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Cyclists should use their common sense and stick to cycling tracks

Posted by temasektimes on August 25, 2012

A cyclist’s lane is not practical in Singapore. Our roads are already so congested throughout the day, designating a lane just for cyclist is simply not practical. In addition, cyclists also generally form a small minority of road users, thus not allowing productive use of such lanes, if designated.

In addition, unless necessary, cyclists should never cycle on the road at all times. Singapore is well connected by public transport, and therefore cyclists should try to use such modes of transport than cycle. In addition, it would not be fair to simply penalise the motorist, but not regulate the behaviour of the cyclist. As cyclists have also flouted many common offences, such as cycling across pedestrian crossing, instead of getting down from the bike, and walk across.

To sum it up, actually cycling enthusiasts should sometimes use your common sense when deciding to cycle on Singapore roads. Obviously, with such congested roads, and lorries sharing the left lanes, it’s very risky to cycle for an extended stretch of our roads. Hence, go to a cycling track. Use some common sense.


*The above was first posted as a comment on The Temasek Times


24 Responses to “Cyclists should use their common sense and stick to cycling tracks”

  1. Uzitzureil said

    Agreed with u Jay,there was once we were driving on the left handside of the road where it was heavy traffic suddenly out of no where one of the cyclist came on the left and expected us to give in.Its too dangerous on the normal road to cycle.

  2. They can use the pedestrian walkway but they tend to speed on it too.

  3. Bus Terminal said

    The only reason we cannot have designated bike lane is that when people can travel smoothly and easily by bike, they will not use bus and train, and that will affect the bus and train’s company’s profit.

    • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

      I think we we are more concerned with the safety aspects and lives of cyclists here. Hell with transport provider profits!

    • bern p said

      good point!
      the only way is for the various cycling clubs and groups to come together and reach out to all cyclists in SinCity to lobby the jellyfish PM to channel some money towards building cycling lanes. The money can come from Temasek and GIC if they can cut down on their losses.This should only be done without encroaching on roads which are deemed too narrow and congested.

      ps: lobby the jellyfish PM and quote him the price of each cyclist’s vote. just imagine what $25Billion i.e. half of the losses incurred by GIC and Temasek can buy?

  4. Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

    You said it Jay and I say this message should sum up once and for all where a cyclist stands in a busy and congested city like Singapore. The application of common sense is certainly advisable here for cyclists and my biggest wish is for all cyclists to comprehend your straightforward message which makes a lot of sense. Have a great day ahead Jay.

  5. nationalist said

    Hear hear

  6. spotlessleopard said

    Cyclist shouldbe payng road tax and buy insurance before being allowed on the Roads or pedestrian pathways… that they are earn the right to use public athways and roads…and also they are properly protected with insurance and can be sued for causing deaths or injuries to others.

  7. seriously..... said

    I’d seen today with my own eyes.. cyclist cycling in the middle of a 4 lane road in the CBD area… don’t come bitching to us about motorist not giving two hoots about you… you chose to ride recklessly

  8. i say what i think only said

    what makes u think there will be no accident when there is a cycling lane? more people will turn to cycling then more overtaking will occur when the lane is crowded. how to overtake? drive to road lor, back to square 1. boliaoz… want to set pedestrian lane on PIE anot? what about deer lane? died so innocently but his friends cannot write letter to lui tuck yew

  9. Motor cyclists count too ....... said

    If there is a dedicated lane for cyclists, there must be also a dedicated lane for the motor cyclists. Do you think there are more motor cyclists than cyclists?

  10. fuckyoujay said

    “Singapore is well connected by public transport, and therefore cyclists should try to use such modes of transport than cycle.”
    Singapore is well connected by public transport, but is it usable and does it serve the users well enough? It does not, that’s why people drive and people cycle.

  11. NaBey said

    Nabey CB! Now got bus lane, with bicycle lane we left 1 lane for lorry, van, motorcycle, cars? Stupiah!

  12. maipenrai said

    In the open letter by Adriane Lee to PM, he said cyclists have every right as other motorist to use the roads but this right is not recognized nor respected by motorists and even government agency LTA. I would say that the cyclists brought it onto themselves because they do not recognized, respected nor obey the rules of the road. The most common of which are dismounting to walk across pedestrian crossing and stopping at traffic light. Just yesterday at around 8pm, I saw two racers just cycled pass the red light at the pedestrian crossing along the filter lane from Jln Anak Bukit to Dunearn Road. So I am not talking about teenage or uncle cyclists here. The two could have been members from your cycling club or other cycling clubs. They were well attired with helmet, safety accessories and were expected to know and obey the traffic rules, but they failed to do so. Sorry to say that this was not a one off incident but a common sight. The cyclists just feel that bicycles are different and give them the flexibility go onto the road, pavement, and across pedestrian crossing at will without having to follow the traffic rules. They just want the cake and eat it too.

