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State media: Singaporean man supports family of eight with monthly salary of $1800

Posted by temasektimes on August 24, 2012

Soon after Singapore’s Supreme Leader Lee Kuan Yew berates his subjects for not having babies, the state media has gone on a propaganda offensive to drive home the point.

The Chinese tabloids reported yesterday of a 36 year old Singapore man Liu Lin Wei who has five children and whose wife is currently pregnant with the sixth:

Mr Liu stayed with his wife and children in a 3-room HDB flat. After subtracting for CPF, he takes home only $1,500.

Speaking to queries from the media, Mr Liu said he is very careful with his expenses which are meticulously calculated while his wife admitted that though the house was ‘packed’, it helped to promote ‘family cohesion’.

Singaporeans have long complained that the rising cost of living is a key reason behind them not marrying and having children.

The article appears to send a message that Singaporeans can afford to have more babies so long they lower their expectations.



58 Responses to “State media: Singaporean man supports family of eight with monthly salary of $1800”

  1. Justice Bao said

    What PAP propagates is that anyone who draws a salary of more than $1800 is a millionaire if single.

    If so why won’t PAP ministers be satisfied with 3k salary each since they have a smaller family?

  2. stevenadosan said

    Garhment should reward Mr.Liu for such a sacifice!.Now, what has the garhment done to help him?What he is doing is precisely what our gahment need.Don’t Mr.Liu deserved some kind of help?Where on earth is justice?Wondering what is our PM going to say about it!

  3. Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

    Well it’s indeed good to hear how “meticulous” Mr Liu Lin Wei is with his expenditure at the moment, with 5 kids and one more on the way with 1800 salary (1500 take home after CPF).
    I can tell from the photograph above, that for the time being, his kids look relatively young and naturally their wants very limited. Lets just relook the same scenario some years from now when his kid’s wants in school start growing and if indeed a physical sum of 1500 cash for household expenditure for a family of 8 members a month is sufficient. My feeling is this honourable gentleman will need to ferry between 3 jobs, perhaps with his wife in tow as well to provide his family’s bigger wants. Time will tell. Period.

  4. LkySi said

    Very soon the family will be moving into a void deck with en-suite rooms for all the children ( and soon to be born children) The lifts in the block will serve as their urinals and toilets.

  5. SgGuy said


    If my house is already fully paid for, my kids dun go to school, i use electricity only 2hours a day with no aircon or anything fanciful. 2 meals a day with just rice and some cheap leftovers from market stalls at end of the day. Dun pay town council or conservancy fees. AND everyday praying no one in the family gets sick or ask for any presents for birthday.

    IT CAN BE DONE!! now just wait till the sole bread-winner gets replaced by FT. Then we ll have in the news “Family of eight commit suicide”

    Enough said!

  6. CWS said

    Guess he has no saving monthly. Just calculate, after meal and transportation, how much he really have. If need medical consultation, he will be in deep red.

  7. Ken Lee said

    thought one k can support leow!

  8. fpc said

    tell the media that why not the ministers lower their own expectation…

  9. Jobless SG said

    monthly $1500
    transport allowance $500
    total $2000 after CPF deduction is $1600

    how did Chinese tabloids came about $1800 ???
    very questionable…….

  10. WTF said

    Tell me he has S$9K (6 months of income) stashed away in the bank in the event he is loses his job..

    Hope and pray that no one in the family falls sicks and need to be hospitalize..

    They don’t have elderly parents to take care of?

    Wait till his 6 children need to go University, his CPF enough to support them? Where is his retirement funds then?

    Well done.. I wish him good luck and a health life..

  11. NaBey said

    If everybody like him, then durex will bankrupt! More jobs will be lost! More human are brought to this world. So, it will hurt our economy!
    Can somebody go tell LKY?

  12. Fake Story said

    Crap piece of news. I dare this fella to put all his expenses in black and white on each kid, bills, medical fees and daily spending down and show us.

  13. Raven Eve said

    Raising a kid in Singapore is super duper expensive. My ex-colleagues send their 3-4 years toddlers to expensive creme de le creme “play schools” like Pat Schoolhouse for $1000 – $1500/mth. imagine forking out that money for 2 years!

