jo lee said

    poor pastor. cannot even afford SG petrol unlike KOng Hee. for 3/4 tank of petrol = 2 weeks jail. really double standard compared to woffles. just fine him $500. he is NOT rich

    • sure or not said

      If you read carefully, it was pure cheating to “maintain” his fuel needle at 3/4 tank.
      This was not a simple oversight of forgetting to top up fuel to 3/4 tank.

  18. i say what i think only said

    if he get someone to say they tampered with the fuel meter and he never pay that person, he will be fined 1k. if not, then rub ass liao.

    realised that if u go the extra mile to cover up, u will be treated more leniently. prob got effort marks.

    pastor is not elite, too bad…

    • Cassandra Wong said

      well said! Love it!

    • True BLUE Sinkie said

      His lawyer should argue that when he left his car at a JB workshop for serving 2 years ago, he was not aware that his fuel gage had been tempered with and illegally modified, and that explains why his service bill excessive, despite his violent protest to the workshop manager at that time.

  19. maipenrai said

    Wah WW’s peanut case has now become a benchmark for all cheating cases. Better make this a case study for all future law students. Think WW needs to have a total makeover plastic surgery so that he can move around freely. Very unlucky for him. Must go and 拜虎爷,打小人.

  20. True BLUE Sinkie said

    Woffle’s case of providing false information and having someone to take the rap for speeding is certainly more serious than someone who tries to evade the 3/4 tank rule. For evading the 3/4 tank rule, a fine of 10 times the duty evaded would be sufficient. Why jail him? If that is the case, I need not have to attend law school to be a judge in trial.

  21. Sum Ting Wong said

    I am a Buddhist but I support the pastor, one should not obey unjust laws, Singaporeans are treated with utter contempt by their own government, no other so called democratic country would set up anti competitive laws like this and threaten their own citizens with fines and jail for visiting a neighboring country frequently. Every Singaporean should be treated with respect.

    • Julie Ong said

      Good on you Sum Ting Wong!

      This unjust sentence on the pastor should be overturned.

      Next, the Prime Minister no less should get himself onto this matter. Law and order and the application of same is crucial for any country. No good and effective laws and chaos and disgruntlement from the citizens can spill over. Not to mention that the economy will definitely cop a big hit too.

      We now have so many foreigners in our midst. If we accept the government’s contention that the FTs are essential then the government must look at the social discontent as well as the inevitable increase in the crime rate. Critical issues these.

      Hopefully, we’ll not get the Prime Minister respond with an apology of ‘sorry hor, sorry hor’ and then he turns and walks away. If that is so then
      he is definitely not sorrowful…. and for that he needs …. to repent!

      In short it is really disgusting that the courts pass down sentences unjustly, namely it depends on who the accused is, his race and perhaps even his political leanings or persuasion. Perhaps we should sack the judges thus: three bad judgements and you go before an independent tribunal to tell them why you should not be sacked. Judges should also know of the community’s expectation and standard when handing down sentences.

      As for us peasants we’ll not want to be a ‘case’. The only case I, maybe we as well, want is …. say a case of Tiger beer!

      Yum Seng! After a hard day’s work.

  22. Henry said

    one offence contributes to Ministers pay, the other does not …

  23. solaris8899 said

    simple – sg laws double standards

  24. ruling party and nation said

    ruling party and nation

    law ministry should not be “influenced” by ruling party, as law is for the citizens and not for the ruling party, this is to prevent the ruling party to make use of the law to “make policy n regulation” in favour for the them to “manipulate” the votes when election come. law is for nation for long term, and not for ruling party. Law should not be used to make ruling party permanent as well. Sad to say if it had happened in Singapore.

  25. louis said

    Pastor Yang is just trying to take a few dollars out from the custom by pumping cheap fuel at malaysia. So why cant the law enforcers just be more forgiving…

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