  13. maipenrai said

    Stephen Choy wrote:
    >If, only if, I had written this letter earlier, Freddy might still
    >be able to cycle with me in the next Ironman race.

    It is sad that Freddy is dead. Stephen is a little drama. It sounded as though if he had written the letter a week or a month ago, his good friend would be able to cycle with him today. Is it possible?
    Don’t be too sad and blame yourself for not writing. It would not have made any difference even if you have written a year ago. Freddy was run down by the driver who was said to have fallen asleep. So even if there was really a cycling lane, your friend would still be ran down.
    Pay heed to the chinese saying: 马路如虎口!!

    • jalie said


  14. haha said

    stupid, just remove all bicycle rules and leave it grey like it was long ago. An accident on the foot pavement isnt as bad as an accident on a road.

  15. KP said

    It’s not rocket science. Simply sim up in 4 words. “Respect other road users”! RORU!

  16. KP said

    It’s not rocket science. Sum up in 4 words. ” Respect other road users. RORU.

  17. lsvop said

    That’s what MP do. Write letters. So by writing letters here and there, the number of cyclist getting knocked down will decrease? Just like when I drive, or cross the road, I take a risk whenever I use the road. If they want to use the road, they take a risk as well. Just like the lady who ran after the bus, she took the risk and the bus ran over her foot. Cyclist are not that special compared to pedestrian, motorcyclist or motorist. You choose to use the road, you take the risk, don’t whine everytime there is an accident involving cyclist. Worse, most cyclist don’t follow traffic rules! Or else, everytime a motorcyclist die, PM will get a letter. A pedestrian die, PM gets another letter. A motorist die, PM gets another letter. If they want to reduce cyclist death to 0, don’t cycle.

  18. ultra said

    …having Bicycle Lanes will hurt gov on so many levels~.
    01. Hurt their Pockets – Cost for Constructing the Lanes.
    02. Hurt their Pockets – Land Wasted on Bicycle Lanes.
    03. Hurt their Pockets – loss in COE Revenues.
    04. Hurt their Pockets – loss in ERP Revenues.
    05. Hurt their Pockets – loss in Road Tax Revenues.
    06. Hurt their Pockets – loss in Car Sales GST Revenues.
    07. Hurt their Pockets – loss in NTUC Car Insurance Revenues.
    08. Hurt their Pockets – loss in Car Insurance GST Revenues.
    09. Hurt their Pockets – loss in Public Parkings Revenues.
    10. Hurt their Pockets – loss in Public Transports Revenues.
    11. Hurt their Pockets – loss in Petrol GST Revenues.
    12. Hurt their Pockets – loss in Car Import Tax Revenues.
    13. Hurt their Pockets – loss in Medical Revenues & GST as people get healthier with frequent bicycle riding etc etc etc~

  19. Ps ong said

    I fully agree. I notice a lot of bicyclist just cycle in the road as if there are no other vehicle around them . They are not only endanger their life but other road user’s life. Some cyclist cycle on pedestrian walk way threatening old folks and young kids . They should cycle in the park, go pulau ubin etc.

  20. Anti-bicycle lanes said

    NO! to bicycle lanes. The roads are congested enough! Always blaming motorists. Cyclists should look at themselves first! Most of the cyclists who died or got injured asked for it!

  21. Jake K said

    There are many cities that have motorized vehicles drive perfectly fine beside bicycles, with or without dedicated bicycle lanes. While dedicated bicycle lanes are definitely desired by the cycling community, we also have to recognize that Singapore has a lack of land space, and road space. This, in my opinion, is a major barrier to any proposal that would place dedicated bicycle lanes.

    Instead of spending millions readjusting every street, the money could be better use in changing the mindset of its people. Just looking at some of the comments above reveal that both cyclists and drivers are in the wrong, with lots of misunderstandings and misgivings of each other. Cyclists needs to respect the rules of the road, and not think that they are above the law. Just because there is a lack of strict rules to govern cyclists does not mean that you are absolved of any responsibility. Likewise, motorists need to be more gracious with their style of driving. Just because you pay the road tax does not mean that you own the road, or that you are any greater. Would it kill you to slow down a little, waste a couple of seconds? This applies to giving way to pedestrians too – there is a lack of civic-mindedness among road-users.

    I’ve been to many cities around the world where bicycles and motorized vehicles co-exist, and I don’t see how Singaporeans cannot strive to achieve such a state too.

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