    I was shocked and asked them why they need such early school education when my peers and I didn’t attend during our time.

    They told me that they wanted their children to have a super duper early start in life and they are scared they will “lose out” to other kids when they reach primary school.

  14. Raven Eve said

    As for those “holier than thou” rich supporters of the ruling party, “to say that other people’s children can do without $1000++/mth toddler school, internet, mobile phones, laptops, and tuition in rat race Singapore – while your own children have all these – is the height of selfishness and hypocrisy.

  15. Raven Eve said

    This article has truncated the 10 tips which this family practices to save $$$!

    1) can only bath using cold water for <= 10 minutes
    2) no aircon
    3) use rice water to wash dirty plates
    4) cannot eat outside
    5) Bulk purchase groceries during sale
    6) Buy only 1 electrical appliance per year. pay using installments
    7) No tuition, older children teach younger children
    8) Buy 1 small cake for each birthday
    9)Buy 1 toy for all 6 children to share 😀
    10) Save < $90 per mth and go for short 3 days trips every 3 years

    • Sinkaypoh said

      11) strike TOTO first prize

    • CPT said

      You damn powerful suggestion……..

    • Alan Lim said

      feel sorry for the children, they will suffer more in the future.

    • Wicked Brain said

      How long can Mr Liu’s under 2K salary enable him to support a family of Nine (one more child on the way), even with such spending habits?

      I can foresee that the kids will need to work part time to support their daily spending when they reach secondary school. Then they will have more chances of meeting bad companies or otherwise have not enough time for their studies. Can they have equal opportunities as their peers in future?

      To discipline and instill the right value needs lots of energy and patience, can the parents be able to monitor each kid and nurture them individually?

      Can Mr Liu guarantee that before his children have earning power, he or his wife will not fall sick?

      This is not a matter of giving birth, it is a matter of giving their children the right to have a equal chance to compete in this society.

      Hope to read news of the kids being successful young adults ten years later.

      All the best to the brave Mr & Mrs Liu and their kids.

  16. Khairoman bin junid said

    i doubt this is true, many undisclosed factors like, example,he may have made millions of dollars on several previous hdb properties transactions but prefer to stay low.Only the family knows.

  17. CB said

    S$1800 /= sure bo ? given wrong infiormatons ! only cause more pain for you all PAP !!

  18. Invictus said

    Common people must learn to live within their means but it’s ok for he political elites to demand higher pay to maintain their lifestyle. If not happy, then get out of politics.

  19. richard said

    $1k can buy HDB,$1,800 can upkeep the family of 8 ppl,WOW if minister collecting
    $180K per months that means he can upkeep the family of about 600 ppl in the family. They can increase birth rate for singapore.Correct me if I am wrong.

  20. richard said

    In future $1k can upkeep the family of 6.Free education,medical,free transports and free food.If 2 kids in K1 and K2 how much must we pay for the school fees this is very logic how can $1,500 enough to feed them. Is singapore a thrid world country and we are using indonesia $

  21. leanbiew said

    why? like that?

  22. u tink u care meh! said

    If the propaganda is to tell us to be content with below 2k salaries & to have more children…why during the period when their pay were lowered a little bit(from millions to still million) they kpkb….while we work our socks off to pay for HDB they leave in 3 stories w/ garden. Drive big cars, while we have to be sardines.

  23. JASON said

    I think this article is a little bit misleading as it didn’t tell how Mr Liu could afford his children education. How would they be able to afford their own house 20 years later? Not to mention the amount of $ needed to deal with financial crisis which one could not afford to go unprepared. Mr Liu really need to do his maths well and calculate realistically for his children not to mention his and his wife own retirement.

  24. Singapuraboi said

    This is fabricated and sensational journalism. OT is impossible to live on so little. Especially not if of u take home $1500 after cpf. Housing mortgage is about $200-300. Which leaves you $1200. Food is another 300 and that leaves you 700. Travel is another say 500 for everyone and that would leave u 200. Utilities is another 100 and u r left with 100 for miscellaneous such as clothes and with so many kids it is not enough even of they all wear hand me downs. We have not calculated the kids pre school fees in yet. What utter garbage journalism! Hey, SPH even if u want to score brownie poonts, do so with some brains! This is definitely gutter journalism! Now u have not only make a mockery of yourself but also of the govt. the family obviously has handouts from in-laws. How to survive? Don’t they have Life or any insurance at all? That should be about another 500 – 600 bucks.

