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Poll: Singapore society is ‘kiasu’ and ‘competitive’

Posted by temasektimes on August 24, 2012

Singapore society is highly ‘kiasu’, competitive, self-centred, defined by material needs, and “kiasi’, a term which literally means being afraid of death, said the majority of respondents in an independent survey by local consulting firm aAdvantage and the Barrett Values Centre.

The study polled 2,000 Singapore citizens and Permanent Residents representing different gender, ages and living in different housing types.

Speaking to queries from the media, CEO of Barrett Values Centre, Phil Clothier thinks Singapore residents’ honesty in acknowledging these potentially-limiting values is a good sign that they are open to change and improvement.

Echoing his views, Mr Baey Yam Keng, deputy chairman of the Government Parliamentary Committee (GPC) for Information, Communications and the Arts, agreed:

“I think it’s a reflection that Singaporeans can also be self-critical, and realise our own shortcomings and there are certain areas we need to improve. I think it’s not necessarily bad, because it means we’re being honest, and hopefully we can turn ourselves in the direction that we can all improve as a society in the way we think, in the way we behave.”


13 Responses to “Poll: Singapore society is ‘kiasu’ and ‘competitive’”

  1. Singapuraboi said

    There is a difference between readily admitting it and hiding behind it. Many of us hide behind kiasuism and kiasiism conveniently to disguise our unbridled greed. It is a better to say we r careful then say we r out right greedy. Hence we have many problems like courtesy, no national pride and patriotism. We believe in living for oneself and nobody else. The two Ks breed cynicism thus we end up being selfish, self absorbed and self involved.

    • sad state said

      no patriotism? there’s rabid patriotism here based on the amount of foreigners bashing to preserve native “values” and “rights”.

  2. P Koh said

    3 KSs not two KiaSi, KiaSu and finally KanaSai.

  3. Henry Tay said

    My son was absent from class and i asked him to “borrow” his friend’s notes to “copy”. The reply he got was shocking “My mother say cannot, afterwards you better than me. You sick your problem”

  4. The Gardener said

    Of Cos!! Jus like The Pappies.

  5. NaBey said

    Hi sir, u not kiasu meh? If u really not kiasu, then u must lead by example! U show sporean that u can lose to opposition in next election lor!

  6. sad state said

    to add.. narcissistic, narrow minded and oblivious to sensibility. The posts and comments on this blog proved it.

  7. SeriouslyWTF said

    One look at Singaporean girls – materialistic, greedy, self-centered. No wonder our kids like that too.

  8. Singapuraboi said

    Chinese the world over r ver competitive and would stoop to even the lowest level to make a quick buck. The sad thing is that sometimes for short term gains we often overlook the long benefits and gains. And it is hard to impose professional standards of any kind as there would be someone always undercutting. Sometimes our ‘greed’ sets us up for abuse by employers and customers. Many a times sales people always give the impression that there is no corporate governance and guiding principals by the way they operate sometimes.

  9. Naivety said

    What to do such habits & culture are bestowed & inculcated into us since young by the white monkeys themselves who are infact exhibiting such traits & idealogy all the time!!!

  10. Daft Peasant said

    fuck lah……only sinkies kiasu & kiasi meh……prc no meh? pinoy no meh? thai no meh? ang mo no meh? indo no meh? ah neh no meh? bangla no meh…………..

    the whole fucking world is kiasu and money conscious…….

  11. government cause it said

    Who cause the problem? of course is the system, and who create the system, government! Do not blame Singaporeans.

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