    • Singapuraboi said

      Oops major typos on my earlier postings. Sorry using iPhone to type. I mean after food should be left with $1000. Then after the food, utilities etc, the family has not money for rainy days. This is absolutely absurd.

    • mahbok tan THE SINKI said

      This I agree usually those with big families the father have to toil hard and borrowed HARD….and who cares where he get that money from…!!!!
      Coz I know of a family with 8 kids , he works under me before and even how he tried to save here and there when the time comes he will still go to all other friends in the companies to borrow…..thats a survival skill for him…!!!!
      tell this to FamiLee and u think they care…????
      KNNBCCB to them….FamiLee….!!!

    • david said

      little ones need milk. One container only can costs 50 bucks.

  25. leo said

    singaporean are mostly very reserved lots- in general-we dont listen, take or follow garmen encouragement -or unhappy with garmen,we just use silent protest- do the opposite-n let them go n think-

    • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

      Are you advising Singaporeans to take to the streets and riot against the government? Better watch your tongue and thought arrogant instigator!!!!!!

      • Why not said

        You have been reading too much “shit times”, it is the citizens rights to have peaceful assembly which is non-violent let alone riot.

  26. poor thing said

    For 1.8k salary, he can buy lots of condoms to control the size of his family.
    With 1.8k pay, maximum he can only afford to have 2 children whether they are both girls or boys.
    I pity his wife…

  27. Who? Me! said

    someone buy this man a tv!

  28. Daft Peasant said

    gahment and sph always put up this kind of article to tell the daft peasants to be contented with the tiny salary……

    Aiyah, old tricks lah…….they always put the ‘ good ‘ part but never listed the details……

    PUI !!!

  29. Independent said

    Highly implausible unless his job provides him a mode of transport, food, uniform and pay for his monthly mobile phone expenses. Are the kids home schooled too? Hope he doesn’t stay complacent and will seek to earn more for the family.

  30. richard said

    Too funny not logic at all,if kids go to school how much is the food in school,how about bus fare,school fees,medication,text books.In K1 or K2 the fees aready cost u $150+ per month.The PUB bills maybe they without frige,TV,Radio,Fan at home.How much is 3 rms PUB bills is at least $150+ with so many kids need to bath and cook.If u need to fool singaporean please dun fool the person who live 3 rms flat before and without children u can fool with.When children start entering K1 we feel the pain in our pocket.Not in 1985 we just pay K1 school fees of $10 and 2012 the fees aready reach more than $150+.Food price 1985 is $1.50 to $2.00 now 2012 $2.50 to $$6.00
    This is old grandfather story.PUB bill 3 rms before is $30+ now $80+ the world of differrent.

  31. Goh Tong Seng said

    What the fuck is he thinking? He doesn’t earn much and he still went to breed like rabbits.
    We are not rabbits. We shouldn’t breed like one.

  32. A G Young said

    I strongly believe this EPISODE is PURELY FABRICATED!

  33. Wah lau eh!! 6 kids aah!! Well done fren.

  34. True BLUE Sinkie said

    This man spends $500 on 4D and Toto per month. Sometimes he is lucky to win a hundred dollars, other times his family has be contented with leftovers they collect from the hawker centers. Can I family of 5 live on $1,800 per month? SPH please stop kidding. Try it out yourself then.

  35. True BLUE Sinkie said

    This man has other side income such as being a runner for Ah Loong, part-time pimp and coordinator at Geylang, week-end security guard, night-shift kitchen cleaner at one of the hotels…….

  36. True BLUE Sinkie said

    By the way, those Filipinos on S-Pass and drawing a minimum of $1,800 per month can hardly survive after paying off their room rental, food, transportation in Singapore. You can hear most of them grumbling “walang pera” everyday…

  37. Abdul said

    Real Joke, maybe he can share with us how he run his family. With $1800 5 kids, no way.

  38. Yharyah said

    Who are you kidding.
    I don’t believe it!

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